Toxic Talk and Words of Feather

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Dear Humans,

I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that remains as relevant today as when the first words were whispered into existence. There’s a quiet place between the spoken word and the ray of consciousness that illuminates it. It is here I would like to take you.

I know a shortcut through a misty field that leads to higher ground. From this vantage you can see a battle taking place, a battle which you’ve been soldier to. This battle is fought not by guns or sword, but by illusion and judgment, criticism and deceit. It’s an ongoing, pernicious battle of misinformation, contradiction, manipulation and fallacy. It’s a war fought with words, where truth is often enemy and lies are celebrated.

There may be a few twists and turns on this particular ride, so you may want to remain unbuckled from any preconceived ideas and notions.

Sticks and Stones

The old nursery rhyme of “sticks and stones” offers some assurances that “words never harm.” Children are taught this passage to ward off bullies. As a mantra, it conjures a type of spell that can neutralize all but the most nimble attackers.  The spell works by maligning words against words. A befuddled playground bully is likely to find difficulty articulating a swift and adequate response so he, (or she) will begrudgingly concede and move on to an easier target.

  • The problem with this rhyme is that it’s not true. Children know intuitively how painful and damaging words can be. They also realize how much joy and happiness they bring. If words were simply “words” then how could this be so? Although the old-fashioned nursery rhyme can open a window for escape, it’s generally unwise to elude the inner-knowing of a child. The rhyme may be catchy and addictive, but it stealthfully evades the truth.

    Toxic Talk

    One example of “toxic talk” could refer to someone who regularly engages in harsh or hurtful language toward others. These would be outward expressions for all to hear. Another example manifests surreptitiously, seething with malevolence under the auspice of neutrality. This is the more insidious of the two, as it can trick a listener into conversation before tainting the tone and outcome.

    A toxic talker always attempts to bring the listener down to their level. They are desperately seeking to find another note to add to their chord of dissonance. If one choses to keep their words positive and feather-light they can evade those tentacles of malice. An important part is to develop an ear for the often subtle energies imbued within the words of the toxic talker. As one acclimates to these energies, they will be able to fly above the fray.

    Equity in Conversation

    Universe seeks equity in all things. This includes something as seemingly simple as a conversation. The balance between two people talking frequently assumes a complementary or synergistic modality that promotes fruitful and dynamic exchanges. In other instances a conversation might labor or feel tiresome. This could suggest the balance is not quite right. This can be smoothed out if both parties work on adjusting their respective modalities.

    Meaningful exchanges have no room for ill-intent. Conversation illuminated with energy and enthusiasm resonates among the participants. No energy is lost. There is equity. When ill-intent enters the fray, the harmony is disrupted. In these situations energy is removed from everyone involved.  Just where this energy goes might make for an interesting future narrative.

    Collapsed Waveforms of Expression

    So what exactly is the spoken word? Everything you were taught in conventional education about word meaning and structure is only somewhat correct. Yes- of course you were taught how to spell but you were never told why it was a “spell.” And yes they went on to teach you about the literal meaning of words, their root origins and even how to identify verbs from nouns and so forth. But they never adequately addressed the true aspect of the word.

    I mentioned a moment ago that this would be a “ride” and so I don’t want to disappoint anyone. You see —one way to get there is by (asking) a word what it is —and by asking you shall receive. This is a prerogative reserved for all Humans- an incredible power to ask whatever you want to whomever or (whatever) you want.

    And so I had a word with the word and having heard the word I… Well, please allow me to start again. Every sound a word creates, another sound must fill the void. Between this (in-and-out) you’ll find the “quiet space” alluded to earlier. That’s where to put the question- and the impression was fairly clear. When Humans moved from their higher vibration into third density there was a cooling down and a condensation of energy. Certain abilities were transmuted while crossing the barrier. One of the abilities was telepathy. But the spoken word still originates from thought- and so it’s only a step away from telepathy. Every word spoken is a dense, third dimensional echo of its fifth dimensional self. The spoken word remains gilded in this higher energy, enveloped in a (quantum) pocket of light.

    Curse of the Toxic Talker

    When one exploits the power of words in their assault on another, they inadvertently reveal a great deal about themselves. After all, the one who initiates is drawing upon a lexicon of terms they’re already intimately familiar with. As they carry on they will tell you exactly what they fear the most about themselves by the words they choose in criticizing the other. One sure way to stop them in their tracks is to bring this to their attention.

    Words should feel light like a feather—but the aggressor turns words into stone. They’ve attached very low vibrations to their arsenal of terms and (as such) have made them very dense indeed. Because these energies are toxic, they want to expel them from their body. The intent of the toxic talker is to make their victim as toxic as they are.

    Such destructive energies can metastasize within the prodigal mind. In a sense, toxic talkers have adopted a type of curse. And like any other toxic and virulent strain, a curse needs to transmit to another living host in order to survive. The infected host usually lives long enough to “contaminate” as many people as possible so they’re continually on the hunt.

    Protection comes in the form of knowledge and awareness. Since the aggressor is revealing a deep and intimate detail of themselves, it’s best to maintain an atmosphere of composure, neutrality and even compassion.

    Should one become ensnared with this type of energy, it’s best to ground the experience and allow Earth to absorb the toxicity.

    Final Thought

    Words are more than just a simple language unit used to convey a thought or meaning. They are waveforms of expression that contain information far exceeding their literal context. They are influenced by the speaker in ways that go well beyond tone and inflection and seem almost easier to describe on a quantum level.

    If words are indeed enveloped in some “quantum” packet of light then it might help describe telepathy, clairaudience and so many other exotic forms of language transmission.

    If you haven’t noticed lately, the veil keeps getting thinner and we are continuing to grow.

    Thank you for coming up the hill with me and taking the moment to cross the meadow. The light is always different here.

    -Until next time

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