The Matrix is Unwinding

Chris Bourne, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

These are very exciting times. A whole host of events and circumstances are converging across the world causing the old fear based reality to fracture and fragment. It’s big business that has had such a strangle hold on Humanity’s freedom of expression and evolution: well I believe these two short video clips I’d like to share below, demonstrate quite powerfully how that grip is now beginning to weaken…

Fluoride Poisoned Water

Do you still drink tap water? A ways back down the path, my soul strongly guided me to stop drinking it because of the fluoride that’s pumped into it by governments and water companies. If you still have a fluoride based toothpaste, next time you brush your teeth, check out the label. It’s highly likely it will carry a poison warning tucked away in the small print like this one…

“WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.”

A poison label on toothpaste? Whatever next! I talked about this on Openhandweb back in 2008…how tap water lowers your vibration. Flouride not only destroys the teeth, but damages the lining of the stomach and intestines. It lowers vibration because it generates increased internal activity. It’s well known that its added to prison water to dope inmates down. It’s clear that the powers-that-be don’t want vibrant questioning minds!

So I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to see this mainstream video talking about the damage of fluoride in water and legal action taking place in the USA to stop it happening…

The Pillars of the Temple are toppling

Also a couple of years back, I wrote about the toppling Greek economy and how this was so important to break the European noose of big business…Monumental changes for Monumental times. How on earth does it make sense for Bureaucrats in Brussels to tell a farmer in Greece what price to charge for his olives? Then to over-inflate his economy and burden him with debt so that his olives now cost three times what they should and he needs to sell double the amount? That might be fine for bankers and the fat cats in big business, but definitely not for the farmers and the people.

  • The Euro was introduced to spur on European and Global trade. It’s fueled on the premise of ever increasing consumption to support the ever increasing debt the treaty was founded upon. What utter nonsense! This fundamental fault line has been stripping away freedom of expression and ratcheting up the rat-race. It undermines local sustainable business and it ramps up climate change in the process. It’s time the pillars of the Euro temple collapsed, and indeed it appears they are finally beginning to.

    My heartfelt prayer is that the ties of the Euro-matrix will break allowing a smooth-ish transition to local based free economies before there’s too much violence. Iceland managed a similar transition quite successfully (for the love of it), but things are beginning to hot up in Europe right now…

    Uplifting ourselves, uplifting our world

    Although the political climate in Europe is heating up, to me, it feels mostly positive. What would be far worse is the stagnant status quo of ever increasing consumption and ever decreasing freedom of true expression, which feels like an elastic band, ever increasing its tension until one day it simply snaps. Better to ease the pressure now and find more local sustainable ways of living.

    To me, these are key signs that the Matrix that controls us is strongly beginning to unravel. You and I can help accelerate that process. How? Back in 2011 I wrote about key practical steps we could each take to uplift ourselves and our world. Here are nine…

