Winning The War On Consciousness – Humanity’s Grand Awakening From Deep State

Juliet Tang, Wake Up World
Waking Times

2020 is the year many in this world find themselves in an ultimate spiritual war of good and evil.

It started with a global lockdown that quickly escalated to race war, the talk of mandatory vaccines, 5G, transhumanism (the merging of human with AI), etc.

  • The war with Deep State (Cabal, Illuminate, the 1% elite, Satanists, etc.) has been going on for a very long time and involves multiple timelines. If you’re reading this, trust that you’ve chosen to come to this exact time to play a role during the end game, and the new beginning for humanity.

    While reading this post, my advice for you is to use your discernment and do your own research, rather than take everything you watch and read to be the truth – this includes my words.

    I am merely sharing with you the highest truth that is available to me at this time, after long hours of research and tuning inward.

    The Time Has Come

    Back in February, weeks before the lockdown in the United States occurred, I was in an unusually long and heavy psilocybin mushroom journey that foreshadowed what was to come – much of it didn’t make sense at the time because uncovering the agenda of Deep State was simply never my focus in life.

    During the journey, I saw a giant light grid being formed by awakened leaders around the world; each was standing tall in their own pillar of light and holding their unique frequency of consciousness, truth, love, and liberation. This grid then activated what looked like a new earth grid inside of earth, shifting Gaia and the entire humanity into a different timeline where sovereignty reigns.

    I was given the message over and over,

    “The time has come. Be the message.”

    Truthfully, I am not the type of person who invests time reading about ascension or galactic channelings, as I realized years ago a large percentage of the new age spirituality and plant medicine community has been hijacked by a lower consciousness, which is why there are many distortions such as scarcity mindset, emasculation of masculinity, as well as surface understanding and over-application of “love and light.” So the visions caught me by surprise.

    In the next few months as the dominoes began to fall, the purpose of the visions is becoming clearer and clear, hence the birth of this post.

    In order for me to share what it takes to win this war of consciousness, I’ll first address how Deep State has maintained its control over humanity.

    The Matrix Has You, Neo

    This one particular timeline of our current reality goes beyond what many spiritual seekers believe to be an illusion.

    Our very culture is a fabricated and socially engineered existence created by Deep State to maintain a generally accepted storyline to enslave humanity, through distorting our ability to discern what’s artificial and what’s real, while children are being trafficked and sacrificed, and the puppets of Deep State (high level officials, celebrities, etc.) are committing crimes against humanity.

    Symbolism and giving away clues to their plan are all part of the game Deep State plays. In fact, many Hollywood movies such as The Matrix, V for Vendetta have pretty much dropped the major clues.

    Many know the harmful effects caused by GMO, vaccines, Big Pharma, fluoride in water, etc. What they don’t realize is that there’s a far more sinister agenda behind what many believe to be corporate greed.

    Every industry within this Matrix has been planted and infiltrated by Deep State to maintain its control – food, health, medical, entertainment, money, politics, education, etc.

    When we consume genetically modified foods that are toxic to our bodies and cells, drink fluorinated (a neurotoxin) water that calcifies our pineal gland, mindlessly tune into Hollywood movies or news that are full of hidden dark symbols and lies that hypnotize our minds, and surround ourselves with wifi, cellphone and towers that are disruptive to our brainwaves, we become an unconscious participant in their game.

    In short, our bodies and minds have been greatly altered, our emotions manipulated, and our consciousness hijacked so that we are susceptible to what Deep State wants us to think, feel, and do.

    Many are not only unable to discern lies from truth, but also depend on this false matrix so much that the mere suggestion of questioning the mainstream media narrative is enough to trigger cognitive dissonance or anger, because a part of their identify has been threatened.

    This is the reason why the moment Google labels anything a conspiracy theory, people either dismiss it, or are triggered by the person who’s had the nerve to bring it up. That in itself is a conditioned response planted by Deep State so no one questions what they are being told, while they carry out their bigger agenda in the dark.

    Divide and Conquer and Communism

    Currently, a socialist regime is being rolled out in most countries in our world by Deep State, with the intention to create a one world government, or the New World Order.

    One of the signature moves of socialism/communism is divide and conquer by naming a group of citizens “common enemy” of the society. This “common enemy” group then becomes a label of hate and everything that is wrong with the society, whilst other members of the society are free to “cancel” them.

    I am the granddaughter of a woman who was canceled (persecuted) by Communists in China during the Cultural Revolution that started in 1966, which resulted in tens of millions of deaths and lasting famine in its ten year duration. The social justice warriors back then were called Red Guards.

