How to Clean up the Pineal Gland

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Cleaning up the Pineal Gland is useful for those wishing to develop their multidimensional perception. The Pineal gland will naturally make its own DMT when fully operational and we will be able to remain in a visionary state most of the time. An awakened pineal gland brings the ability to consciously astral travel, explore other dimensions, foresee the future and receive communications from loving dimensional beings.

DMT is a component of Ayahuasca – a plant medicine from the Amazon that brings profound physical and heart healing through its purgative effects and the perception of other dimensions. Those that use this medicine go into a period of “work” where issues come into awareness and can be healed with the insights that come from DMT consciousness.

The advantage of cleaning up our pineal gland so it makes its own DMT is that we can be in a continuous state of spiritual “work” and we are spared the purgative effects of drinking the ayahuasca. Thus we no longer need any medicines as an adjunct to our spiritual lives. DMT is a totally natural substance that the human body will manufacture and distribute when it is in a healed state. Thus it would appear human beings were intended to be visionary beings and be able to tap into the information in other dimensions. This dimensional perception transcends the ego and rapidly heals our sufferings, conflicts and thus karmas.

Here are some basics for pineal detox:

1. Mercury – this is really bad for the pineal gland. Its poison. Dont let this get into your body. Mercury tooth fillings are pineal toxins. Have them removed. All medical vaccines are also mercury tainted. Thimersal (a vaccine preservative) is methyl mercury and is very difficult to get out of the brain once its in there. Avoid eating fish and bottom feeders such as shrimps and prawns. Tuna and dolphin meat is particularly bad for mercury – the bigger the fish the higher the concentration of mercury in its body tissue.

Eco light bulbs – if one is smashed mercury vapour is released into the room and inhaled. Avoid at all costs breaking one indoors.

Mercury can be removed from the body by the daily use of chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina. Cilantro herb taken daily can help remove mercury from brain tissue.

2. Fluoride – in toothpastes and tap water. Its another heavy duty poison. Avoid it at all costs. It calcifies the pineal tissue and basically shuts the gland down.

3. Organic foods – some pesticides are pineal toxins. Organic healthy food with a high ratio of raw is supportive to pineal detox. Meat is not helpful either. Some people who channel seem to not be affected but for many the toxicity and density of meat will pose challenges and we want to make the work easy if we can.

4. Alcohol + Smoking. Naturally these need to go along with the emotional attachments to using them (usually boils down to self worth issues or unresolved trauma).

5. Heart Healing – raises the overal vibration of the being and heals fear – a useful advantage for when we start seeing other dimensions.

6. Other Toxins – if something is toxic do not put it in your body. If you cant say its name its most likely bad. Toxins include artificial sweeteners (aspartame K) , refined sugar, phylenanine (in squashes), E numbers beginning with 1, deodorants, cleaning chemicals, dental mouthwashes (saltwater is suffice) and  air fresheners.

7. Raw Chocolate. Raw cacao is a pineal gland stimulant / detoxifier in high doses because of the high antioxidant content.

Being disciplined with steps 1-6 for a year or so will certainly bring about pineal awakening. Step 6 is optional but very useful too.

Love and blessings,
Free Spirit

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  • ian

    Most posters here (if not all—(I gave up three quarters way through) are like firefighters with no safety gear quibbling about what underwear they should wear!
    Until you all stop trying in vain to save yourselves and swallow your pride (and educate yourselves not in the way the UN and Illuminati have trained you to—I.E. by swallowing eastern mysticism and food fetishes just as pre-war Germans were) and accept Jesus Christ as your saviour, then you will be consumed in the fire.
    Sorry if that’s not PC, but it’s the truth from the God of all creation.

  • tjshokk46

    Your claim about the pineal gland producing DMT is totally unfounded. This whole post is actually. You’re simply making shit up to pull in ad revenue.

    Mind you, I very much wish the pineal gland produces DMT and that decalcifying it does actually work but there has been no true research to back it up.

    The only reason mindless zombies keep saying it produces DMT is because it has enzymes capable of producing DMT.

