Why After A Decade Of Education Are Our Kids So Uneducated?

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It’s clear that we need to redesign our education model. An example that we can all relate to is simply asking ourselves what information do we need to live an honourable, healthy and happy life, and of that, what is provided through the school system? The answer is almost none of it.

It is up to the parents, mentors, peers and other societal influences to fill these gaps, but we all know this doesn’t regularly occur. If the guides and teachers in a child’s life don’t have the knowledge and skills to properly inform and take care of themselves, then how can they be expected to share it with others? They literally can’t, which is why we need an effective safety net to provide all the information that our children need to develop into awakened, functional and wholesome adults.

The education system in western society is not geared towards providing what’s best for each child. Primarily it is designed to produce citizens who contribute to, and consume from, the interdependent global economy. It’s like a factory assembly line; what mundane 9-5 job are we best suited to live a stressed out adult existence?

It is in this sense that we are indoctrinated through our schooling to uncritically accept the system that we are born into, regardless if it means ill health and discontentment for the individual and our society as a whole. The model is simply designing the new generations into robotic slaves of the old ways when we are undertaking multiple paradigm shifts into a new era of human civilisation.

  • However, it’s not just the systemic box that we’re squashed into; our kids are being lied to in many ways. There is also little focus on real education, such as equipping them with the creative, personal, emotional, social and other life skills to properly survive and thrive in today’s challenging society. For example, emotional and social skills are a “different way of being smart” and are extremely important for kids to learn at a young age, so why aren’t they a primary focus?

    It just doesn’t make sense, especially because one of the biggest issues influenced by not having a holistic approach to education is the serious lack of inner peace and the significant mental health disorders in our society. For instance, around 1 in 5 people in the US have a mental illness in any given year and even more are excessively taking dangerous pharmaceutical substances. Our kids are overmedicated too, mostly because their behaviours don’t fit the mould we’re forcing them into.

    It all seems too crazy to be true, yet there are some regions and countries doing something about this mess. For example, meditation has been introduced into some schools and have had remarkable impacts on the outcomes for students. In addition, places like Finland have taken anentirely different approach to educating their kids.

    Ultimately, there are positive changes happening and even though they might not yet be perfected, they’re still not being taken seriously by political and community change agents. Given our world is evolving on so many levels, including technological automation which will eliminate many jobs, we need an education system to suit.

    The Way Forward? A New Six Dimension Model of Education

    An interview with Will Stanton

    Will is a young Australian writer, researcher, activist and teacher who has worked in a handful of primary schools, including a government school in Kathmandu, Nepal. His book, Education Revolution, looks at everything that is wrong with the current system and proposes an entirely new model of education that frees children from indoctrination and nurtures their full potential as living, loving and creative human beings.

    In the following interview, Will explores the six dimension model he created for a new educational paradigm of our future. He discusses how teachers are our best asset, but are underpaid and overworked and are faced with a restrictive system that inhibits the highest potential being realised by each child. He also talks about the decreasing investment in education by our governments, as well as how to transcend this funding barrier by moving to new ways of organising our society, both economically and politically.

    The Verdict

    Education is much, much more than conventional subjects and the occasional personal education class. Clearly there is a lot of quality information to be taken from the current topics we educate our children in, so there needs to be a good proportion of it incorporated into the way we move forward. Yet we have to accept it, both culturally and politically; our education model is not only failing our kids’ health and wellbeing, it’s also perpetuating a system that is highly lethal for our collective and planetary future.

    Many parents are dissatisfied with this public indoctrination system, which has translated into an increase in home schooling. This is one way in which an individual family can break the grip of an out-of-date and unsophisticated education system and equip their kids with the information that they truly need.

    The reality is, our children are our future, so they need to be educated on the 11 Toxic Realities Society is Finally Waking Up About and engaged in 8 Powerful Conversations Of The Conscious Society. In addition, the philosophical and societal shifts that we are collectively awakening to need to be deeply embedded into the educational structure of our society so that we transcend the dysfunction of our world and create a bright future for both our uniting global culture and our environment.

    About the Author

    Phillip J. Watt lives in Sydney, Australia. He identifies as a ‘self-help guide’ as he has long focused on his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and then shares those lessons with his clients and readers. His written work also deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development.

    Phil has a degree in Social Science and Philosophy and has been trained extensively in health services. He assists adults, children and families as a mentor, relationship mediator and health and life teacher. He also provides online support services for personal healing and growth, assisting his clients to grow their skills and knowledge in life management and adventure.

    Follow him on Facebook or visit his website www.vitalityguidance.com where you can reach him for a personal appointment.

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