    The Red Guards of China were youths and school kids – brainwashed and recruited by the government to carry out acts of what they believed to be justice, using tactics such as public shaming, property destruction, gaslighting, virtual signaling, and physical assault/torture of other human beings.

    If you look closely at how division is being played out in our society today, you will recognize it in a heartbeat.

    Essentially, the idea is to turn citizens against and police each other, so that we defeat ourselves with minimal effort on their part. It also divides us psychological and emotionally, which greatly weakens us, as human beings are social animals that thrive when we bond with each other.

    A divided population is much easier to manipulate and control.

    Information War

    Those who control information, control our perspective. And each of us creates our reality from our perspective.

    The excessive distortions and censorship, and character assassination of experts who dare to challenge the main stream narrative are all part of the information war we are in right now.

    Some light research will help you find out that almost all mainstream media is controlled by 6 companies, owned by a few billionaires of the world.

    On an energetic level, information is spelled in-formation, which means what we consume then forms our bodies and cells.

    Each word carries a specific charge, and all words are spells (spell-ing).

    What we are experiencing goes beyond politics. There is (dark) magic involved.

    Watch out when a narrative, chant or image is being repeated over and over by the masses, it’s almost always a sign a spell has been cast.

    When the masses fall under a spell, they will make choices and take actions believing it’s coming from their free will, when it isn’t.

    Breaking out of a spell requires a shift in consciousness and frequency, which is presented in the solutions below.

    What Is the Solution Then?

    The long term solution requires us to address all fronts – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It requires the human race to work together as a team to detoxify and upgrade our bodies, communities and institutions, so that all have access to clean water, organic fresh foods, conscious education, and healthcare that is not sick care in disguise.

    This will obviously take time. Since our entire history has been manufactured, we are here to remember, and rewrite everything about who we are, what we desire to create in this world, and how we can leave this planet a better place for our children and their children.

    These are some of the short term solutions I have received:

    Reprogram the Body

    While mindset work is important, up to 98% of the shifts actually occur in the body.

    Contrary to some traditional spiritual teachings, the body isn’t just a skin suit, it is a portal that births creations.

    Every time when we receive a desire, it is then filtered and created through the body.

    The body is also where we hold patterns of fear, shame, guilt, and lineage trauma. For as long as those heavy energies reside in our bodies, we will feel held back by limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging patterns when it comes to magnetizing the most aligned opportunities to co-create what we desire.

    There are many ways to shift the frequency of the body and embody a fuller identity:

    Breathwork is a simple and powerful tool.

    Consuming cleaner foods and water.

    Connecting with our sexuality and cultivating our Eros.

    Spending time in nature to get fresh oxygen, walk on earth, and recharge.

    Moving and dancing.

    Receiving coaching, hypnosis, energy healing, etc. are all effective ways to reprogram the body.

    Activate Your Heart Intelligence and Discernment

    Mental intelligence is a lower form of intelligence than the one of the heart, for the simple reason that the mind isn’t meant to be the one in charge. It is designed to follow orders of a higher intelligence within – the heart is the seat of the soul.

    It’s not that we need to get rid of the ego mind. Rather, we’re to learn how to operate from the heart-mind co-creation, which will give you greater discernment.

    A quick method I’ve taught clients whenever they get stuck in the mental chatter is to consciously activate the feeling of love and purity in the heart – this can be feeling appreciation for a person or pet in our lives, honoring the memory of a loved one we’ve lost, etc.

    The key is to create an expansiveness in the heart center which instantly shifts our frequency, and then make an aligned mental decision, or examine a piece of information from that expansiveness.

    Interestingly, to be able to feel into and create from the heart is something Deep State does not have, that they’ve been attempting to eliminate in humans (violence in movies and music, transhumanism, etc.).

    Amplify Your Genius

    I mentioned in the beginning of this post that many of us have chosen to come into this time to be the change.

    To shift the paradigm requires all hands on deck. Since our entire Matrix is crumbling, transformation of every industry is needed.

    I specifically remember from my February psilocybin journey the word co-creation was repeated to me again and again.

    The message was this,

    “The New Earth is a co-creation between all humans. Each person has their unique genius, and is here to do their part. You don’t need to know everything, and you don’t need to do it alone, recognize each person’s talent and support them in amplifying it.”

    As a business coach, I know what ultimately creates lasting impact and legacies goes beyond our skill sets and life experience. It is our unique genius.

    Our genius isn’t learned, it is a code within us that we are born with, that gets activated when we say yes to becoming the conduit for our life’s highest purpose. We then embody the very frequency of this code and transmit it, in our chosen work.

