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Reincarnation, the ‘Interlife’, Universal Consciousness & the Holographic Soul

Ian Lawton, New Dawn
Waking Times

Modern studies repeatedly suggest that a significant proportion of people in the Western world now believe in reincarnation. Although this phenomenon can be traced back to various esoteric movements that flourished from the second half of the 19th century, it gained significant ground with the explosion of popular interest in Eastern spiritual approaches in the 60s. And it was reinforced by a proliferation of therapists offering to regress people into their past lives.

Yet now the tide seems to be turning again. For some years the emphasis has been moving more towards the idea that we are all part of the One, the All, the Source, the Absolute, the Ultimate, the Great Spirit or whatever we choose to call the ‘universal consciousness’. Of course this is not a new idea. But what is changing is that especially more intellectually minded spiritual seekers are tending towards the view that anything outside of the ‘One’ is mere ‘illusion’.

In fact this word illusion is used a great deal in spiritual circles these days, although actually in quite different contexts, and it is perhaps worth considering what these are. Of course readers would all agree that the physical world itself is to some extent an illusion, at least inasmuch as it is underpinned by the nonphysical planes and states of being that science is increasingly pointing towards. But what about the idea that we only reincarnate for as long as we fail to see through the ‘illusion’, and that as soon as we gain ‘enlightenment’ we can ‘break the bonds of karma’ and ‘reunite with the Source’? More radical still, what about the idea that any notion of individuality is completely illusory on all levels, and that as soon as we die there is no sense of continuation of any sort of individual soul consciousness?

Whether or not they make it explicitly clear, these latter two are the ‘illusion models’ supported by a significant proportion of our best-known spiritual commentators of modern times – be they proponents of, for example, the ‘power of now’, or of ‘cosmic ordering’, or of ‘quantum mysticism’. Yet to see the world in this way is entirely at odds with what we might call the ‘experience model’, which holds that we lead many lives in order to see all sides of every emotional coin, and to learn to deal with the manifest challenges that life on this planet provides. In other words, a model in which the emphasis is on an individual soul growing by experience over many lifetimes.

If we are to adopt a rational approach then, rather than relying on ‘revealed wisdom’ ancient or modern, it is surely sensible to consider which of these models is best supported by logical analysis and the available evidence.

We can start with the premise that there must exist some sort of ultimate force or energy that underlies the entire universe, both seen and unseen, which is the Origin or Source of everything in it. However ineffable it may be, this principle of a universal consciousness is almost a logical necessity, and it is certainly supported by scientific research at both the quantum and the macrocosmic level. The idea that ‘we are all one’ is also a common element of transcendental experiences, whether spontaneous, meditative or induced by hallucinogens. So our next step must be to investigate whether, at the same time, there is any real evidence to support the idea of an individual consciousness that exists or survives independent of the physical body.

The most relevant area of research here is near-death experiences. In particular we are interested in cases that involve subjects returning with factual information that is subsequently verified, and yet so obscure that they could not reasonably have acquired it in any ‘normal’ way.

Near-Death Experience & Reincarnation Cases

One of the most fascinating cases on record took place in the early 70s, and involves a gifted young Russian scientist called George Rodonaia. His work on chemical brain transmitters was sufficiently valued by the KGB that they were not prepared to lose his expertise to the US by letting him take up an invite to further his research at Yale. On the day of his departure, as he stood on the pavement in Tbilisi waiting for a taxi to the airport, he was deliberately mown down by a car and pronounced dead at the scene. His body lay in a morgue for three days, but as the autopsy began his eyelids flickered and he was rushed to surgery.

As a man of science George had never had any time for religion. So those close to him were bewildered when, three days into his lengthy recovery, he began to describe what had happened while he was ‘dead’. In fact his was a relatively non-typical and highly transcendental experience, but for our current purposes he also claimed he had also been able to travel anywhere he liked while ‘out of body’. In particular he was drawn to a newborn baby in the hospital adjoining the morgue because she would not stop crying, and doctors had been unable to diagnose the problem. Much to his surprise he found that he was able to communicate with her telepathically, and also to scan her body and establish that her hip had been broken, probably at birth. Incredibly, as soon as George was well enough to pass on this information, the doctors x-rayed the baby and found that she did indeed have a fractured hip.

