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Autism Linked to High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Anna Hunt, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

A recent study published in the journal Clinical Epigenetics reveals that high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is a highly-processed chemical sweetener used in many processed foods and beverages, has been identified as a major factor in the rise of autism in the United States.

The rise of autism spectrum disorders in the United States has been staggering.

“The number of children ages 6 to 21 in the United States receiving special education services under the autism disability category increased 91% between 2005 to 2010 while the number of children receiving special education services overall declined by 5%.” – Dufault et al. Clinical Epigenetics, 2012

The ingestion of heavy metals, such as mercury (Hg), into the body is having a profound effect on the neurodevelopment of children. HFCS is not only exposing children’s bodies to mercury, but it is also responsible for inhibiting the elimination of toxins and heavy metals due to how it depletes the body of the natural mineral zinc.

“…the HFCS characteristics most likely contributing to autism include the zinc depleting effect that comes from consuming HFCS and certain food colors found in processed foods, and the additional Hg exposure that may occur from the low Hg concentrations sometimes found in HFCS as a result of the manufacturing process [4,17].” – Dufault et al. Clinical Epigenetics, 2012

FIGURE 1. The consumption of HFCS has increased substantially in the US over the 1980’s and 90’s.

The study concludes:

“Consumption of HFCS may lead to mineral imbalances, including Zn [Zinc], Ca [Calcium] and P [Phosphorus] loss and Cu [Copper] gain and is a potential source of inorganic mercury exposure. These mineral imbalances create multiple pathways for oxidative stress in the brain from exposure to OP [organophosphate] pesticides and heavy metals, such as Pb [Lead] or Hg [Mercury].” – Dufault et al. Clinical Epigenetics, 2012

As health authorities and the FDA continue to pay little attention to ingredients such as HFCS, it is up to us to educate ourselves, other parents and our children. The importance of eating organic, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, as well as whole foods rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as Omega-3 Fatty acids, while eliminating processed foods from our diets, has never been more clear as public health epidemics skyrocket.

The study also identified the presence of mercury in vaccines and the overuse of agricultural pesticides, as potential causal factors for the increase in the rise of Autism in the United States.


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  • Anonymous

    You did not read the study carefully, it specifically stated that the only correlation was HFCS. Don’t spread misinformation to further your personal belief; it weakens your argument.

  • justanobs

    does a tablespoon of molasses, morning and evening, manage c.albicans overgrowth? E. Coli seems to go hand in hand here too, just on a level not putting one in the emergency room. Seems to for me molasses does something good. Also, seems to have cleared toe nail fungus up (not putting it on toes, ingesting it.) It’s the only thing i’ve changed in my diet. Hun? A 100 gallon molasses lick used to sit in the barn yard, getting hay in it, rain, surely some pee and shat, and it’d sit there from may to october, never rotting one bit. Leave some on the counter for months, it never rots.

  • Awaken Now

    Thank you for this wake up call article. Another factor which seems to tie both ‘heavy’ metal overload ie. mercury, lead, aluminum, iron etc.(vaccines, environmental) and HFCS consumption to autism is the yeast Candida Albicans which absolutely seems to thrive on these toxic body conditions wreaking havoc in the afflicted individuals.

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