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The Tyranny of Convenience

by Keoni Cabra,

Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer
Waking Times 

Our lives are ridiculously convenient in this day and age, and much of the consumer economy seems to be directed at making life ‘easier’ still. It seems that the more convenient life becomes, the more need there is for more convenience. Anything is possible in this technological age and if it can’t be afforded, then convenient credit can make it happen. There is no reason to wait for anything.

Just like an addict, the modern convenience seeker is rarely aware of the damage that the need to feed the need is causing.

The pursuit of convenience is big business and over the last 60-75 years we have experienced a profound cultural shift towards disposable consumerism. We’ve been sold the idea that life must be easy, and that the mundane things in life are to be rushed or delegated so that more time is available for enjoying ourselves. For several generations now our culture has been programmed to place an overly high value on convenience, and the flip side of this is that we have grown to loathe inconvenience to such a degree that we now perceive even slight delays in the delivery of convenience as inconveniences.

Who has time for anything to go wrong in our world today?

Our addiction to this complex lifestyle, requiring ever-compounded convenience, is one of the subtlest and most addictive tyrannies of the modern age.

The word tyranny conjures up images of Uncle Joe Stalin, Chairman Mao and the Berlin Wall, however, taking a closer look at human behavior reveals that our lives are regimented more so by our own habits and preferences than by any outside entity. The limitations we place on ourselves, that prevent us from living proper and powerful lives, do as much to tyrannize our hearts and minds than any dictatorial edict, and the human race has never been more easily controlled.

‘Those who would trade freedom for convenience, deserve neither freedom, nor security, and will end up with inconvenience.” – Sigmund Fraud

It is in the routinely carried out behaviors of our daily lives, in our rigid habits, in the patterns bubbling just under the surface of our psyches, that we give up our freedom. This is where we are most taken advantage of and most held captive. This is where our true identity is hijacked and where we are programmed to live in pursuit of phoney consumeristic ideals such as convenience.

Are we just robots running programs? Are we merely slaves programmed to perform certain duties in exchange for a comfortable system of punishment and reward?

In interesting times as these, with such complex and dangerous problems facing all of us, and when the bulk of society seems content to live behind the iron curtain of cognitive dissonance, freeing ourselves from the habits and cultural conventions that keep us enslaved is imperative.

The freedom to purchase a service and do business with someone without having to automatically also comply with physical molestation by a third party is a simple, obvious right that we are trading away for the convenience of flying. Yet so many people consent to being groped and to watching their children being groped by strangers in TSA uniforms just to travel recreationally.

We also wish to avoid the inconvenience of being hassled, sequestered, detained, interrogated, fined, arrested, tazed, or shot by an increasingly authoritarian government. Yet, no one is forcing us to fly under these conditions, and the fact that so many people show up without protest is a broad public statement of consent to being molested. A mandate, if you will.

In many ways, convenience is a more insidious and practical tool for tyranny than the barrel of a gun. Our modern banking system is perhaps the most dastardly and subtle form of tyranny know to man, as it is so large in scope that it affects almost everyone on the planet.

Even a rudimentary understanding of central banking reveals how it capitalizes on our desire for convenience in order to ensnare the planet in a web of debt. They conveniently print up as much money as the world needs and we consent to owing exponentially increasing, mathematically un-payable sums of money to a private corporation for the rest of eternity. It is convenient now, but rather costly in the long run.

We do this not out of fear for our lives, but for want of convenience and for fear of inconvenience. We have been programmed to ignore our own best interests in order to remain un-hassled by our complex lives.

It turns out that the problem is not that they are selling us tyranny, but that we have already bought into what they sold us. We are too far hooked on the promising idea of convenience to turn back now. We are slaves to our own habits and desires. We are tyrannized by convenience.

About the Author

Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for where he pursues the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for mankind.

  • well is it true that to reach a true conclusion true information is actually needed..?

    how is it then that the cabal of currency printers and owners of the media and the “nature & character” of the employees of the Crackhouse
    is conveniently overlooked ?

    some people find the convenience of comfort preferable to the exhiliration of liberty…

  • Convenience, a more loaded word than many would even begin to imagine.

    The etymology is actually frightening. Check it out…

  • Well the article was doing well, until it pushed Brown’s typical Hagelian dialect ‘web of debt’ book. It’s one thing to point out monetary problems as she correctly does, it’s another entirely, to then propose the typical lessor-evil (but still completely evil) idea of either handing the printing press to congress, or her latest bad idea, to hand it to states. The same congress and states that passed and/or are doing nothing about the ndaa, the same congress/states that allowed this usury fed scam in the first place, the same people that are killing the country. Here is a proper takedown of the lessor evil but still totally evil scams proposed by brown – -. WT, I appreciate your articles, but this tipping to bogus answers etc should not be part of what you do here.
    Consumerism is a problem, so are Hagelian dialect false solutions. For those who don’t know what that is, search.

    • free woman on the land

      ellen brown is giving great information about the fraud of fiat currency to people that do not know anything about this. the constitution grants congress the right to coin money. what is evil is debt currency. the same group of people jesus threw out of the temple in anger for usory are the same who control the people with their usorious unlawful money system. usory, by the way, is a sin and for good reason. its the tool used for enslavement. you dont provide an answer, thinker, just criticism. we have to return to money based on the value of the people which you can read about at citizens of the american constitution . net as well as well about the contitution and what to do (its actually very simple) about the take over of our republic and freedom which requires responsibility, action and awareness. these are things the wretched peasants in this country know nothing about, nor are concerned with. like the author of this article says, they have traded their lives for artificial trinkets.

      its not logical that a few can comtrol many, if many do not give their consent and gleefully participate in the enslavement of others. there are 2 classes of citizens in this country, u.s. citizens, who are corporate slaves, and american citizens, who live with dignity love and respect for themselves and others, with their inherent god given rights completely intact. the latter know the supreme law of the land, and hold their public servants accountable. the former re elect treasonous criminals because they would rather be right no matter what the cost, instead of educating themselves about the law, admitting they made a mistake and prosecuting these criminals.

      the question is, who do you want to be, master or slave? free and happy or angry and repressed? i have one more question; where does tyranny begin? tyranny begins in the living rooms of every household through authoritarian rule inflicted upon children by the very people who are supposed to love protect and cherish them. how can we expect anyone to grow up and question authority or think for themselves if they are punished for this as children? of course the people buy into and rely on the rewards of operant conditioning to assauge themselves if this is what they are programmed to do. no one can blame anyone but themselves for the sorry state of this country. they can choose with hard work, and realization of the spell they are under to learn how to be responsible and save our republic from the arrogant ignorance and apathy that is destroying it from the inside.

      there is something very wrong going on, and you know it gnaws at you. how about reaching for a copy of the bill of rights and the constitution istead of medicating yourself with your drug of choice, whether it be food, alcohol, drugs or addictive destructive relationships. it would feel alot better to begin to take your power back, but it takes courage and love. we are running out of time, what do you choose for yourselves and your grandchildren?

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