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Cannabis & The Pineal Gland: Turn On The Third Eye

Third Eye CannabisChris Bennet, Cannabis Culture
Waking Times

The Pineal Gland or the ‘Seat of the Soul’ as described by Rene Descartes, is the focal point of our spiritual guiding system which makes us go beyond the five senses of rationality and become multisensory, tuned into and aware of higher dimensions of consciousness within a holographic cosmos. Cannabis or Marijuana among other psychedelics facilitates the activation of the pineal gland and helps turn on the third eye or the mind’s eye directing our spiritual evolution to wholeness.

The pineal gland, located in the centre of the brain, is about a quarter of an inch in size, reddish-gray, and weighs about one-tenth of a gram. Unlike other parts of the brain which come in pairs, the pineal gland is singular. Its location in the center of the brain and presence in other species indicates it is an older part of humanity’s evolutionary brain system.

The pineal gland is present in all lower vertebrae. In other species, like birds, reptiles and frogs, the pineal gland is called the parietal eye or “third-eye” as its functions closely resemble that of an actual eye. In these other species, the pineal gland has components of an actual eye, with a cornea, rod and cone. It is considered to be the vestige of a functional sense organ of early primitive vertebrates.

Directly affected by the light taken in through the eyes, the pineal regulates sleep, menstrual cycles, mating seasons, hibernation, seasonal flight patterns and many other “instinctual” behaviors.

Tryptamine Trippiness

Psychedelic researcher Dr Rick Strassman has explained how the pineal gland “is quite active in synthesizing compounds related to serotonin, an important neurotransmitter in the brain. Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers allowing communication among individual nerve cells. Most typical psychedelic drugs, such as LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, and DMT are active in brain sites which are also affected by serotonin. In addition, most of these drugs are similar in their chemical structure to serotonin.”

Strassman states that most of the above substances belong to the “tryptamine” class of drugs, and proposed that the pineal gland produces “one or two endogenous tryptamines found in human blood and cerebrospinal fluid. This latter fluid continually bathes the brain, and compounds found in it most likely affect brain function.”

Strassman also explains how “psychedelic drugs, meditational states, spontaneous near-death experiences and other phenomena which may induce stereotypic death/rebirth and paradisal/hellish states act via the pineal gland.

Lyttle points to the universal mystic vision of God as an all-consuming white light, and postulates that on a physiological level, this experience is produced from chemical reactions in the pineal gland which is extremely light sensitive. “Light, the eyes and the ‘third eye’ or pineal gland form a triad which directly controls and regulates normal or altered consciousness and many bodily functions? these three factors are also directly related to, or implicated in, mystical states and the ‘psychedelic’ experience.”

Visions of white light are not only associated with mysticism and psychedelic explorations, but are also a prevalent image recorded by those who experience the near-death state. A reason for this recurring theme in near-death states may be found with Dr Strassman, who suggests that after death, as the pineal gland shuts down, some of the chemical present in it may turn into “psychedelic” drugs!

According to Dr Strassman, the pineal gland may not only play an important role in death, but also in birth, possibly even in rebirth…

The pineal gland first becomes visible in the human fetus at the same time as does the clear differentiation of the fetus into female or male gender. The time for both of these events is 49 days, the period of time that, according to several Buddhist texts, the life force of a deceased individual coalesces around its next corporeal existence. If the life force does indeed enter through the pineal, the manifestation of this coming and going would be the release of psychedelic tryptamines, which would mediate the visionary experiences associated with near-death, and near-birth states.

Spiritual Traditions

Certain initiatory cults, such as Tantrism, Kundalini and Gnosticism, acknowledged the role of the pineal gland in the spiritual process. The spiritual/instinctual life force was seen as a serpent, due to its physical structure extending from the genitals, through the spine and up into its single all-seeing eye in the pineal gland.

