WATCH: Recent Ground Footage from Syria Shows the Total Devastation of Permanent War

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Human suffering is in no short supply on this twisted littler planet of ours, and while most everyone today has their eyes on the emerging coronavirus crisis, I was just reminded that some catastrophes have become a permanent background to everyday life.

A report issued late last year found that war on terror, which began almost 20 years ago, has officially killed over 801,000 people (and counting) and has cost U.S. taxpayers over $6.4 trillion. These numbers are so astronomical and so difficult to conceptualize that they tend to lose their impact. It’s just too boggling for the mind.

  • And since many of us tend to be visual learners, seeing video helps people to process statistical realities in a way that makes them more evocative and easier to comprehend This is precisely why the U.S. government refuses to allow footage of the caskets of deceased American soldiers returning from the Middle East to be seen on national television. It’s also why all war reporters are now ’embedded’ within military units.

    The Vietnam war taught the war department that if American citizens see unbiased reporting and real, horrifying footage revealing the truth of war, they might organize a legitimate antiwar movement.

    An associate of mine recently sent me some links to some of the latest, on-the-ground footage coming out of Syria. The total destruction of entire towns and cities is a compelling counter-argument to the pro-war bullshit of the war-hawks, neocons, war-profiteers, pundits, mainstream anchors, and all the rest of the evil demons that hold office in our government and hold sway in public media.

    These videos are from Ma’arrat al-Nu’man, Syria, and surrounding areas in the northeast of this war torn country. They were recently posted to Facebook by Фадель Дагестане, who appears to be either a Russian soldier or mercenary fighting with the Syrian army against ISIS.

    The images of absolute, total destruction show what ‘victory’ looks like in the war on terror.

    Observe these drives through of Ma’arrat al-Nu’man, Syria:

    Outskirts of the city:

    Final Thoughts

    I suppose this is what democracy looks like when it comes as a result of imperialism. Let’s also not forget that a Pew Research Center poll last year found that the majority of U.S. veterans and the American public believe that wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are ‘not worth fighting.’ I wonder how this polling data would look if you polled people living in this part of the world?

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