Yoga a Ray Of Hope For Cancer Patients

Colette Barry, Contributing Writer
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With the woes of cancer cases taking its toll, people are diverting their attention towards a holistic approach of healing. The worst part of cancer is the not the deadly disease itself, but the distress and debilitating fatigue rooting from the treatments. The never ending visits to the hospital, detrimental chemotherapy followed by nausea and weakness makes the sufferer go through a physical ordeal.

  • Yoga is known to enhance poise and the flow of body energy. A research conducted in “Cancer Watch” sheds light on a remarkable discovery – Yoga works towards reducing cancer promoting stress hormone known as cortisol. A ray of hope for those of you who are battling their worst nightmare.  Let’s reveal the healing power of yoga and how can it assist in steering the boat of life on the turbulent waves of cancer with greater ease.

    Fight Off Depression

    Time is shortening. But every day that I challenge this cancer and survive is a victory for me”, quotes the actress, Ingrid Bergman, while battling breast cancer.

    The dreadful news of being a cancer sufferer shakes our institution of mental peace. Every passing day seems to get lost into void as you find yourself trapped in the clutches of despair and gloominess. Yoga comes as a life-saviour for individuals that have shut doors on optimism. Yoga pivots on the concept of letting go and allowing your body to heal. It brings you closer to the truth and replaces all the negative stream of thoughts with rational and neutral ones.

    Sleep peacefully

    Yoga cannot cure the fatal disease, but it can definitely help you sleep well. The fear of not living to see tomorrow puts cancer patients in the dilemma of insomnia. A recent study conducted by American Society of Clinical Oncology revealed that yoga instils a sensation of inner peace that makes the sufferer sleep peacefully like a baby. If you long to have a long, restful sleep then indulge yourself in a yoga program today and free yourself from the dependence on sedatives.

    Exercise an active lifestyle

    Perhaps the biggest side effect of cancer treatments is the sensation of exhaustion. Doctors have strongly recommended an active lifestyle for cancer patients to enhance the circulation of blood in their body. Yoga brings with it flexibility, strength and tranquillity and together they weave a pathway for your well-being.

    Keep your anxiety level in check

    A positive cancer diagnosis is a terrifying moment for the news bearer. Anxiety levels increase drastically as the sufferer finds himself surrounded by uncertainty. A study published in Journal of Palliative Medicine discovered that yoga may be effective against anxiety. “Many disorders have a strong stress component, and yoga acts on that,”quote the study authors.

    Yoga for cancer patients strictly stresses on deep breathing. This exercise dissipates tension and anxiety and allows you to feel at ease.

    Yoga for cancer is your anchor of inner tranquillity! Whether you are a sufferer or a survivor, it will enhance your immune system, strengthen your body and inculcate a sense of internal unity.

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    Author and Illustrator of  Wall Yoga the Art of Centering, Colette Barry is a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga and Pilates instructor. Through Colette’s lifelong work in rehabilitation with her husband and her father, physicians of Chiropractic, she developed two programs “Wall Yoga” and the “Barry Method”.  Colette’s programs goes far beyond muscle isolation creating a technique that includes using visual cues to connect the mind and body. These programs results in a harmonious muscle and overall body alignment. Claiming, “perfect alignment produces perfect results!”

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