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Are Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia & World Wide?

Andy WhiteleyWake Up World
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Would you be surprised to find a company with the same name as your country registered with theSecurity and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington DC? Well, guess what?! Among those listed as corporate entities by the United States SEC are:

IsraelTurkeyItalyHungarySwedenFinland,ArgentinaColombiaBrazilThe PhilippinesSouth KoreaJapanJamaicaSouth AfricaCanada,Australia… and my personal favourite (and I quote) “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of Alberta as represented by Alberta Investment Management Corp.

Interesting! So what could all this mean? For the purpose of this article we will follow the example of Australia.

Left: The Great Seal of the United Kingdom, atop the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900.
Right: The Great Seal of Australia, a trademark registered with United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Australia…. the lucky country?

  • SEC Central Index Key (CIK): 0000805157
  • SEC Standard Industrial Code (SIC): 8880 (UNKNOWN)
  • SEC Business Address: 1601 MASSACHUSETTS AVE NW WASHINGTON DC 20036
  • Fiscal Year End: 0630

Well, that certainly raises some questions!

Why is a company called ‘COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’ registered in Washington DC? What reason could there be for a country to be registered as a company?

By definition, aren’t corporate and government entities mutually exclusive? And doesn’t government regulate companies?

Why would Australia be registered with the SEC in the United States? And why would it provide a ‘Prospectus’ and annual ‘Economic and Fiscal Outlook’ documents to the SEC? And be subject to SEC regulation?

Why is the Great Seal of Australia a trademark registered with United States Patent and Trademark Office?

Could the ‘Australian Government’ be a corporate entity masquerading as real government, for profit, and not for the purpose of governance? Does the ‘Australian Government’ truly represent “the people” and not shareholders in another country?

Why do today’s government departments have corporate mission statements like “we provide services on BEHALF of government” and “our CLIENTS include government…”?

What happened to “we ARE government”?? Does this suggest they are NOT true government, but a company masquerading as government?

If a company registered in Washington DC is falsely claiming government status in Australia, what happened to the real (de jure) government with a similar name? And when?

And are the laws in Australia therefore just rules for employees and contractors of the corporation?

Interesting. Let’s look a little closer…

Perhaps it is a requirement that the Commonwealth of Australia registers as a company entity in order to trade with the United States of America. Are all the other countries who trade with the United States also registered on the American SEC? Is ‘the United States of America’ also registered with ASIC, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission? And is Australia similarly registered with the corresponding trade regulators in other countries?

The answer appears to be NO.

International trade implies mutual agreement; reciprocity; a common method of exchange. But the reality is that the ‘COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’ is registered as a corporate entity with the United States SEC, but not the other way around. There appear to be no comparable corporate entities registered in other countries with which Australia trades. And nations ranking among the United States’ biggest trading partners do NOT have corporate avatars registered with the American SEC. Perhaps registration in Washington DC is for the purpose of trading Government Bonds. Interesting…

… But this strange corporate entity is only half the story. Before government bonds can even exist, surely there must first be a legitimate government.

Government and the role of Governor-General in Australia

In Australia, the Governor-General is the representative of the Monarch (currently Queen Elizabeth II) and the Administrator of Government. Given that the Governor-General administers government in Australia, government can only exist in Australia with a valid Governor-General. The Governor-General is reliant upon the existence of the ‘Office of Governor-General’, which was originally constituted by the late Queen Victoria in Letters Patent dated 29th October 1900, passed under the Monarch’s seal – the Great Seal Of The United Kingdom (view Letters Patent 1900).

The power and authority to revoke, alter or amend those Letters Patent was reserved by the late Queen Victoria to her heirs and successors. Given those Letters Patent were issued under the ‘Great Seal of the United Kingdom’, surely any revocation, alteration or amendment must be issued by an heir and successor under the same Seal.

So what’s the problem?

In 1984, Letters Patent supposedly revoked the original Letters Patent of 1900 and provided new provisions for the Office of Governor-General (view Letters Patent 1984). This happened under the ‘Great Seal of Australia’, which we already know is a corporate trademark registered with the United States Patent & Trademark Office in the U.S. (view registration)

Surely such an attempt at revocation cannot therefore be lawful? And if not, what Office is the Governor-General in Australia presently occupying? Is the person we call “Governor-General” truly a representative of an “heir and successor” to the late Queen Victoria?

The answer appears to be NO.

Given that the Governor-General appoints Ministers, Judges, Commissioners and Justices of the Peace, and ascribes Royal Assent as the Monarch’s representative in Australia – using the Monarch’s Seal – in the absence of a valid Governor-General, are there any legitimate government offices in Australia?

Again… the answer appears to be NO.

