The Thought of Love’s Victory

Love DoveIda Lawrence, Contributor
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I’ve been thinking about the messages that we give each other and ourselves. Sometimes these really hit the mark, and they help a lot. Often the help comes not from a big long article, but just a few words. So I wondered what few words would help us ‘in this time’. You know and I know that what’s going on in the world now is so death-loving that it’s beyond comprehension. It affects us deeply, and this is what I mean by ‘in this time’.

Here we are… as radiation kills the ocean, fracking poisons the groundwater, chemtrails poison the sky, insane war mongers lust after death, hatred of every sort rises like an odor from hell, and that’s just the beginning. We’re nauseated, beyond being shocked… it’s more like we’re shell-shocked.

Beside us are so many beautiful people facing ‘threat and survival’. We can’t say, “Hey, chin up, there’s a sane world over this hill to the right.” No… the only sane world we have is that precious room in the temple: our heart/mind. And yes, at times it feels like even the heart is under assault.

For me, strength is found in unwavering love of the Divine. And such a love would not be empowering at all if I believed the Divine was separated from us humans, out there in the sky. We have to know what God is, and where God is.

Having said that, I’ve settled on just eleven words, three sentences, to hold on to in this time. They are, “God is here,” “The time is now,” and “The good is possible.”

  • God is here: there are people who are waiting on a Messiah or Mahdi or Elijah or some other rescuer whose arrival has been foretold, believing that the divine visitor will verify that they’re right, and maybe take them to heaven. I encourage them to wait no more. Let’s go out on a limb and say that since God is here, the rescuer or rescuers have already come.

    Let’s just imagine that they went to the most humble, open minded and receptive. There they said, “Look inside, remember yourself, you are the temple, pure Truth and Love are hidden in your core… this is your spark of God.” If such a message was delivered, it would surely spread to more receptive hearts, and pretty soon a number of people would have the information.

    So begins a spiritual revolution or evolution.

    We are born with a task, and that is to uncover ourselves. Why were we separated from divinity within and caused to forget in the first place? Who made up the falsehood about God, programming us to believe that ‘He’ was in the sky? It’s the same people who are lusting for death and playing out the end scenario now. I find that interesting, as it seems to nail something down… this is indeed a spiritual war: lie vs truth, external power vs internal power.

    Let’s move on to the second sentence, “The time is now.” Do you remember hearing the words, “Be still and know that I am God?” In stillness, we align and refine our energy within the core; the heart. This is where love is exchanged. Not only do we love the Divine, we are loved, always and profoundly. Here is the harmonic resonance of I Am, and our peace with eternity.

    There is no time but ‘now’, and to remember that, and bring our awareness out of thought and emotion, and into the moment, is one way to relieve the suffering, fear and worry. If only for a little while, being in the moment does open the doors of perception and intuition, and the experience allows for healing.

    ‘The time is now’ has another meaning for me as well, and the words carry the feel. World events are so far out of balance that we have no difficulty associating them with change of the world prophesies. A certain amount of inner strength can come just from the ‘thought’ that a beautiful outcome is possible. We must never deny ourselves the thought of Love’s victory.

    So here we have the third sentence, “The good is possible.” I do a lot of reading, and I’ve seen that sometimes words like believe, hope, faith, and trust are perceived as religious or weak. I like those words, and I don’t find them to be weak. But today we’ll try something different.

    Who among us would refuse to accept a possibility? We love miracles. We loved the story about how a baby was stillborn and the mother’s embrace brought it back to life. Stories about people curing themselves of incurable cancer are wonderful. While we may not be able to live and breathe faith or hope, we can accept possibilities.

    Observation of the past will tell us that things work out in ways that are almost always unforeseen. On one hand we see our world careening toward horrific destruction, and on the other hand we see a strong movement toward expanded consciousness. It’s a spiritual war, yes, and unforeseen outcomes are likely, yes… in fact, the good is possible.

    The presence of the Light within, the immediacy of now, and the possibility of good: this is anchoring in the sanity of the heart. And it feels like home.

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