There are other, similar cases of near-death experiences involving obscure, factual information that combine to strongly suggest that our individual awareness or consciousness does indeed continue to exist even when the physical brain is absolutely non-functional. So far so good. But is there any evidence to support the further idea that individual souls have many lives?

Here we encounter two important areas of research, the first involving children who have spontaneous memories of past lives. Although historically most of these cases have come from Asia, one of the finest involves a young American boy called James Leininger of Lafayette, Louisiana. Born in 1998, his fascination with toy planes from the earliest age took a more sinister turn as he approached his second birthday, when vivid nightmares began. He would thrash around in his sleep, kicking out with his legs up in the air and moaning: “Airplane crash, on fire, little man can’t get out.” His mother Andrea had no particular religious convictions but, when her mother suggested these might be memories of a past life, she began to encourage little James to talk about them. And he began to reveal startling details, such as that the pilot of the plane was also called James; that he had been shot down by the Japanese; that he had flown Corsairs; and that one of his fellow pilots went by the name of Jack Larsen. He also mysteriously mentioned the single word Natoma.

His father Bruce remained dubious about any sort of spiritual explanation, but he knew that neither he nor any other member of their family had any particular interest in aircraft or the war. So he began to research, and quickly established that an aircraft carrier called the USS Natoma Bay had been stationed in the Pacific during World War II and had taken part in the notorious battle for the Japanese island of Iwo Jima early in 1945. He ordered a book about this, and was flicking through it one day when James pointed to the island of Chichi Jima on a map and exclaimed, “Daddy, that is where my plane was shot down.” He then made contact with the ‘Natoma Bay Association’, who confirmed that Jack Larsen had been one of the pilots, and also that only one pilot had been lost at Chichi Jima: 21-year-old Lt James M. Huston Jr.

Bruce also knew that Huston had flown Wildcats, not Corsairs, on the Natoma Bay. But when he made contact with Huston’s elderly sister she kindly sent him some photos – including one of her brother standing proudly next to a Corsair. Military records then showed he had originally been part of an elite special squadron who test-flew these planes. But the real clincher involves three ‘GI Joe’ dolls. When Bruce asked his son why he called them Leon, Walter and Billie he replied, “Because they greeted me when I went to heaven.” Again military records confirmed that three of Huston’s fellow Natoma Bay pilots were Lt Leon S. Conner, Ensign Walter J. Devlin and Ensign Billie R. Peeler – and that all three had diedbefore Huston on other engagements. None of this detailed information is available on the internet pages about the Natoma Bay even now, let alone in popular books and so on.

Past Lives & Hypnotic Regression

The second area of past-life research is hypnotic regression. With this we must first appreciate that the human brain appears to store a complete record of everything we have ever been exposed to, no matter how briefly or how long ago, and that although most of these memories remain inaccessible to our normal consciousness they can be accessed in trance. So apparently authentic and detailed past lives, even including strong emotions and strange accents and so on, have sometimes been proved to come from perfectly normal sources – not least historical fiction, which is often overlooked by spiritual researchers. Nevertheless, there remain some cases involving information so obscure that only a paranormal explanation seems appropriate.

One of the finest involves a young woman dubbed Jane Evans, who was one of many subjects regressed by the Welsh hypnotherapist Arnall Bloxham. She first visited him in the late 60s and proved a responsive subject who, over the course of a number of sessions, regressed into six separate lives from Roman times onwards. She would go on to be the star of a 1976 documentary made by the initially sceptical BBC producer Jeffrey Iverson, entitled ‘The Bloxham Tapes’. Her most celebrated past life was that of a persecuted Jewess in 12th century York, but on close investigation this case is somewhat inconclusive. In fact her strongest life in terms of obscure evidence involved Alison, a young servant to the 15th century French financier and merchant, Jacques Coeur.


