Organic Farmers vs. Monsanto: Update, Petition Comments & What’s Next

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Jack Adam Weber
Wake Up World

Dear Passionate Hearts of the World,

Last week we posted an open (hearted) letter to the farmers and seed growers who were part of the group (OSGTA) that sued Monsanto. As many of you know, Monsanto has garnered quite the reputation for bullying small organic farmers, filing suit against them, litigating them to no end, and bankrupting them. Witnessing this for years, the organic and commercial seed farms, co-ops and farming groups did not want to be next. So, OSGTA filed this preemptive suit, meaning that they are seeking to protect themselves and their farms (our food) in advance, before getting that harrowing knock on the door by Monster Santo.

As many of you also may know, last week this lawsuit was dismissed by Judge Buchwald in Federal District Court in Manhattan (oh, I’d hate to be her walking down the streets of the Big Apple). In response to this decision, and after reading the farmers’ woes and the national outrage over this decision, a letter to the farmers began to write itself from me, pouring out from my heart during dinner. So, I put down my plate and wrote it down. And I am glad I did. Passionate readers like you began to gravitate around this message, which also spoke directly to Monsanto and our quickly evolving revolution between Big Business and ordinary life-loving citizens like you and me.

We decided to make a petition out of the letter so we could all join our voices into one unified outpouring of love, encouragement and gratitude to the farmers and seed growers. In two days our petition got 2,000 signatures. I go to the petition site frequently to see how our numbers are doing and to read the comments left by signers from all over the world. It’s a rush—so inspiring!

People have signed on from Australia, Cyprus, Italy, Norway, Finland, Japan, Canada, Untied States, New Zealand, South Africa, Romania, West Indies, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Germany, UK, Hungary, Austria, French Polynesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Botswana, Belgium, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Iceland, Mexico, and more.  Unbelievable.

This shows that GMO pollution and a desire for clean food is a worldwide concern.

Honestly, when I went through the comments I was about moved to tears by so many. I found myself unable to choose just a few. So, without any ultimately good enough reason to choose some and not others, here are a few. We have posted more at the end of the article, and all comments can be viewed at the petition site. We will continue to post more comments each day at the end of this article, so please check back to read more . Thank you all for posting; my heart joins your words and your conviction and your strong spirits…you blow me away.

WE, the people, deserve the truth about the foods we eat.  For too long we’ve allowed the gov’t and big biz to rule our lives.  THAT time is over, expect us.”

I work in healthcare helping people heal from disease, and cannot believe that our government would sign on to something which will affect our health.   The recent ruling is to me, akin to genocide.”

“ I cried when I saw you were standing up to Monsanto, and I cried when the case got dropped. It still means a lot to me that you tried. We need to reword your lawsuit and try again. We can not stand for this sick injustice.”

“One of the highlights of my week is going to the organic farmers market in my neighbourhood with my daughter.  We engage with the farmers, talk about each others lives, and it gives us a real connection to the food we eat.  I do not want this to end and will do my part to be on the side of the farmers, not Monsanto.”

“As a citizen of the world I will not stand by and allow you to destroy the planet that I will leave to my children. Monsanto MUST be stopped!”

Your overwhelming response over the last few days have fueled me to keep spreading the good word. I invite you to every now and then go the petition site and read some of the juicy stuff pouring from everyone. It’s good medicine to juice your own encouragement, activism, love, and hope! I thank you all (and others around the world who signed) for your comments and for contributing to what is ultimately a gift to the OSGTA. All comments will be copied to the farmers group.

An Occupy Our Food group has offered to put us in touch with all the OSGTA plaintiffs so we can share our letter and our comments with them. They have one month to file for appeal, which is about twenty days from now. So we want to get a lot more signatures, soon.

Please share the petition letter along to as many as you can and to any and all media outlets you see fit, no restrictions, for it is your letter as well, if you care to make it so. If you have a large contact base, and can pull this thing out for us, you’ll be a hero. We want to match the number of signatures with the number of persons in the suit—300,000.

As one petition signer put it:

“Monsanto must be stopped and we, the people, can stop them.”