These spiritual systems focussed around the raising of this primordial serpentine energy, based in the genitals and at the core of the pro-creative process. Through certain yogic practices this energy can be reversed and forced to travel up the spine into the brain, where it is reputed to cause “enlightenment”.

In the Kundalini system, which has seven distinct energy centers, the pineal gland has been variously identified with the “Ajna Chakra” and alternatively the “Sahasrara Chakra”. Both pre-Christian Mithraic and second century Gnostic texts also distinctly refer to the pineal gland in relation to seven distinct energy centers and this serpentine energy.

Not surprisingly, a common experience of those who have successfully raised their kundalini is the vision of all-consuming white light. More importantly, the devotee who successfully raises the kundalini experiences a radical switch in consciousness, obliterating the sense of individuation, and enters Nirvana.

Another potential reference to this curious little gland may occur at the end of the New Testament book of Revelation, where we find that the elect will know God intimately, “his name will be in their foreheads,” which is where the pineal deeply lies. Noting the gland’s strong connection with light, the rest of the passage is interesting: “There will be no more night; they will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light.”

Likewise in the Qabalistic tradition, the primordial archetypical man, Adam Kadmon, shines forth with a light from his forehead that was rich in complex patterns and linguistic symbols. Similar imagery occurs in the Persian tradition of the light-like sacred fluid, the “vivifying and spermatic” xvarenah. “Ahura Mazda is preeminently the possessor of xvarenah, but this ‘flame’ also springs from the forehead of Mithra and like a solar light emanates from the heads of sovereigns.”

This mind-light from the forehead is also identical with the 3rd Eye of Shiva, which when opened in the individual burns away the concept of ego-bound consciousness, and when opened collectively has the potential to burn away the ties and fetters of the Old World Order.

Perhaps if enough modern psychonauts achieve the pineal experience we can push this new frame of mind onto the rest of ego-bound humanity. Here at the turning of the millennia, in the apocalyptic year of 1999, never has the potential for the state of mind which has been the goal of yogic sages, and psychedelic voyagers alike been so possible to attain for humanity as a whole.

**This article was also featured on Psychedelic Adventure.**

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  • Jason Craig Martin

    #4u777 “EV TOUTW VIKA”

  • Satan’s left Nut

    Everything about the pineal gland and synthesis of tryptamines in this article is wrong.
    There is no evidence at all that the pineal produces anything else than melatonin and pinoline (6-methoxy-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-β-carboline; 6-MeO-THBC short notation) and the presence of pinoline in the pineal is even in dispute.
    For one, the necessary enzymes for the endogenous synthesis of DMT or any other other tryptamines are not present in the pineal gland.
    People keep quoting Rick Strassman’s CONJECTURE as if it is proven science.
    It is not. It is an unbased hypothesis.
    Even Rick Strassman’s book “DMT the Spirit Molecule” where the hypothesis comes from, has a disclaimer by Strassman where he emphasises that his hypotheses are strictly conjecture. He has merely attempted to link the actual physical pineal gland with the mythical (probably symbolic) “third eye” mystics speak about.
    There is NO scientific evidence of DMT being produced in any noticable amounts in ANY site in the human brain, let alone the human pineal.
    Sites where DMT is found in significant amounts (still very much less than would be necessary to indiuce anything remotely resembling a psychedelic experience) as well as the necessary enzymes for its biosynthesis are at this point still limited to lung tissue.
    Traces of DMT have been found in spinal fluid, faeces and around the main glands.
    That is it. We have no idea of its function, nor of where it is made in the body.

    Any other claims, as well as claims to knowledge about the function of DMT in human physiology or psychology are entirely unbased.

  • Neo

    Do you think you are actually smoking an herb or is it just a sequence of repetitive code interpreted by your brain as such? Meanwhile you experience a certain “reality” through your biological form not being aware that it is just an interface and an extension to your true self. You are here to experience the processes of birthing and cessation. Eternal beings don’t do either which is why you are fortunate and should be thankful for the experience. “Life is not opposite to death, death is a process of cessation. As is birthing to life. So the opposite of death is birth. Life has no opposite, it is eternal. “

  • Joe Momma
  • This article I linked you guys to should provide information regarding just how wrong the article promoting cannabis for 3rd eye activation really is. Despite lacking sources, all of the arguments within are well grounded in psychological and parapsychological research.