Some of the historical information Jane came up with in trance was relatively obscure, and could only be verified by professional French historians. For example, she said that Charles VII’s nickname was “heron legs”; that his son Louis had poisoned his wife; that his mistress Agnes Sorel had two pet dogs clothed in “coats of white fur with jewelled collars”; and that Coeur was Jewish and his father was a goldsmith. Perhaps more impressive was her knowledge that Coeur was an avid collector of art, with paintings by Jean “Fouquet,” the court painter to the king and one of Coeur’s debtors; by Jan “van Eyck,” the court painter to the nearby Duke of Burgundy; by “Giotto,” an Italian master from the previous century; and by the little-known “John of Bruges” who, Iverson established only with great difficulty, was also known as John Bondolf and was a Flemish court painter for the king’s grandfather. More impressive again was her report that Coeur had a “body servant” called Abdul, who was “dressed differently from the others” – because it was only from obscure French court records of the time that Iverson was able to confirm that he did indeed have an Egyptian body slave.

Impressive enough, yet the clincher in this case is Jane’s recall of a “beautiful golden apple with jewels in it” that she said had been given to Coeur by the Sultan of Turkey. All of Iverson’s initial attempts to verify the existence of such a piece drew a blank until his last night in Coeur’s home town of Bourges, when he returned to his hotel to find a message from a local historian. The latter reported that he had been searching through contemporary archives when he found “an obscure list of items confiscated by the Treasury from Jacques Coeur”; and in that list was a “grenade” of gold – a pomegranate. Of course this is so like an apple in shape and size that the English word contains the French root pomme. It is also worth noting that one sceptic’s supposed attempt to trace all these details to a historical novel is a complete travesty, because the novel has an entirely different plot and contains virtually none of these obscure details.

Again there are other, similar cases of both childhood recall and regression that involve equally obscure yet verifiable information about past lives. But could all these merely result from subjects tapping into some sort of universal memory, or even from possession by the deceased? Probably the strongest evidence that these are indeed memories from the subjects’ own, individual, past lives comes from subjects also being regressed into the time between lives, or ‘interlife’.

This stems from the research of a number of pioneering psychologists and psychiatrists around the world, who each stumbled on the interlife independently in the 70s and 80s. Their subjects’ reports are extremely consistent, so that the experience can be broken into five main elements: transition and healing, past-life review, soul group interaction, next-life planning and returning. This evidence from what now constitute thousands of subjects from diverse backgrounds suggests strongly that there is a continuity of individual soul identity across many lives.

The Holographic Soul

So how do we properly bring this evidence of individual soul survival and reincarnation together with the idea of a universal consciousness that underlies everything? Although the most profound spiritual sources have hinted at the truth throughout the ages, the most simple yet elegant solution has only become available to us in recent decades with the discovery of the hologram. And it involves applying this principle not to the brain, nor to memory, nor even to the universe as a whole, but instead to soul consciousness itself:

Soul consciousness is holographic. We are both individual aspects of the Source, and full holographic representations of it, all at the same time. However this does not mean that soul individuality is in itself an illusion. The principle of the hologram is that the part contains the whole, and yet is clearly distinguishable from it.

The other message that comes through loud and clear from interlife research, as well as from the most profound spiritual sources, is that free will and personal responsibility reign supreme. This is what allows us to learn from our mistakes, and to grow as souls. So any next-life previews seen between lives merely represent major probabilities and lesser possibilities, and there is no karmic punishment or predestiny. Indeed the idea of karma itself has arguably outlived its usefulness, because it is clear that the dynamics of how our attitudes, intentions and experiences feed into the futures we create for ourselves, both across and within lives, are far too complex to be reduced to simplistic ‘laws’.

