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American Milk Banned in Europe Because it Does No Body Good

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
Waking Times

As a mother of three young children, the debate centered around the nutritional value of cow’s milk has been at the forefront of my mind for quite some time. Conditioned by the well-known campaigns of milk marketers “Milk. It does a body good.” and “Got Milk?”, I’ve been led to believe that milk is needed – especially by young children – for good bone growth, brain development and, of course, to meet the body’s calcium needs.

If milk does a body so much good, why is US-produced milk banned in Europe? It turns out that in 1994, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the use of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). rBGH in milk is believed to increase the risk of cancer. In an attempt to protect its citizens from genetically-modified milk, the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the U.N. Food Safety Agency representing 101 nations worldwide, has banned rBGH milk in the 101 nations that it represents. Canada is another country where rBGH milk is banned.

The European Commission organized independent research to review the effect of rBGH on public health. Here is what they found:

“The public health committee confirmed earlier reports of excess levels of the naturally occurring Insulin-like-Growth Factor One (IGF-1), including its highly potent variants, in rBGH milk and concluded that these posed major risks of cancer, particularly of the breast and prostate, besides promoting the growth and invasiveness of cancer cells by inhibiting their programmed self-destruction (apoptosis).” Source: Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.

rBGH is another one of Monsanto’s genetically-engineered products that mimics the cow’s naturally-produced BGH hormone. American dairy farmers inject their cows with rBGH to increase how much milk each cow produced – usually by 20%. The use of rBGH results in cows also producing more IGF-1 hormone, to such excess that milk from rBGH-treated cows has up to 80% more IGF-1.

Researchers throughout the world argue that consumption of excess IGF-1 hormone, which is also found in humans, may result in a higher risk of breast, colon and prostate cancer. Yet, in the US, Monsanto and the milk industry do not clearly label which milk comes from rBGH-treated cows.

And the effect on humans is just one of the problems. The use of rBGH also has a serious effect on the animals. Here’s a short 3-minute video about Monsanto’s deception regarding rBGH.

If the idea of consuming hormone-filled, cancer-causing, Franken-milk doesn’t turn you off of cow’s milk, at least the non-organic non-labeled brands, then perhaps some of the following facts will give you more food for thought:

  • Milk is believed to deplete the body of natural calcium, which is used up in the process of digesting milk. It offers an inorganic calcium that cannot be easily digested and used by the human body. “Just like our bodies cannot use the iron in a magnet, they cannot use the calcium in milk.”
  • Milk is acidic, making it difficult for the body to digest. As a result, the pH of human intestines may become unbalanced, making them more susceptible to injury and disease.
  • Cow’s milk contains at least 59 active hormones, allergens, fat, cholesterol, herbicides, pesticies, antibiotics, blood, pus, bacteria and viruses.

“It’s not natural for humans to drink cow’s milk. Humans milk is for humans. Cow’s milk is for calves. You have no more need of cow’s milk than you do rats milk, horses milk or elephant’s milk. Cow’s milk is a high fat fluid exquisitely designed to turn a 65 lb baby calf into a 400 lb cow. That’s what cow’s milk is for!”Dr Michael Klaper MD

Yes, our bodies need calcium. But perhaps milk is not the best source, as we’ve been led to believe. Try eating more lettuce, kale, broccoli, almonds, oranges, flax seed, sesame seeds, dill, thyme and other dried herbs. For cereal, try almond or hemp milk instead of cow’s milk. Calcium from plant sources is more easily digested by our bodies than calcium from cow’s milk, because plants have a high magnesium content, and magnesium aids in the assimilation of calcium by the body. Decreasing your intake of cow’s milk will do your body good!

About the Author

Anna Hunt is a staff writer for and an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in research and editorial writing. She and her husband run a preparedness e-store outlet at, offering GMO-free storable food and emergency kits. Anna is also a certified Hatha yoga instructor. She enjoys raising her children and being a voice for optimal human health and wellness. Read more of her excellent articles here.


