The Final Battle of the Iron Age: The Caretakers vs the Takers

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Is there any doubt that there is a war being waged all over Planet Earth 24/7? A truly epochal war has been raging on every square inch of land, in every body of water and in every continental airspace for centuries.

James Michener is credited for bringing awareness to the graphic dichotomy that exists on today’s global battlefield. It is a conflict defined everywhere you look by two sides — the Caretakers and the Takers. In his bi-century saga entitled Centennial, Michener draws the battle lines with great dexterity that had been shaping up over a period of two centuries. He vividly captures the looming wars which would go on to define the entire planetary landscape throughout the last century and into this New Millennium.

Was he that prophetic in his prose and prescient in his docu-dramas that all would soon come to pass? Clearly, the ongoing human conflict for the body and soul of the Mother Earth is fundamentally not a religious-inflamed or racially-engendered or gender-based one, although these differences are routinely used to incite war. At its core, the Caretakers vs the Takers represents a war of possession for the planet itself and the desire of a few to take anything they want from it … at any and all cost.

These few controllers at the very peak of the Global Control Matrix, who systematically acquired the majority ownership of this earth realm, have certainly dominated the terrain for centuries if not millennia. Their master plan has always been about the complete and absolute control of the earth’s natural resources. And through the exertion of this control, they have been able to enlist the assistance of billions of other souls in the service of stripping the earth bare of her limited resources.

  • How, pray tell, did it come to this? How has a vast majority of humankind been corralled into a corporate movement that rapes, plunders and pillages this beautiful blue orb at every turn? More importantly, is there a way to short-circuit the agenda which began in earnest centuries ago with the chartering of the East India Company in 1600?


    The awesome speed and efficiency and thoroughness with which the planet has been transformed into a veritable wasteland over the past century can be attributed to a single phenomenon — the CORPORATION. Nothing even comes close to this business entity in providing a vehicle for the Takers side of this conflict. The shield of limited liability, which was hardwired into every corporate charter, essentially conferred the right to commit multi-decade crimes sprees in the interest of generating corporate profits. And so they have, at the expense of every living thing.

    In fact, it has been observed by one perceptive author during the stock market crash of 2008 that, if the devil himself were ever to assume the perfect form in which to carry out his dastardly deeds, the CORPORATION would provide an ideal fit. The following excerpt nicely elaborates this state of affairs much better than we ever could:

    “Another announcement will be made, in the not too distant future, about the business entity commonly known as the CORPORATION – the main huckster of the Anglo-Amercian ‘brand’ of predatory capitalism. Surely, if the devil were to ever choose the perfect form in which to enter in order to carry out his nefarious designs, Inc. is it. Is there any other entity on earth – person or party, organization or association, government or institution, jurisdiction or bureaucracy, club or group, fraternity or sorority, etc. that can function with such impunity, as it hides behind the shield of LIMITED LIABILITY? Those two words have given complete cover for the flagrant and wanton destruction of planet Earth.

    You name it – oil slicked coastlines, razed rainforests, beaches strewn with dead dolphins and whales. Not to mention the complete erosion of human, civil and national rights, wherever INC decides to set up shop.

    Let’s pick a country. Let’s go to India and visit Bhopal of Union Carbide fame. Close to 8000 people died within two weeks of that December day in 1984 in what is known as the worst industrial disaster of the last century. Or visit the Punjab and talk to the thousands of widows of farmers who committed suicide because of Monsanto’s “seedless seeds”. Or go to just about anywhere on that subcontinent where a Walmart is being protested for land theft, encroachment and despoilation. Let’s not forget about all the Coca Cola bottling plants that have become notorious for stealing the most precious commodity that every Indian cherishes and covets – WATER. Well, that takes care of land, water, air … and blood. What else in heaven’s name do these stake and stockholders want?!

    We all know the deal. It’s the one where the individual, and his/her environment, is always trampled in favor of the corporate interest. Isn’t it time to really take stock of what our current predicament has left us with. Perhaps it’s also time to seriously think about actually re-ordering the ORDER, instead of once again rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. Like we’ve said, “optimizing stockholder profit” will soon be history, as the cease and desist orders are not far from being issued to Corporate America. Might as well get a head start on dissolving (or re-chartering) that corporation.”[1]

    So, now you might be able to connect the dots a little more easily. Once the publicly held corporation became in vogue, the stockholders, the bondholders and any other group of stakeholders could participate in a business opportunity anywhere around the globe. As long as the investment would produce an adequate ROI, it could be bought through the appropriate financial instrument and engaged for as long as one wanted to take the risk.

