How to Detox Fluorides from Your Body

Paul Fassa
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You can rid you body of most fluorides with some easy natural remedies. Fluorides have been linked to a variety of severe chronic, even acute health issues. First a quick review summary of fluoride.

Fluoride Toxicity

Fluoride is a soluble salt, not a heavy metal. There are two basic types of fluoride. Calcium fluoride appears naturally in underground water sources and even seawater. Enough of it can cause skeletal or dental fluorosis, which weakens bone and dental matter. But it is not nearly as toxic, nor does it negatively affect so many other health issues as sodium fluoride, which is added to many water supplies.

Sodium Fluoride is a synthetic waste product of the nuclear, aluminum, and phosphate fertilizer industries. This fluoride has an amazing capacity to combine and increase the potency of other toxic materials. The sodium fluoride obtained from industrial waste and added to water supplies is also already contaminated with lead, aluminum, and cadmium.

It damages the liver and kidneys, weakens the immune system, possibly leading to cancer, creates symptoms that mimic fibromyalgia, and performs as a Trojan Horse to carry aluminum across the blood brain barrier. The latter is recognized as a source of the notorious “dumbing down” with lower IQ’s and Alzheimer’s effects of fluoride.

Another not commonly known organ victim of fluorosis is the pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain. The pineal gland can become calcified from fluorides, inhibiting it’s function as a melatonin producer. Melatonin is needed for sound, deep sleep, and the lack of it also contributes to thyroid problems that affect the entire endocrine system. The pineal gland is also considered the physical link to the upper chakras or third eye for spiritual and intuitive openings.

Various permutations of Sodium Fluoride are also in many insecticides for homes and pesticides for crops. Sometimes it is even added to baby foods and bottled waters. If you live in a water fluoridated area, purchase commercially grown fruits, especially grapes, and vegetables that are chemically sprayed and grown areas irrigated by fluoridated water, you are getting a triple whammy! Better skip that fluoridated toothpaste!

Avoiding Fluoride Contamination

As always, the first step in detoxifying is to curb taking in toxins. Purifying water by reverse osmosis or distillation in fluoridated water communities is a good start to slowing down your fluoride contamination. Distillation comes with a bit of controversy, as all the minerals are removed. A great mineral supplement such as Fulvic Acid (not folic acid) or unsulfured blackstrap molasses is recommended if you distill your water.

Avoiding sprayed, commercially grown foods while consuming organic or locally grown foods is another big step. Watch out for processed foods such as instant tea, grape juice products, and soy milk for babies. They all contain high concentrations of sodium fluoride. So do many pharmaceutical “medicines”. By minimizing your sodium fluoride intake, your body can begin eliminating the fluorides in your system slowly.

Magnesium is a very important mineral that many are lacking. Besides being so important in the metabolism and synthesis of nutrients within your cells, it also inhibits the absorption of fluoride into your cells! Along with magnesium, calcium seems to help attract the fluorides away from your bones and teeth, allowing your body to eliminate those toxins. So during any detox efforts with fluoride, it is essential that you include a healthy supplemental dose of absorbable calcium/magnesium as part of the protocol.

So Now Let’s Speed Up the Fluoride Detox

This author received a comment stating that an earlier article’s source reference to sunlight for decalcifying the pineal gland was inaccurate. He said that darkness, not light, is needed to stimulate the pineal gland into melatonin production, which should lead to breaking up the calcification of that gland. Besides being logical, further source research indicates the critic is correct!

Day time exercise, a healthful diet, not over eating, and meditation all contribute to higher melatonin production from the pineal gland. Though very helpful to many for getting a full night’s deep sleep, it appears inconclusive whether melatonin supplements will help decalcify the pineal gland. But it does seem logical that it might.

Iodine supplementation has been clinically demonstrated to increase the urine irrigation of sodium fluoride from the body as calcium fluoride. The calcium is robbed from your body, so make sure you are taking effective calcium and magnesium supplements. Lecithin is recommended as an adjunct to using iodine for excreting fluorides.

Iodine is another nutrient lacking in most diets and causing hypothyroid symptoms of lethargy or metabolic imbalances. Eating lots of seafood for iodine has it’s constantly rising mercury hazards. Seaweed foods and iodine supplements that combine iodine and potassium iodide are highly recommended over sea food by most.

Tamarind, originally indigenous to Africa but migrated into India and southeast Asia, has been used medicinally in Ayurvedic Medicine. The pulp, bark, and leaves from the tree can be converted to teas and strong tinctures, which have also shown the ability to eliminate fluorides through the urine.

Liver Cleanses are considered effective for eliminating fluorides and other toxins. There are two types of liver cleansing, both of which can be performed easily at home over a week or two of time. One of the protocols focuses on the liver itself , and the other cleanses the gall bladder, which is directly connected with liver functions. Simple instructions for both can be found on line with search engine inquiries.

Boron was studied in other parts of the world with pronounced success for fluoride detoxification. Borox, which contains boron, has a history of anecdotal success for detoxifying sodium fluoride. Yes, this is the borox you can find in the laundry aisles of some supermarkets. It needs to be taken in with pure water in small quantities.

