Top 5 Reasons Humans Probably Shouldn’t Communicate Telepathically

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I ponder a lot-that’s what I do. If I was paid to ponder I suppose by now I could have amassed quite a sum. But when I search for the position of “professional ponderer” I’m quickly reminded that the world is not ready- or perhaps simply has no need for a ponderer such as myself. However, there are potentially lucrative positions of similar title such as “Professional Pond Sweeper” and “Pond Liner Installer” -and so for the lure of the paycheck I’m occasionally beckoned by such opportunities.

But for now merely consider me in the category of artist, writer or poet, the street musician and even closer to the mark, the crazy guy who walks alone up and down the sidewalk taking to… someone …or something. Truth be told, the aforementioned likely boasts a much keener awareness on the topic I’ve embarked on. So I ask for your indulgence and even your sympathy as I attempt to examine the not-so-practical aspect of the phenomena known as telepathy.

A recent contemplation made me seriously consider the pros and cons of telepathic communication. At the onset of this thought experiment I expected the “pro” list to far exceed any cons- after all, who wouldn’t benefit from the awesome power of telepathic communication. But as it turns out there is much to consider here.

So, I ask the reader to consider what the world would be like if we were all somehow magically anointed with the powers of telepathy- and that I could read your thoughts as clearly as you could mine. For the purpose of this discussion let’s calibrate our meaning of the word “telepathy” as a process consisting of a mind to mind transfer of thought and emotion without any form of visible messaging or acoustic triggers- no hand signs or winks. This is a deeper, more intense exchange of information and immune from compromise -not like our more familiar method of communication, the one consisting of cumbersome, breath inflected word packets strung along in confining little linear structures we call sentences.

  • Telepathy struggles mightily to conform to the spoken word- though the mind will actively seek an appropriate term that most closely matches the word it is sensing. Most who have experienced telepathy will tell you that “words” don’t compare with the intensity of the emotion and inner knowing the experience delivers. What I’m describing here is a very advance language- a symphony of thoughts, a sincere and intimate connection that humans are quite capable of achieving– but not necessarily on demand -and not necessarily without a price. In a moment I will mention what could trigger a telepathic transfer. But for now I’ll offer some reasons as to why you may not want to establish such a link -even if you could:

    1. We Don’t Love Everyone We Meet:

    We should perhaps– but we don’t. Okay, I know, no real surprise here. Humans have a nasty tendency of making snap judgments base solely on appearances or subtle gestures. This external bias permeates into our aura and snuffs any hope of a truly telepathic experience. When we learn to see one another with sincere love and appreciation then that is a first and most critical step toward opening the channel of telepathy.

    Exercise: Remind yourself that everyone you meet was once a child who was dearly loved. Think how that parent felt the day the child had grown, left home and was forced to be around others that did not feel this same level of love. Now, if the model fits, imagine that “stranger” as your own grown child. Try it. Your vibration toward that person will change.

    2. Permission

    What makes you think for a moment that just anyone should be able to reach into your mind and take away a very intimate detail of your life? It can be likened to someone entering your house without permission and stealing your jewels- or worse! But why are humans so on guard? What if they could lighten their grip on others- and more importantly on themselves? What if they were so fully confident in who and what they are that all aspects of their being would shine outwardly with no hesitation? In my estimation, such lifting of the veil could be possible if judgment was not an issue. But we humans love to judge, don’t we. Yep, just a judgment on my part.

    Exercise: Imagine the world full of people exactly like you. Imagine how boring life would soon become. Now consider the beauty in the uniqueness all humans exhibit- embrace others and do not judge them. Understand we are all trying to find our place in this world and we all cope with feelings of fear and inadequacy. Yes, this is much easier said than done. But if you want to be telepathic- then, in my opinion, it’s what you have to do.

    3. Secrets We Hold:

    We are walking, talking, organic vaults. We do not surrender our information easily. We have mastered the “poker face,” rules of deception and have been encouraged by our life teachers not to “put all our cards on the table.” This is a hostile environment for telepathy. Mind to Mind transfer is not a selective proposition- instead it is a full spectrum experience that requires an “all or nothing” approach. Telepathy presents an open floodgate of information -never a trickle. Feeling vulnerable yet?

    Exercise: Drop your guard- feel what it feels like to be vulnerable. Come to terms with this sensation. Tell this part of you that he/she has served their purpose but now it’s time to move on.

    4. Insecurity:

    It’s natural to assume that letting down ones guard leads to insecurity. This is how we’ve been wired for survival. Very difficult and perhaps even unwise to mess with this wiring in a world that judges, competes and subscribes to erroneous notions such as “survival of the fittest.” But insecurity promotes a very low vibration while telepathy is a high vibrational experience. However, in a completely loving, benevolent, non-judging world one could finally let their guard down- so to speak. Telepathic connections would then have an opportunity to flourish. An argument could be made that the spoken “voice” would ultimately be relegated to perhaps a more artistic application -such as singing.

    Exercise: Consider this simple fact- you already know everything there is to know- it’s all in your DNA. Forget what others have said about you and become comfortable with your inner-knowing. It is not important that you “remember” all that you know. Knowing comes from a divine place of awareness- memory is rooted here on Earth and is simply a terrestrial experience and a useful tool to serve in the life experience. Don’t let anyone convince you that you are anything less than all-knowing.

    5. All We Think About Is Sex:

    This my friends is very often the case. We are hotly wired for affection, love, and reproduction. Strong sexual interest already borders on the telepathic experience but it could lack discernment and be inappropriate in any number of ways. If it is a “self serving” sexual objective than this can be sensed as an aggressive, low vibrational proposition. But, if it’s love at first sight… well… you don’t need me to tell you just how telepathic such an experience can be.

    Exercise: Your turn to ponder – ask yourself –why do men have nipples.

    Powerful emotions are key for telepathy in the modern world. If someone desperately misses a loved one- and there is no easy way to contact that individual -the mind has the power and ability to establish a connection. Countless stories can be found on the web -soldiers of war “connecting” with their significant other. These events are often associated with great emotional pain or trauma. Nature does allows us to speak telepathically if its an “emergency”. Quite amazing when you think about it. But perhaps someday we can remove our personal bias toward others, our proclivity to judge and realize that we are infinitely powerful, then maybe we will elevate to a society that will use telepathy as a principal mode for communication.

    Until next time-

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