This New Crypto-Technology Could Make the Stock Exchange Obsolete

Bitcoin ExchangeAlex Pietroswki, Staff Writer
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It’s public… the stock market is rigged.

Wall Street manipulates the exchanges, like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), with high-frequency trading schemes, immediate trading algorithms, insider trading, retail investor scams, manipulative buying by foreign governments, and so much more. The NYSE is a festival of corruption, and a tool for concentrating wealth and power that is overtly used to enrich a very small percentage of the world’s people.

The crypto-currency revolution is one of the most powerful means the public has to undermine the control systems of a global financial elite who hold the world in bondage with fiat reserve currencies and rigged markets. Bitcoin, while certainly not perfect, has already proven to be a powerful tool against a state controlled and manipulated economy, and now, a new platform for trading crypto-currencies is promising to be a an even bigger game changer in the quest for liberty.

An evolution in crypto-currency technology is set to be released in September: BitShares 2.0. Building upon block chain technology, Bitshares’ new ‘Smartchain’ will allow for much faster and more secure processing and reporting, among other things…

“Some of the capabilities of BitShares 2.0 include, among other things, a Smartchain which can do more than the block chain, according to BitShares 2.0 proponents. For one, this Smartchain can process 100,000 transactions per second compared to the seven transactions per second the Bitcoin network can process, with reliable one second confirmation times, while Bitcoin takes one hour to confirm a transaction. Automatic and regular payments are available on the Smartchain, as is multisig.” [Max Wright, CCN]

  • This technology will be able to securely facilitate many of the actions now performed and regulated by the exchange markets, giving people an opportunity to bypass the bureaucracy when seeking opportunities to do things like peer-to-peer lending and quick asset exchanges. Once this technology is released it will trigger a rush to test it’s capacity, as well as a challenge to Ethereum, or BitCoin 2.0, as many are calling it. It could be that this may open up an entirely new paradigm in the world of crypto-currencies and many new possibilities for trading and exchanging them.

    Decentralized asset exchange is a revolutionary concept in a world dominated by central banks and economic hitmen, and the decentralization of currencies and banking institutions is one of the most important struggles of our time. Bitcoin has already had a tremendous impact on the world, but what if we could also bypass the corrupt and monolithic stock exchanges with technologies that liberate rather than control and corrupt?

    Perhaps we would no longer be forced into playing their rigged game. Companies could find funding, and investors could find investment opportunities without having to be sheared by one of the most corrupt instititutions on the planet.

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