    As each industry from health to education is collapsing, it is up to us to build a better one – together.

    For example, we are in dire need of educators who can create aligned curriculums for children, politicians who care about the wellbeing of humanity, doctors who can bridge holistic health with science, loving homes for children who are being rescued right now, CEOs who lead their companies with higher values and consciousness, etc.

    There is literally a market for everything as earth is going through massive shifts. These are the possibilities awaiting the conscious leaders, who have chosen this divine mission to support the transition of paradigms.

    What is your genius?

    Know that whatever it is, it is an important piece to this giant puzzle we are putting together right now.

    You are one of the keys to unlock the next level of our collective evolution.

    Synergy Consciousness

    While Oneness Consciousness is a beautiful concept, I don’t believe it is a practical solution right now for where our collective consciousness is at.

    At its best, it is impractical to expect everyone to suddenly drop their identity and merge into a place of Oneness, no matter how much they’ve been “red pilled.”

    At its worst, it leads to dangerous bypassing, where some forego their free will of choosing and taking action under the concept “it is all an illusion and therefore, there is no enemy” (while it is true in the world of Nothingness, this is not what the majority of the world is experiencing right now).

    This is where I believe new age spirituality has failed us and has emasculated some of the men in our world, those who are born warriors and kings with a purpose to defend all that is good and holy.

    Polarity Consciousness is part of the natural law of the universe – feminine/masculine, energy/matter, human/spirit, etc. We are actually here to express and experience our polarities which is the reason why saying to someone “I don’t see your skin color” or “women and men are the same, I only see the soul” is a very incomplete picture.

    The other extreme is separation consciousness, which is fighting other human beings and operating from the place of “us vs. them.” This is a weapon being used against us right now to further the division.

    The happy middle ground is Synergy Consciousness.

    What would it be like for us to honor our differences, and dissolve our separation?

    Part of this is to also lean into our multidimensionality and operate from all aspects of us, at the same time.

    Women and men operate differently due to our biological differences and the polarities we’ve chosen to express.

    A black girl from Alabama has had a different upbringing, than a white boy growing up in a middle class LA household, than an immigrant who spent her childhood in oppression and poverty in Communist China, than a Puerto Rican born and raised in the Bronx.

    And our highest level is, and always will be, divinity.

    We are all of it. All at the same time. No one aspect is more important than the other.

    Being, bridging and expressing from all these aspects of ourselves will automatically birth a fuller version of who we can be at this moment, and paint possibilities we were unable to perceive, instead of swinging into and choosing from one polarity.

    Embrace our diversity as a strength and celebrate it. Use our life experiences and perspectives to positively impact and inspire. Work together. See and acknowledge each other and our uniqueness.

    When we amplify who we be and then collaborate under a shared vision, we amplify our efforts and creations while allowing ourselves to be fully expressed in our individual potential. This is Synergy Consciousness with each other.

    Without diving deep into it, after many years of inner work and plant medicine journeys, I personally believe Unity Consciousness applies to unifying all aspects of who we be within – feminine/masculine, human/divine, etc., which then co-creates a higher individual consciousness we can operate from, where the sum is greater than all its parts.

    Let’s Do It!

    In the end, no matter how chaotic the world seems, know that nothing, including Deep State, holds more power than you, for you are Creator in flesh. Your entire life has prepared you for this.

    Your ability to love is the most powerful gift you’ve been given in this lifetime – never underestimate what your heart is capable of.

    Part of the invitation here is for you to reclaim your power and sovereignty of your body and consciousness, and lead from your heart and genius.

    Let’s stand together in this revolution that is not yet being reported by mainstream media.

    Let’s be the generation that ends human trafficking.

    Let’s use our voice and be the message.

    Let’s transform the Matrix from the inside out.

    Let’s co-create a more sovereign world for all from Synergy Consciousness.

    Let’s alchemize the current model of leadership, and lead by example.

    Let’s fulfill this part of the mission we’ve chosen for this lifetime.

    Let’s finish the job some of us started a long, long time ago.

    Let’s do it!

  • About the Author

    Juliet Tang is a business and transformation mentor who supports coaches, entrepreneurs and company leaders to increase their income and impact, by amplifying their unique genius. Her work covers the strategic and energetic aspects of upleveling their consciousness, business, leadership, and mission.

    Juliet is available for Podcast interviews, project collaborations, and 1:1 mentorship. You can learn more about her work at: and follow her on IG @juliettangz

    **This article was originally published at Wake Up World and is reposted here with the author’s permission. 

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