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How to Protect Yourself From Chemtrail Poisoning

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This article was removed as requested by the author. For more information on chemtrails and geo-engineering, please click here.

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  • Nice posts. It’s not easy sorting through all the misinformation and disinformation, in the quest to find the truth. It takes intuition, good memory, keen observational skills and perseverance. There is just no explaining away chem-trails. I live in Northern California. In June of 2008 I was able to observe tic-tac-toe spraying above my ranch. The day started clear as a bell, blue sky, perfect temp. By 11 am the pattern was obvious as I was planting my summer vegetables. By three that afternoon THERE WAS NO SUN. The next day the temperature rose to an unbearable 103 degrees… completely abnormal, the synthetic cirrus chem clouds creating convectional heating of the atmosphere. That evening we had heat lightening – a sequel to the heavy metal metallic nanoparticles they use in their mixtures that creates a conductive plasma of static electricity in the upper layers. The following morning I awoke to the strong smell of smoke. The lightening had set multiple wild fires north of us. That summer was a plague, the air quality horrendous, the cause – chem trail spraying.

    Visit There are protocols for all the symptoms associated with this toxic and dangerous campaign. The chemicals degrade cellular membranes, especially red and white blood cells. There’s no time to waste, my blood tested 100X the acceptable limit for barium, and there was arsenic and lead in my blood, as well. This is serious as in “without end”. Protect yourselves and your family – NOW before its too late.

  • Billy

    Nice attempt at disinformation. Alex Jones is the LAST person to believe the commission report.

  • violeta

    Troposferic aerosol program march 2001
    according to government document tropospheric aerosol plan 2001 concerns about the health effect HIGH
    COTO Report
    Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails (Revised)
    UN weather weapon treaty pdf

  • Max

    No time, its already here.

  • Robert

    Quick question: given chemtrails are typically sprayed several miles above the surface, how quickly will the heaviest elements fall to earth?

    (In other words, how long have I got to cover things up and take remedial action if I see spraying taking place?)

    • Robert


      • barb is as close to an answer as I could find. Although he is reporting on contrail chemicals not what has been found in chemtrails.

      • Anonymous

        I read somewhere that it takes about 40 mins or less, so if you see them spraying run for cover. It’s best to stay inside when you see them spraying, and keep windows and doors closed. If you have to be outside, wear a bandana over your face, or use a handkerchief to cover your face. Get a water filter, like Berkey or ProPur, to filter water and a good air purifier,also surround yourself with house plants,which throw off oxygen. Sounds a little funny, about the plants, but every little bit helps.

      • JT


      • JT

        I heard it takes about 40 mins or less, when you see them spraying, run for cover. I’d sure like to get a hold of the tyrants responsible for this, and wring their necks! Also get an air purifier in to your home, and close the doors and windows. Also get a water purifier with a fluoride attachment, a brand called Berkey works best. Eat organic as much as possible, and use supplements wisely.

  • Gabriele

    Any ideas on how to protect pets against chemtrailing? Or just keep them inside during chemtrail spraying?

  • Spicegirl

    This is at the end of the article….

    “Those who approve such chemtrail spraying, must immediately be unseated from public office or their other positions of authority, and frankly be locked up. Expose their misdeeds with the power of the pen, and urge people to get involved in unseating this person abusing their position of power. Murdering one’s own people is treason.”

    Drina Brooke who wrote this article honestly hasn’t even got a seed of an inkling of who is doing this and why. Not her fault – she knows a lot about health but hasn’t come up against evil judaism that has declared war on gentiles by stealth and power for centuries and by surreptitious means – i.e. controlling other governments and banks and armies to do their disgusting deeds. Drina knows chemtrails are happening but judging by some of the comments, the writers have no idea this is a global issue to control our weather by geoengineering, poison and sicken us, starve us and wipe the unusable gentiles off the planet by eugenics.

    Chemtrails are just one of thousands of ways ‘they are controlling us’. People need to recognise what is happening and get angry about why, and tell everyone they come across. Your own government is allowing this to happen to you – but they are controlled by Israel. I have no racial issues at all, quite the opposite, but when I find out that there are a race of people who have been damaging my life and that of my family for centuries then I am obliged to find out more and tell others. My comments are bound to be offensive to some, I am sorry for the shock. Please do thorough research, the truth is out there.

    At least it gets us talking and even if a few more people look up in the sky and then start to question…. that is a small progress, they might just go on to look a whole lot deeper and ask why. Only by addressing the bigger issues will we be able to stop this – not just say oh this is awful but I’ll try and protect myself.