  • sheilla

    Even though the writer somehow lost the real topic, it is infact true that marijuana can activate something which i dont want to say it is the third eye, It is a kind of being in a different area, like seeing your double, having much more critical thinking skills and remembering very long forgotten childhood friends faces, events etc, and mind you i used the leaves when i was in the university doing very difficult courses later on i stopped permanently after i have passed with very high points, now i have completely forgotten the things ive been doing good at anyway apart from laughings, hallucinations and all the madness, there is something real which needs to be studied carefully

  • Amy

    Actually, using substance like “Cannabis” to open up your 3rd Eye sounds like a “very flimsy, cheesy, and self-destructive” thing to do when in fact there are numerous “Healthy and Wholesome” things that we could do to “Widen and Sharpen our 3rd Eye or Pineal Gland!” For example, eating nutritious and delicious food; ingesting various kinds of health elements (i.e. amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, etc.); doing regular body/physiotherapy for itself; listening to the kind of music that would open up your heart, soul, and mind; and so on so forth! Always strive to carry out the right and healthy actions toward its own Health and Well-being!

    By Doc Amy

    • Stephen Danny Pegg

      yeah smoking pot is stupid I just think of this as the easy way cheating yourself although I used Ginkgo Biloba for 4 weeks to detox the brain and started listening to Binaural beats that inadvertently started the process in activating the 8 center channels or Chakra’s

  • Infinite

    To the people out there who have some sort of issue with marijuana, I’m guessing you don’t smoke it.

    Genesis 1:29

    Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed, it shall be food for you.”

    God wouldn’t have put it here for no reason and governments don’t want you to smoke it for a reason, wake up.

    • Bert Svensson

      What about all the fruits that is deadly for you?
      Did the devil make those instead of God? Or was God just simply high when he said that statement?
      Lmao christians.

      • David Long

        he also made cactus plants and poison ivy but you’re not rolling it up and smoking it all rolling around in it are you jackass… Or are you?

  • Thanks for sharing this Waking Times 🙂

    This article was originally posted on Psychedelic Adventure … Just thought I’d mention … 1 <3

  • NTK

    when soul come in baby(abdomen) pineal gland is glow up, next 49 day a human is born.

  • Julian

    The pineal gland is not related to the 3rd eye chakra.

  • Open Mind

    I agree with this article 100% from experience every time that tried very little I been able to feel so spiritually connected, however I am extremely discipline and responsible so it’s only been on occasions through out my life. We are all different so is going to effect us sightly different, nonetheless I have always been very close to my creator and so the few time that I have tried it, must say it has truly intensify and also clear up many questions for me. Thank you for sharing may the POWER be with you!!

  • Mau

    I love your article. I have read it loud to my friend coz it goes deeper into Spirituality. Keep it up.

  • Albert M

    Don’t call cannabis a fucking psychedelic! That just lumps them in with MUCH harder drugs. I’m all for legalizing all drugs, but don’t put cannabis in the same class as universe shattering psychedelics. Because that’s what they’ve been doing with the war on drugs for decades. And you’re just playing into their game… I couldn’t even read the whole article because of that negligent usage.

    • Satan’s left Nut

      You seem to have a very strange idea of what psychedelics actually are.

