Who Owns Your Genes? Are They a Cure?

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“No large institution of society can survive without deploying hundreds or even thousands of cover stories.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

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In an October verdict, rendered by the Australian High Court, the purported breast-cancer gene, BRCA1, cannot be patented by any company.

The Court distinguished between an invention, which can be patented, and a discovery of something that is already there, such as a gene in the human body.

The Court’s verdict, hailed as “a victory for the people,” obscures a deeper question: how do genes help cure disease?

Researchers, drug companies, and academic shills will, of course, claim genes are the cutting edge of all future disease therapy; but you or I could claim that toenail clippings are the key to understanding how the universe was built.

  • In other words, a claim means nothing, unless it is backed up by evidence. There is presently no across-the-board genetic treatment that has been shown to be a cure for any disease.

    Quite typical for the biotech sector. They make claims all the time, and promises, and great heraldic statements—in order to keep their money machine turning.

    Just examine Monsanto’s claims about higher crop yields with GMOs, and the safety of its number-one pesticide, Roundup, which has now been exposed as a carcinogen.

    The biotech industry is all about “fake it ‘til you make it.”

    You certainly own your own genes, but that fact doesn’t ensure spectacular cures for what might ail you.

    Then there is this: assuming gene damage can cause cancer, suppose the triggering event occurs as a result of coming into contact with environmental toxins? In other words, the toxic effects on genes will continue apace, no matter how much research is done on the composition and disposition of the genes themselves.

    Much cancer research does, in fact, discover toxic causes—and it is in the interest of companies that spew those compounds out into the world to cover up their criminal guilt. What better way to achieve that than by asserting: “cancer is all in the genes.”

    Look at the giant biotech companies like Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, Syngenta. In one way or another, they are all involved in chemical and genetic research and production.

    So they are in a prime position to deflect the chemical destruction they are wreaking by pushing “the frontiers of gene research.”

    “It’s all about the genes.”

    Hype. Hype. Hype.

    Dr. Samuel Epstein, who devoted a major part of his life to the research of environmental toxins, wrote:

    “We are losing the war against cancer. The prohibition of new carcinogenic products, reduction of toxins in use, and right-to-know laws – these are among the legislative proposals which could reverse the cancer epidemic.”

    But that would be bad for business. The solution? Promote endlessly the notion that genes and only genes are at the root of cancer.

    The big picture? The big con? Imagine a world drowning in pollution of all kinds, and top (bought-off) scientists saying: “Don’t worry, when it comes to cancer we’ve got it covered. Tweak this gene, tweak that gene, and poof, cancer never has a chance. Or if you get cancer, we can go in there and re-position crucial genes and knock out the disease. See, you can live in a chemical soup and never feel adverse effects…”

    Genes. High-level, high-flying, high-minded, high-tech answers for the problems we face.

    What? The science isn’t solid? The propaganda is wall-to-wall? The shills are everywhere? Don’t worry, be happy. The best minds will come up with solutions. Just wait and see. The great discoveries are right around the corner.

    And I have condos for sale on Jupiter.

    Step right up.

    You can see the same kind of genetic hustle when it comes to autism, which many researchers, based on no real evidence, claim is “surely a genetic disease.”

    This assertion covers up the fact that happy and healthy children, soon after receiving a vaccination, experience devastating neurological damage, leading to a diagnosis of autism.

    But don’t go there, don’t look there, don’t talk about vaccines. No, instead, listen to the ascendant experts, who say it was just a coincidence that a vaccine was given and a child’s life was destroyed. You see, what really happened was: an errant gene response kicked in at the same moment. Nothing to do with the vaccine. Certainly not.

    In actuality, the dominant paradigm of this world’s power structure is: float cover stories.

    Sell big cover stories and keep selling them. Use them to conceal ongoing crimes.

    “It’s the genes” is the latest and greatest cover.

    Some of the biggest, best-educated liars on the planet deploy it every day.

    Here is the next big thing: genes injected, functioning as vaccines. The hype is over the top. Of course, scientists admit that these injected genes will incorporate themselves in the body and alter its genetic makeup permanently.

    If you like and trust that idea, I have condos in the core of the sun for sale. Bargain prices.

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