    This single financial dynamic allowed the people of the world — rich and poor, young and old, smart and obtuse — to invest in all the worlds schemes and scams under the cover of corporate respectability. With the advent of the public corporation, no matter what the impact on the environment or the indigenous peoples, harvesting the natural resources of the planet was enjoyed by almost everyone.

    Don’t you see how everyone was made very complicit in the degradation of the worldwide environment? The very nature of the stock and bond markets made it easy to buy into any scheme, as long as it made money. The effects on the local communities from corporate operations never mattered; only profits did, as they still do more than ever. As long as the stockholder is happy with the dividend payout and capital appreciation through a consistently rising stock price, everyone’s happy.

    Such a subtle detachment on the part of the unwitting investors from the global destruction wrought by the corpocracy is at the very heart of how the present civilization has approached so many environmental tipping points and planetary points of no return. Very few ever stop to consider how their actions, especially those which are empowered through their financial investments, might impact the world-at-large.

    You know, out of sight, out of mind. Truly, if the average investor was aware of the death and destruction caused by any one of the supermajor, transnational oil corporations, they would pull their money out of Big Oil in a heartbeat. Who with good conscience would ever want to be a party to a business entity which was responsible for so much pain and suffering?

    Do you now see how many honest caretakers often participate unwittingly as takers?

    Happens all the time. Primarily through the tremendous success of so many powerful cultural memes and such influential, corporate-directed mind control programs which quite effectively underlie and drive today’s Consumer Society. That these clandestine marketing strategies still operate under the radar makes them all the more effective in their subliminal conditioning. Can you imagine the multitude of news reports alone and their incessant references to consumer spending, consumer optimism, consumer confidence, consumer reports, consumer buying, consumer price index, consumer guide, consumer protection, consumer watchdog, etc. over many decades of media saturation?

    Now, consider what a consumer might look like in its real form:

    The Caretakers

    Now that we have that established, let’s take a closer look at the other side of this battlefield known as Planet Earth. The Caretakers have been around longer than anyone can remember. Looking back in recent history, one need only consider the awesome stewardship of the Native American Indian Tribes throughout the entire Western Hemisphere. What a true paradise the explorers from the European continent discovered when their trading ships plied new routes to the west toward India!

    Clearly, once these ships hit land, everything began to change. Resolute to the very end, however, the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas attempted to continue their ways until it was made impossible to do so. So determined to practice their reverence for the land, water and air, and so respectful of Mother Earth and her myriad life forms were they, that the very abundance of the future USA has been attributed to the extraordinarily good karma that was created by those Native Americans.

    Can you imagine that the unparalleled growth and material aggrandizement of the United States of America was made possible by the spiritually mature, multi-millennial stewardship of the numerous Indian tribes which inhabited her land mass. It is quite an accurate assessment! It is also very enigmatic given the tragic outcome for the Indigenous Peoples of North America herded onto insufferable reservations as they are. Their hapless predicament represents just one of the many plights of the people who are known as the Caretakers.

    Wherever people congregate determined to live, work and play in a clean and pristine environment, is a place defined by Caretaker values. Who among us wants to live on land that is not suitable for growing crops that are pure and free from environmental poisons and chemical toxins? Who does not want their children to thrive and flourish in a community that is committed to sustainable practices which do not erode the future quality of life? Who would ever want to participate in the many different business operations which are proven to destroy the local environment?

    These desires and intentions demonstrate the general comportment of the Caretaker. They simply refuse to soil their nest, as no bird is known to do. They only seek to leave the land and water in a better condition for the next seven generations. They only wish to take what is absolutely necessary, and replace whatever they can. That’s right, they see it as their most important birthright to respect the very place from which their body sprang. That’s why they call their home Mother Earth!

    It is very easy to spot wherever the Takers have just been. Their handiwork is evident by so much death, environmental destruction and damage to the ecosystems.

    “Someone said that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from out children. Look at the world around us. The line is a lie! We aren’t borrowing from our children. Borrowing means that we will pay it back, but we aren’t paying back. We are STEALING from our children….”

    This very perceptive quote was uttered by the illustrious and inspiring Jane Goodall. We’d like to take the liberty to embellish it a bit to more graphically represent the truth. We would say that we have been relentlessly persuaded by those perennial Takers of old who have been in power for so long. And that we have been somehow conned as a planetary civilization to steal outright the future from all future generations. With no apparent intention to make them whole. Not even make the planet whole from whose vast treasure house we continue to take with wanton abandon and willful neglect.

