Near-Death Experiences Explained by Quantum Physicists

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Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Are souls constructed from the fabric of our universe? Dr. Stuart Hameroff, Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona, and his colleague Sir Roger Penrose, a British theoretical physicist, seem to think so, and have been promoting this theory over the last 15 years. Hameroff and Penrose believe that consciousness has been a part of the Universe from its very beginning, an idea similar to the Buddhist and Hindu beliefs that consciousness is an integral component of the Universe.

Hameroff and Penrose’s orchestrated objective reduction (Orch-OR) theory states that quantum consciousness resides in the microtubials of our brain; it acts like a program inside a quantum computer. The scientists believe that this quantum characteristic of the brain forms the soul. The Orch-OR theory supports the idea that we are all one: upon death, quantum consciousness leaves the nervous system and dissipates back to where it came from – the cosmos – where it can exist, perhaps indefinitely. More about this topic is explained in my previous article, Quantum Consciousness.

According to their theory, human quantum consciousness – our soul – continues to exist after the physical functions of the body cease. Hameroff believes that during near-death experiences quantum consciousness begins to dissipate into the cosmos as the quantum processes in the microtubules terminate, but it returns to the brain once the physical body is revived. The individual may recall an out-of-body experience, seeing their dead relatives, or walking towards a light or tunnel, as a result of quantum consciousness reentering the microtubules with new information. In the video below, Hameroff explains what may be happening in near-death situations.

Hameroff’s view is harmonious with the Hindu and Buddhist concept of Karma, where thought impressions are bound to our mind or soul as a reflection of our deeds, and hence situations that we perceive as fate are actually results of our past actions, from this or another life. As the soul leaves the body upon death, it carries all of its quantum information with it as it integrates back into the Universe. All of the information and thought impressions may be once again “downloaded” into another human body during reincarnation.

As all theories, Orch-OR has its opposition, with the main objection stating that microtubule quantum states could be sustained in the environment of the brain for only femtoseconds, versus the 25 milliseconds required by Orch-OR, and thus, they are not relevant to neural processing. Nevertheless, Hameroff and the supporters of Orch-OR theory have proposed many alternatives that support the idea that quantum processing in the microtubules does in fact influence neural processing. Other research has also validated Orch-OR theory by showing that quantum processing supports biological processes such as photosynthesis, bird navigation and smell.

More about the orchestrated objective reduction theory and quantum consciousness can be found here: Consciousness, the Brain, and Spacetime Geometry.

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  1. abinico warez says:

    Stupid question – no souls are constructed from the fabric of the other universe.

  2. Bruce Patin says:

    Until you have actually had one of these experiences yourself, and have at least read the accounts of those who have proved to others that they had out-of-body experiences, and realize that the existence of the physical universe without a non-physical cause makes no sense, you have no authority to make pronouncements that our consciousness and soul originates in physical processes, even quantum mechanical processes, in the brain.

  3. Halderon says:

    I’m sorry, but when did Hammeroff die? I would have least sent a card. If he is interested in the near death experience, have him read the Neuroscience research available on how the brain shuts down-done by real researchers.

    • bladecrimson says:

      Would that be a real researcher who aligns themselves with future funding?
      I’m curious what Neuroscience has to do with Quantum Physics, perhaps NOTHING!
      The stupidity is hip deep in here…

  4. dimitri says:

    Fill ye microtubules while ye may, but don’t get too worked up about it. It’s only a theory.

  5. @ Bruce Patin … Thank you very much for reading my mind and saying what I should have said many, many times to those with “so much knowledge that just ain’t so.” Mark Twain would be grateful for us all to remember even his dilemma. Man’s egotistical bridge of “artificial certainty” is at most a lame and feeble attempt to span our void of experiential based intellect and understanding . . . when one cannot bear to live in a world of uncertainty. We will fabricate trhe most hilarious beliefs all in the name of emotional security.

    I have been a CPA, a reactor operator on nuclear subs …have held the SEC’s Series 7 & 63 licenses, been the Chairman for one and Executive Director for two large public pension systems which all that implies I am very left brain yet something very right brain occurred to me just a few years ago.

