West Nile Virus and World Peace

Two Rivers, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

Sometimes the universe is just so perfect. Such a time is now.

You wouldn’t think that West Nile virus was anyone’s friend but you’d be wrong. It offers a gift to humanity. And here is how that’s so.

In the country right now (even in the world), the pesticide and chemical industries are in a lot of trouble. People are getting it that the earth and its inhabitants are being poisoned through fluoride, through antibiotics in animal feed, through Roundup pesticide and GMOs, through dental amalgams made not of silver but mercury, through toxins in vaccines, through BPA in everything, through forcing hundreds of toxic chemicals into the ground to force up gas, through the oil industry spilling all over the Gulf, and Colorado river and more. People are fed up and tired of being sick.

And yet right now in NYC, Mayor Bloomberg wants to spray toxins across the city. How can he even consider that? West Nile virus. Because the CDC and media have stirred up so much fear, suddenly health and environmental awareness slips back to the 50s when spraying everyone with deadly stuff “made sense.” In that way, West Nile virus becomes the seeming hero of the poison industries. It revives sales of poisons, always a good thing for them. And the timing is especially fine (perhaps arranged?), since right now the anti-fracking folks in NY have pushed Gov. Cuomo to stop fracking and he hasn’t answered yet. People have been waiting, and the pressure and tension have grown. Nothing like stirring up a lot of fear and spraying a mist of poisons all over NYC to take people’s minds off fracking and whatever Cuomo might do. Suddenly the issue is spray or don’t spray, and not stopping fracking.

You’re probably wondering, “Then, how is West Nile virus a good thing since it’s making people sick and it’s stopping political attention to fracking?” Good question. It will take a little while to explain the ins and outs.

  • Begin with the fact that there aren’t many cases of West Nile virus (WNv), yet the media has whipped up a significant fear, while being silent about the fact that tens of thousands of children and elderly die from aspirin and ibuprofen every year. Move on to the fact that there are a lot of questions about whether WNv even exists.

    “The West Nile virus has never been isolated. “Isolated” means discovered. This is a simple notion. Just as you can ask whether an explorer on a ship, journeying to the tip of South America, ever arrived, you can ask whether researchers ever found the West Nile virus.

    “The answer is no.” http://www.naturalnews.com/036852_Dallas_West_Nile_aerial_spraying.html#ixzz26PGiOSwd

    “What the ….?” you might be asking, wondering what is making people sick, then.

    “…. A decade ago, another independent journalist, Jim West, launched an original investigation into the so-called “West Nile epidemic” in New York City.

    “West correlated clusters of human and bird “West Nile” cases with several factors; among them, nearby polluting oil refineries, other air pollution (certainly exacerbated by hot summer weather), and the presence of toxic MTBE, an additive that makes gasoline in cars burn cleaner. http://www.naturalnews.com/036852_Dallas_West_Nile_aerial_spraying.html#ixzz26PGiOSwd

    Okay, so now perhaps you’re asking, “Is the big news that Bloomberg may be distracting from fracking by focusing on WNv, which may not even exist, in order to spray poisons on people, while saying that this will help them when it may actually disperse toxins that are killing people to begin with?”

    No. Though that does sum up the insanity of all of this. However much that may be true about Bloomberg, or about distracting from the big political decision on fracking, or about WNv perhaps not being a mosquito thing at all, the news related to WNv is way bigger than any of these things. And the news is good news, not just another “oh, what a corrupt mess” kind of news.

    The big news about WNv is that there is a cure for it, and that the cure is valid regardless of whether it’s an actual virus or whether it’s from toxins.


    Two men, one 68 and the other, 55,
    were cured of year-long cases of
    West Nile Virus when Dr. [Thomas] Levy
    gave them mega-doses of vitamin C
    intravenously. The older man was
    cured in 30 hours. The younger men
    had three drip-infusions, and was
    pronounced cured.


    One of those patients wrote:

    “My own health department, Boulder County, CO, refused to publish the information that I and my doctors had that IV C cured me in 2004 when WNv reached epidemic status in Boulder County.

