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Stop Being Food for the Reptilian Complex – Thomas Sheridan (Video)

Waking Times

Editor’s Note:  The original video with this post was hosted by YouTube and has been made ‘private’, and is no longer available for viewing.  For this, we have attached a interview with Thomas Sheridan which discusses the nature of the psychopath and the effect they have on the lives of he rest of us. 

“You don’t get to be a hero by being a coward and sitting back and accepting the status quo.  Evolution is calling you to task.” – Thomas Sheridan

An excellent and thorough explanation of the psychopath and the reasons the world is in chaos.  Why is there a war on human consciousness and how do we live up to our high human potential for living peacefully and fruitfully on this beautiful planet?  The solution lies in disassociation with psychopaths and turning our energies to the elevation of our consciousness.  A must watch!

  • Filip Sandor

    Interesting, I’ve only read a couple articles here so far and have seen more than a few mentions of reptiles. This is a good sign, the fact that the elites are sprouting new websites, like the Waking Times, where they disseminate information and present very accurate viewpoints of the real impacts of the NWO, while talking about reptilians and multi-dimensional indigo “beings” as a way to send the more ignorant people on wild goose chases is indeed a strong sign that people are waking up!

    • Filip Sandor

      Every shill and every FAKE site devoted to the real movement, such as this one is a flagrant admission by it’s founders that they are getting nervous – however, feeling a little nervous about losing their power isn’t going to stop them from keeping it. So let’s keep at it people, feel free to use the good parts and discard the bad, there is not a single original thought here at the Waking Times, just good writers.

  • mat

    actually it is very interesting as to if this staff is all bull why they want to delete it , so then it must be some truth in it.

  • mat

    hi guys , unfortunately the video is deleted from entire you tube , would u please upload it again. cheers

    • The video is indeed unavailable for viewing and is now ‘private,’ whatever that means. I’ve attached a different video, an interview with Thomas Sheridan discussing the nature of the psychopath and the effect they have on society. – Waking Times

  • Mia

    Thanks for this! Loved it and will pass it on to my contacts! Non-compliance is what I have been trying and mostly succeeding in doing since I watched Zeitgeist Addendum 🙂 as it was something which stood out for me in that vid. Let’s hope the military and police wake up and non-comply asap? Bill Wood ex navy seal has come forward so I expect others will follow out in the open.

    • Thanks for tuning in, Mia. Time for a paradigm shift.

  • Thanks, David! I will check it out post haste. Have you read my account of my experience with modern psychology?

  • David Westbay

    Another good source: “Warning ; Psychiatry May Be Hazardous To Your Health” by William Glasser.

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