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Why You Need to Make Your Own Sunscreen

Marco Torres, Prevent Disease Waking Times Sunscreen is full of some of the most toxic chemicals known. Yet both the cancer and sunscreen industries insist on their use to ironically prevent cancer from “bad” sunlight. People still fall for this nonsense, slather on the sunscreen in hopes to protect against a non-existent foe. If the

Nano-Particles in Consumer Products Damage DNA Leading to Cancer

Terence Newton, Staff Writer Waking Times One of the latest trends in manufacturing for today’s consumer products is the use of engineered nano-particles (ENP’s), yet, most people have no idea that they are consuming and absorbing ENP’s. Research is discovering that certain ENP’s may be toxic and extremely harmful to human health, causing cell and DNA damage,

Four Surprising Things that Interfere with Vitamin D Formation

Deane Alban, Contributor Waking Times During the summer you probably forget all about the colds, sore throats, and viruses that strike you and your family every winter. Why do people get sick more in the winter? It used to be thought it was from getting cold, lack of fresh air, or from being in closed buildings.

9 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About Sunscreen

Waking Times Sunscreens prevent sunburns, but beyond that simple fact surprisingly little is known about the safety and efficacy of these ubiquitous creams and sprays.  EWG’s review of the latest research unearthed troubling facts that might tempt you to give up on sunscreens altogether. That’s not the right answer. Despite the unknowns about sunscreens’ efficacy,

The Sun – An Essential Element of Good Health

David Huting, Guest Writer Waking Times  “Along with food, air, and water, sunlight is the most important survival factor in human life.” -The National Institute of Mental Health In the past 100 years, the majority of people around the world have transitioned from working outside all day to being stuck inside, with artificial lighting. 100

Canadian Researchers Discover New Evidence That Vitamin D Shuts Down Cancer Cells

Mae Chan, Prevent Disease Waking Times Researchers at McGill University have discovered a molecular basis for the cancer preventive effects of vitamin D, whereby its active form essentially shuts down cancer cells. People with higher blood levels of vitamin D live significantly longer than people who have low blood levels of the vitamin. The team, led by

Research From 100+ Countries Proves Sunlight Prevents Cancer

Sayer Ji Waking Times For the same reason that the conventional energy industry has not harnessed the full potential of solar energy (its free!), sunlight and its indispensable byproduct in our skin: vitamin D, represents a serious threat to the medical establishment, whose questionable and aggressive promotion of vaccinationand drug-based strategies in place of inexpensive, safe and effective

A Recipe for Natural Homemade Sunscreen

Andrea, Frugally Sustainable Waking Times We all know that protecting our skin — the body’s largest organ – from the sun is super important; but sadly, so many of the commercially-prepared sunscreens on the market are laden with harmful chemicals that could actually end up exposing us to the very toxins we are trying to protect ourselves from. The good news is…there are ways to make your