    Check your facts before you ramble. It’s misinformation (or at least, unsupported information) that makes finding the truth extremely hard.

  • abinico warez

    I’m gonna think about this over a glass of Jack Daniels and a fine Cuban cigar.

  • Anonymous

    This article is an exact copy of the article above. Can you say plagiarize?

  • paxile2k

    I have a question that i saw was partly discussed, was nicotine. I know the reqular cigs are just aweful and i did quit last year. however i do now use a eCig now and wondering if this still has a negative impact on healing the pineal gland. I have read that the nicotine by itself is not harmful but does have some good benefits/qualities to it, and with the fluid for the ecigs, the ingredients are nicotine/flavoring of choice/Propylene Glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerin. I also found that cyaenne peper is also a spice that can help with detoxifying the body as well. Any feedback or information would be awesome. And thankyou so much in advance! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I drink a smoothie in the morning of cinnamon, ginger,turmeric, cherries, greens,papaya. Great stuff. I know i just feel better. Im an 85% raw fooder, and don’t eat meat and Im great health wise. Try it yourself. The proof is in the pudding….

  • Be aware of robbing ourselves of nutrition by consuming “superfoods” like chocolate (Cacao) on regular basis?

  • Anonymous
  • Awesome post.

  • Marin

    I have a question and I would really appreciate anyone who take the time to answer this sinse it is something i am very concerned about. My sister just had her first child and i am a proud aunty! I was told that i needed to go and get my vaccine for whooping cough or i wouldnt be able to hold or play with my niece!!! The problem now is that this year I have changed so much in so many ways, I feel that everything we put into put into our bodies effects us, I have been so joyful for the first time in my life i have been eating right i gave up smoking ciggarattes , i have this new joy and i believe its due to the fact that i have started meditating and eating right. I dont want to get this vaccine if its going to set me back on the progress i have made spiritually, if this shot is going to re-calcify my pineal gland more than it already has been i dont want it! Does anyone have any idea about this shot and what it might do to me at this point in my life?I hope i dont sound paranoid but i am trying to open my pineal gland, not shut it in with stupid western “medicine”:)

    • jo-beth

      if it was your sister that told you that you need to vaccinate, then obviously she will be vaccinating her baby once she is of the age. so if your sister vaccinates the child she should be protected by the virus. If i was you, i would be more inclined to inform your sister of the dangers of vaccinations and plead with her to research before making a decision to do this…

  • Pineal Detox Girl

    Has anyone tried Iboga? I hear from some research it can be even more powerful than ratfish/skatefish oil which pete peterson says detoxes / decalcifies the pineal gland…

  • Rebecca

    Actually, mercury in very small, diluted amounts is good for you. It helps balance your bodies systems. I go to a homeopathic doctor and he gave me some for a sore throat. I must say it works pretty well.

    • Neummi

      Homeopathic doctor are giving you almost no amount of mercury, but its potency. Homeopathic cure isn’t about the mercury itself, but about it’s spiritual energy you are missing. Simply: They dilute mercury and shake it so many times, that there is almost no mercury but a lot of energy from it (received by shaking). And it helps if it’s what you lack.

      • Yes, that’s a very important distinction, literally no mercury is left, not safe at any dose, but phase-reversed electromagnetic emissions of mercury that have the opposite effect. This is the reason for the homeopathic axiom, “Like cures like.” The cure is derived from the “sick signal,” but reversed. Thus, I utilized a device emitting such phase reversed radiation from a mercury vapor tube projected into water, coincidently to heal my own mercury intoxication. “Like cures like.”

  • Arn old

    Im just curious to ask does anyone here think that where you to go refill a 5 gallon water tank like at a SuperMarket have fluoride in it as well? Because that’s were I usually get my drinking water. Even if the water travels within all those “filters” of the machine to make a more cleaner and purified version of tap water?