In conclusion it appears that there are no ‘flaws in the grand plan’. The physical world is not an abomination created by fallen angels. Nor is the reincarnation cycle something to be escaped from at all costs, either by suddenly gaining the enlightenment to see through the illusion, or by learning to give up all ‘attachment’ so as to generate no more karma. Although we would do well to aim for a degree of emotional detachment and balance, and regular meditation is absolutely invaluable in trying to bring our ‘higher selves’ to the fore, life is to be lived and experienced!

So where does it all end? Interlife evidence, again backed by the most profound spiritual sources, suggests that we continue to reincarnate until we have exhausted all the possibilities for growth in the physical plane. And this is only the ‘end of the beginning’ of the soul’s journey, because there are many other opportunities for new experiences in other realms. As for the idea of ‘reuniting with the Source’, the concept of the Holographic Soul suggests that we never split off from It in the first place, and that It is always within us and us within It.

What about the million dollar question from which ‘illusionists’ tend to shy away? What is the whole point of the universe in the first place, and how do we humans fit into the ‘big picture’?

The Source’s primary aim, in diversifying into all the billions of holographic soul aspects of itself that operate in the various realms throughout the universe, is to experience all that is and can be. So as individualised aspects of the Source who have chosen to reincarnate on this planet, we are merely fulfilling a small part of that objective by gaining a balance of all the experiences available via this route.

James Leininger’s amazing story is documented in the book Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot


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IAN LAWTON is a spiritual philosopher, the architect of ‘Rational Spirituality’ and one of the world’s leading authorities on the interlife. Further case studies are available in the simple, pocket-size Little Book of the Soul (2007), while the full research for this article can be found in The Big Book of the Soul (2008). For further information and to order The Big Book of the Soul, see

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  • MindSoulBody

    Sim-Life .. if you build it, they will come 🙂

  • Peter Kader

    …and don’t forget,if you believe in The so called GOD: Since He is perfect,his ‘work’ is perfection,and we all know what that means.To get the most out of the less,so look for simple and nothing else.Don’t complicate your ‘now’life,just learn from it to make it better!

  • sielukettu

    Read Neale Donald Walsch´s Conversations with God. They will explain all about this. Afterlife, oneness, you name it 😉