So let’s test the theory…

A case study

Wake Up World friend and colleague Scott Bartle documented his recent dealings with ‘Australian Customs & Border Protection Service’ in his self-funded documentary “What The FUQ? – Frequently Unanswered Questions of the Australian Government”.

This simple, concise and sometimes hilarious case-study follows Scott’s ongoing interactions with a supposed “government” entity that simply does not behave as a genuine government agency should.

And all he did was ask them to demonstrate their validity!

Documentary Trailer – What The FUQ Trailer (2:47 mins)

To view this documentary in full, Click here. I highly recommended it.

So… IS the “Australian Government” the same government the original Office of Governor-General was intended to Administer?

It’s a question that officials at all levels of “Australian Government” have seem unwilling or unable to answer. Some readers may think I’m a crack-pot for even asking the question. “Break out the tin-foil hats!” they’ll cry! But please… Before you form an opinion or post a comment on this article, ask the Australian Government the same question yourself:

Can you please demonstrate that today’s Office of Governor-General is the same Office that was constituted by the late Queen Victoria in Letters Patent of 1900?

It is your right, after all. And there are certainly some details that don’t add up. But it gets better….

That’s odd, they certainly don’t ACT like a true government.

At first “Government” may just ignore you. But since anyone claiming government status has a responsibility to prove it, their silence is very indicative, don’t you think? So push your Government a little further, and see what happens when you really start to question who’s who. Taxes & fines are suddenly waived, and miraculously, licenses & permits are no longer required! And it doesn’t stop there.

Does this sound like the behaviour of legitimate government? NO, it does not. If challenged, does a legitimate government not simply demonstrate its validity and continue to act within its lawful authority? Or does legitimate government exempt that person’s responsibilities and wave them through the gates, quickly, quietly and with a minimum of fuss? “Nothing to see here!”

Is this situation unique to Australia?

Let’s find out!

To our friends and readers from the Commonwealth of Australia, we recommend you contact your local Members and Senators and ask them one simple question:

Can you please demonstrate that today’s Office of Governor-General is the same Office that was constituted by the late Queen Victoria in Letters Patent of 1900?

To our friends and readers outside Australia, we recommend you identify the documents that established the original offices of government in your country, then ask one simple question of your government representatives:

Can you please demonstrate that today’s government is the same one as established at the inception of this country?

Demonstrating its own legitimacy is a very simple thing that every government agency should be able to do. And in a true democracy, silence is an unacceptable response of government to questions of its very legitimacy. But today the “Australian Government” appears unwilling or unable to prove its legitimacy.

Is yours?

It only takes a few minutes to write to your local member’s office. Please come back to Wake Up World and tell our readers how your enquiry was met. Silence? Jargon? Or a simple demonstration of your government’s legitimacy?

We’d love to hear your stories, so please leave a comment or send us an email

So what the FUQ do we do next?

Written enquiries made to Ministers and Government agencies, to the Office of the Prime Minister and to the Office of Governor General remain unanswered. So in the absence of a response from Government, Wake Up World supports respectfully escalating this matter to the current Monarch, Her Majesty, The Queen.

Surely Her Majesty must know the answer; why a corporation in the United States bears the name ‘COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’; why in 1984 her authority to amend the provisions for the Office of Governor-General was granted on a company letterhead; why those claiming to represent true government in Australia have been unable to prove that status; and why some, when challenged, may suddenly overlook one’s obligations and run silently in the other direction.


…and ask Her Majesty for the truth.


…we all have a right to know.


…it is just one simple question.

In a true democracy, silence is an unacceptable answer of government to questions of its legitimacy.

About the Author

Andy Whiteley is co-founder of Wake Up World. Special thanks Scott Bartle for travelling 4,000 kms to help join the dots.

  • Sue Maynes

    @ Brad – I have the copied details of 7 seals, but have the addresses of only the main 2.

  • brad

    um so where do i find the seal of australia so far i have found no evidence to support the seal of australia at the US patent and trademark office

  • Few Political journalist apart from Andrew Bolt and me need moderation
    when the absolute truth is presented-our knowledge base is endless.

  • The absolute truth is har

  • I have made No duplicate comment be honest to your readers
    my comment on Australia is 100% correct-are you scared of new media rules ?

