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The Higgs Boson ‘God Particle’ Discovery Explained in the Context of Conscious Cosmology

Mike Adams, Divinity Now
Waking Times

The ultimate goal of the study of physics is to decode the rules and laws of the universe; to understand what “makes it all tick,” so to speak. That goal, of course, has remained elusive, but great strides have been made toward it over the last few thousand years. Newton’s formulations of the laws of gravity, Kepler’s laws of motion, Bohr’s modeling of the atom, Maxwell’s equations on electromagnetic behavior… these all contributed to a deeper understanding of the very fabric of reality. Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity, and then General Relativity, soon followed.

Our understanding of physics accelerated throughout the 20th century with theories on the Big Bang, inflation and the inflaton field, string theory, M-theory, supersymmetry, quantum mechanics, parallel worlds, bubble universes and much more. It’s truly fascinating to observe all this as a conscious being sitting inside the very universe we’re all trying to figure out, and one thing I really appreciate about physicists in general is that they require an extraordinarily convincing burden of proof before they announce something to be “discovered.”

That’s in great contrast to the pharmaceutical industry which essentially just “makes stuff up” and passes it off as “science.” Drug companies give science a terrible name, but physicists are the redeeming individuals who help restore credibility to the very name “science.”

(For example, in clinical drug trials, a pharmaceutical only has to work on five percent of the test group in order to receive FDA approval as “safe and effective for everyone!” In the realm of particle physics and cosmology, however, experiments usually have to reach a level of certainty approaching 2,999,999 out of three million (5 sigma), thereby leaving only one chance in three million of the conclusion being wrong. Now that’s what I call confidence!)

This is why physicists, chemists and other “hard sciences” people who end up throwing their hats in with the pharmaceutical / vaccine / chemotherapy industries only end up discrediting themselves. The for-profit health care industry is largely based on quackery that merely borrows the label of “science” but follows none of its stringent requirements for proof. Physics and cosmology, in great contrast, has (almost) nothing to patent and nothing to sell to the public at monopolistic prices. Particle physics, cosmology and even quantum field theory is truly all about the quest for knowledge and not about hyping up some false pandemic to sell more dangerous vaccines to an unsuspecting public.

Even with the extreme attention to evidentiary detail, however, there’s still something the physicists have been overlooking for a long, long time: Consciousness.

The quest for particles (while ignoring consciousness)

Why would anyone want to spend a few billion dollars smashing atoms together and analyzing the results of the splatter? To find out what atoms are made of, of course. But more importantly, to find out what the universe is made of. That’s what CERN is all about, and as long as its results are understood in the proper context, it’s valuable science.

There’s a huge gap in all this, unfortunately, and that gap has its origins in the thinking that atoms are made entirely of particles. The wildly misnamed “God particle” known as Higgs boson has been the single most sought-after particle by physicists in their quest to find physical evidence to back up their mathematical equations of the “Standard Model” of the universe.

To understand why that matters, let’s back up for a minute. Physicists and especially cosmologists spend an enormous amount of time working in the abstract realm of mathematics. The purpose of the mathematics is to attempt to model physical reality, which is, of course, engineered into the fabric of the universe with the language of mathematics. (Consciousness is also woven into the fabric of reality, many argue, but that’s a subject I’ll revisit later.)

What’s often lacking in this scientific quest is physical experimental evidence that backs up the math. So it only makes sense to attempt to conduct real-world experiments to either prove or disprove what the theory predicts. That’s what CERN is all about. Now that the Higgs particle has been convincingly demonstrated to exist, this helps nail down all sorts of answers, thereby leading to a deeper exploration of other questions, each of which grants a measure of understanding to human civilization.

Ultimately, physicists are attempting to understand the origins of the universe, which has turned out to be a tricky question for lots of reasons, some of which are almost impossible to imagine. In addition to the parallel worlds and multiverse theories that have joined the complexities, there is also “brane theory” to deal with. It’s a theory that says, in a nutshell, multiple universes coexist intertwined with each other but not interacting. You can’t touch another brane world even though it may exist right alongside our own brane world.

What’s important to realize in all this is that even the so-called “Standard Model” of explaining everything is currently an unsatisfactory patchwork of equations and mathematical transformations that don’t play well together when it comes to different physical contexts such as really small things or really large, massive things. Try to meld large-scale equations of gravity, for example, with really small phenomena such as quantum fluctuations of atomic nuclei, and you get nonsensical mathematical answers such as “the answer is X divided by zero!”

Virtually all present-day reality modeling equations break down at singularity events such as black holes, too. The Standard Model is seriously lacking, in other words, and one of the reasons there is so much excitement about Higgs boson is because it would help fill in the gaps of the Standard Model explanation.

There’s little doubt that the Standard Model is only a temporary quick fix in the bigger picture, of course. It’s not “wrong” in the sense of being terribly incorrect; it’s most likely just incomplete. Ultimately, physicists hope to find a “unified theory” that explains everything with a single set of mathematical understandings and equations that apply to all observable phenomena in the universe: electromagnetism, gravity, mass, light and so on. Einstein spent a considerable portion of his life in search of the unification of these fundamental forces but was unable to achieve it. This is a goal of understanding that may yet take lifetimes to achieve.

If it were achieved, it would represent one of the most profound achievements in the history of humankind.

