If Slaughter Houses Had Glass Walls – A Plea for Animal Rights

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Is animal rights the greatest social justice issue of our time?

At a recent address to the St James Ethics Centre and the Wheeler Centre debating whether or not animals should be ‘off the plate,’ Philip Wollen makes a passionate plea for mankind to stop the torturous, wasteful and destructive meat animal industry.

Arguing that modern factory farms are like ‘gulags of despair’ for our fellow sentient creatures, this 10 minute video is an important and passionate plea for those who are ‘screaming in terror in their slaughterhouses crates and cages’, as animal cruelty is the order of the day for big business.

Making the case that the environment would benefit dramatically if the consumption of animals stopped, Mr. Wollen points out that beef cattle are the largest predators of the oceans due to the fact that the amount of fish harvested for cattle feed exceeds that used for human consumption, and that the amount of resources required to produce beef is outrageously out of balance.

Economic reasons include the consideration that cancer and heart disease, causally related to meat consumption, have over burdened Medicare and our medical system, and that farmers would profit abundantly from producing a plant based diet.

The good news is, however, that worldwide, vegetarians now number over 600 million, which is twice the size of the United States and greater than the population of the combined European Union.  This may be a sign that the global shift in consciousness that is happening today is moving toward the inclusion of the rights of animals and the environment.

Ultimately it should be the choice of the individual what to eat, but, our human side begs us to at least be honest with ourselves about the horrifying nature of modern meat production and the self-destructive nature of the foods we consume.

Considering the impact that modern industrial meat animal production has on the environment, and how horrible and torturous the treatment of these animals is, should animals be off the plate?

“If slaughter houses had glass walls, would we even be having this debate?” – Philip Wollen

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  • While there are ‘less brutal’ ways of enslaving, raping, and slaughtering animals, there is no ‘humane’ way. For it to be ‘humane’ it would have to be okay to do it to a human being. Don’t buy their lies. http://www.humanemyth.org

  • deb

    there is no more denying the facts, or denying your right to eat something you don’t need, its time for the sake of the earth the next generation and our human intelligence morally to evolve, ive been vegan for 40 years and hospitals are alien to me, so is the many people i know who suffer and have changed to a natural food source for human and became better, not through pills through food,

    we are all animals, and research herbivore, you will realise we are them,

  • Kanti

    Thank you Mothman for your intelligent and spiritually minded posts.People have mostly lost the ways of the Vedic culture in present day Kali Yuga (the age of quarrel and hypocrisy)but the knowledge is still there for those who desire to inquire.
    One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka is another interesting approach to farming..

    Hare Krsna

  • mothman777

    At present, the soil is so degraded that even organic crops are too poor in the main to properly support a vegetarian lifestyle. However, if soil is properly remineralized with basalt or other rock dusts, the full mineral spectrum is once again present, to include microminerals such as praseodymium, neodymium, lanthanum and samarium, proven to double the lifespans of animals who eat fodder in which these are naturally present once again. These minerals will do just the same for human beings.

    To prevent this valuable topsoil being blown away, harmful farming methods such as ploughing and using dangerous chemicals, including even chemical fertilizers such as NPK must be discontinued. The soil must instead never be ploughed, but rather dressed with compost and then covered with a protective mulch of wood chips and so on, to keep the underlying soil moist and protected from being blown away as dried out dust.

    Looking at nature, all the plants grow just fine like this, without ploughing. I have included a video link to an excellent Christian method of farming without ploughing, which I would recommend being combined with the additional remineralization with basalt or other rock dusts.

    Topsoil on conventional farms is being washed away at the rate of 4 tons per acre per year, and will all be gone in 60 years, but it takes 20,000 years to make topsoil naturally. But basalt rockdust can be mined in quarries and replace this lost soil virtually instantly, after which it must be protected from being eroded by ceasing ploughing and covering the soil with wood chips and so on, like a natural forest floor always has.

