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The Biggest Moneymaker of all Time: Cancer, and Why the Profiteers Don’t Want a Cure

Dr. Dennis Antoine, Wake Up World
Waking Times

People wail, cry, and question why him/her, how could this happen to a child? Immeasurable grief.

Yet the answers are quite clear: humans are unknowingly exposed to far too many chemicals on their food, in their water, their clothes – even when buying a new car. That new car smell? Major cancer causing chemicals that have been used to treat the new leather and the rugs in that new car. And people get in and snort it like they smelled a bouquet of flowers.

Food sprayed with chemicals to make them last? Preservatives. At one time, you could not patent food. Yet we now have a patented soybean. Just so Monsanto can profit. This fooling around and injecting chemicals in food has got to stop!

This is why you must demand that food be labeled GMO! Go California!

Even new clothing has been treated with chemicals that can seep into the body and wreak havoc especially in young children. Not to mention the pesticides that are used on your food. What is very interesting is how many people from Monsanto wind up working for the FDA. The FDA is supposed to protect US citizens from poisons, right? Do enough of your own research and the more you learn the more outraged you will become. This is what is meant by the wolf guarding the henhouse. They eat healthy, sure. And you can bet the ranch they don’t eat the food they sell.

Dr Max Gerson, who in 1938 made a startling discovery that his safe natural treatment for cancer patients held enormous promise. He was getting people well by using something that could not be patented – vegetables. At this time in history, a bill was appropriated for 100 million dollars to anyone who could show promise and results in treating cancer. Dr Gerson in 1946 presented 5 terminal cases and 5 additional patients’ records showing his effective treatment and cure of all of these cases. Well, guess what? The Pepper-Neely bill was defeated by four senators who were medical doctors.

Also of note, radio announcer Raymond Gram Swing who was in the room, was as astonished as any of the others and made a broadcast that night detailing these events and Gerson’s effective treatment. Two 2 weeks later, Swing was fired from his job.

The following video is life changing. The angel Charlotte Gerson is still alive and living in San Diego.

Gerson died in 1959, eulogized by long-time friend, Albert Schweitzer M.D.:

I see in him one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine. Many of his basic ideas have been adopted without having his name connected with them. Yet, he has achieved more than seemed possible under adverse conditions. He leaves a legacy which commands attention and which will assure him his due place. Those whom he has cured will now attest to the truth of his ideas.

Dozens of treatments have come and gone and have just as quickly been termed “not effective”. When an individual encounters a pathogen (virus, bacteria, fungus) their immunomodulators in their brain kick in to use and many different self-preservation events occur. One of the first is a fever. Almost all pathogens function best at 98.6, or normal body temperature.

The aspirin companies have convinced the public that a fever is bad. “We’ve got to break the fever” “if it gets too high we could cause brain damage”. And so this is drilled into caring parents’ minds and they immediately freak and start giving aspirin.

The body knows what it is doing and we interfere. Because we have a degree from a prestigious school and a stethoscope around our neck-we know better. But the fever is designed to make a poor quality environment for the germ, and eventually kill it off.

Instead, the aspirin, or Tylenol, does lower the temperature in some cases and the pathogen can now flourish.

The following was written by a medical doctor and comes from The Cancer Prevention Coalition: The verdict is unassailable. The American Cancer Society bears a major responsibility for losing the winnable war against cancer. Reforming the ACS is, in principle, relatively easy and directly achievable. Boycott the ACS. Instead, give your charitable contributions to public interest and environmental groups involved in cancer prevention. Such a boycott is well overdue and will send the only message this “charity” can no longer ignore. The Cancer Prevention Coalition (chaired by the author) in April 1999 formally announced a nationwide campaign for an economic boycott of the ACS .


