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Should We Get Raw Milk By Prescription?

Raluca Schachter, Guest Writer
Waking Times

If I ever travel to other US states I’d like to be able to buy raw milk by prescription. Since you can easily get many things by prescription these days… All kind of dangerous substances. FDA says raw milk is “dangerous”. So I bet I could get it by prescription!

Seriously, genetically modified foods, processed foods, Frankenfoods! growth hormones in animals, pesticides, chemicals, vaccines and a huge variety of medication with serious side effects are all allowed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)!

But when it comes to RAW MILK the FDA continues to play hard and make everything possible to wipe it out from the Earth’s surface! Denying all scientific studies, which have been done to  demonstrate raw milk’s health promoting benefits. Ignoring the clinical reality, which shows us a growing number of  people experiencing a huge improvement in negative symptoms once they switch from pasteurized to raw milk.

Scare Tactics And Recalls, The “FDA” Style!

Since this is clearly an organization who abuses power, it can easily use “scare” tactics and recalls, on unproven grounds. For example:

The International Milk Genomics Consortium (IMGC), which is housed at the University of California, Davis has been working for years to reveal groundbreaking scientific research and studies about the genes that are responsible for making milk. The results of their excellent and interesting scientific information about milk (raw milk and mothers’ milk specifically), is published in a newsletter called Splash!, which seemed to be yet another “threat” in the eyes of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its agenda. That’s why it was carefully “suggested” for certain information – The Evidence Around Raw Milk– provided by this newsletter to be immediately stopped and ultimately modified to serve their interest…So how does censoring  scientific papers sit well with ACADEMIC FREEDOM? You can read more about this subject in my previous article, Breast Milk Secrets Which The FDA Doesn’t Want You To Know.

How about RECALLS? Well, they sure do come in handy when raw milk sales go up too much!  Organic Pastures, the largest raw milk producer in California, had to face two recalls for the past year, after many years of providing fresh, healthy raw milk to their consumers. BOTH of the lab testings done in these cases showed NO PATHOGENS in their raw milk, although they had to be shut down for a month and then a week, suffering significant losses. In 2006 a pasteurized creamery got 1,600 people sick with Campylobacter; seven were hospitalized. They were recalled for only 3 hours without even testing…I have a single question for you here: WHY is raw milk treated totally different than pasteurized milk??

Lawsuit Filed Against FDA. Will The Truth Finally Prevail?

A lawsuit  was filed last month against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and government officials, concerning the interstate sales of raw milk.

Organic Pastures Dairy Company, LLC is seeking to force FDA to take final action on a four-year-old petition, requesting the food safety agency grant an exception to the prohibition on interstate sales of raw milk. They have sought permission to transport and sell raw milk across state lines so long as sales of the product are legal in both states.

Mark McAfee, owner of Organic Pastures, states his business is booming with raw milk sales of $10 million a year and 75,000 customers in California. Sprouts, the chain of specialty grocery stores, would like to purchase raw milk from Organic Pastures for retail sales in Arizona. That is not possible today because the federal government has banned interstate sales of raw milk since 1988. (You can see in the picture below in which states raw milk sales are legal in stores and what other legal forms are accepted if raw milk is not sold in stores.)

Mark McAfee believes CDC has posted misleading information on raw milk. Citing a Cornell study analyzing CDC data, he told the CDC in a scathing letter last summer that the number of illnesses caused by raw milk (1,100) between 1973 and 2009 is minuscule compared to those linked to pasteurized milk (422,000).The letter also cited at least fifty deaths from pasteurized cheese or milk while stating raw milk was linked to no deaths during those years.

As you see, dangerous, toxic, body and mind altering drugs are much easier to get by prescription nationwide!

About the Author

Raluca Schachter is a passionate Nutritionist and Metabolic Typing Advisor®, with a background in both nutrition and communication/PR. She believes in traditional, unaltered food, ancestral wisdom, sustainable farming and living. Raluca was able to naturally reverse chronic health conditions she was struggling with most of her life, and now uses her knowledge to help as many people as possible do the same. Her health programs and diet plans offer a very unique and comprehensive approach to health, where individual nutritional and biochemical requirements are firstly met using specific nutrients and foods that each metabolism thrives on. This approach reveals why and how ‘one diet/herb doesn’t fit all’ and why ‘one man’s food is another one’s poison.’ Raluca currently resides in Garden Grove, CA and offers her services for local and distance clientele. For more information visit her website and blog or join Raluca on Facebook


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  • Carl

    There have been studies about the raw milk here in Finland. I can’t remember well how it went, but the milk should be processed or it can get you ill because of the high amount of bacteria. The processing means heating it up to 75 degrees for 15 seconds to kill the bacteria. Also if the milk is not processed, it goes bad in only few days and you can’t drink it anymore. So you should get it from the cows to your stomach quite fast if you want it raw. And even then there is decent risk of getting yourself sick.

  • Rachel

    I don’t think asking for permission is an appropriate solution. We should demand the right to use raw milk!

  • abinico warez

    Milk is great food for a baby cow. So if you’re a baby cow, drink up, but otherwise that’s probably why so many people (50% of the population) have some type of intolerance to milk, raw or otherwise.

  • Excellent article – this needs to go to the assistant editor at Mother Jones mag. She wrote an article in the November 2012 issue entitled “Got E-coli”? She also mentioned that “pasteurization was created for a reason.” Sure, she continued, raw milk tastes better, but is it worth the risk? No mention of the health benefits while quoting the CDC and citing Organic Pasture’s “recalls”. No stats on E-coli or other food borne dairy diseases either. Mother Jones must have rolled over in her grave!

    • abinico warez

      Mother Jones has been a sell out now for a very long time – they rarely offer any good advice.

    • Emmett G.

      I saw that article, but wasn’t surprised by MJ, they sold out a long time ago. I learned recently that there’s a type of good bacteria in raw milk that helps combat depression. My husband has depression and always feels better when he’s drinking his raw milk. We belong to a herd share and have been drinking it regularly for 2.5 years – we are in much better health now. For 10,000 years at least, people have been drinking raw milk and not dying – unless of course they didn’t use hygienic practices. As long as you know who is caring for the cow and that they’re keeping it hygienic, you’re fine. THANK YOU for printing this article! I read so much about how raw milk can make you very sick, I’m glad someone is getting the truth out.

  • Hi, I was just visiting because you linked to my site so I got a pingback notice. Do you mind crediting the map to Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) and linking to them? It’s their graphic: I use it with permission on the site because Campaign for Real Milk and FTCLDF are sister organizations through Weston A. Price Foundation. Thanks.

    • Ok, updated. Thanks for the tip, and for stopping by!

      _Waking Times

      • Unfortunately, the map is out of date. New Mexico’s Bernalillo County (Albuquerque) raw milk ban was extended throughout the state of NM. Just found out by calling a health food co-op in NM. BUMMER!

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