  • pam ella


  • ..or come on down to ECUADOR for the real thing: Quito is the Capital, right on the Equator, at 9,350 ft. (1.77 miles) above sea level in the heart of the Andes Mountains, where the weather is 50’s in the evening, and 70’s during the day all year round. Valley of Eternal Springtime! Do not hesitate to contact me for your relocation or exploration needs!

  • The Dude

    What a bunch of hippy wacko nonsense. Throw a dart and paint a target around it then call it progress. But we can see you for the shit bags that you are.

    • Anonymous

      Just stick with your Doritos.

    • Al


    • pam ella

      THE DUDE… PLEASE GO AND NEVER RETURN HERE TO GIVE YOUR NEGATIVE REPLYS. Un wanted….. your kind are everywhere and we are trying not to be a part of you… that is why we are here.

      • DeskManX


  • Did anyone try agnihotra ash water yet? seems to be very potent to say the least 😉 cheers, Michael

  • Mike

    Vince: Get a water filter that takes out the fluoride, that is the most cost effective solution. I recommend the ones from Mercola website or something with the NSF (I think that’s it) certification. Don’t get the gravity filters, they don’t do a good job. Thats been my experience.

  • Mike

    If you live in South America they tend to put the fluoride into the salt not the water, so watch out for that. Yes most South American countries are heavily fluoridated, and remember its’ not really just fluoride but an industrial waste contaminated with everything from lead, to mercury and uranium. In France they also fluoridate the salt although in shops you can buy un-fluoridated versions, but be aware of that if eating out.

  • C.Wright.Thru.

    Infinite and Eternal Blessings to All.
    Thank you all for this wisdom!

  • Josh

    I feel compelled to add to this well intentioned article. If you want to “Clean” up the pineal gland, then you need to “Awaken” the pineal gland. Once awakened the increased blood/chi flow will push out/transmute any and all toxins/blockages. How do you do this? Easy… chanting Aum, alternate nostril breathing, breath retention exercises, acupressure/acupunture, candle flame gazing, certain yoga postures, water of shiva, broad spectrum herbal regimin (gotu kola, reishi, wolfberry, schisandra, many others). Try working these all into a daily routine. But be careful what you wish for…. You might just end up running off to the emergency room for a shot of thorazine if you’re not prepared to face the ineffable. The key to the pineal gland is learning how to open up/enter your CENTRAL channel.

  • I have heard that vinegar can help decalcify the pineal gland. Does anyone have any more info on this? Thanks for a great article.

  • vince

    Im vegan and dont drink alcohol nor do i consume toxins, the only problem for is me the tap water which contains fluoride. what should i drink as opposed to tap water? does bottle water have it inside as well?

    • mothman777

      Bottled water is often not true spring water but bottled tap water, and toxic plastic actually dissolves in water. Plastic bottles with the number 12 and above signify a reasonable food grade plastic; numbers less than that leach plastic into the water. Oily drinks like milk, need even higher numbers, and acidic drinks often have numbers right up into the 80’s to cope with this problem. Myself, I distil my water to get water with pollution or minerals less than 1ppm, which really cleans your tissues out; tap water seems a nauseating toxic soup to me now, ans any minerals in water are useless and even harmful to your body, as they are not bonded within natural plant-based molecules to make them bio-assimilable.

      • gonga

        is this odd treatment giving you any real insight.i’m very interested because as a child and even now i sometimes compose music and work in my sleep and i know there is some way to reach an inner self.i’ve experienced obe and predicted future events the day before i saw them. i’m quite interested in learning how to trigger this or control it myself.

    • Anonymous

      reverse osmosis water filter is what im looking into

  • suli

    WHAT ABOUT CANNABIS? high amounts of cannabis use will also clean youre soul/help with the pineal gland.

  • Tom

    Great! So where can we get Ayahuasca? Presume it is legal.

  • mothman777

    I read in a ‘Harpers And Queen’ Magazine article by Leslie, or Dianne Kenton (both health writers) in the mid 1980’s that sunlight on the skin speeds up the removal of all types of pollutants known from all bodily tissues by a factor of 20 to 50 times faster.

