Warping the Value of Life and Health With Vaccine Statistics

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

The CDC, family doctor and the school nurse would have us believe that vaccines are not only safe, but required to live a healthy life.  When evidence is offered to the contrary, it is presented in the form of statistical samples, organized to appeal to the rational/scientific mind, making a one-to-one comparison between very different experiences.

Every data set there is about the efficacy and safety of vaccines includes cases of adverse reactions, lifelong debilities, and deaths of infants, children and teenagers.  Total tragedy.

When we look at numbers and rationalize that the probability of having an adverse reaction is low enough, and therefore a vaccine is ‘safe’, we are acknowledging that the rational mind recognizes a present danger, yet, we are yielding to irrationality by contradicting our natural sense of self-preservation by gambling with life and health.

This contradiction is confusing to many parents and scares the mind into distrust of both its rationality and its intuition, and too often the decision to vaccinate is then born out of peer pressure from institutions, doctors, friends and family, and a media with staggering conflicts of interest.

The importance of understanding how vaccine reactions truly affect the lives of genuine people cannot be understated.  To disregard a damaged child as a statistic is too cruel to fathom.

In this video clip of testimony about vaccine reactions, we see the flip side of the statistics. The real side of the statistics.  We finally get to hear actual stories from real people who took the gamble and lost, and would do anything to be able to have healthy lives and children again.

Although statistically a smaller number of people have had ‘adverse’ reactions to vaccines, the value of their story and experience should be astronomically higher than the value of the numbers of ‘non-affected.’  A comparison between the two cannot be made equally when considering the stakes.

Dylan Charles is the editor of WakingTimes.com, a great source of alternative news and information on health, consciousness and sustainability.  He is also the proprietor of Pura Vida Yoga Vacations and Offgrid Auctions.

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