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  • Robert

    This is nonsense. I haven’t bought a carton of milk that didn’t proudly proclaim it was “rBGH-Free” in a very long time.
    And if cow’s milk is so bad for you, where are the piles of corpses over the last many centuries?
    Pure nonsense.

  • cece

    Wow. A real eye opener. Thank you for posting this. I’m throwing away the breyers ice cream in the freezer now, yuk!

  • The number of calories is always important but there are kinds of food out there which are very deceptive.
    Drain and quickly plunge into a bowl of ice cold
    water. Mozzarella, Parmesan, Emmental and Roquefort might be a flavorful combination but
    you can use any cheeses you fancy.

  • Jeff

    Please see the studies in this link:

    The world should know by now that Michael Klaper is a fraud. Too bad his crap was included in an article voicing valid concerns about doctored milk.

  • More informed than you

    Why not visit a real dairy farm and see just exactly how dairy cows are raised and produce milk. This is all one sided propaganda by people that sell lettuce and nuts. Make your own informed decision instead of someones skewed blog about a one sided study. If you believe everything that someone writes then you are just a sheep. Do your own research of both sides.

  • Anonymous

    All mammals make milk FOR THEIR BABIES, even whales. All mammals are weaned from milk, because it’s not needed anymore…PERIOD !!!!

    • More informed than you

      No ice cream for you

  • For me, as a type 2 diabetic, I quite drinking milk a long time, because of the sugar levels in it, not as much as a concern with the toxic additions, but, if we fed milk producing cows, like we once did, pasture land grass, and stopped feeding grain and stopped trying produce more and more, that ends up being wasted, we might not have the need for the chemistry,

  • dc

    when was this ban placed? The original declaration was in late 90’s and I’m having trouble finding anything more recent. Is this article really just a regurgitation of almost 20 year old news or is there actually something new here ?