    To find out a whole lot more please take a look at the two video clips on this site:
    and see

    • Rachel

      Most people are not capable of the inherent reasoning they were born with. They learn from reading and being “taught”. They have no conception of the huge-ness of the conspiracy because they BASE their reality on what they are told and read rather than what they see, try, and experience.

      Most people think logic is the “basis” of reality, when the truth is that logic is useless without absolute truth to base it upon. If that ‘truth’ is not true, then all the logic leads to more lies.

      It is extremely important to protect ourselves. Without ‘protection’ I would be dead. Really. Seriously. Dead from suffocation. The diseases they have put upon us are deadly–lyme and morgellons are epidemic. They are biological weapons created by Nazis–literally. Most people with them don’t know they have them yet, and when they get sick, it will be damn-near too late to do anything much helpful at all.

      Please protect yourself while you try to inform people. You can’t do much good if you can’t physically function. I want to pass out paper flyers and I can’t because I can’t breathe outside. I am a prisoner in my home because of illness caused by chemtrails and satanists.

      Please heed my warning, as for me it may be too late, and I am only 33 years old. I’ve been severely ill since 29.

    • Anonymous

      so true. but you can’t people to even see we are being sprayed, let alone try to get them to understand who is really behind all this…

  • po’d in pdx

    You forgot one tactic….how about thousands of people go out and occupy the airstrip. Those planes land somewhere. It’s McMinneville Oregon around here.

  • Leroy

    Alex Jones, in no shape or form promotes the official govenment commission report from 9/11. Do you even know who Alex Jones is?

  • Rachel

    As someone who has “adult onset” severe persistent asthma,(which started with aerosol geoengineering in my area), extreme chemical sensitivities, sulfhydry group sensitivities, metal toxicity–AND lyme disease from a hobo spider bite, I have to say a few things.

    First, cheap air cleaners (hepa, ionizers, crap) don’t work. “IQ Air chemabsorber” actually works. Mine costed $2,239.00 for the large model. In high humidity, cheap dehumidifyers work better than cheap air cleaners. If you can’t afford a IQ Air, a fifty pound charcoal hooked up to a can fan will help some.

    Second, Algin, or sodium alginate will detox metal to the degree that symptoms will improve within DAYS, especially the nausea, just keep taking it.

    Also, scarves and little masks don’t do shiit for outside. I personally cannot leave my house most days without a full blown gas mask. Period. If I try I will start to suffocate until I use my nebuliser and then will suffer 2 days of worse breathing. It take about one minute for the asthma to hit. Atropine helps in severe cases of asthma. Belladonna, in extremely low doses in neb (ONE DROP tea ONLY)has enouph atropine for me.

    Most doctors, even naturopaths don’t know crap about how to deal with these types of illnesses. Lyme doctors might help, but they cost tens of thousands of dollars, and most of us don’t have that. Personally, I have had more improvement STINGING MYSELF WITH HONEYBEES just in the last two weeks than years of doctors and their ignorant crap. Not only does the venom make my asthma problem better instantly, it also apparently *cures* autoimmune diseases in general if used regulary. It hurts but is WAY WORTH IT !

    Look into “bee venom therapy.” Lyme disease is PANDEMIC. If you are sick all the time from chemtrails you probably have lyme. It passes between humans through saliva, etc, no insect bite necessary. It causes, MS, asthma, parkinsons, arthritis, etc.

    We just had two weeks of brown/gray “fog” in Washington state. Aerosol geoengineering really sucks bad here. I smell chemicals when I open the door, and everyone coming in from outside stinks to me. My cat comes in stinking like chemicals–and I live in the farmland, where the air should be “fresh”.

    SINUS PROBLEMS: neti with tri-guard, fresh, raw, marijuana JUICE, and raw honey. It gets worse before it gets better–but it gets better!


  • Herbs are an invaluable tool for good health because they are beneficial for their active ingredients as well as their abilities to eliminate pathogens or bond with heavy metals to extract them from the body. You definitely hit the nail on the head. One step up from addressing an out-of-control infection or disease is the reversal of the genetic mutation that is its underlying cause. My eBook, For No Reason at All, focuses on cancer using Vibrational Frequency remedies to reverse genetic mutations. Perhaps you would like more specific information regarding the topic as it is cutting edge DNA technology applied to analysis (from a saliva sample). I have a free read on my website: or contact me at my e-mail: Respectfully,

  • granny

    You should also be familiar with Dr. Wallach (Dead Doctors Don’t Lie) and his Youngevity company. Their minerals, vitamins and supplements are the only reason I’m still alive today. Not only am I still alive, I’m healing. Don’t tell me that COPD is caused by smoking and cannot be reversed !! If we remove or limit the toxins and give our bodies the nutrition they need, they can and will heal like they were made to.

