A Fluoride-Free Pineal Gland is More Important than Ever

Paul Fassa
Natural News 

There has been some controversy over the activity of adding synthetic fluoride to municipal water supplies and elsewhere, but not enough. The seriousness of this issue is more than what most realize. Fluoridation ranks with GMO‘s and tainted, forced vaccinations among the great crimes against humanity.

Understanding the Different Fluorides

There are two types of fluoride. Calcium Fluoride, which appears naturally in underground water supplies, is relatively benign. However, too much consumed daily can lead to bone or dental problems. Calcium is used to counter fluoride poisoning when it occurs. This redeeming factor indicates that the calcium in naturally formed calcium fluoride neutralizes much of fluoride’s toxic effects.

On the other hand, the type of fluorides added to water supplies and other beverages and foods are waste products of the nuclear, aluminum, and now mostly the phosphate (fertilizer) industries. The EPA has classified these as toxins: fluorosilicate acid, sodium silicofluoride, and sodium fluoride.

For this article, the term Sodium Fluoride will include all three types. Sodium fluoride is used for rat poison and as a pesticide. According to a scientific study done several years ago, Comparative Toxicity of Fluorine Compounds, industrial waste sodium fluorides are 85 times more toxic than naturally occurring calcium fluoride.

Health Hazards of Sodium Fluoride

Generally, most fluoride entering the body is not easily eliminated. It tends to accumulate in the body’s bones and teeth. Recently, it has been discovered to accumulate even more in the pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain.

This consequence of dental fluorosis, which seriously harms teeth, from daily fluoridation has been documented. Yet, the American Dental Association (AMA) continues beating a dead horse, promoting fluoride. There is a refusal to admit that instead of preventing tooth decay, fluoride causes even more dental harm.

The flood of sodium fluoride in water and food also creates other more serious health problems that are not widely publicized, even suppressed. Nevertheless, in addition to fluorosis, independent labs and reputable researchers have linked the following health issues with daily long term intake of sodium fluoride:

*Genetic DNA Damage
*Thyroid Disruption – affecting the complete endocrine system and leading to obesity
*Neurological – diminished IQ and inability to focus, lethargy and weariness.
*Alzheimer’s Disease
*Melatonin Disruption, lowers immunity to cancer, accelerates aging, sleep disorders.
*Pineal Gland, calcification, which clogs this gland located in the middle of the brain.

How Did We Get Stuck With Stuff?

According to investigative journalist Christopher Bryson, author of The Fluoride Deception, getting large quantities of sodium fluoride into the water and food system was a ploy of public relations sponsored by the industries who were saddled with getting rid of the toxic materials.

Fluoride was necessary for the processing or enriching of uranium. The pro-fluoride propaganda was started during the Manhattan Project to create the first atom bombs in the 1940’s. The spin was to convince workers and locals where the largest nuclear plant was located in Tennessee that fluoride was not only safe, it was good for kids’ dental health.

In the early 1950’s, the notorious spin master and father of advertising, Edward Bernays, continued the campaign for adding fluorides to water supplies as an experiment in engineering human consent! Then the AMA picked up on the dental issue and endorsed sodium fluoride’s addition to water supplies. The few dissenting health studies and reports were usually squashed. Those dissenting voices were dismissed as quacks regardless of their credentials.

Approximately 2/3 of the USA water supply is laced with sodium fluoride. Sodium fluoride is a common pesticide. So that residue is in some foods. Some sodas, packaged orange juices, and even bottled drinking water for babies contain fluoride additives. Buyer beware. Read your labels carefully.

Avoiding Fluoridation

Keep in mind that boiling only increases the concentration of fluoride to water more. But removing fluoride from tap water is not so difficult. Reverse osmosis works well for removing fluorides. If you own your home and can spring for the bucks, you can have one installed under the sink in your kitchen. That makes things very convenient for your fluoride removal from tap water.

If this is not your situation, grab a couple of large jugs and fill them up from reverse osmosis machines in health food stores, supermarkets, and other locations. There are several such machines around, usually labeled as using reverse osmosis, and they usually take coins. So it is the most accessible and cheapest way to go if you can’t install one where you live.