      “Psychedelic” means “manifesting the soul.” which is exactly what psychedelics are.
      “MUCh harder drugs” is a nonsensical term where it means psychedelic drugs.
      Of all the drugs, the classic psychedelics LSD, Psilocybin, Mescalin and DMT and the ones in their class are not in any way comparable with “hard drugs” which have a very high potential for abuse and addiction. Even cannabis has a higher addiction potential than the psychedelic class substances. Habitual use of psychedelics is almost impossible, due to the immediate tolerance.
      But make no mistake, cannabis can definitely be a quite strong psychedelic.
      I take it you have never used any psychedelic, so you have no cadre of reference besides extreme bias due to the extremely ridiculous class-I status of psychedelic substances and anti-drug propaganda.

  • myriam

    I agree, it does activate your pineal gland, however it also has its negative effects. Constant, focused and intensive meditation, on the other hand, also activates your pineal gland, and lets you have the visions and sensations (eventualy even AP) without any of the hrmful, long term effects of marihuana. PLUS with meditation you develop other skills that you can use at any moment throughout your day, whereas with mariahuana you only enjoy the moments you are under its effecst. Marihuana spoils the natural skills you have to activate and access the benefits from an active pineal gland. Im speaking from my own experience and 23 years of meditation during which I have had months of very intensive mediation. Just recently, about 3 years ago, I tried marihuna to see what the fuss was all about. No more. Not again. Not for me. The last time I smooked it was 2 years ago and I haven’t fully recovered yet my awesome short term memory I used to have. It’s coming, though, but very slowly. Meditation is way better than marihuana and 100%safer.

    PS I didn’t find Arjans comment either and neither did the Find function…

  • Arjan

    So the one argument against canabis (that it makes you lazy) is moderated out?

    You suck as much as the MSM. You might just be a branch of the MSM.

    What a fraud!

    • Arjan, your first comment about it making you lazy was not moderated out and is there. Please look more carefully, take a toke, and chill. 🙂

  • cloudy

    When the topic is spiritual, unless and until the subject realises his spirituality, everything then is Of Religion & Religiosity. Just like the following comments:

    Unless and until one is able to tangibilise a choice, gambling is then the reality and when it comes to gambling, getting it right merely means getting it wrong at another moment. Without one single exception when duality, oka relativity, is the reality. Without being able to see colours at least once, all talk about colours is moot. Without a chimp being able to think Futuristically other than thinking/feeling about its Past, it lacks the means to realising arithmetic, let alone mathematics or even Conscience. For the above reasons, although Spirituality is real, only those who have realised their Spiritual Dimension are able to confirm its existence with the caveat being that Spirituality, unlike Materialism, cannot be relayed nor gifted to another but don’t tell that to preachers and re-presenters, especially not to entities like “Representatives of Divinity”.

    Spirituality, which is EVERY [real] human’s 4th dimension [and not merely some pope, saint or similar Frivolity & Nonsense], is principled as being Of Individuality [but not individualistic]. This is because almost all self-determing humans exist within their Past or Future with most seldom venturing into The[ir] Present where Reality exists – not that most thinkers abe able to – especially not “just like that”. This is because all humans are dual-natured, all having 2 brain lobes whose duty is to oppose and limit one-another. For this “sin”, all sane humans have to Howl in Solitude after having Barked in Company. It also means that after The Venom Spit, comes the bout of Coughing Blood. Without one single exception should sanity be maintained by the dual-natured human.

    One’s dual nature ensures that one’s fundamental [but unenlightened] 5 senses are of relativity unlike the 6th and higher senses which are of absoluteness/reality where a spade is always a spade and never, somehow, becomes a heart. Afterall, many, if not all, see with their ears occassionally. For this reason variability, humans are easily subjectable to being mesmerised without even realising what being mesmerise truly entails. Without realising that one is the blind-blinded, having real sight, let alone the fav of almost all, insight, hindsight and foresight too, is but an illusion-delusion. Without the puppet realising that it is but a puppet, becoming a human is but a fantasy. Without a human realising how he is truly “infrastructured”, he has zero defence against being mesmerised. With realising its Beginning AND Ending other than interrogating and expanding on the middle, Truth is is but a tool for propaganda – the middling truth being every politiko’s wetdream if not preachers and re-presenters too. This is why Spirituality is [made] individualised and is NOT relayable nor giftable.

