Be Free to Express Yourself Spiritually – The Suppression of Esoteric Knowledge in Society

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Belsebuub, Guest Writer
Waking Times

If sometimes you feel like there’s a taboo in discussing non-mainstream spiritual issues, it’s because there is. Most people just don’t seem to get it, and in a conversation you can end up getting nowhere, worst still, if you pursue it enough through society and various social structures, you’ll discover an evil that wants you to keep quiet, and doesn’t want you to know.

Evil is the best term to use here. I haven’t used it much as you get into the good and evil don’t really existargument, but no, by evil I mean evil, and I’m sure you know what I mean.

Against the search for higher spiritual knowledge often comes the average person who doesn’t really know what metaphysics is about, they don’t know, they don’t care, and to them you look silly. Then there’s the bigoted religious believer who believes it’s not gods work and has to be stamped out (and god will thank them for it). Then there’s the bullies who find a poor person trying to explain about things no-one can see (the non-physical) – what an easy target, a victim handed to them on a plate. And then there are those who know what higher knowledge is about and have their own esoteric agendas and want to stamp out the alternatives. Sometimes these use esoteric knowledge, but inverted; these can be truly evil, but they work in secret and are hidden.

It’s difficult anyway for most people to comprehend higher spiritual truths; the non-physical is beyond their realm of experience. But if you do the right kinds of exercises, you can experience metaphysical things most people will never understand. When you do experience higher knowledge, stand by it, and be intelligent in how you express it, knowing when you can speak and in which way.

When you know you should speak, overcome fear and be courageous, and if you can, join with others who also want their voices to be heard.

Ignorance Attacks Truth

For a long time, people who have spoken about spiritual cosmic realities have been attacked, which is why there used to be secret esoteric schools and societies.

If you’re likely to be put in danger by speaking freely about spirituality, then of course it’s best to ensure your safety first, and remove yourself from danger. If you’re in a country where you can speak freely by law, then still expect to come up against a deluge of insults – don’t be put off by them.

If you communicate things of mostly a non-physical nature, you’re in a vulnerable position. People will enjoy putting you down and demeaning you. Some even embark on a hate campaign against you with a missionary like zeal.

Many people have beliefs without realizing it, or have a religious belief, and attack what they think are threats to their belief.

There are subtle ways of influence that permeate society that you should look into and be aware of. Amongst these are bigoted generalizations such as the use of the word cultwacko, or non-mainstream, which have been mirrored many times in the past by witch hunts, inquisitions, purges of heretics, etc.

Atheism Crossing Over into Spirituality

Today in the western world religions can be put into a box and tolerated or embraced by wider society, depending upon what society it is, while at the same time atheism is increasingly supported. Modern atheism occasionally crosses into spirituality with science but it never reaches the esoteric as it doesn’t contain personal experience beyond the physical realm in its dogma.

It therefore condemns the esoteric as a figment of the imagination and, where it reaches spirituality, it draws up comforting theories about the oneness of consciousness, the interconnectedness of existence, multi-dimensions, psychic phenomena, etc. But it studies them from the outside as conventional science does, ignoring the inner science, and arrogantly supposes to know cosmic truths.

Atheism is the ultimate expression of self-righteousness as an atheist believes there is no one or nothing above them. Ridicule and suppression are the tools of atheism.

Those who do have non-physical (out-of-body) experience of higher truths and of higher realities are inevitably attacked and often left without a voice in society.

It’s easy to draw conclusions based upon what is seen in the three-dimensional world, but much more difficult to actually experience realities beyond it. The physical body is capable of seeing only a fragment of reality; there’s much more to be seen beyond the body.

There is a Suppression of Esoteric Knowledge in Society

You can guarantee that those who so forcibly argue their point against non-physical knowledge won’t do what it takes to get metaphysical experience themselves, and will often do what they can to dissuade others from getting it.

Esoteric knowledge is powerful; elites know that, and so they keep the majority blind to it, and influence the masses so that they oppose it.

There are also people who want to erase every last fragment of esoteric knowledge from the world, so that the world thinks like them. They are so numerous and aggressive that if you want to have the right to know and express cosmic spiritual truths, you will have to stand up and fight for it. Don’t hide your head in the sand and fall into the obscurity of mediocrity. Don’t let higher spiritual knowledge be wiped off the face of the earth. If you value it, fight for it.

Those Who Are Asleep Want You to Be Like Them

Many have agendas, either openly or in secret and try to put down people with higher knowledge by demanding they think like them, accusing them of megalomania and trying to make them conform to the norms and values of the structure of society. Just as the church wanted to make everyone subservient to its hierarchy, maintaining that no one could experience divinity outside the church’s limited box, effectively cutting people off from the communication with divinity, and ensuring that no one rocked the church’s boat.