As little as 1/32 of a teaspoon to 1/4 of a teaspoon in one liter of water consumed in small quantities throughout the day is what has been demonstrated as safe and effective. Around 1/8 of a teaspoon with a pinch of pure sea salt in a liter consumed in small quantities daily has been reported to have dramatic results. There is the possibility of a food grade version with sodium borate, if you can find it.

Dry Saunas combined with exercise releases sodium fluoride stored in fatty tissues. It can be intense enough to cause side effects or an occasional healing crisis. So keep the pure water intake high and drink some chickweed tea to protect the kidneys while using a highly absorbable cal/mag supplement. Lecithin is another useful adjunct to this protocol for fluoride detoxification.

Those Adjuncts to the Listed Remedies

Vitamin C in abundance was not mentioned as a helpful adjunct. It is now. But do not use ascorbic acid as your vitamin C source for an adjunct to any of the fluoride detox methods. Do take in as much other types of vitamin C as you can tolerate, along with a couple of tablespoons of lecithin daily. Add those to your absorbable calcium and magnesium supplements with plenty of pure water, get good sleep and rest, and the detox should be relatively smooth.

Chelation therapies are recommended primarily for heavy metal removals. Though fluorides are salts, the synthetic waste product variety, sodium fluoride, comes with a cargo of toxic heavy metals. And these pernicious salts have a way of combining more heavy metals. So including any one of several chelation therapies may be beneficial for overall health improvements while applying your chosen fluoride remedy or remedies.

Those include bentonite clay internally or externally, fulvic acid (NOT folic acid), cilantro pesto with chlorella, and even DMSA or any other chellation therapy with which you are familiar.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of WakingTimes or its staff.

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  • Erin
  • Magnesium is indeed important.. not only for flouride detox.

  • I am soooo glad that my cleansing system cleanses at cellular level to get toxins like fluoride out! It is amazing how much better I feel after a good cleanse day 🙂

  • rdv

    Does Poland Spring bottled water have fluoride in it?

  • Shirley

    I am interested in knowing why Crest advertized in the middle of this article.

  • James

    It appears to me that lots of water, and plenty of sleep will “Decalcify the pineal gland”, plus taking in alot of vitamin C will only aid your body’s natural ability to do so. I am a nutrionalist and herbalist with 20 years experience, and am appalled at the use of this poison to “Dumb down” the masses by the governments of the world.

  • Seniortiburon


  • Dip Singh


    After expermenting a while with various vitamins , minerals and organic products I found some work well in fact a lot better . Started with Skate Oil but it was ghastly taste and expensive , did feel better but after 3 months tried other products that a friend had been giving to her 101 yrs old mum whoi successfully came off Medical Drugs onto Alternative medicines after slowly weaning onto them after 4months !!

    So in short , I have started taking Organic Sulphur , it has shaped my world since taking it , the results are instant , feeling of floatiness,read up on how it removes Toxins and a host of other benefits . It is the Elixir of youth and a fountain of divineness to put it rather mildly.

    Also a BIG ONE is to suggest taking Distilled water not tap water which is purest form and eliminates all the Flouride poisons, I have posted the link this one works wonderfully after being tested by my friends and colleagues and is a good, solid model that will last years …. I have shortened the Url it should work fine just copy n paste Have a nice day 😉

  • ss

    Anyone know if brita or other water filters filter flouride?

    • Brita does not filter fluoride. Try a Berkey filter with the added fluoride attachment.

  • Anonymous

    The pineal gland is activated by darkness.
    Turn off your televisions and lights when you sleep, and your pineal gland will take over.

    • CAWS

      Not if Fluoride is blocking melatonin & pineal proteins by calcifying the gland. Not only will you be plagued w/insomnia but females are subject to early puberty & early menopause. Boys have delayed puberty & more osteosacrcoma. If Arsenic present [usually is in the products used to fluoridate]then there will be only REM sleep [mostly nightmares] but no deep sleep; needed to regenerate cells. Melatonin & buffalo pineal proteins are effective in healing brains of arsenic and fluoride poisoned rats. See and fluoride & pub med [veterinary india].

  • Conor Reilly

    Flourine exists. You can’t run from it forever.

  • Karl Petersen

    Nice to see some intelligent replies for a change.

  • CAWS

    I would like to see some references on the science of using borax [that’s how it is spelled on the laundry soap box] for detoxing fluorides.
    I have used most of these things to detox both metals & fluorine and can tell you that many of them, especially if given in the wrong doses & combinations or at the wrong time during treatment, can absolutely make the patient much worse. Using saunas, tamarind, iodine, liver cleanses, cal/mg,clay,dmsa, vit C, cilantro & chlorella without any before & after quantification [hair analysis, 24 hr urine drops, mineral testing etc] and no idea what you are doing is just plain irresponsible. Please understand that the average poisoned person is broke & desperate by the time they figure out what has happened to them and will try it all at once.
    A disclaimer here needs to say that one should be under the supervision of a medical professional experienced in toxicology when undertaking this advice. That said DO NOT let them give you an IV or oral challenge test. This is extremely dangerous as too much toxins released can put you in the hospital or psyche ward or destroy your kidneys. Check out for safe, effective, and affordable protocols that work. This is for metals. The jury is still out on fluorine but we are still trying.
    Citizens Alliance for Water Safety [CAWS]

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