How Trees Communicate

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Researchers at the University of British Columbia are concluding that trees are interacting with one another in a symbiotic relationship that helps the trees to survive. Connected by fungi, the underground root systems of plants and trees are transferring carbon and nitrogen back and forth between each other in a network of subtle communication. Similar to the network of neurons and axons in the human brain, the network of fungi, roots, soil and micro-organisms beneath the larger ‘mother trees’ gives the forest its own consciousness.  Video posted by Karma Tube.

Video from KarmaTube

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  1. Lisa Pruitt says:

    That was totally interesting.
    Does this mean I’m helping to create some kind of network
    underground by planting so many different plants?
    I really wonder now.

  2. Jonathan Guske says:

    Mycelium Running, by Paul Stamets touches on some of this I believe. As a Forestry Technician I have always felt there is a constant dialog taking place in the Forest Kingdom. All these entities are important and have a unique purpose in the community of the Forest.

  3. This makes me think of the druidic practice of gathering in old groves of trees to make decisions for the community. They say that if you sit amongst the trees of an old grove, no bad decision can happen. Well done… Now, back to tending the forest…

  4. Theresa Halula says:

    When culture understands soil as a living we become mindful of the connections between trees, the soil, water, fungi and our own prosperity. As we understand how we depend on interacting and maintaining forests, farm land and our own lives we will cease our
    drive to deplete soils and ecosystems. Mother trees are the matriarchs of life. Keep posting, education is the only path to health.

    • I truly like what is being shared here on this site and your post. Thank you.

      As a very left brain type of a person (SEC’s Series 7 & 63, CPA, US Navy nuclear trained electrical engineer, etc.) I also have a passion to understand the meta nature (The why and what behind the causes-effects)of physics.

      In my “personal and very real” experience – and research, every subatomic particle is encapsulated with the attribute of “being aware.” And the higher up one goes … say from bosons to atoms and then to molecules … the broader the scope of awareness we find in those “living community of energy-mass relationships.”

      For those doubting Thomas’s … that’s ok for history tells us they never are the cheerleaders that inspire human evolution in thinking about how to think “out of the manmade box.”

      The body or research on this “Living Library” of everything … the zero point field of singularity, etc. … is still very young but is growing at a tremendous speed in some cutting edge university based research centers.

      Therefore for me, it is not a big stretch to consider the logic of a forest bed as a living community operating under one harmonically aware, self-supporting and co-creative community … communing with the “Mysterium of Nature.”

      Let us all smile in wonderment … and use the energy undernieth that smile as a passport to mankind’s seeking the metascopes of miracles.

      I love the posts here and eagerly waiting more “empirically corroborating” data on the nature of our … oops … no … its probably Her living earth.

  5. ALL of Nature is in communication, is intelligent and is nurturing each other. We ARE Nature, more than we are the illusion of ‘civilised’ which we are TAUGHT to believe in coercively at School and beyond.

    Our core biological function is to nurture the world around us for all life. The practices of Aboriginal peoples reflect this as a concrete reality.

    Our biology is mandated towards empathy, which is a core ability to sense the content of the other, which informs how one responds to the other, in terms of meeting biological needs.

  6. roy throssell says:

    I wounder what the trees are saying about the clear cutting of the research forest and that you cut so many trees in the last ten years the north river dries up in the summer now and you have cut right to the edge of the river witch is illegal. this is still public land and you have destroyed a gift.maybe the trees have a opinion of this too.

  7. Anne-Marie says:

    WOnderful video .. thank you for sharing! This adds to the special magical feeling of being in the forest .. or .. a comfy, well tended, natural garden!

  8. Martin says:

    This makes sense in some way, and there is some factual information to support this concept. However it would need some more depth to figure if it really is doing that, and if so, how and what.
    Just the one thing that put me off was that a trees roots do not in any way look like a human brain, so no need to present them as one.

  9. Catherine Todd says:

    Wonderful, wonderful video! I had no idea…I’m subscribed now and looking forward to many more! Thanks to the excellent researcher and videographer for sharing this all-important information and new world view, of natural communities supporting each other, and not just “survival of the fittest.” Who knew?

    Research and films like this is what will truly change the world and how we react in it and to it. Gracias, amigos!

    “The winds of grace blow all the time; all we need do is set our sails.” Dear God please show us The Way.

  10. Generik says:

    This may be a silly question, but it made me think. If one cuts down the mother tree do the rest of them die? I love how trees stem from the root and grow towards the core.

  11. Debbi says:

    I am so glad my friend sent this to me. I am reading a book that I HIGHLY recommend if you like or are interested in this subject. The Lost Language of Plants. Author: Stephen Harrod Buhner. It is a combination of poetry and science, just like it says on the jacket. It will open your eyes to the living being-ness of all life on earth. Enjoy!

  12. On the subject of neural nets – what about the action potentials / electronic signals that propagate the the roots/phloem of trees and mycelium of fungi………

  13. What is really exccing for me is that this work is being done in BC – and that science is finally catching up with spiritual experiences – It was in Cathedral Grove on Vancouvers Island that I first photographed the tree spirit in a humaniod form.

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