Citing humility, those without experience of higher worlds sometimes try to silence a person with higher experience, by inferring that no-one knows no more cosmic truths than anyone else, and therefore no-one should speak as though they know higher truths – but that is a trap to deny the value of personal experience.

Don’t conform to those sleepers – know truth, and express it where you can.

The ceremonies of the solstices and equinoxes I’ve created revive the ancient knowledge of our ancestors – amongst other things, if you do them, you are publicly making an act of defiance towards all the stifling hierarchical institutions and narrow minded individuals today and through the ages, who have tried to suppress this cosmological wonder and have tried to deprive humanity of its natural birth right. Everyone thought this knowledge was lost. It was, but now it’s coming back.

It’s your birthright as a human being, as a spark of divine consciousness, to know truth and to search for it. It’s your right to return in oneness to the source consciousness – it’s what the whole universe was created for. Don’t let anyone take away your right to do what you were created for.

About the Author

Belsebuub is an author and practitioner of esoteric knowledge. He writes primarily on the transformation and exploration of consciousness from over 30 years of dedicated metaphysical experience. He has authored a number of books on out-of-body experiences, consciousness, and spiritual awakening, including The Astral Codex and Gazing into the Eternal, which are free to download on his website

Belsebuub is the name of his spirit/soul/consciousness. Everyone has their own unique spiritual name; it’s a matter of knowing it.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  1. Kent Welton says:

    speaking of suppression – consider America’s treatment of an enlightened being – Osho (Raajneesh)

    Osho – “They Don’t Understand You”

    “In Uruguay, the president had been reading my books, listening to my tapes, and he was very happy to welcome me to become a permanent resident in Uruguay. All the forms were ready. He had given me a one year’s permanent residency card, so that all the bureaucratic procedure was fulfilled, and nobody could say that I had been favored. And he said, “Then I would like to give you three years’ permanent residency, which will turn automatically into your citizenship.”

    Uruguay is a small country, but very beautiful. I asked him, “Why are you interested in me?—because all the governments are passing orders that I should not enter their country. Not only that, my airplane cannot land at their airports. He said, “They don’t understand you.”

    The day the president was going to sign the forms, the American ambassador was continually watching, and the American government dogs of the CIA and FBI were following me everywhere. Their plane was either ahead of me or behind me. When they saw that he was going to sign for a permanent residency, which would turn automatically into citizenship, they immediately informed Ronald Reagan.

    Ronald Reagan phoned the president of Uruguay, and said, “My message is not big, it is small: either force Osho to be deported within thirty-six hours from your country, or I will cancel all the loans for the future that we have agreed on”—which amounted to billions of dollars— “and I will demand back all the dollars that we have given to you as loans in the past. If you cannot pay, then their interest rate will be doubled. You are perfectly free to choose.”

    I have never seen such a soft-hearted person. With tears in his eyes, he said, “Osho, I am utterly helpless. For the first time, your coming to Uruguay has made us aware that we are not free. Our country is economically a slave. Our sovereignty, our freedom is just fake. These are the alternatives given to me. “I asked Ronald Reagan, `What is the need to deport Osho? I can simply ask him to leave — because for deportation, when he has a one year permanent residency, he would have to commit a heinous crime like murder, then only can he be deported.’ But Ronald Reagan insisted, `I have said what I wanted to say—he has to be deported.’”

    The president’s secretary came running to me and said, “It is better that your jet plane leaves from a small airport, not from the international port, because there the American ambassador is present to see whether you are being deported or not.” It was an absolutely illegal demand, a criminal demand—a man who had not left his room…all those days I was there.

    I said, “On what grounds can you deport me?” He said, “There is no question of demand, no question of any law. It seems that for you, law does not exist.” He said, “It is unfortunate that I have to do it. I am doing it against my own conscience.”

    Even this much the American president was not willing to concede: that I should simply leave the country. My plane was standing at the airport…I said, “There is no problem; I can leave the country. I will not put your country into such jeopardy.”

    He said, “The American president insists that You should be deported; You should not leave the country without being deported. I am forced to commit crimes: first, to tell you for no reason to leave the country, You have done nothing. Second, to deport You. But I am absolutely helpless. Still, I want one thing: that on Your passport there should be no stamp of deportation from Uruguay. We have a small airport—so move Your airplane to that airport, and in the evening leave without informing us; so we can say, `He left without informing us. There was no time to deport him.’”