    Mary’s Message to the World

    Annie Kirkwood published her prophetic book, MARY’s MESSAGE TO THE WORLD (MMTTW) in 1991. The last chapter is truly a glowing example of saving the best until last. In the final chapter entitled “A Message from Jesus”, she conveys an unvarnished and accurate interpretation of the Book of Revelation from the HOLY BIBLE.

    Photo by James Ficklin

    Although we do not subscribe to any particular religion or faith tradition, may we say that this particular rendition of Saint John’s original writing on the Island of Patmos almost two thousand years ago rings eerily true. Whether Christian or Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu, Jew or Jain, this chapter ought to be a MUST READ for every child living on Planet Earth.

    Here are two consecutive paragraphs from MMTTW interpreting Revelation 8:8. It ought to be properly understood that the Book of Revelation is actually an extraordinarily prophetic and highly authentic account for what was to transpire throughout the world over the next 2000 years. This correct understanding runs contrary to those who believe it only describes the End-Times of today.

    “The second angel has “something like a huge mountain, all ablaze,” thrown into the sea. This symbol represents the huge mountain of trash, chemicals and nuclear waste which is now being dumped into the sea. It has destroyed a third of the sea and the sea creatures are dying. The ships represent the commerce of seafood and that is being destroyed.

    With the third angel, a great star, blazing like a torch, falls from the sky and a third of the rivers and springs of water are destroyed and turned bitter. Many people die from the waters. Can you not see that you have polluted your drinking water with chemicals and nuclear waste? This is a worldwide problem. It is one which affects all waters of the world. These chemicals are being produced in other nations which are considered backward and ignorant. You in this country are the foolish ones, because as you destroy other nations, you are also destroying your environment, your planet.”[2]

    Here’s another interpretation from MMTTW exemplifying things to come from the same chapter on Revelation 8:1-5.

    “The first angel brought hail and fire, and a third of of the world was burned, a third of the trees, and a third of the green grass. Do you not understand that you have already depleted a third of the Earth with chemicals. Through the abuse of chemicals you have destroyed a third of the earth, trees and grass, and now because of the multiplying population, entire forests are being burned, not just in one part of the world but all over the globe.”[2]

    Mary speaks to people of every religion and to every nation in the world. Regardless of your faith tradition, you will find that Mary speaks the language of the Heart.

    What would Jesus … or the Buddha … or Muhammad … or Moses … or Krishna do?

    Now, here we have the GREAT irony. Since this thesis is meant to be delineated without any religious bias, we can look at any one of the world’s great religions to tease out what has gone awry in this cosmic battle. What follows is a verse from the Holy Bible which has been seized upon by so many Christian nations, corporations, capitalists and armies. It has become so familiar that we are obligated to single out mainstream Christianity as a primary aggressor in this war between the Takers and the Caretakers.

    From the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible we read,

    “Let us make man in our image after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”

    Of course, the operative word here is “dominion” which has been seized upon for centuries to justify all manner of environmental destruction.

    Thanks to Churchianity (Judeo-Christian Tradition), The Powers That Be (TPTB), The Global Financial Elite (TGFE) aka The Federal Reserve and “progress,” humanity is now, according to a massive United Nations Report (the GEO4) at serious risk due to “the dangers of climate change, water scarcity, dwindling fish stocks and the pressures on the land and the extinction of species.”

    Especially Christianity, and specifically Pauline Christology, convinced man he was the greatest and most important part of creation and that the earth needed to be tamed in the name of “progress.” Specifically, technological progress would lead to a better, happier, safer life.[2]

    Clearly, when the religious institutions, schools of philosophy and spiritual traditions support and encourage a Culture of Takers, as well as the consequent Consumer Society, only a world like the one we now inhabit will manifest.

    The Age of Iron Provides the Weapons of War

    If you survey the wreckage of every battlefield over the past many centuries, one quickly apprehends the superiority of war implements on the side of the Takers. In fact the Iron Age was so named because of the iron (aka steel) which is utilized everywhere throughout the civilization, especially in armaments of war. Particularly on those battlegrounds where the indigenous peoples fought hard to protect their lands, do we see a very uneven field of conflict. Kind of like the sticks and stones of Caretakers versus the hardened, heavy and sharpened weapons of the Takers.

  • As long as the battlefield was defined by the use of use of iron, as it still is up to this very day, the victors could always be predicted each and every time. Simply put, those who wanted to take made sure they had the right tools of the trade. Even the major wars of the last centuries ended up being won by those who had mastered the energies of this Age of Iron. Since all the Indigenous Peoples’ land had been confiscated, the Takers turned their iron on each other. As they continue to up to this very day.

