The Amazing Result of Combining a Preschool with a Nursing Home

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This is perhaps one of the simplest, yet most beautiful ideas to come along in a long while.

The experience of aging is one of the most difficult parts of being human. They say you’re fortunate to grow old, but for many seniors, growing old means concluding life in a drab and impersonal nursing home, while genuine connection with sincere people can be scarce. It didn’t used to be this way, and the elderly used to be an integral part of the family, but nowadays our society has come to overlook the elderly, and growing old can be a very lonely experience.

But what if we totally re-thought the way looked at elder care in today’s world? What if we looked at the possibility of bridging the generational gap between the elderly and the very young?

  • This incredibly heart-warming video takes a look at what happens when you move a preschool into a nursing home.

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