3 Simple, Natural Ways for Detoxing Your Body

Lisa Garber
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As much as we would like to believe otherwise, avoiding toxins in today’s environment is near-impossible. In a 2005 study, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found 60 toxic compounds in over 2,000 people across America. These toxins included dioxins and uranium, not to mention mercury from fish, pesticides from conventionally grown produce, and various off-gassed chemicals from plastic shower curtains and new cars. This is why it’s important to know of simple ways for detoxing your body – and to do so regularly.
Remember to detox at your own, healthy pace and inquire with a holistic physician, especially if you’re attempting your first fasting detox. The good news about all three of these detox methods is that you can do small amounts of it every day or go all-out for three. Keep in touch with your body; you know it best.

Detoxing Your Body Naturally – 3 Simple Solutions

  1. Juice

Juicing isn’t just a trendy way to lose weight or consume more greens—it’s a powerful tool for detoxing your body. Mix organic vegetables with greens and purified water and have as a snack daily, or, if you’re experienced, power yourself through a fast. Juicing isn’t part of the famed Gerson cancer therapy for nothing. This is also one great way for how to detox your body naturally using healing foods. Check out our article on juicing for more tips.

  1. Drink lemon water

Beginners should start every day with a glass of lemon water; it is among natural liver cleansing foods, which are major players in the body’s detoxification process. (It even fights fat and boosts your immune system.) Those experienced in fasting might attempt the lemon-water-cayenne-pepper-maple-syrup fast, which lets the GI tract rest and gives your liver more energy and minerals to do its job.

  1. Sweat

One of the body’s natural method of toxin removal is sweating, which is why we advocate moderate exercise and even the occasional venture into a dry sauna. Used in conjunction with other methods, like drinking water with lemon or juicing, sweating can help with detoxing the body.

Perhaps the best combination with sweating toxins out, however, is consuming niacin, or vitamin B3. Your skin will flush and you may experience some discomfort, but the niacin is, over several days and increased dosages, breaking fat cells. Guess what’s in these cells? Toxins. When the toxins are released, they’re sweated out or removed via urine or the GI tract. You’ll be that much closer to a detoxed body. Food grade activated charcoal is also another fantastic detox agent.

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