The American Cancer Society has close connections to the mammography industry. Five radiologists have served as ACS presidents, and in its every move, the ACS reflects the interests of the major manufacturers of mammogram machines and films, including Siemens, DuPont, General Electric, Eastman Kodak, and Piker. In fact, if every woman were to follow ACS and NCI mammography guidelines, the annual revenue to health care facilities would be a staggering $5 billion, including at least $2.5 billion for premenopausal women. Promotions of the ACS continue to lure women of all ages into mammography centers, leading them to believe that mammography is their best hope against breast cancer. A leading Massachusetts newspaper featured a photograph of two women in their twenties in an ACS advertisement that promised early detection results in a cure “nearly 100 percent of the time.” An ACS communications director, questioned by journalist Kate Dempsey, responded in an article published by the Massachusetts Women’s Community’s journal Cancer:

The ad isn’t based on a study. When you make an advertisement, you just say what you can to get women in the door. You exaggerate a point. . . . Mammography today is a lucrative [and] highly competitive business.

The way women are treated when they have a mammography is deplorable. The tender, sensitive breast is jostled around, roughly handled and placed in the device to obtain the x-ray. The already angry area (angry with cancer cells) is now irritated further, enhancing the probability and possibility of cells spreading to other parts of the body.

Not only that, the tumor has a capsule around it. All the rough movement of the breast only helps to disrupt this capsule and enhance spreading or metastasis. Want a little more irritation? Let’s biopsy the area. A needle is stuck into the balloon and cells removed. Don’t you know there will be some leakage of the cells contained in that capsule?

Lung cancer and esophageal cancers too, are extraordinarily lucrative. It is one of the more difficult cancers to treat. There are miraculous stories about using Hydrogen Peroxide in the proper form to treat the body with oxygen.

Madison Cavanaugh has written a book called The One Minute Cure detailing the effectiveness of Hydrogen Peroxide on various health problems. Get the book.

To be clear, Hydrogen Peroxide must be Food Grade, meaning NOT WHAT YOU BUY IN THE SUPERMARKET. You must find food grade at 35% and then dilute it to 3%. What they sell in the brown bottle has preservatives in it and is not meant for internal use.

Cancer despises oxygen. It also loves 98.6. And it loves fatty tissue. It’s nirvana for the cancer cells. Cancer also has a unique capability to do what is called angiogenesis – it makes its own blood vessels to bring more blood and more food to feed its crazy appetite. It has this appetite because it is making cells at such a rapid pace.

Sugar is perfect fuel for cancer. High fructose corn syrup is a form of sugar that is ideal, as the high mitotic rate (cell division and tumor growth) calls for energy.

So here we have the “perfect storm”- you take a body, make it overweight – eat low quality food with all kinds of chemicals in the food and expose that person to fluoride in water, or vaccinations (additional cancer causing chemicals), air pollution, barbecued food (additional carcinogens) nitrates and nitrites, second hand smoke, etc and voila! You have a good potential to develop cancer.

Not everyone takes the cheese of standard treatment however, because there are alternatives to treating even difficult esophageal cancer as evidenced by this next video:

Tumors – Let’s pretend you were away and when you came home your home was extremely hot. You go to the thermostat an turn on the air conditioner. Nothing happens.

Would you then rip the thermostat out of the wall, thinking, “Well that should fix it”?

Of course not. This is what we do when we cut out a tumor. The tumors purpose just may be a “thermostat” a way to measure the presence of sickness. What if the tumor was only an indicator and not a sign of imminent death?

In so many cases, when treated successfully, there are reports of tumors shrinking and disappearing.

So what we do in America, we cut the tumor out. And the wonderful surgeon tells the family “I think we got it all”. Since cells are so vastly small, how could anyone, even with a microscope know for sure that they “got it all?” There is not a physician on the planet that could know for 100% sure they were able to “get it all”.

As a matter of fact, what if the tumors actually served a purpose and acted as indicators to tell us whether improvement is taking place? After all, unless the tumor is pressing on an airway or blood vessel, why take a chance and cut a person open who is already in a challenged state? And leave them susceptible to infection. Many people die from secondary infections due to the immunosuppresion of their bodies brought on by the side effects of chemotherapy. The radiation kills healthy cells. Cancer does not make hair fall out; radiation does that. And poor appetite causing poor nourishment? Caused by the drugs. So how can a body stay healthy if they are not getting proper nourishment?

This does not have to be. This is exactly where Dr Gerson was going. Take away the irritants (bad food, poor quality fluoridated water, fats, and sugars) and introduce ingredients the body can use to fight with-clean water-a healthy liver-vegetables-nutrients, and proper health can be restored.