    If the above is true, how will any human realise/”switch-on” his Spirituality, let alone realises that The Spritual exists? Certainly not by “knowledge-ing”, the fav of the overly developed brain, the over-development of The Brain being lacking in Conscience, A Simplicity which Eludes, especially those who are so afflicted. Here, no amount of debating/knowledge-ing will enable the afflicted to realise his state of affliction. For that to happen, Heart Development is required. Not the heart which demands or expects but The Heart which is unconditional.

    The way to realising/transcending The Material onto The Spiritual is not through Brain Development [BD], which “scales” from The Past to The Future, but through Heart Development [HD] which traverses along The Present, every true human being aspected finely between BD & HD. Those who violate this principle [which is a product of Absoluteness] by favouring concepts [which are the abortions of variability of The Minds] will devolve and when it comes to Devolution, a human will not revert to being some animal or vegetation other than descending into a fully thinking human animal or a fully feeling human vegetable, real animals and vegetation not having Conscience because they are non-[futuristic] thinkers because they are fully [as in 24/7] under the guidance of Nature unlike humans who were gifted [The Double-Edged Sword of] thoughts, oka “freedom”, via the gifting of full speech, which then gifts language and then thoughts, there being no such thing as thoughts without a language.

    For those who have travel this far, realise that there is no such thing as The Desire for Purity without being Pure within Desire, the contemporary godliness of finger-pointing, the willy-nilly desiring purity, especially others’ purity, oka Religion & Religiosity, is turning all into unconscionable animals and/or vegetation. As Gandhi had suggested, “We must be the change we seek”. Met such an entity yet? By having TDfP without being PwD is like having a weapon without the ammunition but don’t tell those lacking conscience because you’ll be their next victim on their list. This is why Spirituality is not about Knowledge but about Empowerment – but only should you be empowered in the first instance. Realise it, believe it, or not, ALL real humans are empowered Of The Spiritual, there being those who only looked human although they are neither aliens nor lizards other than ALWAYS magically being at The Helm of The Affairs of Men. And that is that is need to be said about these entities should one seek to realise one’s Spirituality. For that realisation to happen, one must be the change one seeks. One must relinquish TDfP by realising TPwD.

    If God exists and HE does through He-She, a seemingly serendipitous way will be found to awaken one’s Spirituality, oka Conscience, for Conscience is what the gift of The Untility within Thoughts are for whereas The Weaponry within Thoughts will turn one from The Living-but-Dead into a Tag-Along of The Stone Dead. Those who lack conscience because their sole duty, by any means possible including the showering of “wealth”/division, is to mark out those who were mesmerised into imagining that TDfP is realisable by merely believing, the favourite hymn of The Pet Tentacle of The Bookie, The Chosen Few, The Bookie being the ONLY One who profits from Disagreement.

    And finally, onto The Pineal. The Pineal [TP], oka The Chinese Culture [but not necesssarily The Chinese, of course], pertains to one’s Past, TP being the visual/acuity part of Vision [whereas The Cervical is the physical/musculature part of Vision]. TP is The Swastika brought to The Present and it one of the 4 spokes of The Cross of Christ, Jesus Christ, whose real name is Yesu[da] Krish[na] presiding/”residing” at The Crossing of The Optic Chisma, the so-called “3rd Eye”. Those whose vision is [under the control] of licentiousness has a weakened Pineal – those who needs corrective lenses having a weakened Pineal. The 4 “Spokes”/Aspects of Christ are The Ego, which is moderated/presided by The Buddha, The SuperEgo [also known as Conditioning], which is moderated/presided by The Mahavira, “China”/Kushans, which is presided by The Pineal, and “Russia”/Slavs, which is presided by The Pituituary. For The Amerikanas, do not feel “left out”/”envious” because The Amerikas too has its role/duty within The Whole. For “Westerners”, realise too that with the advent of Hitler, oka The Manipulation by The Chosen Few, only The Swastika was banned with Nazism being allowed free reign in order to realise “The Armageddon” [TA] whereas should TA be denied, The Apocalypse, oka The [real] Ending will arrive who will sort out The Bookie, His Tentacles and Their Tag-Alongs.