Conscious cosmology

Yet, as I hinted above, there’s still something missing from all this: Consciousness. Without consciousness, the universe cannot be fully explained, as consciousness is increasingly emerging as a fundamental force impacting the very fabric of reality. This is really, really frustrating for many scientists because, for starters, the majority of them don’t even believe in the existence of consciousness. Stephen Hawking is famous for his rather short-sighted remarks that people are mindless, soulless beings — “biological robots” — and that religion / spirituality is a realm for “people who are afraid of the dark.”

He titles chapters of his book, “The Theory of Everything” and yet does not even acknowledge the existence of consciousness or free will — two things that are fundamentally tied into quantum theory equations in the context of the “Observer.” It goes without saying that until modern-day physicists can embrace and attempt to understand consciousness and the role of the Observer in shaping the physical universe, even their most determined efforts to find a unified theory of everything will come up short.

This is frustrating for physicists because, to date, there are no equations that describe the behavior or properties of consciousness. Although consciousness can be experienced first-hand by conscious beings, it so far has defied measurement and experimental validation. How can anyone prove consciousness exists? Other than the fact that it is self-evident to those who possess it, is there an independent way to measure it and thereby confirm its existence?

This may ultimately prove impossible because of an error in the question. An “independent” measurement, in classical physics, describes a measurement being conducted by a mechanism that has no ties to any conscious observer. Yet in order to become aware of the measurements, a conscious being must, one way or another, interact with the results of the experiment. This interaction, as quantum theorists are increasingly realizing, is itself part of the experiment and may alter its outcomes even after the fact. The Observer cannot be isolated from the events observed.

This also means that all of today’s science is, in fact, biased toward consciousness. All the evidence that makes up the entire history of known science suffers from a glaring “selection bias” because it was all observed and selected by conscious beings. Even this recent Higgs boson discovery may have been brought into existence solely because so many conscious beings were focused on bringing into reality what they imagined to be real. I know this almost starts to sound New-Agey, but such is the nature of things in a conscious universe: All science being conducted today is carried out under the influence of “consciousness bias.” And so we need to understand what this means and how it impacts our understanding of reality.

Gaining a deep understanding of this may be exceedingly difficult for human beings to achieve. It may, in fact, be beyond the capabilities of biological beings with limited neurological capacity. Nevertheless, I believe that the more modern science understands about the Higgs boson, quantum theory, particle physics and cosmology, the closer science will be to initiating a scientific study of consciousness.

We’ve got to get the hard sciences out of the way first, in other words, before the interaction between mind and matter can even be approached.

Consciousness, parallel worlds and more

Consciousness, you see, isn’t made of particles. Thus, you can’t smash consciousness in a particle accelerator and hope to see the tiny bits of what it’s made of. (You can crush free will, of course, but that takes a government.) Yet there is increasingly compelling evidence that consciousness interacts with the physical world and may even create parallel physical worlds when it is exercised. Hints of this are emerging from the study of quantum physics, which immediately leads to the possibility of “multiple worlds” and parallel realities.

The search for Higgs boson, ultimately, is an important one, but the approach is incomplete if our civilization seeks to uncover the fundamental forces that unify our observable universe. Those forces do not exist in a vacuum absent the minds of the conscious inhabitants of the universe. Where there is life, there appears to be consciousness, and if there’s one thing most physicists and cosmologists agree on, it’s that life is ridiculously abundant across the cosmos. Not in terms of units of life per square meter, of course, since most of the universe is, physically speaking, just empty space. The average density of the known universe (roughly 28 billion light years across) has been estimated at 6 hydrogen atoms per cubic meter. That’s a lot of empty space, but it’s filled with literally trillions of stars, each of which may harbor life and therefore consciousness.

To achieve a fundamental understanding of the origins and mechanisms of our known universe without factoring in the impact of consciousness and the conscious observer is, to put it bluntly, a blind approach to ultimate understanding. It’s like trying to bake a cake but leaving out the flour. The recipe of reality from which our universe has sprung must take into account consciousness. If it does not, no unification of fundamental forces will ever be complete, I believe.

Who or what created our reality?

Then there is the question of the Architect of this reality. Even if humankind manages to decode the fundamental laws which govern the physical universe, there’s not only the question of “Who or what created the universe in the first place” but the even more difficult question, “Who or what created the laws of physics that govern the universe?”

Because on that question, even a particle accelerator the size of the entire planet can’t shed a single photon of light on the question. The consensus view in physics circles today — which is dominated, remember, by people who don’t believe in consciousness or free will — is that our universe created itself out of nothing, without any intelligent intervention. This is a strange argument of “effect without a cause,” and it simply doesn’t add up.

The far more believable argument is that our universe was created by a Great Intelligence — an Architect or Creator, if you will. The explanations for this Creator run the gamut. Several prominent physicists are right now suggesting that our universe is a simulation, a physics experiment created by a vastly superior race of beings who inhabit a higher dimension. On the more spiritual side, the explanation quickly centers on a single consciousness known as God. There are seemingly endless additional theories and thoughts on this subject involving a vast array of philosophical and religious beliefs, but they all have in common one idea which should be obvious to even a brilliant physicist: The reason there is something rather than nothing is because someone (or something) had to put it there, and that means there is an intelligence — a consciousness — that exists above and beyond our known universe. Something with the power to create our known universe, in other words.