    Though to benefit from this one would need to shower off regularly, with the slight disadvantage that one would loose a lot of Vitamin D from the sunbathing, as this is manufactured in the surface layers of the skin and is lost in part by showering within 24 hours of sunbathing.

    20% of bodily waste is expelled through the skin in perspiration, so when sunbathing for cleansing, the showering is definitely a must.

  • Sanela

    Water of life or our own urine,is the best cleaner.For more information go to,in search tape Andrew Norton Webber, Destiled water and pineal gland.Love,Sanela

  • wings

    Hi major omission what is DMSO

    • mothman777


  • mMmMm

    What’s with all the glowing m’s in this article? Making my eyes go weird – or maybe it’s my over active Pineal gland… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Major Omission

    It was a fine article. It would’ve been a great article if not for the major omission of mentioning DMSO for heavy metal detoxification, and specifically for its capability of passing through the blood-brain barrier and getting heavy metals out of the brain. It should be considered as the first method of choice, and superior to cilantro in this regard. I can’t imagine how much cilantro one would have to consume to get the same effect as merely drinking .75 oz. of DMSO per day, as I often do.

    • EL

      DMSO for detox, this makes me interested can you explain further?

    • Everything moderately

      Dmso is found as a naturally occuring substance in woody plants. Correct? Perhaps a natural diet would supply sufficient quantities, especially since natural living would reduce the need for dimethyl sulfoxide.

    • Chad


      What brand do you buy? So you just take a shot (.75 oz) of DMSO orally per day for detox? How long should one use this for detox… 30 days or so?

    • mothman777

      I use DMSO too sometimes as a carrier, though never heard of that use before. I use EDTA too sometimes to clear out my arteries and micro capillaries in the brain, eyes, ears etc. with good results, using capsules inserted in the rectum for better absorption, as the stomach does not absorb EDTA very well; for the reason that DMSO tastes like vodka mixed with turpentine and is slightly nauseating, I administer that too via the same route using a syringe without needle.

      • Major Omission

        Indeed drinking DMSO simply with water is extremely nauseating, but the good news is that DMSO is amazingly tolerable when mixed with citrus drinks. I do this regular detox via squeezing 2 small limes or 1 large lemon into a 24 oz. glass of water, and the citrus flavor can drown out the DMSO taste. Likewise with a 24 oz. glass of store-purchased orange juice.

        I do find that on days that I drink DMSO, that my body craves an additional 20 oz. of drinking water. So, for those who try this, do be prepared to drink more water than normal, or you may get a headache to notify you of your dehydration.

        Drinking DMSO is arguably the most potent total-body (including the brain!)detoxifying method known, but you surely won’t get enough of it by only using it on your skin as a carrier. I use it that way as well with lugols iodine solution and various essential oils that can’t be ingested safely.

        Moreover, keep in mind that if you haven’t previously detoxified your body via other methods prior to regularly drinking the DMSO, that you might get a very intense ‘Herkheimer reaction’.

        As I see it, given all the Fukushima radiation that is now getting into our air and food supply, and not likely to disappear anytime soon, along with all the other issues mentioned in this article, detoxifying via drinking DMSO regularly is a requirement for maintaining good health, which certainly includes keeping a clean pineal gland.

        • Chad

          Which DMSO do you buy? What is the dosage and how long should one take it for detox?

          • mothman777

            Whatever brand you buy, make sure you buy it in a glass bottle, as plastic is sure to have dissolved into it otherwise.

            The vapour will rust metal caps on bottles by the way.

            Get ‘reagent’ quality for human consumption; it is the purest you can get.

            DMSO is something you need to read up on, as there is too much to explain here, but it will irritate your skin, as it will take all the oil out of your skin and dry it out, leaving it really red and sore, so be careful if you are thinking of rubbing it on your skin.

            Also it will transmit toxic dyes etc from your clothing right into your body, and it will transmit any chemical right into your body really fast, that is why they use it as an adjunct in cancer therapies as a carrier to help meds get to difficult places in the body, but be careful, as the rate at which it is said to speed up absorption is said loosely to be a billion times faster, though this is, needless to say, a great exaggeration that is not intended to be literal; you can get some idea of what would happen if you mixed it with an intoxicant for instance, you would just OD.