The Physiological Importance of the Pineal Gland

During the late 1990’s in England, a scientist by the name of Jennifer Luke undertook the first study the effects of sodium fluoride on the pineal gland. She determined that the pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain, was a target for fluoride. The pineal gland simply absorbed more fluoride than any other physical matter in the body, even bones.

Because of the pineal gland’s importance to the endocrine system, her conclusions were a breakthrough. Her study provided the missing link to a lot of physiological damage from sodium fluoride that had been hypothesized but not positively connected. A veritable root source for the chain reaction of blocked endocrine activity had been isolated.

Good news though. Frequent exposure to outdoor sunshine, 20 minutes or so at a time, will help stimulate a fluoride calcified pineal gland. Just make sure you take off your hat. This is more important than most realize, because the pineal gland affects so much other enzyme and endocrine activity, including melatonin production.

The 2012 Connection

First a bit about 2012, a date many have heard about. According to Carlos Barrios, anthropologist, historian, and investigator who was initiated as a Mayan ceremonial priest and spiritual guide, “Anthropologists visit the temple sites and read the inscriptions . . . but they do not read the signs correctly. . . . Other people write about prophecy in the name of the Maya. They say that the world will end in December 2012. The Mayan elders are angry with this. The world will not end. It will be transformed.”

Carlos Barrios goes on to say that the transformation will be both spiritual and physical. The transition started in 1987. He says that we are in a spiritual transition from the rule of materialism, greed, and enmity to a new period of cooperation and peace – but not without difficulty. The current oligarchy is happy with what they have and don’t want to give it up, and they are powerful. The Mayans claim that 2012 marks the end of the period of the fourth sun and the beginning of the fifth sun.

Carlos points out that adversarial revolution against the ruling class will not work. It is up to those who want this shift to connect with others of like mind and begin actively creating networks of real cooperation. The old will crumble. The new period will dawn with its growing pains, the severity of which depends on our ability to accept what is happening and go with the flow. This, he says, requires evolving to unconditional love, with an open and simple heart, forgiveness, and cooperation with less ego competition.

Connecting the Pineal Gland to This 2012 Matter

Well, what does all this have to do with the pineal gland? A lot. It is considered a portal to the inner or higher self by yogi masters, including Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. Psychics consider it to be the link for inter dimensional experiences. It is associated with what many call the third eye or sixth chakra, which is a doorway to higher consciousness and bliss.

And it is vital for supporting intuition, an ability that will be needed during hard times. So it is necessary to evolve spiritually in order to help create better understanding, acceptance of our fellow humans, and easier group cooperation. Meditation is a part of this evolving. That and a little sunshine, good rest and food, can cause a calcified pineal gland to loosen up and allow that portal to open.

An unusual psychiatrist, professor of medicine at University of New Mexico, and practicing Buddhist, Dr. Rick Strassman, MD, has written a book based on actual human studies of people under the psychedelic drug, DMT, titled DMT, The Spirit Molecule. He has discovered, among other things, that the pineal gland is a source of DMT production during birth and at death, and during near death or mystical experiences. This chemical approach corroborates the idea of the pineal gland as a portal, where the spirit passes through to other dimensions, either entering this physical realm or leaving it.

South American and Central American shamans use Ayahuasca, an herbal potion that stimulates DMT for psychological healing and spiritual initiation ceremonies. They have expanded their ceremonies with Ayahuasca by traveling throughout the world or opening their local facilities to non natives. They are doing this urgently in anticipation of 2012. Their desire is to jump start and expand individuals’ consciousness so the transition of consciousness will be facilitated and incorporate as many as possible.

This information is meant to link the physical realm’s pineal gland to higher states of awareness and other realms. The point is not to advocate or discourage psychedelic drug use, but to encourage health, meditation and spiritual growth by maintaining a fluoride free pineal gland. 2012 is approaching. Time to get in shape!


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  • Kay

    Does this water contamination apply only to the US, or does it happen throughout the world?

  • Patricia

    I have heard that distilling water has its own dangers, that it takes away minerals from the water which we need.

