Watch – War Veterans Describe What it’s Like to Kill Someone in Combat

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
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With military suicides hitting an all time high, far exceeding the number of combat casualties, it is clear that something terrible is happening to those who sign up to soldier for America. Veterans have historically returned from combat with deep psychological scars and in the past we’ve referred to this as combat stress, battle fatigue, shell shock and post-traumatic stress disorder, but never before has this turned into such a crisis of suicide.

Whatever we call it, the fact remains that war is hell. It permanently affects those who’ve seen combat, even people like J.R.R. Tolkien was so affected by his experiences in World War I that he began writing as a means to heal himself.

But, what is it like to kill someone in combat? Committing murder in the heat of battle is the crucible in which boys become men in combat, and very few soldiers forget the feeling of their first kill.

  • A riveting video series called ‘On Killing,’ produced by WatchCut Video, examines this aspect of war by letting combat veterans tell you what it is like to kill someone in war. You can feel the gravity of their mental anguish by looking at their faces, something that all should see and strive to understand before being so gung-ho about supporting conflict.

    Speaking with veterans of a number of wars including the Iran/Iraq war, Operation Enduring Freedom, Vietnam and the Kosovo war, interviewees were asked questions such as, ‘do you remember your first kill.’

    Final Thoughts

    There appears to be very little hope of an end to military conflict, in fact we appear on the brink of a major global war, and as such, so many more people will be dragged into the line of fire, and their psychological wounds will continue to haunt our society for generations to come. The only real way to this downward spiral of pain is to stop the wars.

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