  • Granger

    There are plenty of good points, and poor reasoning as well in the article. I am very familiar with the dairy industry, which is complex and most dairy owners are as free as hens in an egg battery to change the system in which they are caged. They are farmers, and they in turn are being farmed by the co-op managers and creameries and myriad of related business who feed off of them. They are told what to buy at what price, and paid a fixed amount, with almost nil choice between. I am engaged in trying to create a shift, it will take time.
    This quote:”Cow’s milk is a high fat fluid exquisitely designed to turn a 65 lb baby calf into a 400 lb cow. That’s what cow’s milk is for!” is twisted. 400 lbs is the average weight a CALF is weaned from milk. It is not a cow. Cows weigh much much more. That 400 lb mark is acheived in a matter of months. Some goat milk is higher fat, some lower. Holstein milk is LOW fat, Jersey HIGH fat. The reduction in reasoning to a matter of calories is ridiculous.
    Cow milk molecules are much much larger than other consumed milks. That is one issue that affects digestion.
    Another issue is how the milk is treated. Our digestive processes are as much dependent on bacterial transformation as stomach acid. When milk is high-temp pasteurized and homogenized, the bacteria cannot utilize and digest it properly, so neither can we. If one wants to make cheese, one must ADD calcium to the milk, as it is unavailable to bacterial processes.
    Low-temp pasteurization is much easier on digestion.
    In CA, there are different rules for raw dairy and regular dairy. Regular dairy must pass tests on the truck, raw must pass at the consumer end. Therefore, if a store has a power breaker shut off, the fridge warms up, and the milk is tested ‘at the consumer end’, which it is monitored heavily, the DAIRY fails, not the store owner, worker, transporter, bottler etc. Any failure falls back on the raw dairy itself. They get 2 fails in 5 tests, third fail means they are shut down.
    What does a dairy do when shut down? where does the milk go? One cannot turn off a cow like turning off a tap. Shutting down a dairy = killing cows. Organic, raw dairies spend YEARS building up a herd, which can be wiped out by a careless shop owner, a truck that breaks down en rout to delivery for too long, etc.
    But the dairies are not the ones making these decisions. Our legislators are being told what to write, being assigned staffers, being lobbied by large corporations constantly. Some people are breaking the law. Such as Karen Ross, head of CDFA. But there is no recourse.
    Unless people work together to stay informed, meet together and maintain awareness, and put consistent, relentless pressure on the ‘powers that be’ to build a better infrastructure. It takes a LOT of time. It takes focus. Most people don’t care to bother. They’d rather pick a small subject, rant about it, and feel ‘right’ without taking serious steps to analyze how the situation developed and what can be done to HELP all involved.
    Milk is not evil, but it is abused before you buy it, as are the dairy farmers, by the system in place we allow to control our decision-making processes, because we are to ‘busy’, or prefer glamorous subjects or whatever.
    Milk has been a human food for thousands of years, from mares, reindeer, cattle, goats, sheep, yak etc. It has BECOME unhealthful because we have let our food become controlled by external forces.
    I agree that there are many more healthful sources of calcium and protein. But even though I am allergic to dairy of ALL sorts, I am actively engaged in supporting our dairy farmers. They are people, they love to drink milk and that’s fine and fine for MANY people, but the real POOR HEALTH is our system, our personal lack of involvement, and our lack of control of our health, personal and community.
    Get engaged. Walk your talk. And get the facts right. I don’t know as much as I would like to know, but 90% of the truth is NOT available in a textbook, news article or anywhere but out in the real world, being observant and getting dirty.
    There is a very effective grassroots legislative organization that I belong to, it can be used and should, for supporting healthful agriculture. The organization is 140 yrs old, has made huge changes to the USA, but is dwindling because…people don’t get engaged, don’t meet and talk, and act together. It’s easier to write comments (like this) and forget it while another family business goes under, and all connected family businesses suffer, and their children suffer and all the related negativity, because those of us who care don’t bother….
    That’s my two cents.

    • Anonymous

      by far the best responce i have ever read

    • jc

      Granger, what do Grassroots know? I say, go to the top, to people who study Nutrition, the Human body and its processes. Don’t be afraid of science. Science-phobia is truth-phobia…

  • Umbabog

    Well, maybe so, you know, I keep thinking of the good ol’ Mongol Hordes. Man, just about the last thing one wanted to wake up to for a century or so out Caucasus way was a Mongol Horde, on their way to conquering a fourth to a third of the world. I think of the Mongol Hordes (MH) every time I read about the dangers of milk, because the MH subsisted on mare’s milk, raw mare’s milk.
    If today’s bureaucrats had been around then, Genghis Khan would still be doing paperwork near the Manchurian border.
    I think using milk is probably okay in small amounts, like in coffee, and in ice cream.

  • roy lester

    Any GMO is definitely very bad for our health. Read the first chapter on Seeds of Destruction or Seeds of Deception and we can understand the dangers that GMOs pose to our health.For those unbelievers out there who do not believe that GMOs are slowly poisoning our health, then it is their loss.

    • GodOfMetal

      Biggest bullshit I’ve ever read.
      Nothing, absolutely nothing is ever completely bad or completely good. Nor is “natural” inherently good and “unnatural” inherently bad.
      As a molecular biologist, I can tell you for a fact that GMOs are not at all necessarily bad for your health. On the contrary, in many cases they save lives. Look at how many people suffer from diabetes and need regular insulin. Now guess how this insulin is produced. I’ll tell you: It’s produced by e.coli strains genetically modified with a certain gene vector to produce insulin, a substance e.coli does not need in any way naturally.