            Ingesting DMSO is by no means a pleasant experience tastewise, and you get a sudden rush of warmth in your throat as you swallow it which feels very peculiar. For that reason, I just use a needle-less syringe to squirt it inside my rear end, which is completely devoid of discomfort.

            Minute dilutions of DMSO are said to be helpful in dissolving cataracts and floaters, but overdo it and the retina, which is 60% oil, might be harmed. 5ml up to 50ml by the method I describe should be quite safe. It is an extremely potent substance, and I use it just before laying down to go to bed, so it can work overnight by being absorbed throughout the body.

            Needless to say, you should be thoroughly voided in that department before using, or toxins would be recycled, though it is absorbed extremely fast anyway, so within an hour or so I would expect all the liquid DMSO to have been thoroughly absorbed via the mucous tissue.

            You might want to try just 5 ml at a time to start off on, to see what it does for you, and you will find that to be completely comfortable, though I would rest a few days between doses as you do not want to risk irritating the tissue there. I find 30, even 50 ml quite safe and without any problems, except that I want to drink a lot of distilled water afterwards. But I don’t do that every day, in fact very seldom, and have never experienced any tissue damage afterwards. The best way to open your third eye without running into trouble is to pray to Lord Krishna, who is the original eternal higher self of all souls in the cosmos, long before Allah, Yahweh, and Jesus were invented (Yahweh is just an elemental occult creation of harvested life force, bonded with the souls of the Judaic followers, much of which is gained by blood sacrifice of gentiles during wars created for them to die in, in massive ritual sacrifices, hence the killing of goyim being said to be like the offering of incense to Yahweh).

          • mothman777

            More on sourcing DMSO; I have recently bought some more DMSO, but have decided to go this time with sourcing it from suppliers providing the exact grade recommended by Dr Stanley W. Jacobs, as he is the guy who first found the therapeutic qualities of DMSO.

            The stuff I am getting from now on is in fact sold in an HDPE food grade plastic container, so I will risk that, though I am not altogether happy that even HDPE is totally safe, and would much rather glass were being used, but anyway, everyone is using it with no complaints as far as I can see, though I noted that Dr Mercola is stating that a form of plastic introduced to replace poorer plastic containing gender-bending BPA has another chemical in it with potentially worse effects than BPA; I am just trusting that this HDPE plastic does not contain that.

            Regarding my earlier recommendation to source reagent quality, please disregard that, as that grade is not what I thought it was.

            I have seen that there are a hell of a lot of cowboys out there, just like the plastic surgeons who happily shove industrial grade silicone into women’s breasts, absolutely ruthless, so my advise to everyone is to source DMSO only from people connected to Dr. Stanley Jacobs, as I will be doing just that from now on. That is unless you can source the same quality as he uses in a glass bottle directly from a reputable chemical manufacturer who can specify suitability for medical usage. Good luck.

  • Dr. Heath Motley

    Nicotine’s effect on fluoride

    Nicotine, most know of it through smoking and tobacco use. I’ve always wondered why the US Government is so adamant with anti-smoking and tobacco usage. The carcinogenic properties are bad yes, i do condone smoking but only in small amounts and from organic of hand rolling tobacco, pipe tobacco or Cigars. I do however condone nicotine gum, or other nicotine treatments. Here is why.

    Nicotine has an adverse effect on fluoride.

    Remember how fluoride inhibits choleric activity? Nicotine excites them, rebounding and undoing fluorides effect. Nicotine is being used as a treatment for ADD and ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease. I will not list the rest, for every single ailment fluoride is known to cause, nicotine has the reverse effect.

