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Your worldview is shaped by a narrative. This narrative comes from multiple sources, most notably the various forms of media that you invest your time and interest in daily.

From the news of the mainstream media to the news of the alternative media, from magazines to blogs, the information on which your attention is focused contributes to a story-like narrative that is shaped and played out within the mental space of your mind.

These narratives, particularly those delivered by the mainstream media, intend to shape your views and have a direct effect on the way that you think.

The way that these media sources deliver information to you creates imagery that runs through your mind in association with the events that they are purported to represent. A great example of this comes by way of Jon Rappoport who recently wrote an article on how the media masters shape your worldview in relation to this fake pandemic.

I will summarize his example for the purposes of this article; however, please take a look at the original article here.

Now, imagine a scenario in which you, exhausted by the events of the day, sit down in your favorite chair and turn on your favorite mainstream media news channel.

You are instantly bombarded with bright red graphics with words and phrases that are alarming and replete with negative associations: “Pandemic!”, “Number of Infected!”, “Number of DEATHS!”.

A picture of a virus flashes across the screen coupled with footage of nurses huddled together crying, hospitals seemingly overrun, lines of ambulances, photographs of people in hazmat suits, covered bodies on gurneys, and so on. Horrible, terrible, frightening imagery.

These images, sounds, and graphics, build a story in your mind; a narrative. This shapes your perception of events. This is what creates your worldview. For, surely were you to drive up to your local hospital, you would see both the chaos and the horror, right?

People are dropping dead in the streets! You know this! You saw this! You saw it on TV!

What if those pictures and those video clips were from other events, years past? Without sufficient detail, you would never know. What if the photographs of people in hazmat suits was staged, with actors, for a graphics site that sells stock photography? You would never know.

You cannot stop the host and ask questions. You cannot request they disclose the source of their pictures and video, or any other media that they claim to be supporting evidence of the story they are engaged in promoting.

In other words, what if this worldview that was constructed from this narrative is based on a total fabrication? A lie? An illusion? A tool and a tactic with which manipulators can engage themselves in manipulating your perception and programming your subconscious?

It is called Television Programming, after all, and it is our perceptions they wish to program.

Right now, because of non-stop around-the-clock deceptive fearmongering over a coronavirus with the full tactical suite of perception control being deployed against the population, people fear each other to the point that they are actively policing each other over supposed violations of social distancing.

Today at the grocery store, I went without a “mandatory” facemask and some looked at me as if I was the biggest threat to their existence. This was their perception of me, as given to them by those who recently shaped their minds by creating and controlling a narrative that has created the worldview that currently occupies their mind.

We have been weaponized and used against each other, much to the delight of the future-makers who are using their control of the media to coordinate a psychological operation the scope of which we have yet to understand fully.

Our rights are eroding even faster than before, and our collective fear has created a phantom problem that is ripe for the offering of a solution. That solution, of course, is a reduction in civil liberties in name of “safety and security”, amongst other things such as mass vaccination, microchipping, and a further development and entrenchment of both the police state and the surveillance state.

And the vehicle for all of this? The narrative. The shaping of our worldview. The control of information and the control of our perceptions, an endeavor fraught with lies and manipulations, illusions and fairytales, all with intent to socially engineer a reality that we collectively create from those programmed perceptions. Don’t forget to tune in, and receive your daily dose of mind control!

About the Author

Patrick Herbert is a software engineer, researcher, and writer who currently resides in Texas. He has been through some remarkable metaphysical experiences that led to a spiritual awakening and is actively pursuing ways to help to raise the awareness of others with regards to the elements of what we call the global conspiracy and how it affects all of our lives regardless of political disposition. Visit his website at

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