Incredibly Effective Protection from Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Effects

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A special study conducted by Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa, M.D., Ph.D., from the Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy (JCIT) took a group of men working on the Fukushima site and administered 25,000 mg (milligrams) or 25 grams of vitamin C as a pretreatment prior to half of the men entering the area. What you’re about to learn is that this measure of protection may be one of the best when dealing with nuclear radiation effects.

A Solution to Fukushima’s Nuclear Radiation Effects

After their hazardous work, thorough medical evaluations determined they were clear of DNA damage and precancerous indicators that would have otherwise occurred from the radiation. The untreated workers showed DNA damage and precancerous indicators, but they received a similar post treatment protocol for a couple of months and recovered completely.

The Japanese College’s work and findings were supressed because TEPCO, the firm that owns the Fukushima plant, the Japanese government, and Japanese media all have ignored them and their science based advice.

Their report was published in the States by a major orthomolecular (nutritional medicine) information center, The report covers the JCIT study with links to JCIT’s videos. Very few media outlets know of this report

  • Mega-dose vitamin C administered by IV (intravenously) gets more vitamin C into the bloodstream directly than orally administered C. Unfortunately it is difficult to find someone who will do IV C in the USA, thanks to our Medical Mafia. If you can find someone near you, it can be a bit pricey per treatment.

    But there is another solution that anyone can access with less cost, and it can be taken orally. Liposomal encapsulated C surpasses even IV C’s ability to penetrate your cells, where it is ultimately needed. So it takes considerably less liposomal encapsulated vitamin C to equal thousands of milligrams of IV C.

    The Alan Smith Story

    The poster guy for liposomal encapsulated vitamin C is New Zealand farmer, Alan Smith. After the hospital threatened to take him off life support while he was in a coma with double pneumonia and leukemia complications from a bout with the flu, Alan’s family pushed for mega-dose vitamin C administered intravenously.

    The vitamin C was administered for a couple of days, but doctors refused to continue even after Alan showed signs of improving. After the family got an attorney involved, the hospital resumed with much lower doses, going from 50 grams daily to two grams daily.

    After this happened, Alan’s family found out about a new vitamin C product called Lypo-Spheric. It is an orally consumed gel in packets that can be ordered online. The family brought packets into Alan’s hospital room after he could begin eating again. After six days of only six grams of the vitamin C, Alan walked out of the hospital.

    Alan Smith’s story was presented in New Zealand TV’s version of 60 Minutes. In the last few minutes of that presentation, you’ll see a still of Alan with those packets in his hospital room. Oh yeah, a year later Alan had no trace of leukemia.

    How Liposomal C Works and How You Can Make Your Own

    So how did six grams of oral C daily do the job of 50 grams daily of IV C? Dr. Tom Levy, a prominent orthomolecular physician with years of experience administering vitamin C intravenously was shocked to discover Lypo-Spheric was obtaining the same clinical results as mega-dose IV C. Dr. Levy came to realize that the combination of vitamin C and essential phospholipids radically improved cellular bioavailability.

    Tiny particles of vitamin C coated with phospholipids create molecules of vitamin C coated with a substance similar to the cell walls. Thus those coated vitamin C molecules can slip into the cells easily. Encapsulation also avoids diarrhea thresholds of normal oral C.

    You can even make your own liposomal encapsulated vitamin C. The homemade version is estimated to get around 60% of its vitamin C content into your body’s cells rather than 90%, but it’s more economical.

    There are two similar methods for making your own liposomal C: One here and the other here.

    I have no financial connections with Lypo-Spheric.

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