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The Incredible Edible Park (Video)

YouTube – GrowingYourGreens

“Food doesn’t come from the grocery store, it comes from Mother Earth and the ground”

Food independence is of critical importance these days as more people become aware of how delicate our food system really is and how detrimental GMO and factory foods are.  In Irvine, California, residents have turned the land directly beneath electrical line easements into an edible park that helps to feed over 200,000.  This is a fine example of how re-tooling our cities into sustainable communities can positively impact many people while saving money and resources.  Can this become a model for educating the public about food and how to grow it?

  • Lisa Pruitt

    I use stevia leaf everyday in tea. It’s the actual dried leaf. Is the stevia they used in the rat studies that changed DNA the processed stevia or the leaf?
    Now I’m wondering if I should be using it every day.

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