    But he was wrong. As my jet moved to the small airport—the American embassy must have been watching — the American ambassador was there with all the stamps and the official whose business it is to deport people. I was delayed there, because they had to fill in all the forms, and as I left the country, I said, “It doesn’t matter…. ” In fact, my passport has become a historical document: I have been deported from so many countries without any reason.

    When I left Uruguay the president was invited to America immediately, and Ronald Reagan gave him thirty-six million dollars as a “gesture of friendship.” That was a reward because I was thrown out within thirty-six hours: exactly thirty-six million dollars, one million dollars per hour! In fact, I should start asking these governments for my percentage: You are getting billions of dollars because of me—I should get at least two percent.

    America has been informing all the governments…I have seen the documents that they are sending to every government. All that those documents say is: “This man is dangerous. He can corrupt the morality of the country, the culture of the country; he can corrupt the youth of the country. He can destroy the religion of the country.”

    The president of Uruguay told me that it would be better for me to stop my world tour, because he was concerned about my life. What he had heard in the White House is that they have a contract with a professional assassin for half a million dollars, if he can kill me. A single man without any arms, and the biggest, most powerful country in the world is so afraid?

    The attorney general of America told the press that he does not want to hear my name, does not want to see my face in any newspaper, in any news magazine; he does not want to know whether I am still alive or dead. I should be completely erased. And what crime have I committed? Just to think is the greatest crime; and to show people that they are wrong is the greatest crime.

    From very reliable sources in Washington—and not from one source, but from three different sources the same message has reached me—the American government is ready to give half a million dollars to any professional killer, to kill me.”

    On 19 June 1986, Osho flies from Uruguay to Jamaica, where he has a two-week visa, but the following morning the police tell him to leave by that evening. On 20 June, Osho flies to Lisbon where he stays quietly in rented villa for few weeks. Police surround his villa, and on 30 July, Osho flies to Bombay.

    Osho, The Rebellious Spirit, Chapter 25

    “Osho Rajneesh)is an enlightened master, who is working with all possibilities to help humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness.”
    H.H. Dalai Lama


  2. dimitri says:

    Good stuff, as usual!

  3. Ryu says:

    “Atheism is the ultimate expression of self-righteousness as an atheist believes there is no one or nothing above them. Ridicule and suppression are the tools of atheism.”

    ..No. We ‘atheists’ are not self righteous nor do we generally ridicule. Some do, some don’t.
    I could easily say the same about all Christians or any religious person for that matter and I guarantee those who are religious will be screeching like a cat whose tail got stepped on and vehemently lecturing on how a broad brushstroke judgement was unfairly put on them.

    I honestly don’t give a flying fig what sort of sky monster anyone believes in and I certainly don’t care if you want to live your life on your knees begging ‘forgiveness’ just for being alive. Just don’t go around demanding that others put on an act and conform to your beliefs just so you can feel more secure about your beliefs.

    “It’s your birthright as a human being…” IS my birthright as a free thinking human being to decide for myself what to ultimately believe..not you. Just because my beliefs do not dovetail with yours doesn’t make any of us ultimately right or wrong.

    There is no suppression of ‘esoteric’ knowledge..just suppression of the freedom to think and believe as we see fit without some self-righteous person dictating to the world what they can or should believe. THAT is the threat to all of us..the suppression of the freedom to actually think for ourselves.

  4. Ryu says:

    I suppose I should apologize for sounding so harsh but I really do tire of this mindset that this so-called ‘spirituality’ is synonymous with religion and that you can’t possibly be a decent person unless you believe in some human created icon.

    Everyone has a right to think what they want..what we don’t have the right to do is to demonize and criminalize those of us who refuse to adhere to institutionalized system that seeks to dictate to me my life.

    I am a human who makes mistakes sometimes..not a ‘sinner’ just because I ask, doubt or outright refuse to accept something that is utter silliness to me.
    There is no such thing as perfection..that is an utter impossibility considering that the very concept is relative and subjective.

    Discussions are great and can be used to broaden everyones horizon but when people start demonizing those of us whose simply think that all this talk of ‘spirituality’ as if it was an actual fact then we have problems.

    Despite my refusal to just buckle down and believe on command, I do know what metaphysics is and how it supposedly works; the issue is that I refuse to accept it until there is real proof to support its existence and not subjective claims and anecdotal “evidence”.

  5. tina says:

    Thanx for the article – It has definitively touched on some sensitive issues for some but the truth is all that matters right now.

    I think the author is trying to invite people to experience the higher realities for themselves in order to empower ourselves. It does not speak about adopting any believes. But the problem is as Belsebuub said people are not prepared to do what it takes to have those experiences. It can be a hard work for some but once you get your own experience of the knowledge beyond the physical body nobody can take it away from you and you will know that it’s not your imagination. .

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