  • jamesbagshaw

    Since i was a kid i started theorizing towards the idea of a “living force” a kind of collective conciousness.Since then i’ve explored various philosophies and ideas and my own view at the moment is that there is an energy field constantly present that,when the right elements are in place with the qualities required for a living thing; i can only describe what happens next as a splitting off effect,think of water pouring through a siv.The conciousness of various species of organisms,their ability or lack of ability to think is limited by their biological construct and brain.In a human being,any lack of thinking is a result of choice not to or drifting through life emotionally and the concepts and things we think is diverse and we have the creative ability to shape our environment.But there is no collective brain in 5 sense reality for human beings,our minds are personal and private as well as our feelings.We are all good and bad at different things and have different tastes based on personal interests,and our belief systems are largley diverse (though nearly all have their morality base in collectivism) and this i stress is what is inherent and important to freedom.We may very well come a universal source that i think is always present,is all around us but we are not one conciousness on a 5 sense level and if it happened i’d be worried because thats what dictatorships want,Control of conciousness through the mind,so they attempt to unite the group and im afraid its inherent in our thinking and philosophical outlook thanks to education and im even talking at the pre school and primary level as adults attempt to shape behaviour and what damage that does to wach individuals sense of self and sense of morality .This “one” stuff is nothing new as has been said and there for for me its irelevent,its great to discuss and talk about but it for me does not have any importance in shaping the world as we want it to be because your ignoring and evading how things play out in an active,uncontrolled (yes u read that right) 5 sense reality .No secret society has control of my mind and im free to learn about it with out persecution hence why this page exists but that does not mean INDIVIDUALS in influencial groups are not conspiring to control reality and mold the world in the image they infact believe is RIGHT for humanity (which you know it isnt) and the reason you know it isnt is because you have your own mind to think different from that conciousness and that is what makes us free,the right to disagree.This existance is not a prison,icke is influenced philosophically in part by many mystics and belief systems that celebrate the afterlife and view life on earth as miserable and a burden .These belief systems are what caused the fall of man,when individuals became sacrificial objects to a group fiction of various kinds :the tribe,the gods,the group,nation,community,race etc.Mans mind was forced to accept a belief system of faith ,forced to think as they did or face punishment and some groups witha similar value system would force other groups to believe what they do.Literal explicit self sacrifice was present in the ancient times and it evolved through the ages into the morality of christianity and most spin off philosophies and belief systems to date as altruism or selflesness.With no positive philosophy of SELF ,selfish being used as a negative,the human race has always struggled to form a moral system as the idea is to preach and unite us all as one and that is a thin line between freedom and totalitarianism if you understand history .Revolutions come and go in the name of the suffering of a target group and im afraid today that target group looking to be manipulated into bringing in the desired nwo is “the 99%” another group project.You want to look past nation states,races,religion ,and be one with all? SO DO THEY! your battling an ideology with the same language,your using their language.There is nothing really unique to this period in history except that the coming change will be global and this means 2 paths: freedom or totalitarianism.
    I think when we die,our conciousness leaves the individual subject and kind of remerges with the source and so the experience ends,that no trace of that individuals life is somehow on going ,continuing to learn as the “force” flows through more multiplied species of life as such could and would be a burden and a totalitarians dream.That is why we are born free,our minds are our own individually to think and work out but unfortunatley as you know, very quickly ,chuildren are indoctrinated with good intended but bad ideas ,even immoral ones .Your individual conciousness is the sum and totality of your own private thoughts,beliefs which determine what triggers your emotions for good or bad ,right or wrong.Its not conciousness that intervenes but the mind,not everybody will react and think the same to a stimulant,that is part of the make up of what makes humans unique and why this universe is no prison.Human beings bad ideas create the experience of a prison.

  • Adam Evenson

    Look here, Listen, your statement makes no sense at all. I hope you look in again so you can see my comment. Unfortunately, I may as well be a cosmic ray in space passing by, as I won’t be back here again to see your come back, if any there be. Toodle-oo.

  • Brownhawk

    Sorry, not buyin’ it.

    The ‘physical’ World, or more precisely, our experience of physicality, IS an abomination because of the exclusive nature of its reality from “the cradle to the grave”.

    This exclusivity exists because what we call matter is ‘cloaked’, and subject to a ‘linear erosion’ due to a co-opting of true time that has put it in a disingenuous pose.

    Any truly purposeful presence on this planet now doesn’t have a need to reincarnate to it until all that can be learned IS learned. This represents a misguided notion. Rather, a TRUE purpose here contributes to the restoration of what we call Planet Earth to the Spiritual Realm it really is as Divinely intended.

    This means dispelling the illusion of perishableness as evidenced by the bogusness of a life-death cycle.

    Life as it has been constituted has indeed been conspired against. An ‘evolution’ to higher consciousness is what’s being awakened to

  • Dave you are very close see and the word came forth a spiritual journey it will show you somthings you need to know.

  • I want to know who created the hologram?

  • Dave

    I honestly beleive we do leave part of us back “there”and come to Earth to learn, but the free will proposed is not living a life at random but living a life already chosen before we came here. We are here to learn what we have already chosen to learn……….and return back. Where we come from we have no physical body so we can be anywhere we wish in an instant but we cannot touch or feel things the way we do here(DNA)which is why we have a physical body to keep us here for the experience. And yes we, in reality are here for only a few minutes before we go back and see all the people who we have chosen to have around us to have our experience here.

  • Peter

    I don’t know anybody who says they know god and appear to be telling the truth. I can find some people on the net who appear to know something of god but never seem to say they know god.