      Companies like Monsanto are one thing, what they do is irresponsible at best. But they give modern biology and genetics as well as GMOs in general a very bad reputation. GMOs can indeed be quite beneficial. In many cases, research is still in the early stages, which is why stuff like this shouldn’t go into mass production. Again, looking at Monsanto we see clearly how it should NOT be done. What makes GMOs potentially dangerous is the industry accelerating research and causing sloppy work, not GMOs themselves.

      That said, your clear, indicative use of “unbelievers” probably makes you resistant to any kind of logical argument anyway, but here’s to hoping you actually have some sense left in your head.

  • ThomasT

    In Europe, pasteurised milk is sold as Fresh, Organic, Hormone Free etc. BUT..pasteurisation destroys 90% of the phosphotase enzyme needed for calcium absorption; it destroys the friendly immune boosting bacteria BUT NOT e-coli, salmonela, botulism and listeria; it damages immune boosting whey proteins. A newborn calf fed only on pasteurised milk dies in 6 weeks. Zoos source raw milk, cow, goat etc for their young animals.

    The idiots in my health food shop in Vienna advise against youngsters drinking raw milk, but it was OK for me to order! Here in Thailand raw goat milk is available at the dairies.

  • murungu

    Why are they buying US milk anyway? Their subsidy system is even more bizarre than ours. Europe is swimming in milk and a whole lot of other over-produced farm products.

    • Karen Call

      Um, no. Milk is alkaline and has an acidifying effect on the body. Fruit is acidic and has an alkaline effect on the body. Cancer can not grow in an alkaline environment.

  • Darwin’s Troll

    “Milk is acidic.” Egads! Fruit is also acidic. Don’t eat fruit!

    • Karen Call

      Um, no. You didn’t read correctly. Milk is only a slightly acidic product–the important factor is that it has an acidifying effect on the body. When protein intake is very high, this causes an excess of acid production in the body which causes problems with cancer and bone loss. Fruit is acidic and has an alkaline effect on the body. Cancer can not grow in an alkaline environment.

    • Anonymous

      Fruit is not acidic, the ash after digestion is alkaline, that’s where it matters for our bodies sake…

  • Darwin’s Troll

    I’ll drink milk in any form before I would touch any form of meat. Talk about bad for you! And talk about toxic ingredients (in meat)!

    Milk calcium indegestible? Explain that to the Tibetans, Mongols, and Lapps. Better yet, explain that to the doctors and nutritionists who provide their services to the Tibetans, Mongols, and Lapps.

    • Darwin’s Troll

      indigestible. Certainly, keep the additives and poisons out of the milk. Go vegan if you can. But if you’re giving up milk for health reasons, you really should give up meat, fish, and eggs for the same reasons.

  • Anna Hunt

    Thanks Albert for the book recommendations. I am always willing to listen to all types of information about nutrition to educate myself and share what I’ve learned with others.

    It was in Jethro Kloss’ book “Back to Eden” that I first started to question the value of milk in my diet. He states, “Cow’s milk is not suited for human consumption. Half the invalids in the world suffer from dyspepsia, and milk should not be taken. Milk causes constipation, biliousness, coated tongue, headache, and these are the symptoms of intestinal auto-intoxication.” (p 75, Back to Eden, 1971)

    I do not claim to be an expert on the subject; the intro paragraph and bio clearly show who I am and my thought process behind this article. I have clearly listed the sources where I found the information, and considering most people drink milk, there’s a whole bunch of readers that may think that all of these sources and information there are complete drivel. Yet, it is interesting drivel for some of us who believe that there is more to our nutrition than what we learn in public school and commercials. God knows, our doctors don’t really help with nutrition so we have to turn somewhere to take charge of our health. Especially as more of us see the deteriorating state of public health in America.

    And yes, an argument can be made that the UN is a fascist organization, where non-elected officials make decisions for millions of people without the people’s say. But banning rBGH milk was an interesting ruling, and the information I read and various experts’ opinions about rBGH caught my attention. Perhaps worth further research on everyone’s part.