    Realise too that Reality is Self/Empowerment/The-Kinetic whereas Others’ Reality is merely one’s Relativity/Knowledge/Potential. For example, to see, one only needs to open the eyes and does not need to Read The Manual whereas to blindly see, one not only needs to Read The Manual, one needs to imbibe The Manual. This is because Truth is but an Accumulation which lacks the means to gifting Its Essence. Truth is like a mountain which through climbing it will not enable the climber to become the mountain but don’t tell the “mountaineers” who not only litter a mountain with their eliminations but their dead bodies too thereby turning mountains into lavatories and graveyards. Such is the stupidity-dumbness of the dual-natured human – not when Explosive Prizes, oka Fame, Fortune & Immortality are waiting. Yes, such is Fun, Fun and more Fun. As such, for Truth to be gifted, its empowerment/catalyst is required, who is none other but Love, much like The Sun & Sunlight or A Word & Its Meaning. Love, therefore, is The Flow/Tao/Experiencing/Expression of Truth. A Simplicity which Eludes, especially for the [middling] truthers whose truths are devoid of love if only because their version of love is conditional on its demand and expectation being met – or else.

    Accumulation being the means to festering, should Love, the 2nd order, be accumulated too, there will be little Reality/Progress/Evolution. This is why when Love too then “Flows”, Joy and its purest expression, Bliss, is then realised. With Joy, Truth will be realised and instituted and not The Power of Subman or Supraman posing as Superman and all because their phone booths were either too small or too large, The Relativity/Duality between Over & Under being the reality when Reality could not be attained, O&U being the realm of Energy Transformation, oka The Zero Sum, where Peter has to Pay Paul come Hell or Highwater. Afterall, who the hell cares so long as it happened Over Thar. Correctment? Especially when pensions/”investments” are at stake. Of course. Just like Taxation & Credit, the beancounting Tentacle of The Bookie and its “Earth Warming”, Carbon Emissons”, “Righting This & That”, The Fathering Mothers and the[ir] strange bedfellows, The Mothering Fathers and the myriad of Frivolity & Nonsense leading to Conspiracy & [Wilful] Ignorance. Not forgetting to mention other avenues of commission for The Bookie and His Tentacles, the sole duty of The Bookie being to devolve those who lack the courge to call a spade a spade preferring to merely believe in “genetics”, privilege, being special und chosen, and royal too, the Bookie being an Energy Transformer and therefore lack the means to truly destroying, only those who are able to truly create are able to truly destroy. And here ends this meanderous toothfairytale whilst not forgetting that a toothfairy could be of the masculine too, Reality being Of The Timing and not Of Time, Time being Of Relativity, which depends entirely on who had won the argument/gamble – for the time being, of course.

    • b

      Good grief. You honestly expect people to wade through this incoherent whirlpool of verbal diarrhea? Heaven forbid some vulnerable soul actually gets bamboozled by your shitstorm of nonsense long enough to hurt themselves by actually trying to understand the stoned stream of illiterate crap you squeezed, sit like, over your keyboard and so into the unsuspecting minds of hapless readers here.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. Very well put.

    • Victoria

      I actually find this comment to be one of the best pieces of hilarious literature I’ve read in a bit. Thank you! This belongs in a place where more people will find it

  • Excellent article! The benefits of a small bit of ganga before meditation definitely enhances the experience. Thanks for the information.



  • Tori
    • Rich

      Thats the exact same article that is printed here.