That creative force / intelligence / consciousness is what I call The Divine. It is divine because it is a Creator in every sense of the word. It creates realities. It carefully selects cosmological constants so that those realities have the capacity to support life. It imbues that life with small slices of consciousness and grants that life the capacity for self awareness and self determination.

These are divine concepts that underpin the deepest inner workings of our universe… far beyond Higgs boson or any theory of particle physics. This gets to the Creator behind the very laws of physics. How was the framework of quantum mechanics created in the first place? Who selected and fine-tuned the cosmological constants to support the formation of stars? How was the framework of dark matter and dark energy engineered?

I intend to begin exploring precisely these questions in a series of upcoming videos and articles on NaturalNews and other websites. I call this “exploring conscious cosmology,” and in my view, it dwarfs the importance of almost anything else that might normally concern us, including politics, nutrition and even exposing fraud.

Watch for announcements on “conscious cosmology” here on

And yes, for the record, in case you were wondering, I am trained in the sciences and have long been a student of many fields of knowledge, including physics, philosophy, cosmology, anthropology, neurology and spirituality. I’m not a master in any of these fields but rather a student of them all. My strength is in understanding complex concepts and explaining them in simple, everyday terms, usually in a way that’s interesting to read. I intend to bring that skill to the forefront as I spend more time focusing on conscious cosmology which necessarily encompasses philosophy, spirituality, quantum theory, physics and more.

After all, if we are conscious beings, shouldn’t we exercise our consciousness and do something with it?

About the Author

Mike Adams is a natural health researcher, author and award-winning journalist with a passion for sharing empowering information to help improve personal and planetary health He has authored and published thousands of articles, interviews, consumers guides, and books on topics like health and the environment, reaching millions of readers with information that is saving lives and improving personal health around the world. Adams is an independent journalist with strong ethics who does not get paid to write articles about any product or company. In 2010, Adams launched NaturalNews.TV, a natural health video site featuring videos on holistic health and green living. He also founded an environmentally-friendly online retailer called that uses retail profits to help support consumer advocacy programs. He’s also the CEO of a highly successful email newsletter software company that develops software used to send permission email campaigns to subscribers. Adams also serves as the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center/a>, a non-profit consumer protection group, and practices nature photography, Capoeira, martial arts and organic gardening. He’s also author a large number of health books offered by Truth Publishing and is the creator of numerous reference website and the free downloadable Honest Food Guide. His websites also include the free reference sites HerbReference.comand Adams believes in free speech, free access to nutritional supplements and the innate healing ability of the human body. Known as the ‘Health Ranger,’ Adams’ personal health statistics and mission statements are located at

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  • Adam Evenson

    Mike, what you have just done is unify the field. It’s too bad that there is not a chance in hell that you and I ever meet personally, but if we could, I would be enthralled with your preciseness in fields that I’ve always been quite general about. I would question you quite deeply and see what kind of universes you want us to “create”, so to speak. I am always enthralled with a great mind, wherever I find it, no matter the circumstances being navigated by all concerned. You entirely captivated me here with your depth, vision, insight, focus,and what else?–it would take me hours just to contemplate the smallest of all the virtues you seem to possess, and add them to the list.

    I hope that some grace, divine or otherwise, will invade your mind with my thoughts and you will say, “Man, I’d like to bend that guys ear a little more.” It just well could be that this incantation is magical and would cause that very act/happening to occur, that is, that we two should meet personally. I would just like to hear what some of your main upshots are. I’m getting bored with there being no minds close enough to me. I get so few intellectual challenges way up here in my “mansions in the clouds,” that I would just like to see if you could configure my mind in a manner that would enrich us both beyond what either of us might imagine (if you can imagine that, as my imagination is pretty good, and so must yours be.) I’m looking around for a good universe to create. But I’ve created so many that there is nothing left to create except nothingness. In this context even nothing is something. Boy, I am enthralled by polar opposites like this.

  • Quickly becoming a BEST SELLER THE TRUTH The Illumination of Conscience explains a lot of what the author of this article and according to him most of the scientific community is currently perplexed about “consciousness”. After reading it I can assure you that your understanding of human consciousness and consciousness in general will be much greater than what if was previously.

    The author of the book proclaims that he has been able to reach much of these conclusions from both scientific research and deep meditation which is a process used by most of the “greats” including Einstein himself, if fact the phrase, “taking off ones flesh” was first coined by one of the worlds greatest scientific minds. This of course meaning that we are only able to achieve scientific break throughs by totally blocking out our outer world realities and focusing on our inner world abilities, hence, “taking off ones flesh”.

  • There is a whole book on the very subject the author is speaking about consciousness. It was written by a friend and colliege of mine Jeffrey M. Simoneaux. The title of the book is THE TRUTH The Illumination of Conscience.

    WARNING: It is an extremly deep read but written very much in layman terms Jeff is a brialliant man with actually a business and pyschology background who writes, paints and meditates in his spare time in between his triathelon events.

    I highly recommend his book to anyone who is wanting to learn more about the universe, consciousness or even why and who we really are including what are purpose is.

    Barnes and Noble has the book searchable under THE TRUTH by author Jeffrey Michael Simoneaux check it out today it may just change your life.