  • John M

    The author is just stating what should be well known to an educated individual. The naysayers will justify anything to continue to have their fix of dairy products,

    • More informed than you

      An educated individual would not make such comments! They would give you a pro and con of the subject for your own conclusion. This is just a promotion of a one sided way of thinking!

      • Sorgfelt

        Considering the fact that cows milk is heavily promoted on all of the media, I don’t think it is necessary for any article against that to have to impartially present pro and con.

    • Anonymous

      The title is very misleading. Only milk containing RBST is banned. 2014 the us saw record export of dairy products to the Pacific rim Europe Australia. Dairymen are paid a premium for signing an affidavit saying they will not use RBST.
      Interesting the feds just passed a law faxing out Trans fats. The American Heart association promotes more oil use over butter. There main financial contributes Procter and gamble. Since the 70s butter consumption Has dropped from 18.4 lbs per person per year to 4. Since the 70s the leading killer of Americans is heart disease especially in women.

  • If a peoples’ organization had been behind this movement, I’d completely agree with the article. But, since it was lead by the the infamous Codex Alimentarius Commission and the U.N. Food Safety Agency, I’m left with serious reservations.

    Both of these heinous organizations exist for Mankind’s detriment. Google codex alimentarius. It’s just one of the banksters’ (psychotic, fake-Jewish, Khazarian Zionists’) many covert weapons in their eternal, secret War Against Humanity.

    • John

      Agreed, these are the same people looking to outlaw nature – who cares what they think or the decisions they make. They are the enemies of health freedom posing as its protectors.

      Unless you’re a calf looking to add 400 pounds in the next few months, cow’s milk has no business in your body. Mammals (we are) stop drinking milk when they’re weaned. Grow up and stop brutalizing other life forms – stealing from them. They have their own purposes in life; they’re not just here for arrogant, selfish humans to exploit.

  • Nanette

    I know that grown American men love to drink gallons of cow milk – so tasty with cookies. But as a matter of fact, milk is generally nutricion for babies, it just rots in the guts of adults – with or without artificial hormons. The food industry and empathieless merciless agricultural lobby will never admit this – and most consumers still only perceive what they want to. Besides, how natural is it, to keep milking a cow all her lifetime after she has had a calf…. disgusting! Imagine there is an extra hell for bioengineers, where they will have one calf after the other, and will be milked eternally… just kidding, this goes to the ever so pius ones among you!
    I assume the kind of food you eat also affects the minds. You are what you eat – as simple as that! If you feed on baby’s feed, you remain in an inmature state of mind! Consider this before lecturing others claiming them to do their “homework” – I suggest, you do yours as well!

    • Darwin’s Troll

      “Besides, how natural is it, to keep milking a cow all her lifetime after she has had a calf…. disgusting!”

      Perhaps, but it’s even more unnatural and disgusting – way more unnatural and disgusting – to eat the cow herself.

  • Cam

    The first comment to this piece clearly sounds as if you have a Monsanto troll monitoring you.

    • This just wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t pick up our share of corporate and fascist trolls. Oh, the things people will do for $6 an hour.


      • Momof3

        So, if someone doesn’t immediately buy what you’re shelling out, they’re a fascist troll? Seems to me that that thinking doesn’t make you any better than Monsanto…

        • I didn’t say he was a fascist troll, but, yes, there are plenty fascist trolls out there.

          Have a great day, Momof3!


  • albert lusk

    articles like this by people who have no real experience or knowledge ….they do nothing for the understanding and health of the general public…in fact only add to the confusion the corporate/state/media create about health…prevents people from taking change…how stupid….I am just tired of hearing this drivel…..the information is out there Ms. Hunt…do your homework……read Weston A. Price’s “Nutrition and Degenerative Disease” for a start….and get back to me….I’ll give you your next assignment…..

    • Ed Makan

      I also highly recommend Dr. Weston A. Price’s book. A real classic.
      Also check out his Foundation’s web site.

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