    Basic Call to Consciousness–Native People’s Analysis of Modern World

    Now that the world population exceeds 7 billion of us, the competition for both scarce and plentiful resources is really heating up. This single reality is what is driving so much of what occurring all over the planet. War, threats of war, rumors of war, sounding of the battle drums, calls for war, etc. have all been a ubiquitous feature of life in the 21st century. So much so that world tourism has been greatly impacted.

    “You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end” Matthew 24:6 (KJV)

    Which begs the question: Have the religious paradigms and philosophical blueprints somehow been skewed over the course of history in such a way so as to promote an endemic and profound disrespect for Mother Earth? This shift in consciousness away from an abiding reverence for Mother Nature has proven to be disastrous for both planet and inhabitants alike. Humankind has especially borne tremendous consequences from such a long-running feud between those who only know how to take and those who wish to take care.

    Where are we to go from here? What can be done when so much of the earth has served as battlefield after battlefield, its continents as battleground after battleground?

    Does there exist the critical mass of humanity to take back their power from those who have absconded with it? As they have misappropriated the natural wealth from the four corners of the Earth.

    Are there enough who care about preserving this realm for future generations?

    Truly, we are at the proverbial fork in the road. Actually, the truth be told, we are way beyond the era-determining fork in the road. Decisions based on the greatest good for the greatest number of residents must be the new basis for governance. Not decisions based on maximizing profits for a few. If ever the 99% need to take back their power, stand in their own truth, and speak that truth to power, it is NOW!

    Mother Mary gave her “Message to the World” well over twenty years ago. And things were in very rough shape then. So, what are we all going to do?

    Found in all the religious traditions throughout the world is a period of great trial and tribulation. A time when a great being would appear on the horizon to lead the way out. A dawning of a new era, perhaps a Golden Age when the “lion shall lie down with the lamb.”
    However, very, very few truly understand what it will take to get there. To a time of peace and harmony and universal brotherhood.

    Herein lies the answer to the conundrum which now concerns every single person on the planet. Who does not want to see peace prevail around the world, except a small minority who are addicted to war and deception. Who, in their heart, does not want for their human brothers and sisters on the other side of the globe what they want for their vey own family. Perhaps it is time, like never before, when —————->

    He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. Isaiah 2:4 (KJV)

    May the White Brotherhood rise again and walk the land with power and righteousness and glory.

    Author’s Note:

    This essay may seem to have a decidedly Christian bent. That was not intended as we are a truly non-denominational, interfaith, and ecumenical research group coming from various religious traditions.

    Why, then, did this piece evolve with so much Christian messaging?

    Because it is predominantly the Christian nations of the world which have engaged in so much war-mongering over the past 500 plus years, and especially during the modern era.

    The USA, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Russia, (Israel is included in this group.) have all been at the forefront of every major war on Earth.

    Onward christian soldiers is a battle-cry mantra which has incited wars and crusades and conflicts for centuries. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of corporations, which have so defined the true battlefields of this new millennium across the entire planet, were born in Christian nations.

    Therefore, it is necessary that the Christian nations begin to “beat their swords into plowshares”. If for no other reason than the upcoming scarcity of food from so many droughts and floods, pestilence and war. The Christians of Churchianity really ought to consider walking their talk … everywhere, all the time, if there is to be any hope for Planet Earth. Truly, the fate of humankind depends on this desperately needed shift in collective consciousness if … … …

    However, we have not lost sight of the fact that — in truth — it is the entire Judeo-Christian tradition which has significantly fueled this ongoing feud between the Caretakers and the Takers. The Old Testament of the Holy Bible stands as stark testimony to a culture and nation and race of people who took by way of war, whenever it was profitable to do so. This testament stands mightily as evidence to the root causes of today’s pervasive conflicts.

    Therefore, we are compelled as a civilization to look very closely at the predominant MO of the Takers if we are to be permanently liberated from the ravages of war.

    MO: “By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.”

    [1] “New World Order as Global Financial Matrix Self Destructs” by T. Anthony Michael – The Market Oracle (Nov 23, 2008)

    [2] MARY’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD by Annie Kirkwood (Copyright: May, 1991)

    [3] The Lord of the Rings trilogy serves as a wonderful allegory for The Caretakers vs the Takers.
    Do you remember when the virgin forests of large oak trees were systematically cut down and thrown into the huge incinerator fired up to make steel weapons?

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    The “Ring of Power” from LORD OF THE RINGS

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