  • dawg

    Piper Michael calls BS on the God Particle, they have lied, to themselves. There is no such thing but a statistical trick to get more funding.

    He has revealed the Unified Field, that includes a Universal Collective consciousness in the energy matrix of Einstein’s General Relativity Aether.

    The Particle school is merely the surface behavior of the quantum.

  • EricJ

    I liked this article except for the reference to “dangerous vaccines’. Vaccines have saved billions of lives and the quackery movement against them should be lumped in with the pseudo-science you rail against. It is poor judgement to make such an explosive (and incorrect) statement in an otherwise intelligent article.

  • Nick

    Hello Mike,

    Another excellent article and I wanted to applaud you for your work/research into the Higgs Boson. It is no doubt in my mind one of, if not the biggest discovery of 2012 and from the moment it was announced I felt that the whole of Reality was now up for grabs.

    My experience through my personal life and awakening is massively centered upon the Higgs Boson so I will be very much looking forward to hearing more from you on this one.

    Peace & Love

    – Rockliffe –

  • ThomasT

    The answers are in The Pleiadian Mission by Randolph Winters. This is probably the most informative and powerful book you will ever open. The info. comes from a race with whom many share common ancestry and who are 12,500 years ahead of us tech,.medicine and spirituality, (consciousness).

    This is merely information, not a cult nor man-made-up mumbo jumbo. Doo with it whatever you wish, accept it or reject it. You have free will. If you want to scream hoax/fraud and try to influence others, it wont work as millions know about this, and many already follow the concentration exercise approved by this race.

  • ghana serapis

    Yes, it can be explained. Each person you relate with is an unmet version of yourself that is arriving to introduce you to your imagined reality. Birds of a feather flock together.

    As you move into your or a state of awareness you join a nation that is already created or begins its foundation with your imaginable thought that precedes you. You are material/dust and your imagination/breath is God’s indwelling prescence. If your imagination rests in a mansion for extended periods of time and concentration includes being “there” in the completed form of your conception then the universe MUST go into creative drive(The Word or Jesus Christ) and begin constructing that mansion. If it weren’t so, he would not have said or demonstrated it and offered to prepare the way.

    If your energy/love wave is diverted it will fail to incubate and become solid or it could become convoluted or retarded in form and function. Every single thought (faith) by every human is an egg being laid. It must be penetrated by likeness (hope) in order to conceive and then gestate (love) to its fruition.

    Peace be in you and your race is over.



  • Gintaras

    This is stuff that really can’t be explained.

  • Tony Banton

    I’m with you on consciousness being interwoven within the fabric of the universe, however I do think that it could have “been created from nothing”. In our ( limited thinking ) it is unfathomable that that could be the case. But why not? Maybe there cannot, simply, be nothing. Consciousness is a self fulfilling prophesy. You have to be conscious to ask the question and cannot be conscious of being unconscious. That to me is validation of an intelligent universe. There needs to be consciousness to observe it! To say that a god must have been the creator is just as unsatisfactory as saying that “it came from nothing”. Because there then begs the question – “who created God”. Did he/she/it spring out of nothing? and we go around in the same circle.

    • mothman777

      Curiously enough, the cosmos has never been merely empty space with the occasional bit of physical matter in it.

      Above the level perceptible by the maya-created and maya-governed material senses that cover our true spiritual senses, there exists a far more majestic and transcendental spiritual reality beyond the concept of our material minds, which becomes perceptible through receiving the divine vibration of Krishna from Himself, via any representative of His, who is incarnate on this planet and maintains a close personal relationship with Him so as to be readily able to introduce Krishna to others.

      Guru Nanak of the Sikhs is one such person who appeared on this earth, and the gurus succeeding him, as well as the line of Vaishnava gurus who continued after an incarnation of Krishna appeared called Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, some 500 years ago in Mayapur, West Bengal.

      Lord Chaitanya is stated to have been visited in India then by representatives from humanoid species traveling by spacecraft from all 14 different sub-dimensions in this particular material universe, which is one of many trillions of material universes in existence, and they became His devotees, becoming fully spiritually awakened by the blessing of His love, and danced and chanted Hare Krishna with Him, as Guru Nanak and his Sikh followers are also recorded as having done, by both Sikh and Vaishnava historians of that period.

      There are various spiritual schools who can effectively do this, and explain to the student what is happening and how to refine their approach to Krishna, who acts as the greater part of their own self-cognitive faculty, in a similar, but more multidimensional way as the human eye only becomes able to function in the presence of the sunlight. So, just like that, each individual soul becomes aware of it’s true eternal nature and that of others by the light of the presence of Krishna.

      The beginningless, natural and constitutional nature of the entire cosmos is to be entirely comprised of an infinite sea of living spirit souls, in blissful self-knowledge, pure spiritual intellect, whose natural expression is immense love and beauty, maintained in that state of vibrant joy by the constant association of Radha-Krishna.

      Because there would be less pleasure in one single being with no-one to interact with, the cosmos naturally, without any beginning or need to evolve to that state, exists in the form of a multitude of individual spiritual awarenesses that interact with each other, generating a far higher level of pleasure, love and beauty than would otherwise be possible by remaining merely one single Being.