    I had an out of body experience (OBE) that began by me going to … and then becoming one-with the Zero Point Field, the infinite oneness … the center-less, timeless allness of isness’s fundamental essence. And for those that have personally experienced an NDE’s, OBE, or meditation that has allowed them to do this …. they Experientially Understand (EU) that this black energy source is totally AWARE. While at-one-with this universal living library there is no observed to observe. There is no separate duality of stuff. All there is … is the observer … only a Meta Collective Mind State of Awareness … with nothing to be aware of but infinite Awareness. Thus in this Meta Mind State there is no “Consciousness” (from Latin meaning “with knowing”) because there is no-thing … to know. Singularity precludes consciousness, whereas the fundamental mind-time-space state of duality is filled with it. And in the domain of duality … everything is energy … and the essence of all energy is to be aware because … one of energy’s four fundamental attributes is Awareness. Remove awareness and energy will cease to self-replicate … cease to exist, and cease to be. (This is not my knowledge … this is my personal experience gained from both the ZPF and then later in the same OBE by allowing my awareness to delve deep within and become one with energy at its most fundamental vibratory level … the resonant harmonics of … The Music of the Spheres.

    So – and in my personal experience … “To Know” something is to be able to recall a cognitive memory … a “Knowledge” of what has been thought about … or heard …or read …. which in essence is a belief about what they think is true and has nothing to do with personal experience. However, “To Understand” something is to have actually personally been there … to have actually “Personally Experienced” the “resonant energy relationship With” the event’s energy. So, just as there is a vast gap dividing knowledge from wisdom … so too is there is a huge Grand Canyon separating ‘knowing’ from “Understanding.” And the bridge of ‘knowledge certainty’ is nothing but an make believe illusion for those that cannot stand to experience either the fear or the humility of “not understanding.”

    Thank you Bruce Patin and Anna Hunt for writing this article. A few years back I talked with and then sent a manuscript of my experiences and what I thought they all meant to the UOA’s professor Gary Schwartz who was most gracious in his feedback. The UOA has some tremendous professors on campus, most of which are exemplary tudents of the University of Life.

  6. usor says:

    From what I can tell (I am a physicist) the “orchestrated objective reduction” hypothesis is just a modern form of materialism but as regards so called quantum information. It is not of the Spirit of God which all life has.
    God transcends the universe, he transcends space and time (spacetime if you like). This “O-R” hypothesis is just more reactionary neo aetheism. God is being attacked on all fronts – we nearly all know that – and tyhis is in spite of the fact that the bible has a phenomenal amount of evidence supporting its veracity. The evidence for Jesus is massive – way beyond that for any other figure from antiquity. It is astounding that we can have so many “well educated” stupid people.

    • Ghana Serapis says:

      Amen, brother.

    • bladecrimson says:

      Besides your uninformed opinion, you got anything like empirical evidence to support it, no, i didn’t think so…
      The problem with people who think they know something is that they have a closed subjective mind, and can not see passed their nose. An objective intelligent person maintains a open mind about the plausibility of anything new but, that’s right your a supposed well educated stupid person…
      That is astounding to me…

      • Bjarki says:

        Interesting, does this apply to you too? You seem to think that you know something about people. Does this mean you have a closed subjective mind when trying to understand people? That you evaluate them according to your strict definition of what it means to have an open and closed mind?

    • Capt Jack says:

      Apollonius of Perga, Apollonius of Tyana, Akhenaton and Alexander the Great all have a Library of ALexandria they want to sell you. Homer approves of this message.

    • bibleisbs says:

      The only evidence for Jesus is the Bible which is total BS!!!

  7. Pip Pop says:

    Absolute rubbish, this article. They are fringe ‘TV scientists’ booked for their entertainment value, and never for their science. Think about that, onions. Rule number 2: When someone tries to explain spirituality with ‘Quantum Physics’ run away! Ever since that vacuous little film ‘what the bleep…’ Quantum physics has been hijacked by the lobotomized.

    • Thoiter says:

      What are you so afraid of? That the truth might not conform to your worldview? Relax dude, it’s okay to hypothesize, that’s how science advances.

    • gnosis474 says:

      Ummm physicists have been led towards spiritual implications of quantum mechanics long before “What the Bleep…” Max Planck? John Wheeler? Einstein? Bohm? Anyone who doesn’t think quantum mechanics leads to deeper spiritual understandings of reality is either in denial or doesn’t understand quantum mechanics. And quantum mechanics may very well be wrong, but as of now it’s the best theory we have as far as observation goes, and how can it tell you anything other than reality as we experience it within our five-sense paradigm is TOTALLY illusory, which is, you know, what Buddha and Lao-tzu and the Hindus, etc, have been saying for thousands of years.