  • Humanbeing

    If you ever want to be taken seriously and help by spreading progressive thinking and information, start to cite your claims, like a single source would be something, but you couldn’t be bothered (youtube doesn’t count), probably because most of this is bull shit. So I suggest you start changing your ways on how you post and write your articles so that you can stop being a part of the problem by writing unverifiable information that seems to discredit the subject and misguide people rather than trying to help with this consciousness shift.

  • kev

    i have to agree that this isnt the best article. only two wirds on cannabis and then nothing more. i’ not satisfied with this info, i thought i’d find some interesting insights and tips on that subject, sadly this isnt the case

  • Owl girl

    Have read articles about LSD, dmt, hallucinogens and the pineal before and was looking forward to reading about the cannabis connectionwith the pineal and unfortunately, this article let me down.
    Where does it even mention cannabis after the first one or two paragraphs?

  • There are other references to the “Light” in the Bible . Matt 6 -22 ,23. The light of the body is the eye,if therefore the eye be single: the whole body shall be full of light. Luke 11, 34 also refers to eye and the light. Mainstream interpretation would of course deny this and place an entirely different slant on these passages.During meditation I have been able to see this light. The first time was entirely by accident and quite honestly scared me to death! I was doing a loving kindness meditation and suddenly felt as if the whole of “me” was being sucked into a point somewhere into the middle of my head behind my eyes which began to rollback! I was then transported into the light which I can only describe as being gold and intensely white at the same time. The feeling was indescribable it was just everything I think love is the only word but not as we would understand love . It is a real living thing and I felt part of it in fact it was me and I was it there was no separation just us . we are (as I realized during those few moment’s of heaven and bliss ) all that is. and it is us. eternal and perfect. Since that first experience I have had other’s but nothing can ever be like the first realization that we are literally just a smaller piece of our creator .

    • When I meditate I see alternating green and purple circles moving inward. I don’t know what it means but I like to think it has something to do with the green heart chakra and purple pineal.

      • swag face jk

        I have get a similar type of experience when I meditate. Also I get blue circles as well.

        • me

          Purple is the last gate before going OBEE :). There is so much math to this that I think it’s about right time in this year to give people couple of solid proofs :).

          Btw – with opened 3rd eye (mine is square like, haven’t seen this “model” before) I can do it freely in any time, I can jump out when I concentrate enough. The pillar of energy in this place is immense. So – what to do when you know what is going on? Would you fight for “planet” when you know that someone knows this too since thousands of years (yup, they did a great job to lie to people about true and INFINITE GOD) and wants to hijack this reality :)?

          Time’s ticking, see you people sooner than you think 🙂

    • David

      awesome, Kitty.

      • Anonymous

        Thank’s David. I didn’t touch on the subject of cannabis as being a tool to opening the third eye because amazingly I have never used it!!!! I was reading a very interesting article on the historic use of cannabis in the Hebrew and Christian Bible . It seem’s the sacred oil recipe given to and used by Moses and other Hebrew patriarch’s contained Kaneh Bosem . cannabis!!! This was burned in tent’s or used as an annointing oil. There is also the possibility it was used by Jesus as a healing oil There is lot’s of research on the internet and in any library about this subject. It seem’s our ancestors were Shaman and possibly used this sacred oil to use hemp (cannabis) as a way to access other dimension’s through the third eye .Just put Kaneh Bosem or Bosm into your search engine and read some fascinating info .We were told in the Bible that all the herb’s and plant’s on this earth were our’s to use freely and for our benefit . Perhap’s our current Slave Master’s know that using this amazing plant will free us from the illusion of separateness from our maker and we will all see the image of the God within each of us . We would then realize that we really are free and unable to be manipulated and our spirit crushed !!!

        • b

          Please learn how to use apostrophes. Most importantly, learn when NOT to use them. It’s not really so hard.


          • Seven

            If you’re so good with grammar, it should be super easy for you to read through those simple mistakes very easy. If proof- and speed-reading don’t come naturally to you, then I feel sorry you wasted all your time learning it and now feel the need to put other people down.

