The War of Words – Evidence of the Awakening

AwakeningZen Gardner, Guest
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I was recently honored to have two very inspiring and enlightening meetings with the inimitable Gnostic scholar and spiritual activist John Lash, covering a wide range of subjects. As we compared notes and ideas and our current views on trends we’re identifying, one topic that came up was the shifting field of language.

You may also be noticing this, but the term “anti-semitic” doesn’t have the bite and strong stigma it once had. This is a clear manifestation of how the informational war we’re waging is causing a profound shift in consciousness.

When truth enters into any paradigm there is a distinct and rapid erosion of fear. Anyone in the western world has been psycho-spiritually programmed to react strongly to such an assertion that they are being “anti-semitic”, not just along politically correct lines but at much deeper levels. There are many such examples across the wordosphere but I’ll just touch on a few here.

Once we learn of their language prohibitions and the twisted nomenclature they exercise on humanity are tools of manipulation to keep us from greater truths and begin counteracting this onslaught, their sand castle of lies begins to quickly erode.

  • Blasting the Seams in the Dam of Deceit

    Cracking the Zionist agenda is crucial to a full on awakening to our current socio-political climate of fear and control. This one agenda perhaps exemplifies the ruthless rule of unquestionable authoritarianism more than any other meme they’ve put out there. As John Lash aptly pointed out, it is perhaps the biggest seam in the dam that is withholding truth from the greater world, and when it blows, we are going to see some wonderful things happen.

    Be sure to check out this amazing woman clearly speaking out with the plain truth on this subject HERE.

    There are certainly many seams in this dam of deceit, and what seam individuals are called to work on varies widely depending on their perspective. Geoengineering, false flags, social engineering, the deliberate poisoning and genetic alteration of our food, air and water, the insane war agenda, and on and on. But the toxic nature of this psychopathic Zionist agenda is interwoven with all of these.

    After all, to identify your enemies in this quagmire of confusion is paramount to knowing who to expose, as well as formulating solutions and counter measures of truth to bring healing back to the planet.

    Holohoax, or the clearly hijacked WW2 holocaust story for ulterior motives, is another such term that is now regularly used in alternative and even scholarly discussions. This was a untouchable subject not long ago, that the very crux of the Zionist agenda is based on a massively contorted lie engineered by complicit inside powers in order to position Zionism in a comfortable and unchallenged setting as a movement by “the chosen ones”.

    This has metastasized to the western world being forced to give due deference, protection and support, in any arena these Zionists wish to dominate, which has subsequently led to the extortionist banking oligarchy, middle east war machine to protect and increase their territory, and complicit media monopoly relentlessly pushing this agenda while oppressing the world in which we now live.

    The Conspiracy Stigma is Wearing Off

    Even the term “conspiracy theorist” doesn’t have the bite it once had. People are looking at information with new and awakening eyes, minds and hearts now, and they are finding out things indeed are not as they’ve been told they are. This in turn leads to profound dot connecting, and their previous engineered, off-handed dismissal of alternative information under their imposed deceptive “conspiracy theory” in turn loses its grip.

    These are very significant trends we’re witnessing.

    For my part I like to push the word conspiracy, and for that very reason. The same with the holohoax as well as many other terms. We should make an effort to make them common knowledge with popular usage, getting this awareness out there and making it part of our lexicon and conversation. Take the “matrix” for example, now a mainstay term, or transhumanism, once considered almost off-beat and paranoic. The matrix is another example, as are technocracy, false flags, cryptocracy and psychopathy, now well used terms with great understanding.

    Then there’s their own inside revealing terminology we’ve dug up from their own documents like full spectrum dominance, strategy of tension, and the human domain as termed by artificial intelligence programs, etc. This is shedding light in dark places they never thought we’d ever find but concepts that are intrinsic to their control grid.

    The progression of the use of awakened language is a wonderful tool as well as indicator of the ascending stages of awakening, thanks to the tireless researchers and publishers working around the clock to fight this matrix of deceit. And it’s reflected not just in comments and communications regarding exposing articles, books and videos on these subjects, but it’s reaching mainstream reporters who dare to honestly look at what is really going on in the independent media and the gathering body of true, honest research that is amassing by the hour.

    The Informational Field and Turning the Corner

    I refer to this dynamic frequently because I consider it intrinsic to recognizing the power of truth and the individual. We each profoundly affect what some call the morphic field, or similarly the collective consciousness. You can call it a psychic plane, inter-dimensional or cosmic awareness, whatever.

    We each affect this living field.  Even when people do nothing they are helping to maintain and reinforce the status quo. This indifference, apathy and lack of response is perhaps the biggest hindrance to effecting the change we seek and so desperately need. These are those who’ve been lulled to sleep and provide the spiritual battery power you see so aptly portrayed as energy pods in the movie “The Matrix”.

    This is changing, but not without massive efforts to expose and educate by every possible means at our disposal.

    Each person awakening from slumber sends a signal to the central control node. They sense “there’s been a disruption in power, all is not under control”. When many begin to withdraw this unconscious allegiance to what seemed to be their mothership of truth and supply, realizing it’s nothing more than a parasite, it sends a shock wave.

    This is when it gets fun.

    At this point, and we’re in it now, things turn the corner. The key is to not look for it first before getting on board with your particular form of participation, but to realize in your heart this awakening trend is real and powerful and you sense the urgency to join forces with this process. I admit there’s a lot of programming to overcome, but this realization of the power of the truth that is at our fingertips at this point in history on local and astronomical scales should thrill anyone into full on action.

    The truth doesn’t need observers. Truth seeks participants.

    Use the tools available and go and invent some of your own. This is a joyous party taking place and you  really don’t want to miss it!

    If it costs everything, so what? Aren’t you paying that price anyway? And for what?

    Give fully and unselfishly and live today in the glorious sense of fulfillment you’ve been longing for. That’s where happiness is rooted; unselfish giving and working for the great good for the benefit of others.

    Everyone, every being, our wondrous conscious planet, and all of creation.


    Love always, Zen

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