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7 Keys to Balanced Living

Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, Contributor Waking Times Q: How do I balance the physical, mental and spiritual dimension? Everyone goes through this life Doing the best they can. Often travelers are blind to the fact They can reach higher. The ability to show this to someone, And help them extend their reach Is very rare and

Spiritual Traveler: Co-Creator & Servant

Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, Contributor Waking Times The Sufi is absent from self and present with God. ~Hujwiri For the spiritual traveler, one of the most intriguing spiritual practices, through the use of focused prayer, turns free will choice into submission to the higher. In some paths, submission to the higher is the goal and accompanying

How to be Spiritual Amidst this Chaos?

Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, Contributor Waking Times Circumstances have overtaken man. His old languages are not sufficient to describe what is happening, and what is about to happen. To think in terms of a millennium or such tame concepts as ‘the eleventh hour’ is ridiculous. Better that he should realize that he is in an era

The Spiritual Traveler’s Creed

Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, Guest Writer Waking Times The breath that does not repeat the name of God is a wasted breath. —Kabir *            * According to Sufi tradition, humanity originated ‘far beyond the stars’ and is on a return journey back to the Source. While in the earth phase, there are numerous opportunities to embrace

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