      Though God in fact has no name, the language spoken in the spiritual dimension is Sanskrit, and the quality of the central Being, who has the unique quality of being the most attractive being to the senses of all other beings, ‘the all-attractive’ is thus called by the Sanskrit term for that quality, Krishna, much as we would say ‘The Creator’ for instance.

      Radha-Krishna acts eternally as the central nexus of the entire community, and ‘tuning fork’, who can always revitalize all others to their optimal level of eternal consciousness should they fall away, without ever falling Himself.

      He is effectively the ‘anchor man’ in that regard, the cosmic hero who never falls, the spiritual standard bearer who is eternally pure, with His predominated female moiety Radharani, as His female aspect or potency.

      All other souls are expansions of this central potency, and can enter into many different types of relationship with the central figure, Radha-Krishna, some choosing to act as eternal devotees and associates of the Godhead, some even attempting to merge as one with Him, with some occasionally merging into Krishna Himself as one soul, whilst most who attempt to merge in the Supreme reside in the Brahman light effulgence surrounding the spiritual world of Vaikuntha. Some enter a type of relationship where they actually share equal pleasure and potencies of the Supreme Lord, that relationship being known as Sarshti, whilst others enter the highest type of relationship of all, Madhura rasa, where an individual soul enters a spiritually divine relationship of ecstatic conjugal love with Krishna, the Supreme transcendental lover.

      To see how many types of relationship are possible with God is a very interesting subject, and there are types of relationship to satisfy every sincere spiritual seeker, as Krishna is our communal Higher Self, as well as the Lord God, who naturally desires to please all aspects of Himself, as each of us as jiva souls expanded from Krishna actually is, but with minute potency compared to Him, unless we choose to develop our spiritual practice and become engaged in the higher types of relationship with Him.

      Our true home is not in these physical bodies, or in this type of world, but completely free of any physical bodily vehicle, expressing an eternal form just like that of Krishna Himself, in the eternal spiritual world, Vaikuntha.

      Try investigating that path, and see how much real spiritual satisfaction you can gain, and that will justify that path to you as bona fide.

  • hp

    No matter how many levels of imaginations, metaphysics, perspirations and elemental sciences brought together, there always was and always will be us/our transcendental spirit souls – everything’s included. We who are by our very nature very nice; for starters.

    Nothing the demons can do about this and when reminded of this eternal fact, they become angry. What else?

    Any talk of truly spiritual matters (God), matters beyond the variegated material elements, tends to make them angrier and angrier as time occurs.

    They actually think they can breech Durgadevi’s fortress (karma), not breechable by even a Brahma let alone pipsqueaks like their good selves.

    Also, like children they often pretend the world is not real.

    Yeah, another fine mess..

    Best wishes to everyone.

    • There is no karma as evidenced by the eternal rule and typically long, healthy, happy lives of the psychotic elite (fake- Jew Zionist Nazis) who’ve killed millions of us and hijacked our world.

      And, this world is not real, in the sense that it’s not material. All matter is just holograms produced by energetic vibrations.

      • hp

        Yeah, and it’s really gonna hurt.

      • mothman777

        Jews use different black magic rituals like Kapparot for instance, to pass their karma off onto other beings. Jews do not believe they can get bad karma, as they believe that they are divine souls from God, therefore perfect and cannot commit sin, so the concept of sin does not exist for Jews as it does for us Gentiles.

        However, Gentile souls are held to be demonic and non-living, guilty of all types of sin and every instance of it, even before entrance into any womb, as they are sin itself, they are evil itself, according to Jewish belief, having originated literally as a type of excrement left over after the creation process, from the satanic, dark, left-hand, negative, lower, feminine three hellish spheres of creation.

        Jews merely consider that any bad karma in them is merely a kind of psychic infection that they have picked up from dirty Gentiles, who are deemed to be the real sinners, so every year, each Jew does a little black magic sacrifice of a little chicken, their own personal Jesus if you like, where all their karma is passed on to the chicken and then the chicken is sacrificed after absorbing all their karma, by a little dark psychic surgery involving an aura graft. But the Jews think that this is justified, as they think the psychic dirt called karma came from the Gentiles anyway, so they consider they are just sending it back where it cam from in the beginning anyway.

        So Jews can reincarnate as humans lifetime after lifetime by using this black magic process, by altering the robotic law of karma to bypass them and affect others in their stead, so that the chickens, or humans, that they have also been caught sacrificing, wake up in a future life with a load of bad karma that they don’t quite know how they got.

        Otherwise the Jews would not be doing all the bad stuff they do to others, as they would come back as all the animals and people of other races that they kill. That is why Jews have such confidence to call others subhumans and mistreat or murder them, because they know they will never have to reincarnate in the groups of their victims.

        Ultimately, although the Jews have managed to work out how to criminally manipulate the law of karma so that it won’t affect them, the real God, Lord Krishna, sees all, and the price of what the Jews do is that they self limit, and cannot see any further than material and psychic world domination, so remain the grand winners of this material dimension, which is actually a state of death. See ‘Mothman777’s Blog’ for more on this.

  • One supreme fundamental force that unifies our observable universe is this universal law:

    The images most frequently held in mind of Mankind program the manifestations of the quantum field.

    The banksters (fake-Jewish Khazarian Zionists, Nazis) have known this universal law for thousands of years and are using it against Us now, through fear, to covertly force us to unwittingly help them manifest (imagineer) their New World Order nightmare.

