Were Massive Stones Inside Pyramids Vibrational Energy Generators?

Waking Times

Video – Brien Foerester takes you down dark tunnels, beneath the Red pyramid of Dashur in Egypt to shows us how massive stones were used as acoustic and/or vibrational energy generators. Is it possible that the technology of the ancients long before the Pharaohs was so advanced, it goes above and beyond our capabilities today? You be the judge.

“Inside a tunnel system carved out of the solid limestone bedrock in the desert of Egypt, more than 20 granite boxes made of precision shaped Aswan granite are a true enigma. Said by some to have been the burial places of prized bulls, their real function is far more intriguing. And they are clear examples of Lost Ancient High Technology created before the time of the Dynastic Egyptians.” ~ Brien Foerster, author and researcher

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