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Earth’s Quarantine Force Field Discovered By NASA?

Gregg Prescott, In5D Guest Waking Times NASA recently discovered what appears to be a ‘force field’ over Earth, fueling the fire over whether our planet has been under spiritual and physical quarantine as many have suggested. According to Daniel Baker, director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, the electron barrier exists in the

NASA Brings Scientists & Theologians Together To Prepare World For Extraterrestrial Contact

Arjun Walia, Collective-Evolution Waking Times A couple of months ago top U.S. astronomers gathered in front of congress to let them know that extraterrestrial life exists without question. Their main argument was the size of the universe, emphasizing that there are trillions of stars out there, with one in every five most likely harboring an Earth-like planet.

Current Media Events Hint at a Fake Alien Invasion

Dara Percival, Conscious Reporter Waking Times Is the world being set up for a fake alien attack? Talk of extraterrestrials, UFOs, and even alien invasion surfaces regularly in mainstream media stories. There are scientific studies, news articles, and late-night talk shows dealing with extraterrestrials (ETs), even while the White House officially claims there are no ETs, nor

Mexico’s Zone of Silence

Scott Corrales, Strange Mag Waking Times There exist a number of “accursed sites” on the surface of our planet. Some of these locations are the sites of gravitational or atmospheric disturbances that still remain unexplained by twentieth century science. Such anomalous areas possess properties which interfere sporadically with humans and their equipment. One area worthy

Wilhelm Reich’s Contact with Space

Alison Davidson, Borderlands Waking Times “There is no proof. There are no authorities whatever. No president, Academy, Court of Law, Congress or Senate on this earth has the knowledge or power to decide what will be the knowledge of tomorrow. There is no use in trying to prove something that is unknown to somebody who

The Best of 2012 UFO Sightings

Waking Times There have been a number of intriguing UFO sightings this year, worldwide.  This is an excellent video compilation of the best sightings worldwide , demonstrating that UFO activity is either on the rise, or people are getting craftier at faking this stuff. We’ve also received several credible stories of sightings in Central America