    Email for my file, “How We Create Reality,” a crash course on reality fabrication as you like it. It’s free and uncopyrighted, so you can freely reproduce it and share it.

    • “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ~ Einstein.

      Someone else said, “Observation is manifestation.”

      Mental imagery that’s produced by our thoughts is the force that creates manifestation.

      • hp

        My favorite Einstein quote..

        “I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details.”

      • Just a minor correction:

        Mental imagery is produced by the “self” rather than the ‘thinker’.

        In any case, the function of the ‘thinker’ is to perpetuate the “self” and the duality of the “self”.

        The manifestation of duality is in conflict and violence.

        Getting beyond the duality of “self” and ‘thinker’ strikes at the root of conflict and violence.


        • B J Street

          Self-interest is so-called civilized behaviour, but Conscience, not consciousness, is the door to transcendence. Duality is Reality, but the Resource of the Holographic sub-program can be accessed by a benign mindset, a connection that enables the optimization called harmony. Thus Balance, not ambition, is the basis of Sufficiency, a sustainable culture of equality and health, not exploitation and extremity. Whereas consciousness is basically obsessive, benevelence is open-minded.

        • Usul

          You deny your own individual (not able to be divided) consciousness. The truth that there is an “other” whom we can mirror is paramount to understanding our own consciousness.

          You might say, “I am.”

          I would say, “I am – with him.” (Not alone)

          You might say, “I am – him.”

          I would say, “He desires truth in my inner being. (Psa.51:6) I have to be honest. Love cancels out fear of duality.

  • kelley elkins

    One of the major problems with physics is the math… if there were anything that can be manipulated to fit ones beliefs.. it is numbers…Certainly one may say that it must add up therefore it is not manipulated… but add up to what? Zero?
    Add up to manyhaha??
    What ever some thing adds up has to be defined and the definition is created by those who add it up!
    My first day many decades ago in a philosophy class I foolishly raised my hand when the PhD asked the class if there was anyone that could describe a cow… I started giving words that I thought were descriptive of a cow… the professor kept interrupting me asking if the terms that he had copied from me onto the chalk board looked like a cow.
    Then I did it.
    I stated that an object could not be described with out the audience having full knowledge of the terms of description. The professor got quite angry as I had just taken the wind from his sails… that was his line.
    So it is with anything, in the world of mathmatics there are certain terms that have certain meanings, they describe certain things. In the realm of cosmology (as with everything) we are limited to what we see, feel, and can conceive of… until some one comes up with a new concept… then it is an open playing field… When Einstein (or his girl friend) came up with relativity.. he imposed new rules, new descriptions and through math he defined what those were…The only people who understood were people on his level of physics/math/cosmology.
    And in his last years even he was questioning what he had done.

    let’s go back a few centuries…Newton did not explain gravity. To this day no one can do that… they can model it, they can mathmatically tell us that it is…but what is it and why does it work are elusive. Some may say that this is not true….I say were it true we would have the opposite… “anti” gravity. We do not because we still do not have the original question answered… what is gravity?
    So almost all of physics is still stuck back there with Newton… until that original question is answered we are really making things up with fancy numbers that by the way really only appear to “add up”.
    Is there an electron spinning around the nuleus of the Hydrogen atom? Is there a nucleus with an electron spinning around it? Or is it all made up so that we can then create this and that and go out into “space” and “go where no man has gone before” (Star Trek theme music)!
    The real journey is not, I repeat, Is not out there! The real journey is inside us. The real adventure is within. The quest is not for consciousness. The quest is for awakening. Charles Tart said it best in his coined term… “concensus trance” We believe we are awake when in fact we are merely beginning to stir into waking up! We are in that aspect of falling asleep and waking called rapid eye movement with eyes closed… as if in anticipation.
    Totally! This is where we are … We are waking up… even having these kinds of articles spurs one on to awaken. For it has been said that in order to know something we must also know that which we don’t know… and as Albert Einstein said in order to work something out we cannot approach it in the way we we either found it or created it.
    And I fully actknowedge that consciousness is not exclusive to being inside… the doorway to consciousness is for each of us “inside”… and for everyone of us it will be a little different…what you see, smell, hear and experience is only your interpretation based on what you believe to be true. And the filters (your perception) are not wrong, they are you… be willing to look behind the curtain.. at you controlling the entire show… there is where we begin to wake up.
    and that is what makes it so very exciting… the adventure!
    Coffee any one?

  • they dont like those singularities….all that paradoxical logic….

    as I’ve always said…..once you have an area (quantity)you have infinity… such thing as zero…..a long time ago I put the number one into a calculator and divided it in half…which gave me a remainder….I then divided that remainder (to all intents and purposes it was now a whole)….and that division gave me a remainder…..and so on and so forth… can divide the area/quantity (conceptually) ad infinitum….you will always have a smaller and smaller quantity….you can never arrive at zero (event horizon)…super strings/quantum foam/higgs boson….