  • QE11 did Not abdicate as Sovereign of the COA,WHITLAM created Acts to
    emulate royalty as he had no letters patent. Hawke wrote the Australia
    Acts with No Referendum to authorise them. Governor General Letters
    Patent were and are fraudulent without Royal Assent.From 1973 Whitlam
    began Corporate Governments. All States seceded from the COA to become
    corporations registered at the washington SECURITIES EXCHANGE-FOR world
    government-the USA being the HQ for World Government. Ask Ms Gillard why
    she has confered with OBAMA,UN,CIA and QE11 to establish a Nato office in Australia to persue war against china,and why the USA now ‘runs australian affairs’ The preceeding dialogue on Letters patent prepares
    Australia for republican government with 400 amendments to the electoral ACT making “electors’-persons,and returning officers abolished. How many members of the Communist party has Gillard in her cabinet(started by her at Melb Uni) Wake up we dont have a legitimate
    Government in Australia but foreign controlled corporations we dont have to vote for .

  • Lau

    The answers to all the questions that this article posses are in this well researched article here:

    I highly recommend you read it!

  • The address listed for Australia in DC is their embassy address:
    Embassy of Australia. United States of America. Embassy address: 1601 Massachusetts Ave, NW Washington DC 20036 – Telephone: (202) 797 3000

  • The Govts are Corporations. They will split hairs verbally. The reason they are frantically selling off ASSETS is they have been scraping off billions under their own Corporate Rules forever. (only they know about) They need to OWN the ASSETS before the NWO is announced. More you dont realize is I.E. When you REGISTER ANYTHING, This is an act of YOU giving the ownership of these to Govt. These are put into a TRUST in your name & include your children, VOTE, Home etc. ALWAYS sign everything WITHOUT PREJUDICE. To keep your rights.
    The CENSUS is them doing an inventory on what they claim to own, to scrape in MORE) The RATES, (your country might call land tax) does NOT pay for public ammenities. This is really RENTAL, allowing you to live in the home you think you own. Public works are financed with BORROWED money that YOU pay the INTEREST on. so more money is shovelled into their pockets.

    For a simple overview look up `MEET YOUR STRAWMAN & start studying. Get together & start learning. Dont get greedy or you will fall on your face.

  • GazKaz

    Basically the US, UK, Canada, NZ and all the major countries work on the same template – since the early 30’s – if you check out these links, you will be an expert on the full subject.

    The same concept applies to each country

  • Sue Maynes

    Andy – excellent article, but with due respect you are asking entirely the wrong question. It has nothing to do with the Letters Patent – we know that the GG has not given any Royal Assent to an act since 1973. You are focusing on the wrong challenge. Whitlam created the corporation in 1973 as his personal business. It should have died when he was kicked out. Instead it did not and each succeeding PM has copyrighted another version of the Great Seal – there are 7 versions on TESS. So, in effect, each new govt becomes a “franchise” or the old PM is bought out or some such procedure. Look up the Clearfield Doctrine. The matter is not whether or not the GG has done the right or wrong thing – the research is way past that. It is about this corporation’s authority, which is totally non-existent. Look, there is heaps more I could give you about that, but not in this email. If you want more and surely you do – email me and I will give you my phone number and we can talk.

    • George Graf

      Right on the money Sue !

    • Hi Sue, I would love to know if you have written anything on this or are you an avid researcher? Do you have any written material or websites that people can follow up on this with regards to Australia? Please send anything you know of to my email address and I will broadcast it to world as far as I can( Thanks for speaking out.

    • pat


      Could you please post again and point me towards some of your information sources. Also are you in Australia?

    • Sue Maynes

      My email is flora (at) reachnet (dot) com (dot) au.
      I am part of a team that has been researching where our constitutional & common law rights have gone, as well as our our private land ownership & assets rights, who this govt is, etc – for over 8 years.
      We have been producing a newsletter since 08 carrying the flow of our research. The corporate government info has been going out since early 2010. We have been petitioning the Queen since then.
      I congratulate Scott for making the basics available to such a wider group of people.
      Email me for access to our files if you wish and feel free to share it everywhere.

  • Excellent! I’ve been mentioning similar to people with much less detail and their eyes seem to gloss over lol Thanks so much for the specifics. I’m in Canada and I will write my MP, although I think he will just think “Huh” because he will have no clue himself. Thanks so much for this, I’ll keep you posted.

  • The United States of America
    The Central Intelligence Authority
    Social Security Administration

    and many more gems are Delaware Corporations.

    • The address listed for Australia in DC is their embassy address:
      Embassy of Australia. United States of America. Embassy address: 1601 Massachusetts Ave, NW Washington DC 20036 – Telephone: (202) 797 3000

    • Treasure Trove

      For a treasure trove of gems, try

      Excellent work on the Oz greens (including video illustrating the professional makeup of the actress playing the role of the new Greens leader).

      “You know, by the time you become the leader of a country, someone else makes all the decisions. … You may find you can get away with virtual presidents, virtual prime ministers, virtual everything.”
      Bill Rockefeller Clinton, speaking plainly, knowing the “profane” won’t get it.
      Sep 5, 1998, Dublin, Ireland

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