    The video http://backtoedenfilm.com/#movie ‘Back To Eden’ shows how, and is included in my essay “Basalt And Other Rock Dusts, How To Totally Remineralize Your Soil – with a refutation of the University of Glasgow 2009 PhD thesis on rockdust and composted materials – revised 19th January 2012″, at ‘Mothman777’s Blog’.

    The result of all this is that a highly successful lacto-vegetarian diet is possible, and can be maintained without slaughtering cows, bulls or calves, with bulls kept as working animals, like they do still in some traditional Indian areas.

    Mass production by harmful modern farming methods seems to look good right now, but it will kill us all very shortly, so we must return to more labour intensive traditional methods, and solve the problems of obesity at the same time. Robotic workers are already being used in farming in Japan by the way, in case the extra work does not appeal to some, though I envisage that this type of good work by humans would and should be be genuinely enjoyable. The human body was made to work, or it simply gets obese and ill with disease.

    With all the other labour-saving devices we have, if we banned fractional reserve banking, and thus paid about one thirtieth of the price for a house that we do now, no one would have to work much over a 10 hour working week, with work for all, with no drop in the standard of living, but rather an increase, that is if we stop the bankers wasting all our resources on pointless and endless wars, as that is where all the money stolen via fractional reserve banking goes, and not on education or healthcare.

    Plus, the eminent Dr Samuel S. Epstein taught that 95% of all disease is avoidable simply by eating food fully replete with the complete mineral spectrum. To become vegetarian would be a genuinely healthy option for many more people if we followed these protocols, though vegetarian food as presently available will probably make most people sick through malnutrition because of serious mineral deficiency, no matter how big they appear through excesses of fat, carbohydrates and proteins.

    Organic vegetables often have about 12 times more minerals in than non-organic, but the organic vegetables are still way too low in mineral content as the ground used to cultivate them has often been previously farmed by conventional methods, with consequent mineral deficiency, which no amount of compost will ever remedy, and most ‘organic’ growers have never heard of basalt, or other rock dusts as the only method to properly remineralize their soil.

    Mineral content is the most important element in food for health. Once vegetables, grains and fruits etc. can provide all nutritive qualities necessary, meat eating becomes obsolete, though natural vitamin B12 must always come from an animal source such as milk, as synthetic or even vegetarian sources of B12 are not the same molecule, and simply cannot perform the same function or provide the protection against dementia that natural animal B12 does. For that reason the vegan diet is extremely dangerous.

    In the Vedic system, man and cow are designed by God to coexist together, and when a cow dies naturally, then the horns, hooves, hide, flesh etc. can be used in any way desired without causing suffering or karma, so you can still wear leather, and in India, that is where the leather for shoes comes from, just cows and buffaloes that have died naturally.

    In India, according to the Vedic system, people who have a very demanding role in society are permitted to eat meat, such as the soldier element of the Kshatriya class, or warriors. The Brahmins, who act in an advisory role to the kshatriyas, who also comprise the government ministers, have no need to eat meat, though ayurvedic medicine contains many remedies containing meat for it’s ability to aid recuperation from infirmity. (In modern India the Vedic system is almost totally deteriorated in this age of Kali Yuga into complete chaos, with all types of fools calling themselves ‘Brahmins’). Also, in the position where a human being may die from starvation, they are permitted to kill an animal and eat it, as human life takes precedence over the animal’s life, though one can choose not to kill an animal in that position if one so wishes. Eggs are a kind of grey area, though they also supply all the suitable B12 a vegetarian needs, the only karmic consideration there being the inconvenience to a soul waiting to incarnate as a chicken, though chickens were only able to produce one egg every two or three weeks before intensive breeding programs made them able to lay every day. Vaishnava devotees of Krishna will choose to use a lacto vegetarian diet rather than a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet.

    A vegetarian diet does not produce sickly weak people. If you go to India, you will see in Delhi massive broad-shouldered Sikh men whose average height is at the least 6’6” even without their turbans, and they are vegetarians.