    “how can the knower ever be known”

  • cloudy

    The non-Material realm exists but being not material, it is beyond the reach of materialism, beyond as in impossible to instrument, value, and register, The Spiritual being the 4th dimensionality of every human who has 5 dimensions. Being not of the material, The Spiritual is therefore “infinite” from the perspective of The Material, which is a subset of The Spiritual, the flow of information between the two being one-way. To The Spiritual, The Material is finite, oka limited or realisable, whereas to The Material, The Spiritual is infinite, oka unlimited or unrealisable. Hence the illusion-delusion of “Outer Space” to the materialists and being limited, concepts like “infinity” then reigns, the seemingly sane substitute for what would have been Insanity, a Concept being the abortion of The Minds of The Past or The Future whereas to The Spiritual, infinity is a principle, the latter being that which supports and is The Absolute, oka The Singular in Nature, humanity being dual natured. Spirituality, to the dismay and disappointment of The Hopeful, The Wishful and The Worshipful, is not about Religion & Religiosity [R&R] but about The Absolute, The Real Singularity, R&R being the mesmerising Tentacle of The Bookie, The Bookie being the ONLY One who profits from Disagreement.

    All humans are dual natured with the joke being that most would like to be seen as being singular in nature, especially Zer Politikos/Stupidos/Saviours und Zeir Dumbness, oka Worshipfuls. All humans are dual natured because all of us have 2 brain lobes which predispose humans to being Pro one momonet and then becoming of Con at some other moment. As such, the universe of the duality is not about trust, oka blind faith, but one of fairness, or “Logic”, the intelligence within/supporting intellect, Intelligence being Of The Present whereas Intellect is Of The Future. Mind bending stuff indeed – and it is meant to be so because The Minds, oka Thoughts of The Past/Feminism and The Future/Machoism, are insanities in reality but tell the human so unless you wished to be destroyed, jest like that.

    The Balanced Human is aspected in his Width to Depth. The Width, oka Brain Development [BD], scales from The Past to The Future, pausing at and trivialising The Present, whereas The Depth, oka Heart Development [HD], traverses/transcends along The Present. This is where science, oka blind-blinded BD, needs to be informed and not so much to “discover”/conceptualise like their BH and other particulates of worship. The Brain being of 2 lobes, is about the gross Heart and the gross Liver, gross as in being conceptual or superficial and not the Real Thang. The lowest 3 dimensions of the 5-dimensioned human, in order of manifestation, are Subjectivity/The-Emotional-Conditional, Objectivity/The Material and Projectivity/The Intellect [the commonly accepted “mental” of Partial Humanity] and these 3 realsm are further categorised into The Left/Yin/Manas and The Right/Yang/Prana, with TL being Of Femininity/Emotioanlity and TR being Of Masculinity/material-Intellect. TR is 2-dimensioned because it is Of Oxygen whereas TL is Of hydrogen. As all veteran and budding chemists know, Hydrogen has a valence of 1 whereas Oxygen has the capacity to accept 2, The Human being most comprised of water and water is H2O.

    Onwards and upwards. Should one stumbles into a cave and sees furniture hewn out of rock, it would be a very religious/worshipful scientifico who will declare that it was the result of Permutation & Conbination. Reality being Of Balance, one would have to be a very choir-boy voiced hallelujah to declare that “G_d” wuz here. Time being limited, in summary, when a human focusses his development on The Brain, he WILL devolve either into a fully thinking human animal or for those whose hallelujah factor insists that his brain development remains at the emotional/worshipful state, he WILL devolve into a fully feeling human vegatable. This, then, is Saviourship vs Worship for you, a religion being the knowledge which lacks empowerment.

    Spirituality is real but those who are able to realise/traverse The Spiritual lack the means of relating/gifting their experience to another. This is because Reality is self/empowerment/the-kinetic [leading perhaps to The Self] whereas Others’ Reality is merely one’s relativity/knowledge/potential. Realise too that those who have yet to realise what or why they were born for are merely born to die. When a human seeks only Knowledge, he is missing the point/reality, if only because no human needs to know how to see or suckle whereas all humans must seek knowledge in order to destroy. This BH particle nonsense will devolve those who seeks the results of such glories, oka Fame, Fortune & Immortality, and they will have wasted yet another lifetime seeking to destroy. This is because BD LACKS Conscience, A Simplicity which Eludes and will continue to elude if only because popularity is a very convincing fool, full of malevolence because Malevolence, oka Devolution or The Bookie, is The One whose duty is to replicate via mesmerising its victim into believing that The Other and not Self, is the reality. When you have the knowledge but lack empowerment, you will not be able to handle the knowledge, oka the religion, and should you have the power but do not know what the power is really meant for, oka its true knowledge, you will not be able to handle the power.

    Taxation & Credit [T&C] is the ControlFreak-cum-AbandonedNutter [C&A] Tentalce of The Bookie and those who are religious because of their religiosity will be wasting their whole life trying to please this Tentacle because they were groomed from infancy to obey another without questioning self. Science & Scientists love all that is regimented and find T&C a very intellectualised coffer to fill their desire for purity with. Truth is NOT about The Desire for Purity [TDfP] but about The Purity within Desire [TPwD], there being no such thing as TDfP when TPwD is lacking, yet Another Simplicity which Eludes [SwE]. Especially Saviourship and its “Carbon Emissions”, “Global Warming” and more Righting Zist und Zat of The Fathering Mothers and their strange bedfellows, The Mothering Fathers. The Earth is larger than any propagandist could shrink, regardless of propaganda’s success in shrinking whole nations and people ripe for the picking/opportunising. The Earth is not some rock right for the picking by C&A especially when aided by the atonement from Zer Explosive Prizer. As Gandhi had suggested, “We must be the change we seek”. Without relinquishing humanity’s Wants for Needs, no amount of R&R like GW or CE is going to work other than helping to fill the T&C coffer of Malevolence. The duty of every Principle or Concept is to replicate another SwE. Before charging headlong into another void, first ensure that should your cup be brimmed to overflowing that it is filled by Benevolence and not Molevolence disguising as Benevolence if only because hypocrisy, insincerity and posturing is par for the course within the Dual-Natured Human Golf Course.