    “Our local newspaper, The Boulder Daily Camera, published my story with the comment from the State Medical Director that there is no evidence that Vit C cures West Nile. He didn’t care that it was a mega dose (75 grams) of IV C with glutathione. He didn’t bother calling my doctors, Maurieke Shyelle and Thomas E. Levy, to even discuss the possibility although Boulder County had well over 400 officially diagnosed cases with many deaths.

    “Same old crap—-the Medical Director claimed that there is no evidence that vitamin C cures West Nile or anything else for that matter. I offered to bring my medical records, the blood tests and my doctors to the Boulder County Heath Dept. Of course they didn’t want to see the evidence.

    “Fortunately The Boulder Daily Camera carried the story in spite of the State Medical Directors comments and many infected with WNv tried IV C and were cured.

    “I was cured by the first dose of IV C and glutathione which included a short stay in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. 36 hours later my fever broke and all symptoms disappeared. Getting this therapy early is the key to a quick recovery.”

    But you’re probably thinking, “What’s so good about the news on West Nile virus since the medical industry is suppressing that Vitamin C is a cure, and where’s the World Peace part?”

    The good part is that WNv is making enough headlines that serious attention is being paid to it. That’s why you are reading this article and how you just found out that Vitamin C cures it. But now that you are paying attention, it becomes possible to say something much, much bigger and explain how that connects to world peace. Because the cure for WNv is where things start to get interesting, for everyone.

    For the much, much bigger thing is that Vitamin C has been documented to cure not only West Nile virus but over 70 infectious diseases, as well as cancer, heart disease, degenerative diseases, radiation poisoning and toxic exposures. It is an universal antidote. And that’s why it could cure WNv whether it was a virus or a toxin.

    But it’s more than a cure for all those diseases. It’s a cure for the whole healthcare system and for the financial system that the healthcare system is currently pulling under. Watch this video – everyone in the country needs to see (while forgiving the ad it ends with).

    West Nile virus just opened a big door onto cures for all diseases.

    The government and the pharmaceutical industry used fear one too many times, and for a virus that may not even be a virus but effects of toxins and that appears to have been used for political purposes. Bloomberg wants to fog NYC in poisons. Is the reason behind this so New Yorkers don’t notice what is happening with fracking, which severely poisons the land and water and impacts people? With so much fear generated around WNv, with “health” agencies suggesting poisoning whole cities because of it, WNv is a gift of enough is enough. And when the cure for it is seen, it’s then possible to see clearly how the medical agencies that claim to care about health are happy to terrify people about dying of something, but then do all they can to block people from getting the cure that can save them.

    West Nile virus leads to reality:

    “For more than 75 years, a remarkable thing has been occurring in medicine – rapid and full cures of disease after disease by a single treatment. This major revolution in medical thought should have been heralded as the most wonderful possible news – other than world peace – in mankind’s history. For we are now at the dawn of a moment in medical science that is so immense in its implications it has never even be fantasized – this astounding renaissance in medical thinking frees human beings from fear of all diseases.

    Given the central role the pharmaceutical industry has played and is still playing in arranging wars and horrifying abuse of whole populations, and that its major financial investment is in maintaining and increasing diseases, a universal antidote to disease is crucial to world peace. It eliminates the need for the industry’s toxic vaccines and deadly drugs and undermines what is, in fact, a war industry dressed in white coats. Given that the pharmaceutical industry is also responsible for GMOs and pesticides, toxic dumps, antibiotics, hormones and drugs in animals, on-going torture of animals, polluting of water and air, a universal antidote to disease is crucial as a means to say a gentle good-bye to an environmentally horrific industry. Given that the industry is the bankers, the oil companies, the chemical companies, and the companies in Big Pharm, which have all corrupted governments and international agencies (the UN, the WHO, the CDC, the WTO, the OIE, etc.) to do global harm in order to make their global profits, a universal antidote to disease is a blessing in more ways than one. It allows people around the world to say, “No, thank you” to genocide, to pandemic laws that are cloaked martial laws and forced human experimentation. “No, thank you” to mandated vaccines that are destroying the world’s children, and to forced vaccination which can include micro-chipping. And “Thanks, anyway” to diseases which can be used to control travel.