She is so right. To this end, stay tuned for my next article, GMO Takedown (likely in two parts). In it I will share step-by-step how together, through each of our individual efforts, we can relatively swiftly and collectively do just that. But it can only happen TOGETHER.

In love and solidarity, Jack


“One of the highlights of my week is going to the organic farmers market in my neighbourhood with my daughter.  We engage with the farmers, talk about each others lives, and it gives us a real connection to the food we eat.  I do not want this to end and will do my part to be on the side of the farmers, not Monsanto.”

“I do not trust these huge corporate entities with the safety of our food supply. I do not feel that the way that they tamper with nature is safe or sustainable. I despise the way that these companies use their leverage to shut down small farms; farms with history, farms our country was built on. The quality of the food is drastically reduced through the mass production techniques championed by Monsanto. And other countries have already wizened up to this, why haven’t we?”

“I cried when I saw you were standing up to Monsanto, and I cried when the case got dropped. It still means a lot to me that you tried. We need to reword your lawsuit and try again. We can not stand for this sick injustice.”

“Because we shouldn’t have patents on nature, because GMO’s are killing life, because corporate greed is killing life, because Monsanto the USDA and FDA have overstepped their bounds and need to change. NOW!”

“The numbers against Monsanto are growing by the minute now. I look forward to the day M takes responsibility for their actions. It’s coming. God willing, it’s coming…”

“Monsanto must be stopped and we, the people, can stop them.”

“because I hate those goddamn kike pieces of shit who force their deadly GMO seeds on the world and think that we need to stop them at all costs.”

“Because I want healthy and safe food for me and my children. In my country there is a saying “”Nobody is bigger then the bread””…Well, Monsanto obviously wants to be bigger than OUR bread, and not only in the US. Monsanto-making people miserable since 1992-that’s what their slogan should look like.” —Bulgaria

“The future is in our hands, and I don’t want the dark side to win. “

“All those in the GMO industry and the politicians that part of the justice system supporting it should all be brought up before a Neurmberg style trial and tried for crimes against humanity and murder.  They should all be treated no differently that those found guilty at the original Nuremberg trials.  They should all be bared from their professions for life once or if they ever get out of jail.  Many will be found guilty of murder and should have the approprate punishement to its fullest., with out exception and without mercy.  Those creating and promoting GMO never showed any mercy to anyone, or nature.  Those individuals deserve nothing less than what they did to others in order to show that we will never tolerate this ever again.”

“I’m signing for the next seven generations.  I support all actions to end Monsanto’s insane disrespect for our dear planet Earth and all the life she sustains.”

“it’s the least I can do.”

“Because I care about my children.”

“I applaud the real heroes here…the farmers and producers that stand up to Monsanto and say NO….and to each and every person out there fighting to restore what is real and natural in our world.   History is being written here and will testify you are indeed the heroes against one of the most insidious evils of these modern times…..”  —excerpt

“Thank you so much for what you are doing!  Please don’t give up!  You are doing a huge service for the planet and all beings.  Take it all the way to the top. Love will prevail and I am so thankful for the part you are playing in this unfolding war between darkness and light.  Love will prevail.  Please keep going.”

“I want small farms to survive and THRIVE because they are the answer to good health – for ourselves and our planet, and they connect us to our communities. We won’t give up the fight – it is so important!”

“I am so distressed by this outcome…..I am flooded with the sadness this brings to so many and the suffering that will be a result.”


“We must carry on the battle for liberty at every opportunity.  My signature is but a small token of appreciation for what you have given.”

“The future of our children and generally the future in total is at stake.”

“As a citizen of the world I will not stand by and allow you to destroy the planet that I will leave to my children. Monsanto MUST be stopped!”

“I’m an Veteran and  an Urban Organic Sustainable Hydro-soil farmer in San Diego, CA. Doc’s Urban Organics. Monsanto is a fist of bad health and totalitarian rule. WE as a NATION have a RIGHT to choose WHAT we EAT and WHERE we get it from! Controlling what we eat, what seeds we use and when we farm is another way for the system to crush any healthy opposition to their mad lab farming. WE have to stand up to these bullies, or risk loosing our sovereignty as Americans.”