  • CogitoMan

    Now, the next logical question will be “Who/what created God/Creator”? This is lopsided kind of thinking and above question points to it. Following the reasoning of the author we will end up with “ad absurdum” paradigm discrediting the whole concept presented above.

  • A complete understanding of consciousness exists, necessarily, *outside* of the frame of reference and paradigm of the scientific method because the scientific method originates in–and is very sharply restricted to–the ‘fallen’, dualistic, consciousness of the ‘thinker’; whose ultimate goal is only to preserve the ‘fallen’, dualistic consciousness of the “self”. That is, any ‘scientific’ description of consciousness must, necessarily, disregard and downplay (as “unscientific”) not only the findings of archetypal psychologists such as C.G. Jung; but, also, the findings of the Eastern esoteric traditions which affirm the existence of a non-dualistic, non-spatial and non-temporal dimension of consciousness (capable of receiving memories of previous lives, for example) prior to and outside of the dualistic consciousness of “self” and ‘thinker’. Thus, the scientific method is the appropriate paradigm for describing the observable space-time reality; but the inclusion of the issue of consciousness necessitates the adoption of more inclusive paradigm than merely the consciousness of the ‘thinker’, as described in more detail on my “science-of-consciousness” website.


  • Very Interesting Questions raised! What kind of men would spend twenty thousand million dollars to to attempt to find the God particle while many millions of his fellow men starve? When the very Signature of God is in him? All around him? Cowards. Desperate, bankrupt cowards.

    Many at this time are asking themselves and others, the very sincere question:

    “Is this world even worthy of being saved?”

    A truly valid question. Considering that the birth, life, and ultimate destiny of this planet and it’s cultures was forewritten in God’s word long ago, and considering also that our Father promised that the wheat would grow up with the weeds, to be separated at the end, I’d say that the answer is YES! But the answer is more complicated than a general yes or no. For God promised that a “remnant” would be saved. Such is the way throughout History of our Father’s hand at work. He would that ALL be saved through repentance and obedience, but reality shows that not all can be counted worthy. There is an old saying to the effect that ‘God uses one half of the people to test the other half’. There is some truth there. Now is not the place and time to fully examine even a modicum of evidence that our nation, indeed the world is undergoing fulfillment of God’s Word to the letter. I will however, if allowed, leave your readers with much to chew on regarding the self evident realities of the shared situation in which the world finds itself today.

    Google – six pointed star mark

    Google – 666 talents of gold

    Google – D.C. Jerusalem masonic shrine

    Google – Shriner lucifer

    Google – lucifer telescope

    Youtube – walmart guard towers

    Google – Walmart six pointed logo

    Google – soldiers ask why six pointed star now on all officer swords

    Google – talmud truths

    The hour is Truly so Very Late….

    Google – “Huge Media Blackout Regarding Earth and Moon Orbital Changes”

    And see that Luke 21:25-28 is in fulfillment at this time. And see that when God says that the heavenly bodies will shake, and there will be signs in sun, moon and stars, while the nations will be in anguish over the great agitation of the oceans…..He Means It.

    Christ also means it when He says, “When you see the beginning of these things, STAND UP and LIFT UP your heads, for your redemption draws near”. TOO many are instead doing just the opposite, sitting down and hanging their heads! IF ONE IS AFRAID of what is coming upon the world, it is only because, deep down, you believe YOU HAVE IT COMING to you!

    DO YOU? Kneel and repent of sin, live STRONG in HIS WORD, His SON, Jesus Christ, and be forgiven, and you will instead find GREAT REASON to stand and raise your heads, even your voices, to God and to your fellow man.

    He forgave Kirk Martin, He can forgive you too….Try Him. Soon.

    For those who truly seek to know God’s ways, If He exists, where is his signature on Creation….I tell you the time is short, the harvest is great, and the workers are few. See:'s_ark.htm

    Blessings friends, in Jesus Christ!

  • Re “Consciousness”

    Some wonderful books are now comming out regarding the reality of ‘consciousness’ and that it is meta to matter (Proof of Heaven – A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Even Alexander, M.D. (Oct 2012) and Ruper Sheldrake’s August 2012 book “Science Set Free – 10 Paths To New Discovery” … etc.)

    The master math model that has yet to map out in math … The Meta Matrix … The Meta Mind of the Cosmology of Reality … is something that I believe that I have a substantial clue on. (I had a number of OBE’s with cosmic tour guides even though I am a very solid left brain type CPA)

    If you are interested in disucssing this I can be reached at

    • Don’t forget the New Best seller THE TRUTH The Illumination of Conscience by author Jeffrey Simoneaux

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