  • Dmystified

    What about people who like to take baths?

    Also, what about pure spring water bottled at the source? If I drink anything that contains fluoride, I know right away because it triggers my allergies, and spring water does not do this.

  • Don’t forget to use a flouride free toothpaste.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92qmQFkYILM

    Check out my video if you’d like an overview of things you can do. It should save you quite a bit of research.

  • I also discovered that fluoride is much harder on smaller creatures like dogs, cats and children, and begins to show effects in the joints first. My dog has always had problems with his joints until we put him on reverse osmosis bottled water. His gate improved in less than a week! The problem with reverse osmosis water is that it is void of any minerals and life, and might even do more harm to the physical body than regular tap, as it leeches the nutrients that are present in the body and causes us to pass them out of our system.

    In meditation, I was shown the literal meaning of the cliche “you are what you eat.” To me that meant that a population that takes dead food and water into the body is a population of dead people – zombies if you will. Fortunately, I happened to serendipitously listen to an episode of Coast to Coast about fluoride and water, and through the guest on that show I found this amazing resource called http://www.findaspring.com/ where you can locate a living spring source of water close to you, to collect for yourself. We have two 5 gallon containers and go to our spring once a month. My dog is doing very well on this natural living water.

  • Good article… I have a few things to add that might be useful.

    Fluoride is a metal, the smallest of the halogen group. It was used in concentration camps at 50ppm to interfere with reasoning. Is it any wonder it is still be mandated? Is it any wonder why people seem to be unable to reason things out, even when shown evidence of the dangers of Fluoride, mercury, etc…?

    Iodine is the largest of the halogen metals. Iodine dissolves Fluoride. Every cell in the body requires Iodine. If you decide to use Iodine I suggest Iodoral at 50mg per day. It is imperative you use ATP Cofactors with it. Otherwise, you will derive little benefit from using Iodine. There is no mechanism for transporting Iodine through the body. ATP Cofactors act as a catalyst allowing red blood cells to connect to Iodine, and thus moving it throughout the body. For more about Iodine – and there is so much more you need to know – listen to my interview with Dr. Jorge Flechas at JerryWills.com (Iodine: Secrets to Health: 3 hour interview).

    Selenium and Fluoride attract each other, and bond. You can use Selenium to dissolve and flush Fluoride from the body, including the Pineal Gland. Research this to know how much Selenium to use, since too much Selenium is toxic.

    If you use Natural Cellular Defense (a brand name of purified Zeolite) while taking Selenium the Zeolite will pick-up the dissolved Fluoride and remove it from the body. You must drink a lot of water and it takes a few months. Don’t drink much water? Don’t attempt using Zeolite…

    The red spectrum of sunlight (near red as in infra red [850nm] and exact red [650nm] as in center of the red spectrum) is the reason you can heal the body. It is why sunlight is suggested as a means to help remove Fluoride. This alone will not do much toward removal. Red light causes the production of NO2 to be released from red blood cells. It only lasts microseconds but is the reason a wound exposed to sunlight will heal more rapidly. Use a red light from a red diode. It will contain both frequencies. Many red diodes grouped together are better, but one will help. These are cheap and easily found.

    Reverse osmosis and distilled water are very much alike. Distilled water is completely devoid of minerals. RO water is very close to being distilled. All bottled water is one or the other. People do not realize the issues associated with drinking bottled water. It might be pure, but it is without mineralization.

    Drinking water that does not contain minerals will demineralize you. This is quite bad.

    To counter this, add liquid minerals to the purified water. We have found a brand called “Concentrace” to be the best available. Do your research, know how many minerals should be in your water and at what strength. I think you will agree this is the best product.

    Add 20 of Concentrace drops per gallon to your distilled water.

    Understand that even if you are not drinking water with Fluoride in it, you are probably showering/ bathing in water that is treated. You will absorb more Fluoride during a hot shower (through breathing and the skin) than you will from drinking water with Fluoride. Furthermore, the chlorine gasses you breathe during a shower inflamed your mucus membranes and irritate your lungs.