            P.S. You’re comment wasn’t grammatical perfect either. Walk the walk, especially if you’re going to try to call other people out, or else you just look ignorant and rude.

          • Madsaucy

            “It’s not really so hard” loll

          • grammer nazi

            Seven and Madsaucy,

            b correctly used “it’s”

            “It’s” is a conjunction of “it is”

            “Its” is the possessive form

        • Thoma’s

          Thank’s s’o much anonymou’s!

          • altamisal

            I second b on the misuse of apostrophe’s.

  • Duque

    This is total rubbish and not true at all. Where is the research findings that say that cannabis helps open the third eye? Disinformation and absolute bullshit!

    • Rich

      I agree with Duque here. Author states in one sentence that cannabis opens the third eye and the rest of the article explaining everything about the pineal gland OTHER than supporting his thesis that cannabis does what he claims. Horrible article!
      BTW, pineal gland is NOT the only structure that doesnt come in pairs…whatever that means. Brain does have a right and left hemisphere but central structures(corpus collusum, thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary gland and brain stem is not divided physically and come as a whole. Stop publishing such non sense please. (As if we need more of this disinformation in this world full of it already).

    • anon.

      im pretty sure people smoke weed to chill out, and become more enlightened. taking another step to be higher on the spiritual path. this topic should be so obvious.

      the journalist didnt spend much time on just talking about weed cus in TRUTH

      Anything from an a symbolic object to a drug to a life event can trigger or open the 3rd eye, varying from person to person. and the experiences they have had in life.

      in reality a person’s 3rd eye is triggered all the time without them even knowing. you only forgot to remember again.
      its your minds eye dude. your Mind. get it?

      • Amy

        It is the Soul rather than the mind. The mind is not the same nor similar to the soul although we need both and other higher functions to reach for authenticity, liberty, and freedom in life!

        By Amy

    • Anonymous

      Idiot. Smoking marijuana releases DMT which is what turns the third eye on

    • Madsaucy

      I have done third eye meditations sober and don’t feel anything. Torch a couple bowls then meditate, after 20 minutes I got into the most awesome state I have ever been in, no thoughts just a blissful state for about 5-8 minutes, then i noticed i could concentrate extremely good on my third eye, and my forehead right on the 6th chakra spot i started getting a strong vibrating feeling, It kept getting stronger and started to scare me a little bit so i took of the headphones and opened my eyes, and just felt so incredible, that lasted for about 5 minutes then I just felt drained as shit. I did this for about a week then got bored with it.

      • Anonymous

        u were high my friend.. the reason why we smoke weed

      • Randje

        The human system, it has been proven, contains cannabinoid receptors. That ought to tell you something about design & intention of designer.

    • me

      U are absolutely wrong 🙂 I did it by using marihuana during my investigation of what is going on :). Yes, knowledge + m. = 3rd eye activated if m. is used with awareness it was meant to induce instead of funny/laughing state (had this for over 1 year before I started to acctualy use this state to sense more and more and more :D).

      You are disinforming and writing bullshit. If you don’t know – stop fucking around because someone will read your crap and will think that all of this is bullshit.

      My 3rd eye is square like, I noticed that there are many forms of it – why? You will know soon ;). Greetz people and those who know what is going on right now – wait for the signal, it will come soon, give me some time 🙂

  • Paul

    The use of entheogens is a touchy subject, illegal but not enforceable since for instance DMT can be extracted from grass (the stuff cows eat!)
    “For the last 500 years, Western Culture has suppressed the idea of disembodied intelligences–of the presence and reality of spirit. Thirty seconds into the DMT flash, and that’s a dead issue.”
    Terence Mckenna.

    • Anonymous

      This article was nothing more than click bate, & we all fell for it.
      scroll through the article again & you’ll the green flashing advert for grow your own weed.

      • Randje

        You misspelled ‘bait’ Einstein

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