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I just listened to a video where a happy young woman was advising listeners to ask the universe for a sign when there is a decision to make. I’ve heard people say similar things plenty of times, about what the universe has done, or will do. In fact, the universe seems to be taking over the ‘spiritual awakening’ lexicon: the universe will handle it folks… just ask.

Pardon me for coming up with a silly question, but… what do we mean? So much personal attention from ‘the universe’… how is this done?

Of course the woman can’t mean that the unfathomably immense physical universe is a source of information we can ply with questions and depend upon to solve things. So what universe is she talking about? I think we’ve pretty much ditched the idea of a bearded sky god, but have we taken up a little softer, nicer, possibly feminine version of the same external force, only this time calling it ‘the universe’?

While I was pondering that question, I logged on to Facebook, and guess what! A ‘meme’ from the universe! Here’s what it said:

“Yes! Alright! You bet! Un-huh! On it! Roger, Dodger! OH, YES! Just answering every single one of the requests I receive. And the “Ohhhhhh, yesssss!” was for the chap who didn’t ask, but who gave thanks in advance. This may be hard to believe, but I never say no. Whatever you want, The Universe.”

And then there was kind of a PS: “Well… that’s right, it’s not really up to me. But once you’re truly on board, I’ll move some serious mountains.”

  • So, I looked at this and thought… huh… again. The universe is a ‘wish fulfiller’ if we’re truly on board? What does truly on board mean? How do we get on board so that we can get our wishes fulfilled? It’s enough to make me shake my head and mumble something about new agers.

    So, here we go: let’s try to deal with ‘ask the universe’ in an honest and responsible way.

    During the past few days I’ve searched through spiritual writings and teachings, and I haven’t found a breakdown on ‘a universe’ that gives you whatever you want. I did find metaphysical information, some interesting theories, quite a few messages from guides, and some outer-space divinity thinking. It’s easy to understand how the old lingers on: with such a long journey, bringing divinity from outer space to one’s own heart.

    Like so many others, as a child I believed there was someone all-powerful, watching every deed, who heard every thought, judged me, wanted me to do right, and who cared for me and answered prayers. But, when we get out in life a bit, and if we are honest with ourselves, we won’t tow the line on this belief just because people want us to. If we let the ‘old’ go, we’re bound to expand our consciousness.

    Slowly, during those years of expanding, it became apparent to me that I was the observer of myself: the one watching every deed, hearing every thought, wanting me to do right, and caring for me. It can feel liberating and lonely and frightening, and even disempowering, to take divinity out of the sky and try to internalize it.

    There was a statement, offered by my first teacher, that helped a lot in that process: “God is the truth and the right spirit in the core of the human being: there is no other God.” Taking it personally, I reasoned: I do have the power in my heart to be honest and at least tell myself the truth. I’ve been doing that… that’s what brought me here: honesty with myself.

    So as you can see, one tiny drop of love and appreciation for my own divine core entered my heart.

    This worked as a starter, and what followed was the question… besides honesty, what actually is the truth in the core. After much more time in I began to understand and relate to the ‘I Am’ that we talk about: Primal Light, Pure Information, Energy, Universal Consciousness. Yes, I know, folks are using the word ‘love’ instead of ‘truth’, but to me they are interchangeable at this level. We just have to do our best with words, acknowledging that they are sometimes inadequate.

    Okay, now we can wonder a bit more. If we are, each one of us, a spark of the primal light, or the divinity, then is that Love and Truth Light somewhere in the core of every single one of us? This is an often-posed question because we see such grotesque deceit and evil in human beings. Some people say those ‘administrative’ humans are not human, and I don’t know about that… maybe some family lines are devolving and others evolving. One can only speculate.

    I’m more likely to speculate that the connection to divinity within can be completely, utterly lost… a spark of the primal light so covered with filth, for so long, that it has become irretrievable. That would not be a happy place.

    Okay, I’m done securing divinity within the core of the human being. Let’s look again at personal attention from the universe. How is that accomplished?

    To begin with, one would need to accept ‘as above, so below’ or ‘as without, so within’. Those truisms fit with the holographic universe concept, with each person being an individualized replica or spark of it all. If the universe individualized itself in me, then I can put the questions and requests to myself, and I will be asking the universe… right?

    Let’s go for answer #1: Sure, in one sense you are ‘the universe’. Talk to yourself, ask for guidance, wait for the answer from yourself, get up and do the work, and with focused intention, over whatever time it takes, your wish is manifested. Ask, get busy, and ‘ye shall receive’. But… there is more out there. What if you are not all there is to ‘the universe’ or what if your wish is bigger than what you can accomplish with your own effort?

    Answer #2 is a bit more mystical. Remember the ‘truly on board’ ‘wish fulfiller’ meme? There are plenty of people who believe that getting wishes fulfilled can be done using a manifestation process of sorts: “‘I’ wish to manifest this or that, and so I intend it and imagine it fulfilled, I believe it exists and live as if it does, and by putting myself in that mindset it is drawn to me – it comes to pass.” That’s the theory and I presume it takes some cooperative personal effort as well.

    Maybe through magnetic attraction and creating a space, it works. I don’t know, as I haven’t tried it. One would wonder, though, which ‘I’ is doing the wishing, and whether that ‘I’ is truly wise or simply an ego with a desire. Seems like that would make a difference, as the ego is pretty limited and self-centered.

    And there is more out there… answer #3:

    Our individual holograms are vast and multi-dimensional, with much of ourselves unexplored. We are not only vast, we are one light among billions, all of them vast, all connected inside the universal mind, and there is no distance. It follows that our energy communicates naturally, without us knowing. It follows also that we can refer to ourselves collectively, with all of life on all dimensions included, as ‘The Universe’.

    Would we want to be asking this universe whether to paint the buffet blue, or maybe suggest to it that we’ve always wanted a Porsche? We might want to be really economical with the requests, like maybe no requests… just gratitude for being a part of it all.

    Now we come to some really interesting and beautiful thoughts. Moving to the deeper and greater part of ourselves, beyond what we normally identify with, we find the knower of our heart’s prayer, our Spirit’s destiny, and our soul’s true need. Let’s call this knower ‘Spirit in action’.

    Yes, we do communicate… we act, and the universe acts in accord with us. We make requests in a way that is seldom conscious: requests from our resonance. We draw vital people and experiences into our lives, we come together with similar soul groups for a purpose, we respond to the pull of another Being whose energy resonates with our own.

    We live in a mystical reality, feeling or sensing things that point us in a certain direction, and we call it intuition and synchronicity. We respond to another’s energy within our physical body and intuitively we accept or reject. We attract people who are ‘like’ spirits. All of this goes on like a cosmic dance.

    And so that’s it. There is a vast conscious universe of which we are a part, called by so many names, one of which is very popular right now… ‘The Universe’. Can we passively trust that everything will be great just because we ‘know’ how mystical and positive and beautiful the universe is? Nope… the dance requires our participation. Can we look upon the universe as a question answerer and prize giver? I’d say go get the Porsche yourself… that’ll work. And yes, paint the buffet blue.

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