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Monsanto in Paradise: How to Stop Big-Ag From Destroying Hawaii

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

The front line in the fight against Monsanto and the reckless practices of genetically modified farming may be proving to be the island paradise of Hawaii. With such a relatively small population, the effects of GMO and Roundup Ready crops are having a disproportionately adverse effect on the environment and people of this small island chain, and the devastation it is causing is apparent.

Home to what used to be some of the world’s most pristine and fertile agricultural lands, Hawaii is now the global field center for the testing of genetically modified crops and is being severely poisoned as a byproduct.

GMO farming claims to boost agricultural output, but in reality, it is a way to boost the usage and sales of pesticides and herbicides by creating crops that are totally dependent on specific chemicals in order to produce any yield at all. GMO fields are places where massive amounts of toxic chemical are sprayed and distributed.

Hawaii is critical in the fight against GMO’s because major agricultural companies are using these scenic lands to test out new GMO crops, pesticides and herbicides, as well as for the production of GMO seed for distribution to other parts of the world. Hawaii has sadly become a large open-air laboratory where local communities are often maliciously under-informed of the dangers of what is taking place in the surrounding environment.

In the 1960’s Hawaii was even the testing ground for exfoliates including Agent Orange, which is still wreaking havoc on the health of those who have been exposed.

Many of the fields hosting GMO crops are located, literally, right across the road from schoolhouses, communities and traditional farms. People at work and play outdoors will watch in horror as chemical trucks show up and workers in full hazmat protective gear  begin spraying heavy quantities of toxic chemicals in the immediate vicinity of local schools and communities.

The idea that these deadly chemicals can be contained within their fields is an abject denial of basic environmental science and common sense, as winds and flood waters frequently reek of chemicals, carrying these toxic soups across the country side and into the Pacific Ocean.

Who is to blame, and who can help?

When local organic farmer Anthony Palazzolo set up an organic farm in the hills of Oahu, he shortly fell ill with chronic respiratory illnesses, wheezing and bronchial spasms, and myriad other health problems. After researching neighboring farms he discovered that his land was surrounded by GMO crop test fields that are owned or leased by the chemical giants Monsanto, Dow, Pioneer, BASF, and Syngenta. Heavy usage of pesticides and herbicides was polluting his farm and wreaking havoc on the health of people living in the area.

In a recently produced documentary, Stop Monsanto From Poisoning Hawai’i: Genetic Engineering Chemical Warfare, about the exacerbating GMO and agro-chemical catastrophe in Hawaii, the Hawai’I GMO Justice Coalition points the finger not only at the big-ag firms and an inadequate governmental response, but also at Kamehameha Schools, one of the largest public trusts in the world.

Founded in the late 1800’s to provide education for future Hawaiian natives, Kamehameha Schools is an educational system with land holdings of 363,000 acres and an endowment of $9.6 billion. Their Wall Street portfolio maintains $2.1 billion in securities and several million dollars in hedge and private equities.

Kamehameha Schools leases tens of thousands of acres to the chemical giants for the purpose of research and experimentation.

With a public image as benefactor to the Hawaiian people and its traditions, Kamehameha Schools might just be the one organization with sufficient clout to get the point across to Big Ag that the people and the land simply cannot survive along side GMO farming.

The Hawai’i GMO Justice Coalition believes that sufficient pressure can be put on Kamehameha Schools to bring this to an end before irreversible, generational damage is done to the land and its inhabitants.

A coalition of farmers, lawyers, activists, surfers, musicians and otherwise ordinary people who desire independence from chemicals and a right to good health, the Hawai’i GMO Justice Coalition has developed a reasonable and common-sensical five point plan for Kamehameha Schools to address this catastrophe.

  1. Grow a new generation of organic and traditional farmers by creating an entrepreneurial program to train young farmers.
  2. Test and remediate GMO, sugar, and pineapple land and water supplies.
  3. Offer at least 10,000 acres of its vast land holdings with 20-year leases for farmers who follow the traditional model of farming for the islands.
  4. Set up a $50 million local farmer loan fund to assist locals in getting back to the land.
  5. Provide non-GMO and mostly organic local lunches to its students, investing in the health and awareness of the local population.

Kamehameha Schools could easily play a role in stopping this insane pollution and could play an integral returning Hawaii and the world to a harmonious model of agriculture based on principles established over thousands of years by normal people.

Please watch this video and participate in the campaign to petition Kamehameha Schools for a redress of these important issues.

About the Author

Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Kung Fu and Tai Chi, and the editor of His other projects include Pura Vida Yoga Vacations which organizes fabulous Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica, and the Offgrid Outpost.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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5 Comments on "Monsanto in Paradise: How to Stop Big-Ag From Destroying Hawaii"

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  1. Jack and Jeri says:

    Jeri and I grew up in Hawaii and left 38 years ago. We knew that the old Hawaii,Jeri is part Hawaiian,and had a special place in our hearts was changing over the years under the influence of mainland money and greed. We never imagined that it would be poisoned. Hawaii was at least in some parts one of the most pristine places on Earth. It is time for the people of Hawaii to take their home back.

  2. Mr Dylan Charles
    Just to let you know that your Senators Akaka and Inooye Plus
    Mazie Hirono and Colleen Hanabusa are on Monsantos pay roll so you have a very small to no chance to get rid of Monsanto,Dow,Pioneer,
    Basf and Syngenta Thru petitions or Courts on Monsanto payroll at my last count is 1,380,000 an counting that I know of.I can do the job of getting Monsanto and Partners out of Hawaii but their brain
    will be scrambled they will not be able to put 2+2=4 together again
    The cost will be $250,000 Into my account Take down 500 personal.

  3. leon says:

    My question is this…if Hawaii has recently taken back it’s land and become the Hawaiian republic once again, separate from the US, they can opt out of the UN and other world orgs and kick Monsanto out! So why aren’t they? They are once again their own government and can make the changes within if they so choose!

  4. tony rohl says:

    The reality is that the farm isn’t testing gmo corn. That takes place on the mainland. The corn grown in Hawaii is merely raised and harvested for distribution to interested growers worldwide and the reason for growing corn in Hawaii is that there are 3 growing seasons as opposed to one on the mainland

  5. Sam Small says:

    The people of Hawaii are in the fight of our lives… a fight for our lives. We need the world’s help. We need YOUR help.

    Major Agro Chemical companies have quietly turned Maui County into ground zero for GMO’s – the largest open-air, experimental chemical and genetics test site in the world.

    Everything is being exposed to unknown and unregulated chemical combinations, as well as new life forms that have never before existed on the planet. It’s clear our lands and reefs are being poisoned. The people, our visitors and our fragile environment are getting sick.

    We are doing everything we can to protect ourselves but the huge chemical companies are spending millions to influence the voters their way. They are relentless with their misinformation campaign and are saturating our community with propaganda.

    We need financial support. We need you to donate generously. We need your friends and family too, to support our campaign and all our efforts to educate our community.

    Thank you for your help. Thank you for acting now.

    Please donate immediately and please visit and share our crowd-funding site for videos and more information. Thank you.

    We intend to empower the citizens of Maui County to make truly informed decisions, free of the corporate propaganda that’s flooding our islands. We encourage all Maui County residents to register to vote and to VOTE YES so that the people may determine their and their children’s future, instead of corporations that are ONLY focused on profits.

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