This is a small sampling of incredible alternatives to fight cancer. The reason hemp is outlawed? Henry Ford many years ago said we should be using hemp for almost anything you can imagine –  more and better use than cutting down all the trees and insulting the earth with mining. Greed is why hemp is outlawed. It is a very powerful solution to a number of health problems.

Rick Simpson in his video Run From the Cure discusses his very effective treatment for cancer-hemp oil.

The suppression of this information is criminal.

Please read Death By MedicineGary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio MD, Dorothy Smith PhD

This is not about bad mouthing anyone. There are better things to do with time. It is about exposing the truth. There are many fine, caring physicians. When a person experiences a trauma from an accident, a severe laceration, by all means, of course you require medical treatment. Let’s not mix compassion with profit. Medicine started out based on compassion. First, do no harm, right? We should prevent what we treat? Where are we now? Big Pharma sends their beautiful reps to doctors’ offices to convince them of how they should be getting more people on this drug or that one, despite side effects. It’s for profit and it is deplorable and sad.

Be aware of your rights; don’t be badgered or scared into doing what “everyone else is doing” only to wind up a statistic. Do your research now while you’re healthy. Don’t wait until you are in a crisis mode. Stay healthy. Grow your own vegetables. Drink purified water. Take nutrients. Question authority. And by all means Wake Up World!

Dr. Dennis Antoine

About the Author

Dr. Dennis Antoine graduated New York Chiropractic College in 1983. He opened his office in Ft Lauderdale to treat patients with chiropractic care and nutritional guidance, and  started Prevention@Work which focused on helping industry reduce injuries in the workplace. Using ergonomics, or the study of a person in the workplace, he assisted large companies in south Florida reduce their injuries, thereby helping companies save millions of dollars in health care costs. He has been a contributing editor for the Florida Sun Sentinel, The South Florida Business Journal, and ACA Journal of Chiropractic. He has also been a presenter for the American Chiropractic Association, the Florida Dairy Products Association, and Prevention Magazine. He now helps other doctors market their practices, and get the word out about options and alternatives that are safe and effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

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  • abinico warez

    I worked for doctors. They are delusional and evil.

  • Jason

    Hearing the same crap for over twenty years but still no alternatives can publicly provide a cure. I’v heard all this crap when i was studying natural medicine and then watched one of the teachers and a great friend to many die of cancer in my first year. “we have a cure!!!” No they were selling false dreams, no different from big pharma. BTW: Prevention is not a cure. Most people realize they live in toxic conditions. Most people know that exercise and healthy eating alleviate cancer advancement. It is well researched. It’s common knowledge. The author is a chiropractor for god sake, not a medical doctor… and some of you people calling for people to wake up? -lol. The natural health industry and the associated “book” selling and seminars selling prodcuts that they make for a few cents for lots of money is just as corrupt as big pharma. They all rely on your fears… There is no magical cure for cancer… there more than likely will never be unless it is specifically viral in condition. Big pharma cannot stop that. They do not have that much power. I mean if anyone had a cure for cancer and they were being blocked then they’d probably give the secret out for free wouldn’t they…? and word of mouth would get around pretty quickly because people value their lives. So much other unreliable crap here… I can’t be bothered responding anymore… You go down the yellow brick road, your choice,

  • Big Pharm does know of a cure and they do all they can to suppress it. They have infiltrated the “alternative medicine” movement and keep them enthralled with the very same assumption that big pharm uses: The cause of cancer is physical, therefore the cure must be in the physical realm.

    Far from the truth, “alternative” practitioners share the same vitriol as does big Pharm against the truth.

    Cancer comes from the emotions, cure the emotions and the cancer goes into remission.

  • Rui

    Quickest way to undermine the authority of a written article.

    When I read an article where the writer writes IT’S instead of ITS really gets me worried about the validity of whatever point is made therein. IT’S is an abbreviation of IT IS, pure and simple. Most people just don’t seem to ever get this simple principle.

    ITS refers to the third person (his, hers, its)

    • Mel

      Dear Rui,

      I agree with you that it is disconcerting to read spelling and grammatical errors in otherwise insightful and important articles, however I think you may be overstating the impact it has, i.e. ‘to undermine the authority of a written article.’