    To counter Chlorine use a carbon filter at the shower head – change it every 3 months. Though this will do nothing for the Fluoride, it will help protect your skin and lungs.

    This is a dismal situation. It has happened because people have allowed it to go this direction. It’s unfortunate these items have been added to our water… It’s been this way for years. When will people finally stand up and say enough is enough?!?

    I hope this helps further your knowledge, and I hope it helps you.

    Best Wishes
    Jerry Wills

    • Fred Douglas

      You have done the common critical mistake of confusing fluoride with fluorine. Knowing the difference will prevent you from making false statements, although I doubt that any of the usual people reading this article would even notice your mistake.

  • 1313

    Ayahuasca , DMT, etc are wholly unnecessary and may be the domain of spoiled,”received wisdom” tourists.
    The pineal gland controls telepathy, which has been poisoned out of us, so we can be deceived. Since undergoing “the dark night” of the ego six years ago, believing I had PTSD, depression etc, I chose to detox – everything. NO meats, No fluoridated water (shower filters, bottled water…Dasani contains fluoride, it is often sneaked in), cut off toxic people (they will fight it), meditiation, returning to nature, sun (when possible), marijuana therapy occasionally, no television, additional hours of sleep, no facebook or ego-feeding social media…the result is, after “observing the observed” is… telepathy. That is the ‘secret’ of zero point and those ‘in control’, lizards, losers, whoever…are too poisoned, and unchosen, to receive/take back the gift.
    The content of a man’s character is contained in his aura…

    • mothman777

      Communication occurs on two levels; the purely spiritual type is experienced as a nitya-siddhi, or mystical ability on the plane of eternal spiritual perfection, whilst the lower form of telepathy is made from mainly material, and not pure spiritual vibrations, and can be practiced by anyone whether or not they have spiritual intentions and no matter what their level of spiritual qualities, so be a little cautious when ‘meeting’ people over there.

      In ‘The Aphorisms of Patanjali’ for instance, it is written that psychic abilities can be obtained from ‘light-bearing herbs’, and that certainly doesn’t require much spirituality, but it gets chaotic if one does not maintain a steady spiritual culture.

      I find that yoga whilst thinking of Lord Krishna helps, as He provides a ready spiritual tuning fork in a very nice form of ‘telepathy’ from the purely spiritual, or nitya-siddha plane of Vaikuntha, the spiritual world, and helps me to change planes of awareness quickly to somewhere higher when my mind veers too much towards maya.

      I find the same when reading books by Vaishnava Swamis, even ones who are now living in Vaikuntha; they are very kind and maintain contact, giving great reassurance, and they become present in my consciousness whenever I think of Vaishnava spiritual philosophy.

      All gurus in Vaikuntha, there must be many millions, share a common ‘guru’ potency that enables them to be in contact with souls in this world, and that potency is provided by Lord Krishna, who is both the substance and the medium of all such communication, transmitting the vibrations of the swamis through Himself to anyone the swami, or guru, wishes.

  • Bill

    Cannabis stimulates the Pineal gland to produce melatonin

    • graham

      probably explains why its ‘customers’ can’t get up before noon & have dark circles under eyes!!

  • Ayahuasca is the best way to repair/activate the Pineal http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayahuasca
    not to mention it rebalances all neuro chemicals and is the worlds most powerful anti-oxidant/medicine.

    For those not able to travel to the Amazon, there are other methods such as smoking DMT.

    Which is of course illegal.

    Drink your h20 citizen.

  • Garo

    Mark, did you read the article?

    “Frequent exposure to outdoor sunshine, 20 minutes or so at a time, will help stimulate a fluoride calcified pineal gland. Just make sure you take off your hat.”

    “Meditation is a part of this evolving. That and a little sunshine, good rest and food, can cause a calcified pineal gland to loosen up and allow that portal to open.”

    The article lists four things you can do to cleanse.

    1. Sunshine
    2. Good food
    3. Meditation
    4. Quality sleep

    and drinking non-fluoridated water would help, too.

    • Eblenn

      What if you live in the UK, this summer has been dreadful. There is no way you can get 20 minutes of sunshine every day of the year.