  • Fitzcarraldo

    This is an invaluable article with wide-ranging tips for general health maintenance. A false note is the ad hominem attack on Aajonus Vonderplanitz which does not actually answer if there is any substance in what he says about chemtrails; the issue about his PhD is just a red herring.

  • The truth is out there

    Chemtrails are real and the mainstream media’s and UN official name for this called Geoengineering.

    The elite always use disinformation COINTELPRO (counter intelligence propaganda) agents to dismiss and discredit legitimate information by publicising and promoting legitimate genuine information from false/discredited sources.

    Always look at he money trail to help identify a source an their viewpoint on events like 9/11 anyone who believes and promotes the official government story in the alternative news and patriot movement is an agent of and working for the New World Order such as Alex Jones (Bill Hicks?).

    I’ve looked at the list of Chemtrails contents listed above and believe it’s true. There are other materials unknown to the public that are probably also dispersed within the Chemtrails.

    Protection against some effects of Chemtrails:

    Chemtrail and Morgellons Resources:

    • Anonymous

      Alex Jones does not and never has promoted the governments version of 9/11. I am not saying he is or isn’t a shill, however getting this major issue wrong (his attack of the official story is one of his defining issues) only casts doubt on the rest of your message.

  • You have got to be joking

    Hey, Randy Larabee…you’re an idiot!
    Don’t you look up? Don’t see anything happening?

    Hell, there’s always been crisscrossing plane trails….lots of close calls when they fly those damn flying machines!

    Take your head out of your arss and pay attention to the sh*t right in front of you…tool!

  • Roger

    Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Ph.D. is a fraud. Mike Adams of Natural News exposed him. He has a PhD from a non existatnt university.

    • Drina Brooke

      Roger, you are correct. This fact came to light after I had already written the article. For this exact reason, I am asking that the article be removed from the web. I will not stand behind Aajonus Vanderplanitz’s name, given this fact that you rightfully are questioning here, and some other facts which also later came to light, that I do not believe in or support. Thank you for your concern and please know that I share it with you.

      After researching the chemtrail issue (which even I, myself ,at first believed to be “conspiracy theory”) I concluded that it couldn’t be a hoax, unfortunately. There are two bills in Congress mentioning chemtrails, H.R. 2977 was re-written and the revised bill, H.R. 3616. And as I understand it, NASA has admitted to chemtrialing too. I watched this hereby linked youtube of geoscientists “planning” the use of aerosols in space to block out the sun and mitigate the problem of global warming (not a good way to go about it, if you ask me) and they also said that there could be terrible health hazards which they would find out later, they had not studied the (frankly obvious) health impacts, but they were going ahead anyway. While they “plan” such things, reports come in from all over the globe of such activity. Hmmmm…. There are more facts to underscore the unfortunate truth of all this as a reality….it’s hard for people to believe that some things are happening, so the “Conspiracy theory” reaction is of course, an understandable one. Noone wants to think that certain people are capable of evil things, or even just ignorance too which causes the same impact as deliberate evil, whether so designed, or not. But the facts remain, and the longer we keep our eyes closed, the more the harm continues. We as a society, have a duty to wake up and see the truth, and act. Thank you all for giving a care.

      • Drina Brooke

        PS I have to offer one editorial correction.
        Originally, I myself titled the aritcle “An Effort to Protect Yourself from Chemtrail Poisoning”.
        I did not name it “How to Protect Yourself from Chemtrail Poisoning”.
        I did so with specific purposes in mind.
        It is not acceptable to change the name of an article or to alter its content. To me, changing the name is much the same as altering the content.

      • Thank you for your intelligent look at the ongoing geoengineering operations. I know for a fact they are happening. I have been tested and have high levels of all the chemicals and metal particulates they are spraying. Thanks for educating people on the truth. John G.

  • Randy Larabee

    What a load of bull…. The article should of read.. How to protect yourself from a bunch of conspiracy crap… LOL.. You silly little people.. wear you aluminum foil caps.. Chemtrail poisoning (LOL)

    • Alice Carter

      Move along, little sheep. By the way, look up the word, “conspiracy”. You will find you are a complete idiot!

    • notasheep

      Read the facts your not educated

      • Robert

        “your not educated”

        The irony is delicious!

    • Randy you are just the kind of people our government loves…dumbed down. You Google Geoengineering and see how real it really is. At least I am glad some of you are awake.

  • You forgot to mention orgonite.

    • Rachel

      You can’t make poison disappear with a cloudbuster. Think.

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