Why Are So Many People Gathering to Hear David Icke?

Heather Callaghan
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What can you expect to hear if you listen to David Icke? Everything!

He also empowers and motivates us to reclaim our personal freedom. You can be fearless in the midst of a seemingly cruel and crazy world. There is a method to the madness for all that’s irrational today, although it comes from an artificial reality, keeping us from our own natural consciousness.

It takes an amazing brilliancy and energy to take everyone through a personal prison break, speaking a mile a minute for nearly 11 hours straight! That’s what he did recently in Cleveland, Ohio and a few days ago in New York, connecting dots and pinpointing the sources for today’s confusion.

Asleep, we meander in a routinized, hazy, yet invisible prison. A world where we are made to feel shame even for every breath, as though we are so small and unworthy that we should receive punishment for filling the atmosphere with our sighs. We might feel confused, fearful, depressed, trapped, exhausted, deflated until it seems like our existence is squeezed into the size of a postage stamp.

But why should that be so! One of his book titles makes for a better description: Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Only Illusion. Always researching, he covers much: metaphysics, technology, co-opted revolutions, top-level power and world banks, fluoride, modern medicine, food politics, vibrational and electromagnetic frequencies, radiation, the left-brain 5-sense prison, the rise of child abuse, Zionism (more than meets the eye), world economy and debt, smart meters, narcissistic cops – trained to lack empathy, greater social consciousness, and tapping into our awareness.

How we receive and perceive information is akin to code and decoding. “We’ve been hacked into,” Icke demonstrated. Elitists, higher-ups, whatever general term for those who ruthlessly seek control at the top, use technology to manipulate that coding, giving us their manufactured reality and frenzied, lower brain mindset. For more specifics, check out the sources for his new work, below.

Do you ever feel that most of the world submits to left-brain and sensory modes? School, work, politics? That mode explains the box-routine cycle of work; eat a sandwich, feel no purpose, repeat.

And the limitation of “If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist!” Our intellect and senses are great, but are such a tiny drop in the sea of consciousness that we truly are. And a stirring consciousness scares those in power. We are compelled to view the world through a very small lens, blocked from bridging the right and left brain.

There is a lower, reptilian-like part of the brain. It even resembles a snake. It scans and reacts automatically. It’s the fight or flight response. This reaction is fine when someone walks in front of our moving car, Icke says, but to live like this all the time would be seriously damaging and repressive. Oh no! What am I going to do about rent, my job, my relationship, food…?

It’s reacting all the time from the fear of not surviving. How is that state-of-mind exploited when we tune in to the matrix? We are met with a barrage of manufactured terrorism, global warming (climate change), destroyed economies, the newest flu, disasters — total mayhem! Reaction, reaction, reaction. And more restriction from Problem-Reaction-Solution (which usually includes force, acquiescence to authority, and loss of freedom). People feed into this insatiable energy monster and it becomes harder to look at the bigger picture, make connections, and tap into our consciousness (right brain).

It’s also not coincidental that many of the things we oppose also directly destroy our DNA. Fluoride, GMOs, food additives, chemical jet trails, medicine and drugs, and weakness from many sources of radiation. Icke pointed out that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland in the brain which acts as our third eye.

The Positive Shift

David Icke speaks positively about the burgeoning paradigm shift. “So many children are growing up and breaking through the program — that is a testament to the power of consciousness. Think of the things we know now that we didn’t know one year, five years, twenty years ago,” Icke said.

“They are throwing everything at us…[trying to] keep us down emotionally.”

But these controllers aren’t omnipotent. They are like “little school boys in short trousers.” This cold mindset is one of massive insecurity. It operates under a limited vibration using only a limited intellect. That’s why technology is so often used for destruction, because they don’t have consciousness. “They are in a small box, terrified of us awakening. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”

From the limited consciousness of the controllers, we experience a round the clock, suppressive targeted program. However, David likens this effort to trying to hold down a soccer ball in a pool of water. Naturally, the ball will immediately rise to the surface. It takes a great amount of constant force to keep it down. It cannot be released for one second. So another testament to our awakening and efforts is the absolute energy exhausted working tirelessly to keep us down. We must be pretty special!

How Can One Break From The Matrix?

Let pre-programmed beliefs go. We don’t need a blueprint. It doesn’t have to be complicated, he says: the fasting, the lifelong meditation, the guru teaching. “Open your frickin’ mind, openness…that’s it. I don’t fast, you probably noticed,” he joked. “Open the [Wizard’s] curtain, keep finding the truth.”

The vibrational frequency of the imbecilic mindset inflicted on us is made up of fear, insecurity, and anxiety. It doesn’t so much think as it does react. But reacting to the irrational doesn’t work; it keeps us reactionary, controlled, drained, and feeling helpless. Think of a traffic light when applying the following response: Stop, Think, Act. The age-old counting to 10 or 20 before reacting helps too. Then there’s the ever-important phrase when facing attack, “NO!” Cease to acquiesce. We have the numbers and power — controllers never do. The only ones who can give up our power is us, and we are upholding our own enslavement when we acquiesce to that irrationality.

One of the greatest things we can do is get rid of the fear of “What will people think [of me]?? It doesn’t matter, they’ll think something different tomorrow. We have to let go of that fear.” Sometimes the biggest war is between the program of the head against the openness of the heart. Fear looks to the external, very limited. As Icke shows us, realizing who you really are and releasing your fear allows you to take back your power. Then life becomes more about abundance, wonderment, and adventure, with nothing to lose.

“People say, I want to seek enlightenment — what a bloody waste of time!” he exclaimed. “You are enlightened! You are infinite awareness.”

So, it’s not Oh, Little Me… Human Race – Get Off Your Knees!

Look for David Icke’s new book, Remember Who You Are, out January, 2012

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Please check out his detailed research At www.davidicke.com

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