“For obvious reasons. We, the people, owe it to ourselves, and the rest of the world, to enjoy our stay here in this world. Deception is out – Truth is in. No one wants to be poisoned, manipulated, and mislead about basic human rights, which includes being able to trust in our system. We are not a nation of sheep, or a stupid mass. United we stand! Divided we fall. Stop the madness.”

“because i love this world, and appreciate that it’s diversity and it’s own ‘brand’ of seed “is  what’s meant to be. because the patenting of food is completely wrong and inherently  scary beyond belief. and because monsters like monsanto need to understand they are not pulling the wool over our eyes and we will unfortunately all pay the price of their greed and mal-intent.”

“I don’t want myself, my family, my friends, my environment, my country and Mother Earth  to be poisoned just to fatten the pockets of a few people who believe they can play God.  This has got to end!”

“Please know, that even though I live in Sydney, Australia ~ I stand beside you, as a Warrior for Our Environment and a Warrior for Wellness. NO, gmo in our food. Go Well, Keep fighting the ‘good fight’.”

“We as the people who inhabit this planet have the right to live with the Earth, to grow and eat the food that nature and this planet has provided, without any modification, in any way. The methods and means used by Monsanto to change the Genetic makeup of foods/seeds means that the Divine genetic make-up of our food has changed and that will also have an effect on our health, and our ability to plant and regrow our own “natural” foods.”

“Because we are what we eat and I don’t want  to slowly turn into lifeless plastic. Because what is produced with love and care by humans carries the positive energy this love and care transmits while that what is produced in any other way will lack this energy. Because life feeds on diversity and monopolism leads to the death of creativity, freedom, joy, and in the end: mankind.”

“Because We are Natural Beings that need  Natural,  Unaltered and Non-Toxic food that will nurture and heal our bodies instead of making them diseased.”

“Organic food, grown without chemicals and pesticides is far superior in taste and nutrition than food that is not grown organically.We need to support the farmers who put themselves out there to grow real food for us, the consumers.  thank you to all the farmers who made a stand”

“Because I like organic food, because organic food is healthiest, because it’s the way the universe was created and is the only way to maintain and not destroy the natural order. Because only the blind would see it any other way.”

‘because Monsanto is the 3rd dimensional manifestation of everything that is wrong with our society :(

“This technology has not been proven safe, and I don’t want me or anyone else on this planet to be their human “guniea pigs”.  It is all about money and control.  We ARE going to win this!  :o )”

“I don’t support corporations who have more concern for their bottom line and how they can make the law work for their purposes.  Concern for the environment and the health of my family and loved ones should be paramount.  In this time I am disgusted at some of the practices Monsanto employs.  Though it may be an uphill battle, I support these organic farmers who decided the fight was worth it.  We need more of this bravery.  Maybe one farmer will finally awaken Monsanto’s conscience.”

“Food can not be owned by a corporation or any one person and our food supply must not rely on the “good will” of  a greedy multinational company”

“There are so many reasons. Because of the robbery, and the dangerous taking over of what God graciously gave us…the fruits of the earth. Because these seed products endanger us all and our children. Because there is safety in diversity of plant life.

Because the bees are dying due to them. Einstine said if the bees die we  have seven years. I want to say to anyone as well that this is not political. This is apolitical. Everyone eats and wants their children to eat and to have the beautiful diversity we have been given for our our and their safety. I tell my family…do not stand beneath those goliaths (Monsanto, Pharmicia) for God in his justice will eventually bring them down.”

“Farmers deserve to grow their own seeds without fear of being sued for accidental infringements of GMO’s. This dismissal is an outrage! I refuse to be a victim of GMO food, and support Organic farmers.”


About the Author

Jack Adam Weber is a licensed acupuncturist, master herbalist, author, organic farmer, celebrated poet, and activist for Earth-centered spirituality. He integrates poetry, ancient wisdom, holistic medicine, and depth psychology into passionate presentations for personal fulfillment as a path to planetary transformation. His books, artwork, and provocative poems can be found at his website  Jack can be reached at or Friend him on Facebook

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