    • Mothman, have you heard of Bio-Dynamic farming? And yes, Back to Eden is an excellent film.

      • mothman777

        Glad you like the film. I saw it on the Jeff Rense site and he has featured some other quite amazing systems of both large and small scale growing in the past. Thanks for the interesting lead on the biodynamics system of Rudolph Steiner.

        It is certainly fascinating, though does include ploughing, and that would be a major drawback depending on the severity of the ploughing process, especially in increasing drought conditions as the US Govt. has said that Asia, Africa and other parts of the world can expect drought conditions for the next 30 years, and they would know, with their finger on the trigger of HAARP.

        Regarding the bio-dynamic recognition of the value of the moon in promoting good crop growth, Vedic farming knowledge also recognizes the moon as a valuable influence on crops, as does German ‘moon-farming’ by which crops are sown and harvested around particular parts of the lunar cycle.

        I think though that Rudolph Steiner was perhaps a little fanciful in the development of some of his notions about fertilizing the land by placing certain plants and quartz in the ground in animal skulls, cows horns and other bodily organs, it reminds me a bit of the idea held by some that something shaped like a brain is good for the brain, hence the idea of walnuts being good for the brain, which curiously happens to be true in that particular case. I have not come across any practical studies on the efficacy of these biodynamic methods of soil improvement that he proposes, but I thought them just a bit over the top really (smile).

        Some ploughing just involves a light slicing open of the earth to offer access to seeds or seedlings, though that too would be made redundant by covering the earth first to make it moist and soft so it does not require ploughing to break up the soil before planting. Other techniques not involving ploughing are seed-drilling, and also instead of covering the covering the ground around crop plants with a fabric through which weeds cannot penetrate and so die.

        Certainly some form of petitioning the governments of the world to consider the benefits to be gained by such reforms as using rock dusts in a return to purely organic farming, and the dressing of the soil to protect it as proposed in the Back To Eden video needs to be done urgently. The more articles we can put out suggesting reforms in farming practice, and the total review as you do here of how we view our fellow souls in the other kingdoms of creatures, the better, as pain yields only pain, but love cultivates love, and people need to be come aware that we are indeed all interconnected, and that is for eternity, so we all might as well go a lot easier on each other. Cheers

  • warbaby

    These animals know when they are going to slaughter. Many moons ago I had a small farm with pigs,beefers,chickens,meat birds,geese and a couple of horses.This is usury at it’s ugliest. Give up meat. Besides today what they are serving up in the stupid markets just is not meat anymore. Sooo where is the good stuff going??? Do not eat meat.

  • Rene

    I am an animal lover (and was also an organic farmer as well) — and was sent to an abbatoir recently to train staff. Initially, I was horrified at the prospect of going to this place. However, much to my surprise, here in NZ the halal process is humane and done without the animal seeing or knowing what is in front of him. There are also strict laws with tranport, where animals should not be handled roughly (any bruising requires an investigation as to WHERE it happened). I only with that the humane conditions that I was educated on took place everywhere else. I say the word “educated” because it was as humane as you can possibly get…at least here.

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  • Treble Bark

    Animals have no rights. Enough said.

    • Alec

      You have no rights.

      • Conciousness

        Lol well said Alec

  • Andy Martin

    “The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.” Arthur Schopenhauer

    • billy jo mama

      I agree with Andy. Can you imagine taking your kids to a slaughterhouse instead of a zoo? I’ll bet you those kids become vegetarians really quick. I myself enjoy meat, but I am trying to eat more soy, fish, and vegetarian foods.

      If you take Andy’s quote to the extreme, and you think about how ecosystems work, you will soon come to the conclusion that animals must have rights otherwise we will run out of food. If the entire honey bee population were to collapse, within a couple of years there would not be any fruits etc. If the phytoplankton were to die due to volcanic eruption blocking out the sun for example, within a couple of years there would be no animal life in the oceans, and no plant based life on land. If human beings were to die off nature would restore to balance. So we need to respect the animal kingdom. God told us to be good stewards, we have the higher IQ’s, just like we watch out for minors and children, so should we too look out for our dumb animal cousins.