    Once people understand that this is the industry that killed millions during 1918-19 with their new synthetic drug aspirin and covered up the massive human catastrophe they caused by blaming a fictitious pandemic, then a near century of mankind’s terror of the flu begins to drop away. And then questions emerge about the CDC promoting fear of pandemics.

    And fear brings us back to West Nile virus. WNv helps us see the pattern of blaming nature for what the drug/chemical/oil industry has itself done to make people so sick. It shows us the Idiot Cycle we have all been on, and that we have been intentionally kept from cures, by agencies which have become monstrous.

    The following is but a small look at the pharmaceutical industry that has been taking care of our health. It is an industry that says there is no cure for WNv, suggests spraying poisons everywhere, and prevents the truth of an actual cure being known.

    Part 1:  1918 and Aspirin http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/bayer-and-death-1918-and-aspirin/

    [Monsanto was involved in the 1918 deaths. 1917: Bayer, The German competition cut prices in an effort to drive Monsanto out of business, but failed. Soon, Monsanto diversified into phenol (a World War I-era antiseptic), and aspirin when Bayer’s German patent expired in 1917. Monsanto began making aspirin, and soon became the largest manufacturer world-wide.]

    Part 2:  Aspirin Killed, Homeopathy Saved http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/07/10/aspirin-killed-homeopathy-saved/

    Part 3:  Vaccines and CDC’s Myth of a 1918 Virus http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/vaccines-and-cdc%E2%80%99s-myth-of-a-1918-virus/

    Part 4:  Aspirin Deaths Continue Beyond 1918 http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/aspirin-deaths-continue-beyond-1918/

    Part 5:  A New Set of Questions about 1918 and Bush’s Pandemic laws http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/a-new-set-of-questions-about-1918/

    Part 6:  Bayer and WWII http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/PHARMACEUTICAL_BUSINESS/history_of_the_pharmaceutical_industry.htm

    Part 7:  Bayer Inherits Nazi funds http://www.rawfoodinfo.com/articles/art_poisonforprofit.html

    Part 8:  Bayer and Bees http://www.forbes.com/sites/markgibbs/2012/04/26/bayer-pesticide-profits-or-bees/

    Part 9:  Bayer and Monsanto http://bestmeal.info/monsanto/company-history.shtml

    Part 10:  Bayer and Terrorism http://www.rawfoodinfo.com/articles/art_pharmaterror.html

    This industry took off based on its invention of the Spanish flu and the terror it created around it. WNv may be the virus (even if bogus) that begins its decline. For the (denied but very much real) cure for the WNv leads to awareness of documented cures for virtually all infectious diseases (over 70) and of a universal antidote. And that means universal freedom from fear.

    In a very real sense, we can’t have world peace without such a cure because the most war-causing industry that has ever existed on the face of the earth feeds off of disease. Vitamin C thus becomes critical not only to the world’s health but to world peace itself. Thanks to WNv and Vitamin C’s cure of it, a world-changing truth is finally getting out. Vitamin C is a powerful and gentle treatment for everything. Not unlike peace itself.

    This week, people all around the world gather in whatever place they live for a day of unified meditation and prayer for world peace.

    As people everywhere meditate and pray on September 21st, they can be filled with images of health of mankind, within a world of peace.

    Gandhi spoke of soul force and this is what it looked like.

    It has begun again, and we can all be part of it now.

    The following photo is from London, very recently.

    So many people meditating together are generating an energy good for everyone, and the earth, and for peace. (That energy also relates to vitamin C but that would require another article.)

    West Nile virus has introduced us to an incredible reality – there is a universal antidote to sickness. The fear of disease is over. That is essential knowledge and groundwork for world peace.

    Share that wonderful news with as many others as possible as you invite them to become part of BeThePeace, the Largest Globally-Synchronized Meditation and Prayer for Peace in human history.

    Organizations from around the world have come together …. Join them: http://www.facebook.com/events/247414105374851/
    Video: http://vimeo.com/48985098

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