Your Beacon of Light in a World of Darkness

Trinity Bourne, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

With so much suffering and pain in the world how easy it is to forget that there is a light within our hearts that permeates through all things! We may become clouded, yet the light always shines if we search a little deeper. It never goes away. Sometimes all that is required is a shift in perception. This world we live in may be configured to pull us from a state of pure presence, but remember, we have a choice. In every moment we can remember that pain and sadness are an invitation to realign with the boundless, liberated beings that we truly are…

Touching a space of true Love!

“Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing:
the last of human freedoms to choose
one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances,
to choose one’s own way. “

    Victor Frankl

Viktor Frankly was an Auschwitz survivor. He survived by finding peace in his heart within a storm of horror. That’s why his words mean so much. He lived it, breathed it and was truly tested on it. When there was no food left he gave a weak dying person his bread, knowing that that person was soon to die anyway. Some would say that’s madness. Yet, others would say, that to live one moment fully from the heart, is better than living a lifetime of fear.

  • It’s a similar energy that Martin Luther King had when he said this:

    “If I knew the world would perish tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree today.”

    Divine Trust

    It’s not about tomorrow. It’s not about holding on. It is finding inner peace right now, with this moment. It’s about completely giving yourself to NOW. It’s about coming from a place a true compassion, no matter what is going to happen in the next moment. It’s not about the outcome. It’s all about the energy. It’s all about the integrity of soul and willingness to give yourself fully to being. It’s about divine trust. Then, and only then, can nothing other than the light within you permeate outwards. Then, the whole world can feel it.

    Our darkest hour

    When we are in our darkest hour let’s remember the light within our hearts.
    Let it shine outwards.
    If you can’t touch it. Go deeper.
    If you still can’t touch it…
    Do something.

    Do something that brings joy to yourself or better still someone else. If you can’t feel or think of anything then drag yourself up and smell a rose – bake some cookies to share – feed the birds – listen to some music – dance – walk in nature – smell the ocean air – sing with all of your heart – write a poem about the light in your heart – whatever it is you have available to you that gets the energy moving. Just do it! And keep doing it until you find the light again. Soon enough, you will touch it again.

    Remember that you always have a choice.

    From my heart to yours

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