    It makes you wonder, why people who smoke may find a considerably less effect from Prozac and other anti-depressants. Why most people with ADD and ADHD develop into smokers. WHY DO MOST DOCTORS SMOKE?
    Parkinson’s disease is your brain’s ability to receive and use dopamine from the blockage or death of brain cells in the motor regions. The cause is UNKNOWN. On a side note, I’ll mention again how fluoride enters the brain tissue easily and deposits aluminum at will, which has a conspicuous effect of killing brain cells and clogging up dopamine receptors. The most common treatment is levodopa; a drug that increases dopamine levels, so that what receptors and brain cells you have left can receive a better supply of dopamine. Funny, nicotine has the same effect. On a large level. Large enough so that it becomes addictive. Your brain becomes used to the higher dopamine count, so when the dopamine stops coming, your brain says “hey, i want some more ‘o’ that.”

    There is a lot more info. Here are some links for your own further research.,,
    Summation – Fluoride & Pineal Gland: Up until the 1990s, no research had ever been conducted to determine the impact of fluoride on the pineal gland – a small gland located between the two hemispheres of the brain that regulates the production of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate the onset of puberty and helps protect the body from cell damage caused by free radicals. It is now known – thanks to the meticulous research of Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England – that the pineal gland is the primary target of fluoride accumulation within the body. The soft tissue of the adult pineal gland contains more fluoride than any other soft tissue in the body – a level of fluoride (~300 ppm) capable of inhibiting enzymes. The pineal gland also contains hard tissue (hyroxyapatite crystals), and this hard tissue accumulates more fluoride (up to 21,000 ppm) than any other hard tissue in the body (e.g. teeth and bone). After finding that the pineal gland is a major target for fluoride accumulation in humans, Dr. Luke conducted animal experiments to determine if the accumulated fluoride could impact the functioning of the gland – particularly the gland’s regulation of melatonin. Luke found that animals treated with fluoride had lower levels of circulating melatonin, as reflected by reduced levels of melatonin metabolites in the animals’ urine. This reduced level of circulating melatonin was accompanied – as might be expected – by an earlier onset of puberty in the fluoride-treated female animals. Luke summarized her human and animal findings as follows: “In conclusion, the human pineal gland contains the highest concentration of fluoride in the body. Fluoride is associated with depressed pineal melatonin synthesis by prepubertal gerbils and an accelerated onset of sexual maturation in the female gerbil. The results strengthen the hypothesis that the pineal has a role in the timing of the onset of puberty. Whether or not fluoride interferes with pineal function in humans requires further investigation.”

    • john

      you sound like a big time tobacco corp, tryin to get people to smoke. nicotine is addictive thats why so many people use it, not because its good for you? if it was good for you it wouldn’t be lethal. If water (pure water, as from glaciers) is harder to drown cells in the tap water because its purity. so don’t pull that water is good but you can die from it shit.

    • mothman777

      Extremely interesting points you make. The nicotine you mention being used for Alzheimer’s etc. is also available in pill form as Niacin B3 in the forms of nicotinamide and in another less uncomfortable form, of ‘non-flushing’ vitamin B3.

      I know that people with schizophrenia do get considerable relief of some of their mental symptoms by smoking, and certainly organic tobacco does not contain radioactive saltpeter usually used to stop cigarettes from extinguishing.

      Also NPK chemical fertilizer, containing potassium, can be quite radioactive in one of the isotopes used, and this is a particular problem in Brazil at least, where the isotope that is radioactive (either potassium 20 or 40 I think) makes cigarettes there very radioactive indeed, and it is the radioactivity that is in fact the main cause of lung cancer there, though cigarette filter tips are made of glass wool microfibre, and that too also causes exactly the same kind of lung damage and cancer too as asbestos does, due to the fibres getting inhaled into the lung tissues over the years and cutting them to shreds.

      For the people who wish to grow their own organic tobacco and food crops, try adding basalt rock dust to your soil for 100% mineral replacement in depleted soils, it is the best way to enrich your soil there is., including microminerals not present in NPK chemical ‘fertilizers’, such as praseodymium, lanthanum, samarium and so on, as these elements have been proven to double the lifespans of animals in lab tests.