      • I recommend taking 5,000 iu’s of Vitamin-D3 (“sunshine vitamin”) everyday. I prefer it in liquid form, but a high-quality capsule (no artificial additives) would suffice. If you are sick, have the flu, etc., I would take up to 10,000 iu’s per day. Forget about VACCINES; they are NOT needed when eating well and taking D-3 daily, especially children and the elderly, or folks with weak immune systems.

      • mothman777

        Hi Eblenn, I forgot to mention above. Full spectrum daylight, even if not from sunshine, is necessary to pass directly through the eyes in order for the production of melatonin and serotonin to take place in their proper amounts.

        So contact lenses, glasses, as well as sunglasses, car windscreens and house window glass all prevent the full spectrum necessary, thus limiting the production of these and possibly other neurotransmitters, as there are quite a few, and scientists are still discovering new things about brain structure and the chemicals it uses.

        So really, one and a half hours a day of full spectrum daylight will work to produce these chemicals, and as they are produced by the pineal gland, then that must at least make it work, though I don’t know if that would really have any effect as regards actually decalcifying it. I would look into the iodine thing for that.

        I have purchased a Valkee light simulator from Finland, that works in 12 minutes by putting full spectrum light right through into the brain by using small lights that fit into the ears just like earphones. They do work as well, as proven by scientific studies, though overdo it and your eardrums get sore, I think from ‘sunburn’. And it says 12 mins maximum a day, better than having to stick ones head in front of a ‘light box’ for 90 minutes or so, as the unit is really tiny, about 5 by 10 by 1.5 centimetres.

      • mothman777

        Just remembered, try EDTA, it not only decalcifies, it is extremely cheap (try kernelpower online, they sell the safest molecular structure of this), it also decontaminates the body of a variety of heavy metals, and can add decades to one’s lifespan. I use it myself occasionally, and it does make the mind, hearing and eyesight sharper.

        I think it will most probably strip away calcification of the pineal too; I think it should work in the same way all over the body, as calcification occurs in all veins in the body, and EDTA cleans that, so it should certainly cleanse the pineal as well. There is another version of EDTA that is harder on calcification specifically, but that might start to affect other bodily systems by stripping them of vital calcium.

        Raw milk provides calcium in an assimilable form, whereas pasteurized milk does not properly do that. Hence the highest dairy consumers, Sweden, US, UK, using pasteurized milk, having the highest incidence of osteoporosis, and where the calcium cannot be used properly in the body, it just goes to calcify the blood vessels and so on.

  • Mark

    Is there a way to clense the Pineal gland of Fluoride?

    • Andreas

      Maybe these frequencies can work? Use with brainwave generator.
      Pineal gland 115,35hz 230,7hz 461,4hz 922,8hz

      • allan

        what is a brainwave generator?
        and the link between middle Á’440 hertz ish and your 461.4 hz?

    • Elizabeth

      Kia ora, Mark
      Please study the works of Weston Price as regards the use of cod liver oil and butter oil, to decalcify the soft tissues of the body. Everybody needs this information.

    • mothman777

      Like the article says, get plenty of sunshine. A Harpers and Queen Magazine health article by Dianne or Leslie Kenton back in the 1980’s, who both wrote then, explained that sunshine causes all types of toxins to be expelled from the body by a rate or 20-50 times faster. I would presume that would be through the skin, and would recommend showering off several times a day during such a detox, though that would also wash out a lot of Vit D lying in the surface layers of the skin too.

      I use a single distillation unit for purifying my water, but am looking at buying a proper laboratory fractional distiller instead now, though my present distiller gives me a purity of less than 1ppm down from 550-750ppm mineral and pollutant content in tap water.

      But don’t forget the amount of fluoride in shower water too, get a full house water cleaning system that will remove residual industrial and medical sources of fluoride in water if your water is recycled where you live, as mine is , 8 times over.

      Here is a link on chelating fluoride with iodine. I get mine from kelp tablets, and they are so strong they keep me awake at night like coffee if I take too much, so iodine is something to be used with extreme care.

      http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net/Liodine2.htm whi

    • alex

      nascent iodine www. infowars. com look for store link

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