Which Spiritual Gift is Your Strongest?

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There are four spiritual gifts or senses, and we all have one that is strongest….

Do you know when something is wrong even before you hear about it?

Are you able to detect when the people around you are feeling upset or lying?

Do you get feelings or sensations that you should or shouldn’t do something?

This is your intuition and believe it or not, we are all born with it. We are all born with a sixth sense that helps us to understand the unseen world. All it takes is tapping into it and knowing how to use it.

Most of us are familiar with our physical senses- sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch but we also have a set of spiritual senses – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance, that can help us navigate how our intuition functions.

  • Here is how each Spiritual Sense/Gift works:

    Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing): the ability to see future life events, auras or premonitions either in the spirit or in the physical world. Strong ability to analyze body language, can “see” right through people, especially if they are lying. Has vivid or prophetic dreams and can see orbs or spirits. Prefers face to face contact and “seeing” things before they purchase them. Is often visually creative and can easily remember faces and details in their surroundings.

    Clairaudience: (Clear Hearing): the ability to hear voices and receive messages from the spirit world. The ability to hear past what someone is actually saying and into what they really think. Very good at analyzing what other people are thinking. Often hears ringing or buzzing in the ears and is strongly effected by the sounds around them. Often in-tune with their spirit guides or higher self. Comfortable with talking over the phone, and is an auditory learner.

    Clairsentience (Clear Feeling): the ability to know exactly how someone is feeling, is able to sense when someone is in trouble or when something is wrong. Prone to goosebumps or can feel tingly for no physical reason. Often known as empaths, they can tune into others emotions and feel them as well. They have the ability to tap into the energy of a space or object based on their gut feelings. Very sensitive to other’s energy and could feel drained or ‘headachey’ when being around a lot of people.

    Claircognizance (Clear Knowing): the feeling of “knowing” without any physical evidence or proof. Often there is a feeling of certainty about a situation or person or feelings of deja vu. Receives sudden insights about the the past, present or future. Often knows what others are going to say and can always share information about topics they know little about. Usually they are in-tune with their spirit guides or higher self. Mentally orientated people who are very analytical, and good at understanding abstract problems.

    Although we probably all have a combination of these spiritual gifts, often there is one that stands out strongest to us.

    Claircognizance and clairsentience are actually the most common spiritual senses; however, here are a few exercises to help you pick which is your strongest gift.

    1.) If You Think You are Clairvoyant:

    Close your eyes and begin visualizing your body and what it looks like in its current state. If you are lying down, what does it look like? If you are sitting up, what does it look like? Pay attention to the details from the clothes you are wearing to the expression that is on your face. Try to picture your body there in the space. If you are able to do this clearly and easily with attention to detail, there is a good chance you have strong clairvoyant abilities.

    2.) If You Think You are Clairaudient:

    Pay attention to the sounds around you. Slowly begin dulling out the physical sounds until you can hear the quiet beneath them, then try to tune into the sound of your breath and then your heart beat and then, your inner stillness. It may take a few days to achieve this but if you find it easy to tune into the sounds and rhythm of your body, chances are you have strong clairaudient abilities.

    3.) If You Think You are Clairsentient:

    Take a photo of someone you don’t know (but perhaps a friend does) and try to tap into how you feel when you look at the image. Do you trust the person? What personality traits do you think the person may have? Do you notice anything about the persons eyes? Write down your answers and then refer them back to your friend.

    You can also do this exercise with an object. Go into a second hand shop and select an item. Holding it in your hands, see if you can receive any feelings about the former owner.

    If either of these exercises come easily to you, there is a good chance that you have clairsentient abilities.

    4.) If You Think You are Claircognizant:

    Take a pen and paper and ask your higher self for guidance on a specific question. Write down whatever thoughts you are receiving and try to keep your mind out of the picture. Try not to stop writing, even if you loose connection. Keep practicing and eventually you will allow your claircognizance to take over. If you find this exercise easy or you receive a message, chances are you have strong claircognizant abilities.

    Deciphering which spiritual sense is your strongest can help you tune in and strengthen your intuition more. Our senses are powerful, and when theses spiritual gifts are nurtured and used along with our physical gifts, we can begin to look at the world in a whole new light.

    About the Author

    Tanaaz is an intuitive coach, astrologer and the creator of Forever Conscious. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Tanaaz now lives in Los Angeles, USA.

    **This article was originally published on Forever Conscious and reprinted with permission.**

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