      This subject has enough mountains to climb and, frankly, your criticism is but the tiny flea on the ass of a monster big enough to eat New York City.

      People writing blogs on the internet don’t have editorial assistants like their more polished, corporately-owned cousin news aggregating sites like the Huffington Post or the New York Times or or so on and so forth.

      I ask you kindly to give Dr. Antoine a break and expend your energy instead spreading the word to all those who have no idea that there is an alternative cure not only for cancer but also every other disease and chronic condition currently being ‘cured’ by pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, people are nothing but ATM machines for Big Pharma–the same companies that brought the world Agent Orange, Dioxin, and countless other biochemical warfare agents.

      Spread the word far and wide. Kudos to Dr. Antoine and all the other courageous health care providers who take a stand in spite of the threat of ridicule, harassment, loss of career and even murder that has befallen those who dared to continue healing people outside ‘the box’ of the tyranny that is called modern medicine.

      For those interested in an excellent documentary on the subject:

      Cancer: The Forbidden Cures.

      If this doesn’t wake someone up, they need to eat more green vegetables, turn off their television set and go take a walk.


  • brian
  • Amerikagulag

    Of course thay won’t allow a cure for cancer to go public. Think of all the money Nancy Brinker would lose riding on the coat tails of her dead sister Susan Komen!!!! And those pink taxi cabs! No more riders. All those silly magnetic ribbons…. I mean the magnetic ribbon industry would just collapse.

    “for the cure” my a** !Cancer is BIG MONEY.

    • Amerikagulag

      You need no more evidence of their lack of interest in a cure than the fact that the SAME treatment exists today that existed 30 years ago.

  • Koolz

    It’s worse then you guys can know. I am actually amazed that stupidity of the world and general public, that you would dumb enough to believe anything the Gov tells you and the FDA. How would like to know that a Major CEO of Monsanto has become a Major part of the FDA now because Obama elected that person to be in the FDA.
    The whole thing is a scam! They want you sick! They want you to get cancer. GMO’s, Spraying, Unfiltered Water, etc.
    all of it is to break the population down.
    Read what is the product you buy and eat!

  • ThomasT

    Helen, read more…There is a cure..and no, its not brocooli.

    No alternative cancer cure is allowed to be published in any of the now exposed-as-corrupt med journals*, and that makes it illegal for your doc to even mention it, let alone cure you with any such protocol.


    The cures?

    In the mid-1980s a famous US physician, Dr. Robert Good, became interested in an alternative cancer therapy that in clinical trials was shown to work well. At that point, Dr. Good was one of the most published authors in scientific literature, with over 2,000 articles to his name. He was the father of modern immunology and performed the first bone marrow transplant. He had been nominated for the Nobel Prize three times. By every measure, Dr. Robert Good was as mainstream as mainstream could be imagined up to his epiphany about cancer treatment.

    When Dr. Good wrote about this alternative cancer treatment, he was refused publication in all medical journals because the findings were “too controversial,” and flew in the face of conventional medical doctrine. He had strayed too far outside the bounds of what was “acceptable,” and that was simply out of the question for the rest of the mainstream, even coming from someone with credentials as outstanding as Dr. Good’s.

    We have The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers, 2007, H R Clark PhD ND, privately published, exactly for this reason.

    Dr Clark, an ex-Canadian Govt. cell research biologist carried out over half a million repeatable, so scientifically VALID bio-resonance Synchrometer comparison tests to identify the specific bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, dyes, moulds, radio-active substances, and benzene, asbestos, food allergens etc. that are the cause of ALL cancers.

    Other cures address most of these factors, and by doing so, they interrupt the cancer pathways. That stops the malignancy, sometimes within 24 hours. (Clark H R, PhD ND, 1995). The boosted immune systems digest the tumor. Some of the cures are those of Drs Raymond Rife, and Robert Beck; (electrical); Dr Burzynski (gene targetting with drugs); Germany`s ozone cure, that cured Pres Reagan’s lung cancer; and the herbal route of essiac, that cured Sen Ted Kennedy’s son’s terminal bone cancer; and herbals of Dr. Marijah McCain, H Hoxey and Jason Winters.

  • ROBB

    … You have said it all .. thanks

  • Helen Waterman

    Very interesting I would like to read more

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