      Schizophrenia itself, though greatly alleviated by vitamin B3, may well be caused by specific brain damage, just like syphilis causes, due to a virus that is uniquely found in the cerebrospinal fluid of most sufferers of schizophrenia, I think maybe cytomegalovirus is the culprit mentioned, though of course other forms of brain injury can cause similar cognitive disruption, resulting in so-called schizophrenia.

    • jo-beth

      Thankyou so much for taking time to post this info. I appreciate it very much. it was an interesting read..

  • Jiggs

    Why do I get the impression that tobacco’s on the no-no list just to take a cheap shot at smokers? I roll my own organic cigs, might have helped to actually cite a little “science” to back it up. Just tobacco, or all combustibles? Shamans don’t smoke or eat meat? I don’t thiiiink so. Otherwise, thanks for an informative read.

    • All of the Shamans I know eat plenty of meat and smoke more tobacco than I thought possible.

      • Tony Banana

        But would they also eat the meat of the industrial treated animals in our western world?
        Or only the meat of animals that were treated with respect?

      • whitebear

        Greatly misunderstood is the Shaman. There are no Shaman in the whole of North and South America or Canada for that matter. A Shaman is from Siberia. Though they and we may do essentially the same tasks as it relates to Spiritual Well Being of our peoples,
        unfortunately it is the educated Anthropologists that are behind the misnomer.
        We are called pejula wacasa, medicine man.

        • Brian

          Pejula wacasa is one name for a medicine man. What is the language and the people who used that language?

        • sue

          ‘Shaman’ is a Tungusic word, but the concept is a human one. if a shaman is someone chosen and initiated by the spirits, they are thinly scattered across the world, some being more successful than others by virtue of their practical training by other shamans and lack of religious or psychiatric persecution. Not all cultures accept shamans by any name, as some require a family lineage to enter the shaman business and others think such people are simply crazy.

          • sue

            and by the way, getting rid of all the cosmetic chemicals in life is not a ‘maybe’. Detoxing from all the nasty substances in cosmetics (which are not regulated like food and drugs) will make such a difference you won’t know yourself. One of the ways people get sick is by plastering themselves with all that stuff in their bathrooms. Read the labels, do those long lists sound like they’d be good for the brain?

        • Paul

          Here’s a Shaman in Costa Rica:

      • Anonymous

        yeah Every ones a shaman…even the unenlightened ones

    • Anonymous

      are you silly. Just cause you smoke you think its a cheap shot at smokers. Don’t be ridiculous. The author is just giving you ways to detox your body and pineal gland, and any one with a brain would know smoking is not good for you in any way possible. Forget about your own personal gain and acknowledge the information. Typical of humans, to feel offended when someone is trying to help. I bet if the author said sniffing crack is also bad for the pineal gland and someone on here sniff cracked, they would say something as silly as you said. But common sense tells you that most of these drugs are their purposely by the control system to control brain patterns and lower mental frequency and destroy the heart. Ofcourse its not good for the pineal gland.

      • Anonymous

        Here, here!

      • Me

        Are there people who really sniff cracks?

        • telena helotova

          yes they sniff butt cracks,smoking meme was is a social speriment or a amusing ploy in swaying the ‘masses”and it works of course outlawing smoking in open areas is the zenith of manipul;ation enforced by the anti smoking dweebs indoctrinated with the program, aintcha ever seen the children of amazonian tribes with big ole leaf wrapped stogies?we got bigger prollems to solve then be side tracked with idiots obssesion withother peoples private behaviour.outlawing plants is an insult to the creator and is true an an an oh neva eva mind,lol.,good site love the info.

          • JB

            Amen brother – it’s a massive distraction and an insult

    • pam ella

      if you think smoking isnt bad for you , then would you let your child smoke it? i didnt think so. please be compassionate to your self when talking to others. they know your full of dodo.

      • JB

        Sounds like you’ve got an ego problem pam

    • matt

      this video is kind of long but it makes alot of sence

      • Anonymous

        spirit science! yessir

    • josette

      buying a water distiller best table top home pure water distiller world wide postage and 3 years warranty

    • Anonymous

      no…its kills you eventually..and until it does you stink..

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