    1. Turn up the volume on your soul: The old world consciousness is fracturing and fragmenting. The old system is sinking, it’s simply a question of time before it ultimately goes down. A higher vibration of consciousness is infusing which is both causing this to happen, and ushering in the new paradigm. In my perspective, only those who are attuned to this flow will ultimately survive what is beginning to take place in this current chapter of the earth’s history. Perhaps the most important first step we can take to be a part of that new wave, is to ‘turn up the volume on your soul’ so that you can begin to hear it more strongly. There are various suggestions for doing this, much great work is now coming through such as: yoga, tai chi, various meditations, Reiki and the healing arts, Five Rhythms Dance, various spiritual practices, connecting with nature, the arts and creativity. At Openhand we’ve developed a deep consciousness bodywork we call “soulmotion”. Find out more…soulmotion
    2. Learn to follow your soul in day-to-day life: Whether we know it or not, each of our souls is connected to a higher co-creative flow of energy – of consciousness. It is an internal guidance mechanism which is leading us to the higher evolved plain of consciousness – what we at Openhand believe to be humanity’s immediate destiny (at least those who choose it). This benevolent guidance is always present, through ALL events and circumstances. The key is to know how it works and how it is guiding us in every moment. There are various new and ancient processes for following the soul’s quiet voice within. Here at Openhand we’ve developed a ‘spiritual compass’ we call “openway“. You can find out more here…openway
    3. A route map through life’s twists and turns: Once you’ve tuned into your soul and begun to realise it as a guiding compass, it can help greatly to understand ‘where’ the soul is leading to – we’re guided on a pathway of expanding consciousness. This is an inner journey through ever higher dimensions, the internal alchemy of which is then reflected and manifested into the outer world we experience. So whether people realise it or not, the universe is inviting people to embark on the inner journey, the true source of creative inspiration and transformation. There are many blind alleys down which we can travel. That’s why the Five Gateways route map can be so invaluable. We each have a unique journey yes, but those who’ve ‘ascended the mountain’ often report similar experiences on route to the ‘summit’. Understanding these influences can catalyse our journey removing much unnecessary pain and suffering…Five Gateways
    4. Raise your vibration: Walking the Path will naturally lead to an exploration of how to ‘raise our vibration’. Essentially as we purify internally, there is less dense energy within our lower bodily vehicles to keep dragging us back into the darkness. The energy acts like ballast and by processing it out, we can attain the lighter vibrations of greater interconnectivity – we sense and experience being much more a part of the universal flow which feels increasingly harmonious inside. In order to do this, we need to take a close look at how we live our lives – ‘under the microscope’ – to see how our vibration is being lowered. It is frequently in the food that we eat, the ‘electrosmog’ in our houses and our sub conscious behaviour patterns from the conditioning of society. Meditation greatly helps to restore balance, centredness and to raise our vibration. It helps us feel increasingly in tune.
    5. Become more at-one with Mother Earth: Humanity has ridden rough shod over our natural environment and ecosystems. It could well be that we have already passed certain ‘tipping points’ taking the planet (in this plain) into much more inhospitable environments which is going to make it increasingly difficult for the worlds burgeoning population. But Gaia is humanity’s vehicle into the higher paradigm. And every time I’ve called to her, I’ve always been answered and affectionately guided. If we can relearn how to reconnect with every aspect of nature around us, then the earth will start to speak to us and hold us in a loving embrace that we may safely ride the difficult tides ahead. Humanity may have gained the power to control the earth’s surface in some ways, but every single part of our lives interfaces with this magical ecosystem which is one living, breathing system. If we are not connected to that, our souls begin to suffer. So whatever is happening to the surface environment, the invitation is to open our hearts and reconnect with Gaia. Even if it is just the plants and bushes in our own gardens or houses. And it’s about respecting Gaia every time we spend money – the cause of so much destruction.
    6. Become more resourceful & self-sustaining: Money makes the matrix go around! And essentially money has been created by the generation of debt, which has been propagated by the over exploitation of oil and the production thereby of ‘consumables’ (many of which are unnecessary). Society is founded on the building block of Industrial Consumerism which is driving the greed, inequality and disharmony that the “Occupy Movement” are protesting about. If we become increasingly conscious about what we spend, and which items are really necessary, then we would stop feeding the disharmony, stop destroying our eco-systems and raise our vibration too. So this part is about becoming more resourceful, spending only where we really feel we need to (or are given to), working to become more self sustaining and less reliant on the system – especially in terms of our own food production or at least supporting local farming.
    7. Reduce personal debt: Money is created by the generation of debt and when we are in debt, essentially we are being ‘owned’ by society – we have less freedom of action. Right now there are ‘off-the-radar’ movements by awakening people challenging the whole nature of debt and especially the legality of it. In other words, much of the credit people have taken out may not have legal standing. It may seem quite radical, but unless (for example) a credit card company can produce the original signed agreement (which most can’t because they’ve been sold on), then you may not be legally bound to repay the debt. There are similar legality issues around mortgages – of course exploring this is going to question ones own feelings on morality, justice and rightness, which is not always as obvious as it may seem. Is it ‘moral’ for example, for the few to plunder the resources of the many and then sell them back with interest? These are questions we’re all being invited to contemplate and work with as we evolve.
    8. Developing conscious community: One way to reduce debt is to combine resources with kindred spirits – the emergence of ‘micro-communities’ is a strongly growing trend. Small groups of people are drawing together to share resources and services to make the whole much greater than the sum of the parts. It may be possible for example to pay off a mortgage by forming a joint owning ‘cooperative’. There is also the emergence of more conscious communities beginning to happen, such as the rise of the “Transition Towns”, where people are networking together to support one another with more local resources – especially food and energy. Such communities are preparing now for the projected break down of our oil driven society. Check out the Transition Towns Network. If there isn’t one near you, the organisation offers abundant help on setting one up… Transition Network
    9. Become a positive force for change: A key nature of the emergent soul, is the compassion to help uplift others. Many souls have purposefully come here to help in the upliftment of humanity. At the same time, it is certainly my observation that no one has come here unless they have their own lessons, discoveries and realisations to make as well. Whether we like it or not, we have each subscribed in some way to the consensus reality we have created – we’ll each have varying degrees of attachment and distortion with regards to society: how our food is produced for example, how our children are educated or how resources are unfairly distributed. We can simply ‘leave the matrix’ yes, but by engaging actively within it, we are caused to explore our own internal attachments/resistances to it. In so doing, we unfold our soul within those situations AND THEN RADIATE THAT LIGHT through them. In the discussions people are having on the internet for example, this in itself helps send ripples of higher consciousness throughout the field. So we’re all being invited to explore, shed attachments and by so doing, infuse light. This way we become a positive force for change in breaking down ‘the matrix’ and helping more escape it.
    It’s just a question of time

    The American Revolution began with protests against the Stamp Act of 1765 but did not unfold until a decade later. The kindlings of the 1917 Russian revolution were ignited in 1905. Yes the underlying shifts need time to be reflected into the outer world.

    To me the change in the outer is now inevitable because I can strongly feel the underlying moves of energy. So I encourage patience and commitment to the path of unfoldment. It’s no longer if the break down of the old world consciousness is going to happen, it’s a question of when and exactly how.

    It’s all just a question of time.


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