  8. Mark of the Wild West... says:

    It’s all God, all the time… So, the prime directive is to just BE.

    What universe can one perceive without being conscious? Your consciousness is the reciprocal of all consciousness. Thus you exist as a subset of all, with unlimited consciousness expansion possibilities…

    The quantified is a subset of the un-quantified.

    Learn to Soul Travel, for a better view.

  9. @usor You say “The evidence for Jesus is massive – way beyond that for any other figure from antiquity. It is astounding that we can have so many “well educated” stupid people.”

    The REAL evidence shows that “Jesus” is pious fraud. The OT was created by plagiarizing the Sumerians and their stories of the Anunnaki, the tales of Anu, Enki, Enlil, Ra, Marduk, etc., etc. To indicate in text that they were referring to the ruling Anunnaki/Elohim, the Hebrew began writing YHVH (Yod Heh Vav Heh, the tetragrammaton) as we use the word “President” today. Their next move was to go back and erase all the names of these various Anunnaki/Elohim and just write their word for “GOD.” So from the beginning… “GOD” is and has always been… a lie. Centuries later, the Order of Melchizedek, a secret society realized they could concentrate power by creating a sequel, God Part II… Son of God! So they created a fictional character, a Prosopopoeia, to illustrate their universal truths, with one meaning to deceive the world and another secretly held meaning for themselves. So today “not-so-well educated” people like yourself actually believe in very stupid $%^&*!

  10. Jack says:

    This sounds identical to things I’ve read by non-dualists such as Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, Ramesh Balsekar, etc, minus the quantum lingo.
    “All there is, is Consciousness.”

  11. Anonymous says:

    Science can never prove the existence of the non material to the masses since it is beyond the smallest particle and cannot be measured by physical instruments.
    However it is possible to prove out of the body experiences to to oneself;
    Attach yourself to an instrument that reads brain activity and condition yourself to wake up after a dream. Then notice if there was any brain activity during the time period of the dream.
    Other than that do spiritual exercises (Eckankar)and enjoy your out of body experiences

  12. sorensen says:

    Science can never prove the existence of the non material to the masses since it is beyond the smallest particle and cannot be measured by physical instruments.
    However it is possible to prove out of the body experiences to to oneself;
    Attach yourself to an instrument that reads brain activity and condition yourself to wake up after a dream. Then notice if there was any brain activity during the time period of the dream.
    Other than that do spiritual exercises (Eckankar)and enjoy your out of body experiences

  13. abinico warez says:

    bladecrimson, you’re one of those solid and grounded individuals that will only get it after you die.

  14. Ankh says:

    Interesting what you describe here
    because it is the exact astral situation

    Before we entered in this time_space environment by/through our mothers chakra tunnel system
    ( exactly like Galaxies do
    but slower)
    and again when we go back closing our own chakra tunnels behind us.

    Is is just and exactly the reason of birth HERE
    because during such astral open-ess, our real character for everybody to see
    is translating our appearance in
    celestial, beautiful up to ugly and horrible shapes forms,

    Honest insight in ourselves after death takes immediately care for a kind of automatic discrimination
    like in the ocean where deep sea fish cannot
    jump like a dolphin
    they stay among others of the same kind

    It’s like ice cannot live in the sun, nobody to blame
    only the karma which shaped us

    Birth on this gross time_space plane
    is the perfect solution for “communications”

    Communications and interactions can make considerable changes in karma levels, . . and it cannot be done in the astral

    The Almighty in out of merci coming from much higher vertical heavens ( up to the seventh – (Talmud : Zohar : Melchisadeck ))
    each time of purer structure
    is ALWAYS present in such earth like planes
    in a human body , . . in search for Love.
    like Melchisedek, Buddha, Jesus, Rumi, Nanak , Tulsi Sahib )
    opening during life the Crown Chakra tunnel
    for the meek souls wanting to go home
    by the sweet sweet music which is always reverberating in the highest chakra passage and beyond
    but few attend to or dive in,

  15. Barry Carter says:

    Here is a link to an old article I wrote on this very subject:

    This article also includes links and evidence that quantum coherent minerals are common in biological systems.

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