This is How to Create True Freedom for Humanity

Phillip J. Watt, Contributor
Waking Times

Humanity is plagued with systemic dysfunction that is either causing or amplifying many social issues. We have come a long way and achieved so much, but keeping our heads in the sand about the mental and physical suffering that is increasing in our global society is no longer possible for the masses.

Together, we have to take action.

For starters, there are a few harmful practices that have hijacked the capitalistic structure, causing a plague of greed, selfishness and competition. The worship of image, money and material goods has amplified a disconnection from each other and our environment. In addition, the consumerist culture, driven by satisfying the needs of the individual, has broken apart communities and led to the destruction of not just our natural systems, but a true inner peace being realised for the majority of humanity.

In response, an awakening community of individuals, who are disconnecting from the propaganda of the mainstream media and amplifying a tipping point for a collective awakening, are tapping into two fundamental shifts that humanity is undertaking. The first is the philosophical shift from a matter-based perspective to a mind-based view. As these 3 scientific disciplines are now proving, consciousness is fundamental to the fabric of reality and the human mind plays a co-creating role in manifesting its experience.

This knowledge is finally aligning the mainstream worldview with the ancient wisdom of an interconnected and life-full existence. Once this is fully embraced on a widespread scale it will have profound impacts on our value systems for how we treat each other and our environment. Simply, if we view the outside of us, as us, then how we take care of it will radically transform for the common good.

The other shift is exposing the problematic design of our social systems and uncovering ways in which we could resolve them. For an overview of this widespread dysfunction, read 11 Toxic Realities Society is Finally Waking Up About.

  • To elaborate, massive corporate machines, which are the face of elite power structures, now run global affairs, including politics. The big money that funds both sides of political campaigns purchases the development of self-benefiting policy and legislation. Macro-democracy simply doesn’t exist. This multinational tyranny has also seen energy-inefficient, resource-wasting and environmentally-harmful practices implemented across the planet, as clearly illustrated in ‘The Economics of Happiness’ documentary.

    Industrial agriculture and its use of oil-based chemicals are causing extreme damage to the natural systems of our earth. Instead of single plant crops, called a monoculture, we need to return to an organic diversity of plant life, called a polyculture, to reinvigorate an abundance of animal and plant life and ensure the sustainability of the ecology of earth. This damage to our environment has even reached a point where scientists recently published a paper indicating that due to human activity, we are now entering the sixth greatest extinction of life on earth.

    There is a simple solution to this agricultural mess too; it’s called permaculture.

    It’s also clear that the interdependent global economy is being managed by elite power structures in a way that ensures their interests are met, but not humanity as a whole. The central banking system, instituted all across the globe, is privately owned by banking families who inherited the responsibility to control our monetary system.

    Since the crisis of 2008, quantitative easing monetary policy has successfully maintained the Wall Street economy, whilst failing the Main Street economy with an increase in unemployment, poverty, homelessness,food subsidy and other socioeconomic disadvantage. The middle class is also disappearing.

    We are now in a global money bubble, with sub-bubbles in derivatives, bonds, real estate and stocks. The reality is we are on the verge of another full-blown economic collapse, something that 8 financial experts are publicly predicting. The red flags for an impending crisis are also abundantly clear. Simply, the US economy is already in worse shape than it was back in the height of the 2008 GFC, so once it resets, the impacts will reverberate across the world because of the interdependency of the global economy.

    The optimistic view however, is that this will be an opportunity for serious systemic change which will truly provide freedom for us on a global scale.

    The Short-Term Solution? Regulate Central Banks, Living Wages and Quantitative Easing … for the People

    An interview with Professor Steve Keen

    In a previous article and interview with the economist Steve Keen, he discussed how regulating the banking sector (like Iceland is doing), gaoling the fraudulent bankers (like Iceland did), instituting a living wage and implementing a modern debt jubilee is a sure-fire way to prescriptively deal with any impending economic calamity. Our community leaders and politicians need to take serious note of this before the next crisis wreaks its havoc.

    The Long-Term Solution? Transition from an Economy of Scarcity to an Economy of Abundance

    An interview with Michael Tellinger

    Michael created the Ubuntu and Contributionism social and political movement, which has spread worldwideinto over 200 countries. He is a dedicated writer, researcher, activist and public speaker who aims to transform our social system from an economy of scarcity to an economy of abundance.

    In this interview he discusses the goals, rationale and methodology to the Ubuntu system and takes us on a journey through the corruption of the elite who control us through our social systems. He is clearly passionate about helping humanity to transcend the suffering that plagues our uniting global culture by helping to not just educate the masses, but provide sound solutions too.

    The Verdict

    As an individual within the collective, we all need to participate in an active discussion around the systemic problems that are causing humanity so much pain, as well as the genuine solutions to them. This needs to happen not just from the bottom up through our communities, but from the top down through our politicians and community leaders.

    There are several approaches to transforming our social system to one in which everybody is cared for and nobody slips through the safety net. One is Ubuntu and Contributionism, whilst another is the Resource Based Economy. The tireless work carried out by Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project, as well as Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist Movement, have illustrated the logic and methodology to undertake a transition to an economy where all resources and services are provided for free and each individual is inspired and encouraged to contribute their innate strengths and acquired skills for the benefit of their community.

    All three of these movements are parallel in some ways, but not in all. Regardless, they recognise the need to reintegrate our communities in a way that benefits both the individual and the whole, as well as Mother Nature, and remove the need for a debt-based and human-enslaved monetary system.

    Another consideration is that the automation of at least half of the jobs that are performed in our society will soon be capable by the technological advancement we have made in robotics, machinery and computers. It is in this simple fact that we can logically accept that we need a new economy on a global scale, one in which the needs of people and the environment are prioritised over outdated power and monetary structures.

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