  • paul

    fighting to get legal right for animals keeps layers and animal rights activists in jobs as well as keeping them in the media spotlight… These same people will be the first to complain when the first pig applies for their job

    • Wakeruper

      Well, if we are going to act like animals, then we should have the same rights, you know, “sheeple”. If we could use our brains to eliminate this barbaric need to kill then we wouldn’t have to protect animals or people from mass cruelty. At least the native americans prayed for the spirit of the animal. I understand when you have to eat, you have too. But we are much smarter than that now.???

  • Left Coast Slim

    Many commercial slaughterhouses, feedlots, dairies, and similar concerns are not places for the tender hearted or squeamish. However, new laws and better management methods are improving conditions for animals in the world of meat, egg, and milk production. If folks choose not to eat animal products, that’s their choice. However, I strongly suspect the same crusaders against what they define as cruel and inhumane never raised a bovine, slaughtered a chicken, or milked a cow. You know, city folks. The same people who are convinced they are an animal and livestock expert because they own a cat or yapping dog.

    I spent many years working with livestock and have eaten (oh, horrors!) many the same animals I raised. This is how people, at least those who survived, continued the human species for thousands of years. Sensible and humane rearing of animals is possible. If people want to lower themselves and have the same rights as a steer or a laying hen, that’s fine with me. Just don’t place me and mine into the same loony equation.

    • billy jo mama

      Baloney. You read about what happened to the old man in “Animal Farm” didn’t you? You are just lucky you didn’t have a pig named Napoleon or you’d be out on your own.

      Seriously though, I get your point and you are 100% correct about us city folks. We would be in big trouble without all of the hard working farmers and cattle ranchers etc.

      • ive been interested in zogooly for years now but i can never find the right school to study for it if you can please help me find schools around the LA i would more then appreciate it .. thanks

    • Peter Freemantle

      You have entirely missed the point. Most animals are not raised humanely: they are raised in conditions of extreme cruelty.

  • Big M

    Look, I’m not advocating cruelty to animals, but only an idiot could argue that animals have, or should have, legal rights.

    That is, unless you want to have a legal system straight out of The Three Stooges.

    • I’ll step up to the plate and say that I don’t mind being called an idiot.

      • One word: Unsustainable.

        In every aspect of it’s being. De-humanizing. With 4H, make sure you start em off nice and early. Love your billy goat, show it off. Now kill it. And eat it.

        What a value system….

        Plus, I wonder how many veterans go into that industry (help to have them keep on being cruel and killing) and how many recruits are from Slaughter back-grounds. BEcause they probably make great slaughterers.

        Once you can slaughter a Cow (large, sentient being, whose eyes you can see as you kill it), next step up is not that hard).

        It really is time to go vegetarian.

        I’d highly recommend “My Year in Meats” by Ruth Ozeki. Eye-popping.


    • billy jo mama

      I saw Avatar and I would have to disagree with you. Even in America, I can’t beat my dog and abuse it, I can’t shoot dead a bald eagle, I can’t roll my 4X4 over a desert tortoise, I can’t cut down a tree nesting a spotted owl, and I can’t make Obama show me his legal long form birth certificate. What do you mean animals don’t have rights? (I’m just kidding, Obama is not an animal, but he is a criminal.)

      • First of, we are all part of the animal kingdom. It was Hermann Goering who said: `Animals have souls like we and we should treat them humanely´ and it was the Hitler-Goering-Himmler trio which authored and put into practice the most all-inclusive Animal Rights laws the world has ever seen. My, my, those `evil´ Nazis! Gerry Frederics

        • joe bassett

          Those evil nazis. They hated Jews, Communism, animal torturers, and the despised people who firebombed whole cities and raped the women.

