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911: Returning to the Light

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor
Waking Times

When we peel back the veils of what’s going on in the world, it’s going to impact us emotively in many ways. On this, the anniversary of 911, we can clearly see the metaphor: the old fear based reality is coming apart at the seams, a progressive internal implosion. It’s right to call the truth as we see it, yet we must always remember who we are, where we came from. What’s the real light within? I don’t belong to this conditioned matrix of limitation. This is not a reflection of who I am. Do what you want to me, but at the core of my being I am expansive, liberated, fearless. I can blend with other forms, influence and catalyse lower vibrations and at the end of the day, I return to me. I return to the light…

Stirring up the sediment

Make no mistake, we are here to change things, to shake things up. We’re here to stir up the sediment in the bed of the stream. But when we do so, we have to look through the cloudiness and focus on the twinkling nuggets of soul-gold if we’re not to get lost in the activated haziness.

To me the metaphor is clear: the matrix is collapsing like the Twin Towers 11 years ago. Just as then, it is collapsing in on itself.

My heart goes out to those many who suffered.
Allow the light through it to console.
Darkness only ever battles with itself,
ultimately it fells itself by its own foolhardiness.

Ghost in the machine

With deftness of touch and feather-like lightness of being, we must flow through the matrix, reflect the light yes, but when the opposing power is overwhelming, effortlessly step out of the way. Darkness then topples all by itself. Caused by itself. Falling in upon itself. Crumbling dust, melted steel, you did it to none other than yourself!

This is the Aikido Player in us. Don’t hit the opposition head on. You’ll get steamrollered! And never forget that parts of you might still be locked inside the matrix, otherwise you wouldn’t have created it as a mirror. So be patient, wait, feel, tap gently on that aspect of darkness that would draw you in. Pull the thread that stirs the tearful inner emotion. But let it become no tug-of-war. Surrender. Fall into the centre of the pain, always with one eye looking and feeling for that lost nugget of soul gold. What stirs your spirit? What moves you to the core of your being? Reach out, reclaim it, integrate it as quickly as you can. Then vanish, like the faintest whisp of light, an angel in the machine. You’re gone, leaving darkness scratching its weary head.

It’s all about focus

Evolution is all about focus. Focus and feeling. Focus too heavily on the darkness and unwittingly you become it. It seeps uninvited through your pores. But it can’t attract you in the first place if there’s not a part of you in it. And denial doesn’t get you anywhere either, other than to some delusionary make-believe: Alice in the-not-so-wonderland.

In every moment you have to watch, feel and allow the true core of your being to spike awareness to where attention must be placed. Look through with attentive feeling and integrate what’s been missing. The darkness in you will dissolve, the veils will fall away. You’ll transcend this density and join the light of the new emergence.

Liquid Gold

So on this inglorious anniversary, where darkness revealed the density of its true colourlessness, let’s be heartened, emboldened, expansive. Let’s look through the mist, but focus on the light within it. Let’s blend with it, become as-one with it, but then transcend this density forever.

That’s what Openhand’s liquid gold meditation is all about. We offer it freely as a gift on this anniversary. How ever you may have been hurt, let true soul gold activate your inner most being and carry you into the light… Liquid Gold


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