    But here is my go, for now 🙂

    Perhaps, the source/god … wished to perceive itself, which it could not do. IN making the attempt, creation was born, and as it evolved, life developed to the point where it could question itself. These questions ultimately led to question what is the source/god. As any particular individual manages to perceive the truth about creation, so the source/god’s process is complete. It has come to perceive itself, through its own creation, which is also itself. Pretty smart huh! 🙂

    And we are the same, if we can only realise how.

  • rgrtghrt

    From what I’ve read, the Source experiences simply because there’s nothing else to do….to already know everything and to be all alone for ever & ever & ever with nothing to do or be but a vormless void of perfection….it hurts my brain to think about it. I think I’d go insane too and start dividing up into all sorts of subsidiary characters & situations just for the hell of it

    • As I understand it is a game and as games can go gets out of control at times. We forgot it was a game.

      I think you go the best thinking here so far in the matter and some of the other posts also have part of it.

  • Herb Dorsey

    Having had a past life experience myself, I am quite a believer. The Spirit world, past lives and lives on other planets are quite well documented in hypnotherapist, Delores Cannon’s books “The Convoluted Universe” series.

  • zaid ahmad

    I am interested in an answer to the question “why should the Source which is not simply the Creator but the Originator who can add to the creation as He wills NEED to experience hat which He has conceived and created, that which He already knows”?

    • Anonymous

      yes. it seems illogical. why would god (or whatever name you’d like to use) want to experience, through an illusion, what it already knows? this is a key question that leads to a greater answer. Ian, thank you for sharing your understandings. you postulated two key questions that have inspired your readers to come up with questions of their own, you said: “But what about the idea that we only reincarnate for as long as we fail to see through the ‘illusion’, and that as soon as we gain ‘enlightenment’ we can ‘break the bonds of karma’ and ‘reunite with the Source’? More radical still, what about the idea that any notion of individuality is completely illusory on all levels, and that as soon as we die there is no sense of continuation of any sort of individual soul consciousness?

      I’ll give you an even more radical idea, one that resonantes with every fiber in me: what about the idea that we are our own universe, that a part of our infinite consciousness is inside this universe, only experiencing it at every level? what about the idea that each an every living being is his/her own universe, and we live beyond the realms of this one, and the creator of this universe lives inside every single one of our universes as well? that’s what I call unity, one love. we are universal individuals, constantly experiencing one another in 3rd density, and 4th, 5th, and 13th, helping the creator of this universe, who uses the construct of light, build planets, stars, planetary systems, and galaxies. I am inside the creator of this universe at every level, co-creating with him, and so is everyone, and the creator of this universe, at the same time, is also giving us a hand co-creating our own universes.

      and that’s why we can’t conceive the notion of being just a spin off the source, having an experience and coming back to reunite with it. oh, my goodness, we are infinitely much more than that.

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps the “Source”. having attained a certain level of existence moved on to creating reality, and new beings from part of itself so that one day the parts will become peers of the source in a sorta of divine reproduction.

      • Rudy

        This is exactly what George Kavassilas says. I don’t know if you’re familiar with him. I find some of what he says very interesting and then other things that do not resonate with me. To each his own. His website is

        Also, this idea of being a universe and at the same time living within someone else’s universe is intriguing.

    • Exactly my question. There really is no point for a “creator” to want to experience anything due to the fact this creator created and knows everything and would already know how it all ends, since it or they created it all in the first place. Sort of a circular argument.

    • Perhaps it’s similar to the difference we experience between dreaming something and living it?

  • Branewaiver

    Questioning my ability to “see” future events, as much as considering how hypnotic therapists can induce past lives, I conclude that everything occurs in the present. Now is now and always will be. All experience is vibration and simultaneous. Our objective is perfection which can never be attained. Hence we exist.

  • dimitri

    It feels as though without the assumption that time is linear this article falls flat on its face. Time regression is all good and even entertaining, but what of time progression? Best efforts at that always seems to involve coming “back from the future”, again reinforcing linearity of time. Bottom line is that once a soul is totally and infinitely DONE with Universal Consciousness, what then? where then?

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