          • Anonymous

            And where’s your proof to that statement?

          • Wakeruper

            Are you OK?

        • mothman777

          Hear hear! If only the rest of the world could do that. The SS were all encouraged to be vegetarian as well, and the whole of Germany was extremely progressive in using organic farming methods.

          The recognition of the existence of a soul in all other creatures, according to Vedic or similar principles, and to treat them with as much compassion as possible, is vital if we are to survive on this world, as the more insane animal abusers become, the more insane they will become in their own internecine violence towards each other, leading to unstoppable insane wars between people on this earth.

          The communal consciousness that pervades all sentient beings links all of them together, whether most people appreciate that consciously or not, and thus the insanity of the slaughterhouse worker whom the government minister has permitted to abuse animals, also comes to pervade the consciousness of the minister also, so that he goes even more insane too, in a descending spiral of madness, and we can see that almost all our politicians at present are literally quite insane, just looking at how they view other people with such callous disregard and lethal hatred, initiating one insane war after another.

          The pain that they have inflicted on animals, reverberated back within the humans that harm them, through the laws of karma, will send them uncontrollably insane and violent towards each other, it is very simple physics, and the governments must become aware of this; this knowledge has been taught by Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and so on for thousands of years.

          This truth is explained very well in the Vedic philosophy of the science of government, explaining the karmic consequences upon the government if they mislead their subjects, as the government must then absorb a huge portion of the karma of the entire population, and they might find kapparot just does not work after a certain point, if they have not already.

          Such nightmares as the mass factory farms housing 30,000 pigs or cows, that are in America and the UK, where cows never see the blue sky, never walk or sleep on grass, are an intolerable nightmare to all of us, not just the animals.

          We must have new governments now who can understand these things, otherwise society will keep getting worse and worse, with more and more senseless wars. The philosophy must be taught at all schools that all creatures are expanded from one common supersoul, and that we share a common spiritual substance, and that all are capable of not only suffering, but also of eventually coming to a position of spiritual reawakening within a common God.

          Unfortunately, the pseudo-spiritual philosophy of the greater portion of the world’s leaders today holds that ‘animals’ do not have living souls, that they are demonic, evil, and that they can never enter heaven, but only hell.

          So as a consequence we see the continual infliction of mindless cruelty on animals all around us, continually authorized by our mindless and unfeeling governments, as our ‘leaders’ view animals as deserving of a very uncomfortable life and even a hellish fate afterwards. However strange and unlikely this seems, it is nonetheless a very uncomfortable truth when you study certain scriptures that many of our leaders hold in high regard today.

          Hare Krishna

        • mothman777

          Forgot to mention that Hitler also banned vivisection throughout Germany. So much for the stories of the evil experiments ‘documented’ on human beings in the camps there.

    • Peter Freemantle

      You are the idiot.

      Children have rights as soon as they are born and well before they are aware of anything more than their mother’s breasts. Obviously sentient, conscious creatures should have the right not to be abused.

    • Mark McCandlish

      That makes two of us. “Big M” obviously hasn’t spent much time with animals. Hell, even my goldfish have enough awareness to know when I’m in the room. Cats, dogs, cows horses- they deserve to be treated humanely, as do the rest of the creatures on this planet. Humanity needs to stop thinking bio-centrically. God help us if another species with a bigger brain case decides we look tasty. They would have no such right to put us on the menu, but then, nor do we.

    • Wakeruper

      You can call me an idiot too if you want. But if you were really smart, you would see that we are just spoiling ourselves both in the sense that we want meat because it smells and tastes good and somehow we can justify poor treatment of our fellow creatures just to have what we WANT. And unfortunately we are also spoiling ourselves literally because meat is difficult to digest, stays in the body longer and rots, and it causes acidity in the body which is a root problem to many common terrible diseases.

    • Rhine Water

      If corporations can have rights, why not living creatures such as animals ? I bet those animals can feel more pain, anguish an unhappiness than corporations can.

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